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where to travel in summer 2019 cheap

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What are the best places to visit in the summer?

by Amanda MachadoLake Tahoe Area,California/Nevada. …Washington County,Maine. …Los Angeles County,California. …La Plata and San Juan Counties,Colorado. …Berkshire County,Massachusetts. …Hamilton County,Tennessee. …Wake County,North Carolina. …Milwaukee Area,Wisconsin. …King County,Washington. …Gallatin County,Montana. …

What is the best state to visit in the summer?

These are the best states in the US to take a summer road tripNorth Carolina. A report has ranked the best states in the US for road trips. …Wyoming. A study has compiled the best road trips to take in the US. …Minnesota. Minnesota scored in the top three states for safety. …Virginia. Horses grazing close to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia,USA. …Texas. The natural Hamilton Pool in rural Travis County,Texas. …

Where is the best place to go for summer vacation?

for Families – Kid Friendly Ideas!Disney World,FL. If you are looking for summer getaways with the family,I would recommend Disney World,Florida as one of the premier destinations to consider.Outer Banks,NC. Outer Banks in North Carolina is another one of the kid-friendly spots that I would highly recommend.The Florida Keys. …Branson,MO. …Yellowstone National Park,WY. …More items…

What is the best and the cheapest vacation?

Cheap Travel Destinations in EuropeValencia,Spain. Written by Sally Pederson from Loving Life In Spain. …Macedonia. This small and beautiful country is a hidden gem in the Balkans. …Warsaw,Poland. Wondering where to go in Eastern Europe? …Prague,Czech Republic. …Tbilisi,Georgia. …Belgrade,Serbia. …Sarajevo,Bosnia-Herzegovina. …Kotor,Montenegro. …

How much does it cost to visit Peru?

, is one of the most jaw-dropping destinations in all of South America. You can easily do Peru on a budget of $75 a day. Hostels go for $7 a day while a decent private room may cost up to $40 a day. A good, full meal at a local eatery costs about $5 to $10, while day trips to the Amazon rain forest or Machu Picchu go for about $50 or so, depending on the tour guide you choose.

Which city in Canada has the most restaurants?

Montreal is a Canadian jewel, with a cosmopolitan vibe, great food, and one of the primary people-watching capitals in the world. Montreal has the most restaurants, per capita, in all of Canada, and boasts one of the greatest

Is Casablanca worth visiting?

, made famous by Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, is well worth your time and can easily fit into your budget. It’s easy to get to, as Europe and some its major travel ports are close by and there is an abundant array of hostels and riads (small local hotels and B&Bs) that go for $25 and under for a night’s stay. A pot of fresh mint tea goes for $1 or so, while a full meal of

Can Americans travel to Cuba?

Now that Americans are largely free to travel to Cuba, it’s time to visit Havana, a true seaside mecca for sun-worshipers and night-life lovers. Feel free to negotiate with taxi drivers and hit the

Is it cheaper to visit Miami Beach in the summer?

Don’t let the summer weather (yes, it’s hot) keep you away from one of the liveliest cities in North America, especially the city’s fabled Miami Beach. It’s cheaper to visit in the summer and good hotel rooms can be had for less than $90 a night. Visit Little Havana and South Beach at night, sleep it off, and then day trip it into the Everglades – free of charge in both instances.

Is Munich a must stop?

Both historic and beautiful, Munich is a must stop if you’re traveling through Europe. It’s centrally located and the gateway to the Bavarian Alps and Austria, Switzerland and even northern Italy. Flights from main U.S. cities to Munich can be had for under $500 and many of the area hotels cost less than $100 per night.

What is the best place to visit in Europe?

Istanbul is a city full of rich culture, heritage and yes, food. Plus, with inexpensive prices and a great exchange rate in 2019, it’s one of the best cities to visit if you’re looking for cheap destinations in Europe! Explore the Old City for some of Istanbul ’s most iconic sites and then indulge all your senses in the Grand Bazaar—over 4,000 covered market stalls are selling just about everything, from elegant lanterns and art to tea and spices. Need to get out of the city? The colorful neighborhood of Balat is the perfect place for a quiet walk and a cheap lunch.

