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where to travel in europe with kids

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Croatiais a remarkable European vacation with kids. Stretching across the Adriatic Sea,the entire coast of Croatia has plenty of family friendly activities. The city of Dubrovnik in the south has a beautiful coastline and a rich history.

What are the best countries to visit with kids?

The 7 Best International Destinations for Traveling With KidsIreland. There’s much to do for families in the Emerald Isle,an island country with rolling hills in every shade of green,windswept landscapes dotted with farm animals,and vibrant …Peru. …Japan. …Iceland. …England. …Montana. …Bimini,Bahamas. …

What are the Best Vacations with kids?

Kid-friendly vacations on the beach. The most popular vacation destination in the United States for families with kids has got to be the beach. And summer rentals come with a lively beach atmosphere of sand, surf, and boardwalks as standard—you and your kids will love it.

Where are the best places to visit with children?

The 30 best places to go with kidsMaribor,Slovenia. There’s canoeing on the river Drava in summer and skiing in the nearby resort of Pohorje in winter. …Reserva Monteverde,Costa Rica. About half of the protected area is conserved as the Bosque Eternal de los Nios (Children’s Eternal Forest),a huge stretch of lush cloudforest,rainforest …Bali the Gili Islands,Indonesia. …More items…

What are the best cities to visit in Europe?

Top Cities Best Places to Visit in EuropeAmsterdam,Netherlands. Oh yeah,you’ve heard a lot about Amsterdam…Don’t believe it! …Paris,France. Chic,stylish,and sophisticated – we haven’t even said the word “Paris”,but you’re already thinking about it,don’t you?Vienna,Austria. …Prague,Czech Republic. …Berlin,Germany. …London,England. …Grindelwald,Switzerland. …Strasbourg,France. …More items…

What to do in London with kids?

There’s also so much for kids to do, including going on a Harry Potter Tour, riding the tube to a local market, visiting Legoland or taking a trek to see Big Ben. Here is a list of our favorite kids attractions:

How many artists made the 3D sculpture of Musea?

Check out the amazing 3D Sculpture of Musea that was produced by 40 artists. Grab tickets online here.

How long does it take to travel to Italy with kids?

We spent 3 months traveling around Italy with our kids and there are so many wonderful places to visit.

Where to go with kids in Europe?

Holland is one of the best places in Europe to visit with kids and has numerous attractions that will make your family vacation fun and unforgettable! From zoos to historical squares and lively markets!

What is the best city to visit with kids?

Copenhagen is a great city to visit with little ones as there’s a lot to do. The Tivoli Gardens was one of our favorites and has theatres, gardens, and plenty of rides to keep children entertained. We can also recommend Odense.

What is Austria for kids?

If you are looking for a great country to visit with kids, it’s hard to beat Austria . It has the oldest amusement park in the world, salt mines that are walkable, the world’s biggest ice caves as well as dinosaur parks.

Why is Germany a good place to travel?

One of the main reasons why Germany is a great destination to travel to with children is that it has affordable public transportation. This means that you can save money by not having to rent a car and can splurge on some of the many activities here.

What is the most beautiful city in Poland?

Gdansk is one of the most beautiful places in Poland. This lovely seaside city offers many attractions for all kinds of tourists, including families with children. Gdansk is well-known for its charming Old Town, perfect for a family stroll. Walking along picturesque cobbled streets of Old Town is simply a must! While exploring Old Town, it is worth it to take a walk to Motlawa river embankments. When little ones get tired, visit one of the restaurants located on the embankments and enjoy the view on the river.

What to do in Denmark with kids?

If you are looking for things to do in Denmark with kids, without going to a big city, a trip to Billund is just what you need. In Billund, you will find the original LEGOLAND that is sure to please visitors of all ages with its exciting rides, entertaining live shows and fantastic events.

What to do in Prague for kids?

Prague is a great destination for families. The Czech capital is a lovely historical city but it also has plenty of things to do in Prague to keep kids entertained. Visit the Prague Zoo, take the funicular to Petrin Park with its mirror maze or visit the Lego Exhibitions in Hamleys, a toy store so huge there’s even a slide and carousel inside.

