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which light travels the fastest

which light travels the fastest插图


Which medium does light travel fastest through?

Light waves do not need a medium in which to travel but sound waves do. Explain that unlike sound, light waves travel fastest through a vacuum and air, and slower through other materials such as glass or water.

Which colour of light travels the fastest?

What color light travels fastest? Because the colors of light travel at different speeds, they get bent by different amounts and come out all spread out instead of mixed up. Violet travels the slowest so it is on the bottom and red travels the fastest so is on the top.

What material can light travel through fastest?

Visible light can also travel through certain types of glass, plastics, water, and other materials. Because of the physical differences in the makeup of the materials light actually travels slower through water and glass. Speed of light in a vacuum and air = 300 million m/s or 273,400 mph. Speed of light in water = 226 million m/s or 205,600 mph.

What state of matter does light travel fastest through?

Waves travel their best in the gaseous state. That is because the molecules in the gas are not closely held together like in solids and liquids. It therefore gives ample space for the waves to travel. Anonymous answered. It depends on what kind of wave. Sound waves travel better through liquids and solids. Light waves travel better through in gas.