Where to go on the cheap in Europe?

Prague has long been known as one of the cheapest destinations in Europe for backpackers and budget travelers, and that really hasn’t changed. The city is known for Old Town Square, an iconic and historic district at the heart of the city marked by ancient Gothic churches, colorful shopfronts and frequent markets, street musicians and events. It’s easy to enjoy Prague on the cheap because just walking around the city is amazing! Check out the castles, cathedrals and some iconic sites, like the Charles Bridge. Save your money for the amazing street food (chimney cake, anyone?) and the cheap beer!

Where to travel in Southeast Asia?

Another great destination in Southeast Asia? Thailand. Chiang Mai is an ideal destination for young backpackers. Not only is it an inexpensive place to visit, it’s full of culture, nightlife, amazing food and tons of other young travelers, too! Fill up on cheap and delicious street food, visit some of Thailand’s most iconic and beautiful temples or go hiking in the tropical forests that surround Chiang Mai. Ready to keep traveling once you’ve visited Chiang Mai? Head to the Philippines and Singapore for more tropical budget destinations in Southeast Asia.

Is Cancun a good place to go on spring break?

Cancun is usually thought of as a go-to spring break destination. And while it is amazing during spring break, that’s not the only time it shines! Ready for a trip to paradise but not ready to break the bank doing so? Cancun is a great place to get away. From the endless beaches to the cheap tacos, you really can’t go wrong. Visit Mayan ruins, go snorkeling or just sunbathe on the beach—you won’t have to spend a dime!

Is Romania a good place to visit?

Romania is SUCH an underrated destination in Europe. Aside from being full of history, art and beautiful places, it’s a great spot for budget travelers. From stately palaces to stunning parks, Bucharest has a bit of everything you’d expect from a charming European city. Stroll down Calea Victoriei or take a free walking tour. And be sure to check out Lipscani, an energetic district of Bucharest that’s full of super cute cafes and a vibrant nightlife.

What is the cheapest place to visit in Australia?

According to Price of Travel’s 2019 Backpacker Index, Cairns is the cheapest city to visit in Australia. Budget-strapped travelers can easy get by on about $62 a day. That estimate includes a dorm bed in a decent hostel, three meals, two public transportation rides, one cultural attraction and three cheap beers.

What is the last beach in Raleigh?

Carolina Beach is in the middle, offering great food, a few hotels, a smattering of vacation rentals and a fun little boardwalk, plus one famous donut shop people drive in from Raleigh to enjoy. Kure Beach, the last and final beach, is where the vacation rental homeowners and regulars camp out.

Where is Shakespeare’s season 24?

Why: Boston is the perfect place to enjoy an affordable summer in the city. The 24th season of Shakespeare will take place in the Boston Common , a free outdoor summer event in July and early August. Walk the historic Freedom Trail, a 2.5 miles route of historic sites including the Paul Revere House.

Where is the cheapest place to travel in 2019?

Now, spin the globe and start planning that cheap and easy summer vacation. Antigua, Guatemala is just one of the cheapest places to travel in summer 2019. Photo courtesy of Sarah Funk.

Is gas going down in 2019?

The good news is that in 2019, gas prices are on the decline. But that only gets you so far. Where you go is a major consideration when it comes to saving money. I tapped into a number of travel experts who shared their tips for the cheapest places to travel this summer.

Who is Ashley Renne?

Chosen By: Ashley Renne is an on-camera host, content creator and keynote speaker with a professional background in media production. She is the founder of Hey Ashley Renne, a sustainable travel, vegan lifestyle and smart tech blog that shows others how to live an adventurously green life.

How many mountain gorillas are there in the world?