What to do in Madeira for kids?

Families should not miss the iconic wicker toboggan ride through the streets from the village of Monte to the Madeiran capital Funchal. Kids will love the outdoor lido complexes and aqua park as well as the beaches of Madeira. Many of the islands attractions are free to enter.

Why did my family love Rome?

Our family loved visiting Rome with kids because we were wowed by all of the iconic landmarks and gained a new understanding of European history. It felt like we stepped back in time over 2,000 years when we toured the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum.

What is the significance of the Piazza del Duomo?

The Piazza del Duomo is particularly magnificent: the cathedral acts as a complete history of Sicily: there are Greek, Roman, Arabic, Norman and Baroque elements in its design.

Where to take kids in summer in France?

The Landes department of Southwest France is a nature-loving families paradise! Teaming with lakes and bordered by a long sandy coastline, it’s the perfect place to take the kids in summer.

What is Amsterdam known for?

Bike tour: Amsterdam is famous for it’s bike friendly culture and visitors will feel quite comfortable getting around it’s compact center on 2 wheels. Numerous shops rent bikes and little ones can hop into a bakfiets — the local version of a bike trailer.

What is the best science museum in France?

Musée d’Histoire Naturelle de Paris: France’s best science museum could fill a whole day. The highlight for kids is usually the Galerie de l’Evolution. Notre Dame Cathedral: Climb the 422 steps to the cathedral’s towers and you’ll be face to face with some fierce Gargoyles and an incredible view of Paris.

How far down are the catacombs?

The Catacombs: Run this by your kids first — you’ll descend 20 metres below street level where you’ll be able to explore 1.7km of corridors walled with the remains of long dead Parisians. They’ll either be thrilled or terrified and you can make your plans from there.

What museums have vikings?

The National Museum – Archeology: Features items pulled from the bogs (including mummified bodies) and a viking exhibit that are very popular with kids. The Natural History Museum (a.k.a. the Dead Zoo): An amazing collection of animals that kids love.

What are the best museums in London for kids?

Natural History Museum: A stunning collection of kid-friendly exhibits, with dinosaurs and a huge blue whale among the favorites. The London Transport Museum and The Imperial War Museum: My kids loved these museums and they’re 2 of London’s best attractions for kids.

What is the tram number 91?

Nostalgic Tram No. 91 is a unique way to see the city. Vintage tram cars from the early 1900s travel along a special route that runs throughout Prague and past many of the city’s best sights. Not well known among tourists and for an affordable $1.50, it’s popular with both young and old.

How many bedrooms does Castello Vicchiomaggio have?

Castello Vicchiomaggio – Two-bedroom apartments and family junior suites sleep families of four and five. Nice swimming pool.

What to do with kids in Sardinia?

For as much as the beaches are one of the favorite playgrounds for kids from all over the world, Sardinia has plenty of other things to do.#N#Such as taking your kids to some archaeological sites like the Nuraghe Losa near Ghilarza, the Roman thermal baths of Fordongianus, the Phoenician Tharros near Cabras or Santa Cristina sacred well near Paulilatino.#N#If you are traveling to Sardinia during Carnival time, visit towns like Oristano for the Sartiglia, a spectacular acrobatic horse vaulting performed by masked riders, or Mamoiada, where the ancient masks of the Mamuthones enchant adults and kids dancing their ancient ritual along the streets.#N#For great fun, there are plenty of water parks all over the island, such as Aquadream in the exclusive Costa Smeralda, or Aquafantasy in Sassari province.#N#If your children enjoy nature, you can explore magical places like the Burgos forest in central Sardinia or the gorgeous Giara plateau where you will see the rare horses native of the island that didn’t evolve and stayed smaller than the horses we know today.#N#A lovely place to stay with kids in Sardinia would be an agriturismo, which is a traditional house usually with a farm that includes accommodation and a place to eat.#N#One that we know very nice is Archelao Agriturismo near Oristano. They are immersed in nature and they have animals such as cows, goats, donkeys and sheep, a playground and a delicious restaurant.

