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why do hospitals hire travel nurses

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Short-Term Staffing Needs
Here are some reasons a hospital would want to hire a travel nurse:Short-Term Staffing NeedsHospitals often need to find travel nurses to fill short-term or temporary staffing shortages.

What is a traveling nurse?

For some hospitals, traveling nurses are a standby to help ease the burden of difficult-to-fill nursing positions.

Why are so many hospitals filling travel nurse positions?

Hospitals are all trying to fill the positions that need to be filled to help us get through this crisis with travel nurses, but because there aren’t enough, it becomes a cycle of bidding of who will pay me the most to travel, Dr. Sanford said.

How can health systems combat skyrocketing travel nursing costs?

To combat skyrocketing travel nursing costs, some health systems have introduced their own travel agencies, including CommonSpirit and UPMC, where travel nurses work within the system.

How long does a traveling nurse assignment last?

Employed by staffing agencies rather than hospitals or other health care providers, traveling nurses go where they are needed. Assignments generally last 13 weeks, but may be shorter, or extended at the request of the employer and upon the agreement of the agency and the nurse.

What is a Travel Nurse?

According to TravelNursing.org, “Travel nurses fill gaps in staffing needs for hospitals and facilities across the country for specific periods of time.” They serve to take over for other nurses who may be out of work for any number of reasons, such as maternity leave or disability. In addition, they make up for staff shortages when necessary. In essence, travel nurses serve to fill in whenever the need arises at various locations throughout the country, and thus they are highly valuable.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Travel Nurses?

There are many benefits to hiring travel nurses, which makes this an exciting potential profession for many burgeoning nurses . Some of the main reasons why travel nurses are so appealing to hospitals are:

Why are travel nursing rates higher than staff nurses?

Travel nursing rates are typically higher than those of staff nurses because costs like travel and healthcare are included in their rates. However, they are an overall cost-effective option for hospitals. 3.)

Do travel nurses have to pay health benefits?

2.) Travel Nurses Require Fewer Benefit-Related Costs: Hospitals looking to keep their budgets tight can eliminate the need to pay health benefits by hiring travel nurses. This isn’t a solution for all staffing, of course, but it is one of the perks of hiring these temporary employees. Travel nursing rates are typically higher than those of staff nurses because costs like travel and healthcare are included in their rates. However, they are an overall cost-effective option for hospitals.

Is a travel nurse a good relationship?

Just like some of the best relationships, the hospital-travel nurse pair is mutually beneficial. Although hospitals benefit from sidestepping additional health insurance and overtime, travel nurses are well compensated overall.

Is there a shortage of travel nurses?

Luckily, where there are shortages, there is an increased need for travel nurses. This creates an opportunity for nurses who want to travel, and it fills the void for short-staffed hospitals. It’s a win-win situation for many reasons, and it can be a very smart career choice for many aspiring nurses.

Is it better to hire a travel nurse?

When the need first arises to expand staffing, hiring a travel nurse is often an excellent solution until a more permanent one is found. While a travel nurse’s rates may be slightly more expensive, hospitals can still end up spending significantly less in the long run.

Why do nurses travel?

Travel nurses allow hospitals to run more efficiently and maintain their quality of care while reducing their labor costs, fill open assignments and cover the gaps when demand increases. Travel nursing can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, as well. You’re able to travel where you want and use your special skills to make an impact on a patient’s life.

How does shortage of nurses affect hospitals?

Nurse shortages directly impact the quality of care hospitals provide their patients. Hospitals in smaller towns or rural areas may feel it the most. The pool of applicants might be smaller in their area, so they reach out to travel nurses to expand their radius.

What is a travel nurse?

Travel nurses fill the void and help hospitals reach a sustainable level of labor.

Why do hospitals use travel nurses?

Hospitals may utilize travel nurses to fill a short-term void. They can provide relief to cover a nurse’s time-off or fill temporary roles in between full-time hires.

Why are there shortages in ICUs?

There are many factors which can result in these shortages. With the COVID pandemic continuing to impact ICUs, burnout has been one of the top factors. Nurses may be unhappy with shift distribution and feel certain nurses might be getting the more desired shifts. General turnover, as well. Nurses might be leaving for better offers at a higher rate.

What happens if a hospital lets a nurse go?

If a hospital lets a nurse go or loses one to another hospital, they just aren’t losing a body. Some of the costs associated with turnover include payment for unused vacation, advertising and recruiting costs and interviewing and onboarding costs.