Why: There are just 1,000 mountain gorillas in the world, and to see them, intrepid travelers need to journey to the Virunga Mountains that run along the border between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo or to the aptly named Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda. Rwanda is currently the site of high-end luxury lodge development — we’re talking $1,500 per person per night kind of swanky rooms — and gorilla trekking permits that doubled in price recently from $750 to $1,500. Fabulously low key and friendly Uganda, however, hasn’t seen this influx of luxury tourism yet. Instead, peak season permit are $600, and rainy season permits go for just $450 a day. You’ll still have the same amazing gorilla experience, including well-trained guides who lead you through the dense forest to find the secluded primates. And you don’t need to give up a posh lodge experience to stay in Uganda. At Volcanoes Safaris Bwindi Lodge, you’ll have a private chalet, butler service, a post-trek massage and all meals for $340 per person per night in the offseason.

How much is a Lisbon city pass?

A Lisbon city pass is 19€ and gives you 24 hours of admission to everything from modern museums to historic monasteries, as well as all transportation, including rides on the Lisbon’s scenic tram cars and stunning elevators that lift passengers up the steep city hills.

What is VP Records?

VP Records, the world’s largest independent reggae music label and publisher, is kicking off its 40th anniversary with an installation chronicling its indelible contribution to reggae music. A view of Lisbon, Portugal. Getty.

Where is Melissa Klurman?

Where: Lisbon, Portugal. Chosen By: Melissa Klurman is a travel expert, writer and editor and contributor at Reader’s Digest, Frommer’s Travel Guides and Parents, among other publications. Why: Lisbon is the affordable European city you’ve been dreaming of visiting.

Where is Logan Hill?

Chosen By: Logan Hill is a lifestyle and travel photographer based out of Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram @loganrae_hill.

Where to visit in Laos?

Why: Laos has some of the most charming towns in Southeast Asia. Visit the capital city of Vientiane, then head north to Luang Prabang, an ancient royal town that has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural center. Observe the daily sai bat, with 1,000 saffron-robed monks chanting ancient sutras as they walk barefoot collecting alms, food offerings from the local people. Join a bike tour around the old town and along the banks of the Mekong River. Walk the quiet lanes in this small town to the former Royal Palace and explore some of the 34 golden-spired temples. Climb the 328 zigzag steps of the holy mountain Phou Si and get a 360-degree panoramic view of the town and see the 60-foot Wat Chomsi gilded stupa. Visit the 16th-century Buddhist temples called wats: Xieng, Sene, Mai and Visounalath. Don’t miss the markets: The morning market at Talat Pakham is where you’ll see vendors selling exotic fruit, live eels, chickens, rabbits, fish, green vegetables and hot peppers. The Night Handicraft Market is where you can buy ethnic handicrafts, local textiles, silk scarves, wall hangings, teas, spices and snacks from food stalls. Relax at a café along Sisavang Vong Road and enjoy a drink and bite at Ban Vat Sene Café in a chic restored colonial building. Pick up the best butter croissants in town at Le Banneton Café. Dine at Elephant Blanc and order the Prince Lao Feast with 10 Laotian dishes. Stay at the Maison Souvannaphoum; once the former residence of the late Prince Souvanna Phouma, today it is a boutique hotel that blends French colonial architecture with Lao motifs and has prices as low as $103 per night.

Where to go in Mylapore?

If you’re a history buff, you’ll want to visit Fort St. George, the first British fort in India, built in 1644. The city also boasts an array of dining options.

1. Mexico

Already a long sought after vacation spot, Mexico is at the top of our cheap vacation destination list! Already boasting as one of the worlds most popular touristic sites, it truly has a lot to offer. Mexico is rife with UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Mayan construction Chichén Itzá and the Mexican City center itself.

2. St. Helena

What used to be a secluded island where Napoleon was exiled to, St. Helena is now a huge cheap touristic attraction. Although not highly accessible, the privacy you will get just adds to the allure of the islands beaches.

3. Portugal

Considered a vacation destination for decades in Europe, Portugal has been gaining international favor recently as a cheap vacation destination. You can start from the Algarve which is Portugal’s most southern tip stretching towards Africa. Play some golf, go to the beach or play your hand at some casinos.