How to get around Sintra?

While there’s a lot of ground to cover, Sintra has great options for getting around. Multiple in-town buses loop to all of the main sites and back through the main town square. Bike taxis are also a fun way to travel between the sites. Anyone who feels ambitious can walk or hike from the palace to the palace.

What is the best place to visit for a family vacation?

The Greek island of Crete is a fantastic family holiday destination thanks to its varied attractions, beaches, hotels, and restaurants. Being the largest of Greece’s islands, Crete offers something for everyone, so whether you’re a family interested in hiking in nature, exploring archaeological sites, chilling on the beach or shopping and eating out in metropolitan towns, Crete will have you covered!#N#Crete not only has a number of family-specific tourist attractions such as the aquarium in Heraklion, Water-City, and Aqua World, but it also has some interesting historical sites and museums that kids absolutely love. Whether they’re discovering the Knossos ruins, exploring the Venetian fortress or enjoying interactive exhibits at the Natural History Museum, your children are sure to be both learning and having an incredible vacation.#N#Of course, a family holiday isn’t just about keeping the kids busy, though, but thankfully Crete has a whole host of beautiful beaches that are perfect for both adults and children. Beaches such as Elafonisi, Bali, Vaï, Kato Gouves and Paleohora feature shallow waters and intriguing coves and lagoons that will ensure the whole family is relaxed, happy and entertained.#N#Most of the beaches also offer sunbeds and parasols, restaurants and cafés where you can enjoy drinks, meals and ice creams and a handful of souvenir shops, so there’s everything you need on hand for a good day out.#N#Whether you choose to stay in one of the larger towns such as Heraklion or Chania or opt for one of the resort regions such as Elounda, you’ll have plenty to do to ensure you have a great trip. Hiring a car offers you the most flexibility as a family as you’ll be able to move between attractions, towns, and beaches at your leisure.

What to do in Rome with kids?

If you are looking for a wonderful city to explore with your kids during your vacation in Europe, then Rome may just be the place.#N#Famous for incredible history, gorgeous art, and delicious food, Rome may not come to mind as a quintessential child-friendly place, however, after very many family trips there, we can guarantee it has a lot to offer to families with kids of all ages!#N#The best things to do in Rome with kids are a mix of sightseeing and kids’ attractions. Among Rome’s must-see sites, the Colosseum is always a hit with our children, with its gory story of gladiators and emperors and the Vatican is fun for them too.#N#They get a kick when they walk across the State line between Italy and Vatican City and the record-breaking dome and basilica always get a wow.#N#To make the most of both attractions, I highly recommend you book a family tour: The Pink Umbrella tour of the Colosseum and the Rome4kids tour of the Vatican were our favorite.#N#When you need a break from sightseeing, you can join local families in one of Rome’s many parks and playgrounds or visit the lovely Explora, Rome’s children’s museum.#N#This is a wonderful place for a rainy afternoon and one our kids adore: there is a soft area for under 3s and lots and lots of installations and games for primary school children and even teenagers.#N#To make the most of your family time in Rome, I highly recommend you pick accommodation in the historical center.#N#The area around the Pantheon, in particular, puts you walking distance from main attractions and within easy reach of restaurants and shops. We love Le Clarisse al Pantheon, a well-priced place with family rooms and apartments in a perfect location. Check out the 3 days in Rome itinerary to plan a perfect family trip to Rome.

What is the oldest city in Finland?