Do travel nurses get health insurance?

Because hospitals reach out to travel nurse agencies, they don’t have to provide benefits that full-time nurses receive. Health insurance, PTO, retirement plans are typically not covered by the hospital. The costs associated with hiring another full-time nurse can go back into the hospital or diverted to the current staff on hand.

Why are traveling nurses so popular?

Traveling nurses have the best of both worlds — steady employment, without being tied down to a particular employer or location. Hospitals have always used traveling nurses to meet staffing needs, but changing economic and human-resources demands have made traveling nurses even more attractive to hospitals looking to fill nursing vacancies.

Why do hospitals hire traveling nurses?

Filling a position between full-time hires; covering for hospital nurses who are off the job due to health or personal reasons; or providing additional support during busy seasons, such as flu or tourist season, are some of the most frequent reasons hospitals hire traveling nurses.

What is a traveling nurse?

Traveling Nurses Explained. Traveling nurses, or registry nurses, are one of the best-kept health care secrets. Employed by staffing agencies rather than hospitals or other health care providers, traveling nurses go where they are needed.

Why Hospitals Need Travel Nurses?

At the moment, with COVID-19 killing tens of thousands and many more patients receiving hospital care to treat the novel coronavirus infection, many hospitals do not have enough nursing staff. So, they turn to overtime and travel nurses. Overtime can provide temporary relief, but too much OT and not enough downtime can increase errors and burnout.

How long does a nursing assignment last?

Typically, travel nursing assignments last for eight to 13 weeks, depending on the hospital and the available role. Details are often flexible, so sometimes shorter or longer stints are available. The best part is, if you’re not thrilled about your assignment, you’re not stuck there forever because, most likely, it’ll be time to move on after just a few months.

What are the benefits of being a travel nurse?

Another great benefit to becoming a travel nurse is meeting new people at every new travel nursing assignment. Making professional connections is a great networking strategy, as some of these individuals may open a new professional door for you or end up being great personal friends.

Why are travel nurses important?

Travel nurses are extremely important to the healthcare industry because they help fill in the gaps between supply and demand in the nursing field. Hospitals have mandatory staff-to-patient ratios to maintain for the safety and overall health of patients, and travel nurses help do that.

Is travel nursing a good career?

For nurses who have an unending desire to travel from city to city and state to state, travel nursing is an excellent career choice. Travel nursing lets you explore different geographical areas and work in many different hospitals.

Why are travel nurses better than local nurses?

One reason for this (unsurprising) trend is likely because travel nurses are better able to meet their career goals. Travelers get to live in three or four locations each and every year, avoiding one of their biggest pet peeves – getting stuck in a rut. They also get to learn unique skills at the different hospitals, advancing their knowledge even further. This snowball effect builds in travel nurses the ability to better communicate with a wide variety of patients and health care professionals due to their extensive experience in new situations, giving them an adaptability advantage that staff nurses will rarely experience.

Why do hospitals hire travel nurses?

After all, why hire someone temporarily when the hospital could just hire full-time staff? The answer is, at its roots, because travel nurses are extremely necessary to the everyday running of hospitals from coast-to-coast. To delve into the reasoning behind this answer, read on:

Why are travel nurses important?

Unlike agency nurses, who are confined to one geographic location, travel nurses are better able to accumulate experience and put that knowledge to good use. The aforementioned study found that a high percentage of travel nurses have national certifications, making them highly valuable to hospitals.

Can a nurse take a month off?

After a long period of work in certain environments or specific specialties, the stress of nursing can begin to wear down even the most resilient of nurses. That’s why it’s not uncommon for experienced nurses to take a month or two off for a sabbatical or leave of absence, as was noted in a cost-benefit analysis found in the National Library of Medicine. Nurses also take maternity leave, have surgeries or go on vacations, so in these cases, the leave of absence can be planned for in advance, and a travel nurse can be contracted to take over the position until the employee returns to their position.

Do travel nurses get valuable contracts?

Being able to show this to potential employers means that travel nurses are more likely to be considered for valuable contracts. And later down the line, when travel nurses might be interested in settling into a single position, they’ll find it much easier to land a spot at their ideal health care institution.

Who is Nick Angelis?

Nick Angelis, a former travel nurse and author , told AHCN, “To make it as a travel nurse, you need to possess an intuitive grasp of nursing (a lot of common sense) or have extensive knowledge about various diseases and treatments. I had the latter and found travel nursing to be an efficient way to learn the former.”