4. Montenegro

A tiny country sitting on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro has become one of the best and cheapest vacation destinations to visit. Go to the historic Bay of Kotor where the medieval towns of Perast and Kotor, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are situated.

5. South Africa

If you’ve always wanted to visit Africa, then you can start your journey here. Proclaimed as one of the cheapest vacation destinations, you can visit in style at some of the most luxurious resorts and lodges.

6. Turkey

If you’re a history buff who loves beaches and seaside resorts on the way, then Turkey is the right pitstop for you! Although a cheap vacation destination, the country is rife with attractions and historical monuments. Visit the medieval Bodrum Castle built by the crusaders, see the charming Blue Mosque, and bask in the awe of the Hagia Sophia.

What is the best place to visit in Arizona?

The Grand Canyon was ranked No. 1 by U.S. News and World Report on Best Cheap Summer Vacations and Best Places to Visit in Arizona. Hotel rooms inside the park can get pretty expensive, which is why many tourists opt for camping. The park’s free shuttle bus service will also help you save money. Popular free attractions to explore within the Grand Canyon include Grand Canyon Village, North Rim, Havasu Falls and Lees Ferry. Visitors can find better deals at the end of August.

What to do in Kansas City on a budget?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of things you can do and see in Kansas City on a budget. Trade in your rental car for a bicycle and visit all of the top attractions — Kansas City offers an affordable bike-share program that’s perfect to help visitors get around town. Along with the city’s low travel costs, there are plenty of free things to do. Admire the upscale shopping district of Country Club Plaza; head to Crown Center shops and take the kids to Kaleidoscope; and explore the City Market.

What is the cheapest time to visit Houston?

Summer is one of the cheapest yet most exciting times of the year to visit Houston, the biggest city in the state of Texas. Hotel rates drop during the season; the median hotel rate in Houston is $120 in August compared to $150 in April, according to the 2019 Travel Hacker Guide by KAYAK. There are also many free things to do. Hop aboard the Port of Houston Authority’s public charter boat for a free 90-minute cruise; take the kids to Discovery Green for some fun in the sun; admire the 64-foot-high water wall in Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park; and walk along the trails of the Houston Arboretum.

When is the best time to visit Glacier National Park?

They explain that the best time to visit the National Park is in July and August. Rather than spending money on a hotel, visitors can save money by staying the night on one of the park’s campsites. Some free things to do here include admiring Lake McDonald and Grinnell Glacier, walking along Trail of the Cedars, and road-tripping on Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Is Myrtle Beach family friendly?

With 60 miles of clean golden sand and an abundance of things to do, it’s no wonder Myrt le Beach is one of the most family -friendly beaches to have fun at this summer. Visit Broadway at the Beach for outdoor entertainment and shopping; attend free events including the Beach Boogie & BBQ Festival and Ocean Boulevard’s Hot Summer Nights concert series.


We think we’ll see cheap flights to Iceland from all over the US and Canada (and in fact, just a week into 2019, we already have ).

Kigali, Rwanda

We’re expecting to see lower fares to Kigali from India and most of Europe, as well as the occasional deal from the US.


In 2019, we’ll likely see good deals to Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Mendoza from Florida, New York, Western and Central Europe, UK, and Tel Aviv.


Cheap flights to Italy were common last year and we’re predicting even more great fares, especially from the US and Canada, as well as Bangkok, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Dubai.

United Kingdom

The coming year should bring more cheap flights to the UK from West Africa and Central and South America, as well as a slew of deals from all over the US and Canada.

Phú Qu?c, Vietnam

We think we’ll see more, and cheaper, flights to Phú Qu?c from California, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


We’re expecting to see more great fares to Amman and Aqaba from Chicago and New York City, as well as a dozen cities across Europe including Brussels, Milan, Prague, Rome, and Warsaw.

What is the name of the beach in South Carolina?