Lying on Finland’s southwest coast is Turku, the oldest city in Finland. Founded in the 13 th century, the city was once Finland’s capital although little remains from its founding years; Turku has survived some 30 fires over the course of its history but many of its original buildings were destroyed.#N#Nevertheless, this is a pretty city and one rich in history. There are lots of things to do in Turku and you can easily fill several days here.#N#Favorites include Turku Castle, the city’s most famous attractions. This castle is over 700-years-old and is filled with stories of daring escapes, treacherous families and romantic promises – not to mention the ghosts that reportedly prowl the corridors!#N#Turku Market Hall is another must-see. Dating back to 1896, this market hall is filled with food stalls and restaurants and is a fantastic place to come for lunch or to pick up some fresh produce for dinner. Some of the family-run stalls, such as the butcher, has been here since the market hall first opened.#N#If you visit during the summer months then you should hire a Låna electric boat and cruise along the Aura River, which runs through the heart of the city. And, of course, when you visit Turku you must say hello to the Moomins.#N#This Finnish city is the gateway to magical Moominworld, Finland’s most famous residents! Located in the neighboring town of Naantali, Moominworld is a glorious celebration of Tove Jansson’s loveable characters.

What is the oldest amusement park in Vienna?

Kids are sure to have fun in a city that houses the world’s oldest zoo, Schönbrunn Zoo as well as the world’s oldest amusement park, Prater. Plus, the museums in Vienna are super kid-friendly. Zoom Children’s Museum, Chocolate Museum, and Museum of Technology are the best of the lot.

Where to go in Europe with family?

One of the best family holiday destinations in Europe is Krakow in the south of Poland by the Czech border, which has a lot of attractions that are suited for different types of tourists, especially children.#N#Krakow has an atmosphere that captures the imagination of children with the winding cobblestone streets of the Old Town and the fairytale appeal of Wawel Castle with its underground limestone caves where a dragon once lived.#N#Watch their eyes pop open when the spot the bronze dragon sculpture at the cave’s exit. What makes it even cooler is that it breathes fire every few minutes. Take note that this passage can only be accessed from April to October, the ideal time to visit Krakow.#N#Add to the magic by packing some snacks with you and going on a stroll down the Vistula River from the cave exit, then complete the story by taking your children on a 20-minute carriage ride around the Old Town.#N#Another fantastic attraction is the Rynek Underground Museum, where touch-screen holographic exhibits and automated puppets will show what Krakow was like 100 years ago. The same museum even has an 11-century cemetery, where vampire prevention burials were once conducted to ensure that the unliving will not rise from their graves.#N#In Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter of Krakow, are museums that offer both fun and learning to children, like the Ethnographic Museum, where they can walk around a 19th-century Polish classroom and take a look at the colorful folk costumes and instruments on display. Another must-visit in this area is the Museum of Municipal Engineering, where there are many interactive hands-on exhibits.#N#To have a hassle-free experience in Krakow, the best accommodation for your family should be close to the city center. Just below the castle is the Sheraton Hotel, which will literally put the city at your doorstep. Another well-recommended family hotel is the DoubleTree which is 1.6 kilometers from the Polish Aviation Museum and has a swimming pool, where you and your family can relax after a long day of sightseeing.

What are some fun things to do in Amsterdam?

Contrary to Amsterdam’s dubious reputation, families visiting the Netherlands’ capital will find loads of kid-friendly attractions, including the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo and Zandvoort beach. The city offers plenty of open spaces, such as beautiful Vondelpark. Opportunities for learning and culture also abound at sights like the Anne Frank House, the Moco Museum (home of much of Banksy’s work) and the Van Gogh Museum. And thanks to the city’s bike-friendly atmosphere, families can cycle around the city and soak up the scenery on a bike tour before finishing the day with a sticky stroopwafel .

What to do in Stockholm for kids?

Kids will particularly enjoy the zoo, aquarium and historical buildings at Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum. They can also immerse themselves in classic children’s books at Junibacken, swim in the massive pools at Eriksdalsbadet or ride a roller coaster at the popular Gröna Lund amusement park. To save money while exploring, walk or rely on public transportation.

What is Barcelona known for?

