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why travel with us

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Why is traveling so important in life?

Traveling is easier than you think.Travel opens your eyes.Traveling helps you learn who you are.Travel creates meaningful relationships.Traveling develops skills you didn’t know you had.Travel helps you learn new languages.Travel means adventure.Traveling gives you perspective.

Why people should travel abroad?

8 Reasons Why You Should Move AbroadExperience life outside of your home country. Why move abroad? …Learn a New Language. One of the most incredibly rewarding things in life (according to me lol) is being able to communicate with someone in their native language.Push yourself outside of your comfort zone. …Learn to love new foods. …Find out what you need. …Try out a new way of living. …More items…

Why do people like traveling?

Some people like to explore what the world has in store for them including people, places and cultures. Another reason why people love travelling is that travelling helps in opening your mind. The world is vast, it’s huge. Meeting new people will make you realise that life is not the same for everyone.

Why travel is good for You?

Why travel is good for youBroadening your horizons. Broad horizons are the best for perfect sunsets! …Improving your health. When you travel to new places,you may do a lot of walking around and climbing stairs to see sights firsthand.Making new memories. …Building your resume. …Expanding your social circles. …Making a difference. …Practicing a new language. …Trying out new activities. …More items…

Why should I travel with Active Adventures?

Our guides will entertain you, they’ll cook delicious meals for you, make sure every aspect of your trip is safe, enjoyable, and full of lasting memories. Imagine a cross between Bear Grylls, David Attenborough and a Four Seasons Hotel concierge and you’ll get the idea of what these guys are like! If you’ve traveled with us before, we won’t have to tell you what a difference an exceptional guide makes in building that special camaraderie Active Adventures trips are known for and to make the absolute most of your time. If this is your first guided trip, you’re in for a real treat.

Why do people travel with us?

Another reason to travel with us, as opposed to planning and taking your own trip, is cost. We believe our trips represent good value, and once you’ve considered all of the expenses involved in running all-inclusive trips, we think you will too. You see, we have no hidden costs and everything is included, you’ll find all of this information clearly laid out in our itineraries, so you don’t have to do any guesswork. This means we don’t limit people to two cups of tea a day and an entree and main or main and dessert only! Other tour operators charge what looks like a really cheap price, but it only covers road transport, guides, and accommodation. We think of all the small things. This is your trip of a lifetime and we’re going to do everything possible to exceed your expectations!

What charities do Active Adventures support?

After all, it’s communities like this that make our trips special and unique. We also support some epic charities! These being; The Active Hearts Foundation, the Kea Conservation Trust and 180 Degrees Trust. As you can imagine, we have a lot of outdoor equipment, such as tents, packs and sleeping bags. We upgrade this gear as necessary, to keep you nice and comfortable in the backcountry, and we donate our second-hand equipment to schools in Christchurch. You could consider it an investment in our future Active Adventures guides! Also, during the busy months, we’re operating many trips throughout New Zealand and whilst we plan our food requirements to ‘military sophistication’, we sometimes have a little leftover at the end of a tour. Our logistics team in Christchurch deliver this food, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as non-perishable items to the Salvation Army.

How long does a refund on a trip last?

If your plans change, or if you decide to travel to another destination, you can change your trip to any of our departures in any destination or request a refund (less deposit) up 30 days out from your original trip start date. Your deposit is good for life, so you’ll never lose it. READ MORE.

How to book an active adventure?

When you’ve done your research, driven yourself crazy with the choices and made your final decision, follow these steps: 1. Book your spot . The fastest way to reserve your trip is to give our experts a call .

What is the Active Hearts Foundation?

The Active Hearts Foundation is a grass roots international charity based in New Zealand. Their… Staff Picks: Favourite Places in New Zealand. Here at Active Adventures, we consider ourselves pretty well-travelled and clued up when it comes… Experience adventure the way you want to.

Why do we use cookies on Kia Ora?

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1. Industry Leaders in Customizable Safaris

The Africa Adventure Company was one of the first boutique travel agencies to offer customizable Africa travel itineraries. Together we can create a trip that includes the experiences and destinations most important to you, your family, or your group.

2. Value Added Adventures

Many travelers expect private and independent safaris to be unaffordable, but our clients are delighted to discover they do not have to join a group of strangers in order to experience a customized safari adventure.

3. Security & Safety-Focused

We work with people who will take care of you. Our guides, travel consultants, and tour operators understand the complicated and complex nature of travel in Africa and have decades of experience to ensure your safety at every leg of your trip.

4. Unsurpassed Expertise in African Travel

We have executed thousands of trips to Africa over the last 35 years and are one of the few tour operators in the world with published travel guides. President Mark Nolting is author of “Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries,” the definitive guide on travel to Africa.

5. African Travel Specialists

We focus exclusively on African safaris, providing you with special and private access to many places, guides, and experiences that are unavailable to travelers who book online.

6. Award-Winning Travel Experiences

We offer clients more than a vacation or trip – it’s the experience of a lifetime. Don’t just take it from us. Our safaris are constantly ranked in top travel lists and featured in industry-leading travel publications, including National Geographic Magazine, Travel + Leisure, and Condé Nast Traveler.

7. Community Enrichment Interests

Our heart is in Africa. Every trip supports safari camps and lodges that positively impact the local communities, schools, and villages. We make business decisions with the African people in mind, ensuring every trip we take leaves a positive impact and minimal footprint.