Nicknamed "The Family Beach," Surfside Beach is a 2-mile strip on the South Carolina coast. Visitors can look forward to games, fishing and a weekly series of beach hula and fire shows during the warmer months. Surfside also features an assortment of youth attractions designed with accessibility in mind.

What is the best time to visit Montreal?

Summertime in Montreal brings sunshine and daytime temperatures in the 70s and 80s, making it the perfect time to explore the city’s streets, stroll through the Montréal Botanical Garden and hike the trails in Mount Royal Park. Plus, travelers in search of a dose of culture will have many free museums to choose from, including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art and the Lachine Museum. For cheap lodging, book a room at one of Montreal’s centrally located hostels.

What is the best cheap summer vacation?

Bar Harbor. #1in Best Cheap Summer Vacations. Bar Harbor, Maine, is basically a postcard that has found its way into the real world. The town is flanked by Acadia National Park on one side and Frenchman Bay on the other, so it has an abundance of options for both outdoor enthusiasts and water sports fans.

Where to go cheap in Tennessee for summer?

Nestled at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, offers plenty of outdoor attractions for visitors. Inside Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the area’s most popular sight, travelers will find more than 800 miles of terrain to explore.

Is Hot Springs National Park free?

This town sits about 55 miles southwest of Little Rock, Arkansas, and as its name suggests, visitors flock here to admire the thermal waters of Hot Springs National Park. The park is free to enter and offers camp sites that start at only $30 per night. For more budget-friendly fun, travelers can wander through the Bathhouse Row to see historic bathhouses and learn about the area’s healing waters. There are plenty of stores and restaurants surrounding the park, and the town offers many free parking options.

Is Colorado Springs a good place to visit?

The city offers an abundance of free activities to fill your time, including biking through Garden of the Gods, hiking to Pikes Peak’s summit and strolling up and down the streets of Old Colorado City. Nearby Manitou Springs is also a great stop for anyone looking to relax in healing waters. While summer is peak tourist season, lodging options remain relatively cheap, with plenty of budget hotels and motels to choose from.

Is summer a good time to go on vacation?

Thanks to balmy temperatures, long days and school recess, summer is a popular time to take a vacation. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most expensive times to travel, making it difficult to find a budget-friendly destination. To help you in your search, U.S. News considered affordability and traveler appeal, among other factors, …

How long is the flight from Anchorage to Tordrillo?

And though it’s a 40-minute flight from Anchorage, the remote Tordrillo Mountain Lodge is fresh off a multimillion-dollar renovation, and among its new offerings is the state’s first via ferrata, a climbing route that includes fixed anchors, like steel cables, to help climbers.

What animals can you see at Rwanyakazinga?

As the camp overlooks Lake Rwanyakazinga, guests can spot a plethora of hippos and crocodiles without leaving the premises. Game drives afford the chance to spy not just the biggies, but giraffes, zebras and about 500 bird species.

Where do wildebeest migrate?

The wildebeest migration is an annual undertaking where more than a million wildebeest, members of the antelope family, migrate stampede-style from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Where is the Women’s World Cup?

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is going down in France, with soccer matches between June 7 and July 7. Games will be held in Paris, Nice and seven other destinations across the country, from the student-filled Montpellier to medieval Rennes.

When is the Grand Canyon 100th anniversary?

It’s the Grand Canyon’s 100th anniversary as a national park, and there are multiple ways to celebrate this notable occasion. From June 22-29, stargazers can join amateur astronomers for free at the park’s North and South Rims for the Star Party.

Where is the Duke of Marlborough hotel?

Located in Buckinghamshire, the one-time country estate of the third Duke of Marlborough, the hotel is less than an hour from London, yet feels more remote. Balance this with an East London stay at The Stratford, a new design-forward hotel occupying the first seven floors of the Manhattan Loft Gardens skyscraper.

Where is the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday?

London. Kensington Palace is hosting new exhibits to mark the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday. Oli Scarff/Getty Images. Between Wimbledon, the Royal Baby and new hotels, there are a lot of reasons to visit London this summer.