Barcelona, Spain, is known for its nightlife, but there are several reasons for families to visit. Gaudí­’s whimsical artwork in Park Güell is sure to impress adults and make children feel as if they’ve wandered into a fantasyland. Similarly, the street performances along Las Ramblas captivate and surprise audiences of all ages. Young foodies will enjoy exploring La Boqueria, where they’ll find delicious treats, which range from fruit to churros with chocolate. Plus, families can always head to the beach for some outdoor fun or watch a FC Barcelona soccer match at Camp Nou stadium.

What is the best place to visit for a family vacation in Europe?

Berlin. #15 in Best Family Vacations in Europe. A history-laden city overflowing with museums, monuments and plenty of bratwurst, Berlin attracts visitors of all ages. Families will especially enjoy exploring the nearly 520-acre Tiergarten, which is home to Zoo Berlin and its approximately 20,000 animals.

What are the best places to visit in Madrid for kids?

Madrid features some of Europe’s most kid-friendly attractions, including the Casa de Campo public park, where families will find the Madrid Zoo Aquarium and an amusement park. Children who need to stretch their legs can run around Retiro Park or play on its playgrounds while adults enjoy the park’s formal garden.

What to do in Zurich?

After snapping photos for your family’s next holiday card, explore one of the city’s massive museums or its historic Old Town neighborhood. Then, fill up on cheese fondue or authentic German fare at a local restaurant. To save money during your trip, purchase a Zürich Card, which gets you unlimited travel on public transportation.

What is the best place to visit in Luxembourg?

With iconic landmarks and kid-friendly attractions like the Centre Pompidou and the Luxembourg Gardens, the City of Light offers a fun and enriching vacation. And let’s not forget the Eiffel Tower, which is sure to delight your children, whether you climb to the top as a family or see it at night when it’s illuminated.

How long should I stay in Europe?

I don’t recommend traveling to Europe from abroad for less than 10 days. Plan on spending at least two to three nights in any single location. That said, the ideal itinerary involves a week in one main venue so families can really settle into a routine and explore nooks and crannies, plus a few days on the front and/or back end. Our most popular family-friendly itinerary in Italy follows this logic with four nights in Rome, a week in Tuscany, and then two or three nights in Venice at the end of the trip.

How to make a family trip successful?

When it comes to planning daily activities, variety is also key for family travel success. Make sure to mix sightseeing time with free time and straightforward touring with at least one engaging activity during a trip, like a cooking class or guided walk. Variety may be in how you see the site — for example, bike operators enable families to bike between attractions and so on.

Should I start in a city or in a more relaxing place?

Should you start in a city or in a more relaxing place? My opinion is that it’s best to start in a city, where you are still in frenzied family mode, and then you can slowly decompress. In addition, this means you can get off the plane and not worry about directions or driving, as you’ll take a taxi, private car or public transportation into a city.

Do you need a car to travel in Italy?

Automobiles: We like having a car when we’re in the countryside, as it give us more flexibility and ways to explore small villages. Some destinations like Switzerland have a train system that goes even to the tiniest hamlets, and you really can travel everywhere without a car. In other countries like Italy, this is not the case, and you absolutely need a car to effectively explore rural areas like Tuscany.

How to get kids to like different cultures?

Give your kids the chance to try out foreign specialties in advance by eating at ethnic restaurants, or get a cookbook and make meals together at home. Many US cities host celebrations of different cultures — look for festivals held by local communities of Greeks, Italians, Hungarians, or whatever group might be vibrant in your town or relevant to your travels.

How to get kids excited about Europe?

Before you leave home, get your kids enthusiastic about what they’ll be seeing in Europe. Encourage them to learn about the countries, cities, sights, and people they’ll be visiting. Look online for articles, photos, and video clips to pique their curiosity .

How to take kids on an international trip?

Taking your kids along on an international trip is an investment. To get the most out of your money, time, and energy, make the trip as meaningful as possible for them. Involve them in planning, and they’ll feel less like they’re tagging along, and more like you’re all on an adventure together. Once you know where you’re going, light up their imagination (and yours) with books and movies that’ll bring those places alive before you’ve even left. And when you get there, think about how to keep their experience from feeling like an overwhelming blur.

What does it mean when kids learn about the places you’ll be visiting?

The more kids learn about the places you’ll be visiting, the more enthusiastic they’ll be to see them.

When do kids hang out with grown ups?

It can be hard for kids to hang around grown-ups all day, so help your kids connect with other children. In hot climates, kids gravitate toward the squares (in cities and villages alike) when the temperature begins to cool in the late afternoon, often staying until late in the evening.

What to do in Paris with kids?

Visit the Eiffel tower in the day and again at night when the lights are twinkling and it’s picture perfect. Take your time wandering through the amazing museums and ancient historic sites. Sip coffee at a sidewalk café and people watch for hours, or hole up in tiny boutique hotels where no children are allowed . Dine at five star restaurants, meander through the cobblestone streets and find romance in this city of love. Only then will you truly appreciate just how special it is.

Which city is the best to visit before having kids?

1. Berlin, Germany. Move over New York City, Berlin is the city that truly never sleeps; a city full of Germans who love nothing more than a good time. This is a great city to visit before having kids, as it is full of iconic sites, sky bars, chic restaurants, boutique hotels and a party that literally never stops.

What is the best place to visit in Italy?

The Cilento coast is absolutely beautiful with its small bays, dramatic cliffs and seaside villages, and has this stuck-in-time feeling. It is one of the lesser-known areas in Italy and you won’t find throngs of tourists or really any kid-friendly activities, thus why visiting here before you have kids is the best choice. If you are after romantic isolation, head inland to the Cilento National Park where you will find incredible hiking trails and mountain inns that serve delicious wines and some of the best fresh mozzarella you will ever taste in your life. Famed for its orchids, streams and towering waterfalls, there is no shortage of beauty that will surround you in this park. The park also has a colorful history that is worth exploring while in the region.

Is Europe kid friendly?

There are two ways to visit Europe, the first is with kids and although that seems overwhelming at first, this continent is actually quite kid-friendly. The second way to travel this beautiful continent is without kids, before you have them, and when you have all the time in the world. Whether you want to visit Europe to party, …

What to consider when choosing a European city?

When deciding on which European cities to visit, consider what your kids like and what they might be learning. "If you know what your children are studying in school, you can tailor your trip to some of the things that they may be curious about and that they want to learn about," says Kay Merrill, travel adviser and founder of the Are We There Yet? Family Adventures website.

When deciding whether a hotel, an apartment or a home rental is right for your family’s European trip?

When deciding whether a hotel, an apartment or a home rental is right for your family’s European trip, consider the amount of time you’ll be staying in each city and the types of amenities you’ll need. "I tend to feel more comfortable reading reviews from a variety of different sources and we use hotel amenities a lot, so we like having pools or access to beaches or any sort of kids clubs," Grundig says.

Can kids take tablets on a plane?

Miner also suggests taking tablet screens away from children for a week prior to the long-haul flight, with the promise to give the tablets back on the plane. According to Miner, this helps kids get even more excited about the flight, knowing they’ll be able to play games or watch movies on their tablets once they board.

Is it better to stay at a hotel or a vacation rental?

Vacation rentals are typically more conducive to longer stays, while hotels are ideal if you only have a few days in a destination. Some vacation rental sites like Airbnb even allow you to select certain criteria when you search, such as apartment buildings with elevators, and often offer more flexible check-in and checkout times.

Can a travel agent help you plan a trip?

She notes that websites such as triphobo.com and inspirock.com are great online tools to use for planning as well . A seasoned travel professional can also aid in organizing tours, especially ones that will hold kids’ interests, Merrill says.

Can you pull off a successful trip?

But you can pull off a successful trip if you’re armed with the right information and tools. To help families organizing a European vacation, U.S. News has rounded up the top travel tips from experts who have been planning family trips and traveled with their own families to Europe for years.

Who is the author of "Heed the advice of family travel experts to pull off an amazing trip"?

Heed the advice of family travel experts to pull off an amazing trip. By Erin Evans.