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where to travel in china

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What are the best cities to visit in China?

The 10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations in ChinaGuilin — China’s Top Karst LandscapeChengdu — Hometown of Giant PandasBeijing — Ancient and Modern CapitalXi’an — a Window on China’s Ancient CivilizationLhasa — Gateway to Transcendent TibetShanghai — China’s Prosperous Largest CityHangzhou — Next Best Place to HeavenHuangshan — Majestic BeautySuzhou — Elegant Water Towns and GardensMore items…

Where is the best place to travel in China?

The 30 best cities to visit in China are:Shanghai,Hangzhou,Jinan,Harbin,Suzhou,Xuchang,Zhengzhou,Yichang,Xi`an,Hong Kong,More items…

What are the best attractions in China?

9 Most Beautiful Regions in ChinaNortheast China. Known historically as Inner Manchuria,and once the Imperial Japanese territory of Manchukuo,Northeast China shares borders with Russia,North Korea,and Mongolia.North China. …Northwest China. …Southwest China. …South-central China. …South China. …East China. …Hong Kong. …Macau. …

What are the best things to do in China?

Explore Dai culture at the Water Splashing Festival. …Shop for local fashion. …Glimpse authentic rural life at the weekly markets. …Smell the flowers in Jinghong’s garden. …Take the train from Kunming to Xishuangbanna. …See a curated version of Dai culture in Menghun. …Sip locally grown tea. …Taste a brew of the local coffee beans. …More items…

What is the most famous trail in the world?

The Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking trail is one of the most famous routes in the world! It is a totally natural one winding through the hillside and cliffs high above a gorgeous gorge.

How long has Taishan been hiking?

Taishan is the leader of the Five Sacred Mountains. The hiking trail there is said to have been hiked for at least 3,000 years. The hikers include the ancient emperors!

What is the best place to visit in Guilin?

Guilin’s scenery is the best under earth, and the landscape in Yangshuo is the best in Guilin. Yangshuo is an ideal place to take a glimpse of Chinese countryside!

How long does it take to cruise the Yangtze River?

The classic Yangtze River cruises take 4~5 days. If you have more days, you can have an in-depth visit of 11~15 days. Everything is perfectly arranged for your family.

What is Hangzhou famous for?

Hangzhou is proud of its world-famous West Lake and the first-class Dragon Well Tea. The city with over 2,200 years of history is also no lack of historic treasures.

Where is the hot pot?

The hot pot meals in Chongqing, the Hot Pot City in China, are considered to the best and most beloved. You can throw almost any ingredient into the hotpot.

Where is Mount Hua?

Mount Hua is a gorgeous mountain near Xi’an. It gives you unique hiking experience to walk across narrow trails bolted into the side or top of a 7,000-foot peak.

How deep is the Jinshajiang River?

Framed by spectacular snow-capped mountains and the scenic Jinshajiang River, it plunges to depths of 3900m, making it one of the deepest gorges in the world.

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How long is the Great Wall of China?

Built over two millennia, this awe-inspiring 21,196km-long fortification is worthy of being one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It’s not one wall but many, stretching from the east coast all the way to the far western desert, but Beijing has some of the most easily accessible stretches.

What is the second edition of Lonely Planet?

The second edition of Lonely Planet’s bestseller presents an all-new ranking of the greatest places to visit on Earth.

What is the scenery of China?

With its jagged peaks and pine forests draped in a sea of mist, China’s natural scenery is lifted straight from one of the country’s masterpiece scroll paintings. There are deserts, bamboo forests, jungles, mountains and more to explore, providing a welcome reprieve from the crush in China’s cities.

What is Xi’an famous for?

Xi’an is famous as the place that marked the beginning of the Silk Road, a trade route with a legacy that remains intact within its atmospheric Muslim Quarter.

Where are rice paddies in China?

There are rice paddies all over China, but few are as spectacular as the ones in Longji, built among lush mountains. Walks here lead to viewpoints overlooking sculpted, iridescent green terraces with swirling patterns resembling the contours of a giant thumbprint.

Where is Hongcun Village?

Hongcun Village is roughly 70 kilometers northwest of the city of Huangshan in Anhui Province. Major cities connected to Huangshan Airport by direct flights include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi’an. 2.

How many people have seen Bigfoot?

More than 400 people claim to have seen a Bigfoot-like creature among the lush vegetation of Shennongjia over the past century, yet no hard evidence has been found to prove the "yeti’s" existence.

What is the pillar of the Tujia?

Local legend holds that the pillar is a piece of incense given by a deity to the ingenious Tujia people. The residents could light it in times of disaster and the deity would descend to help.

What was the Qing Dynasty’s summer palace?

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mountain resort was once a summer palace used by Qing Dynasty emperors on holiday. Delicate gardens and a 70-meter pagoda remain. Lush grasslands, marvelous mountains and tranquil valleys still make it a cool place to avoid the heat.

How big is Beaker the Muppet?

This incense stick-shaped structure is 150 meters tall, but only 4 meters wide , making it incredible that it stands at all, let alone that it’s survived several major earthquakes.

What is echoing sand?

Echoing Sand Mountain is a series of dunes surrounding Crescent Lake. Named for its distinctive shape and aural characteristics, its echoes can be heard as the wind blows over the dunes. Visitors ride camels up the dunes, which rise to 250 meters. With gardens blooming on its banks, Crescent Lake offers a lovely visual counterpoint to all that sand.

How long is a bamboo raft trip?

Bamboo raft drifting in the Nine Bend River (lower gorge) is a popular activity among visitors. The two-hour, eight-kilometer trips provide grand views of Mount Wuyi. It’s the best way to take in the serene beauty of the smooth peaks and clear water.

What is the best preserved ancient walled city in China?

Pingyao Ancient City is the great witness with 2700 years of history. Considered as the best-preserved ancient walled city in China and Pingyao city was listed as World Cultural Heritage site.

What is the most famous site in China?

It is the glory of Chinese history. Most significent site here is the brilliant Terra-cotta Warriors. Luoyang. Luoyang is known to all for the “city of peonies”. It is a cradle of Chinese civilization and one of the four imperial capitals of China, together with Beijing, Xian and Nanjing. Pingyao.

What are the three ancient capital cities of China?

It is also the cradle of Chinese civilization. Here are three greatest ancient capital cities – Beijing, Xian and Luoyang. Dunhuang, the important destination of ancient Silk Road, has the most fabulous Buddhism arts.

What are the best landscapes in the world?

The diverse geographic forms create some of the best landscape in the world – beautiful mountains, rivers and gorges in southern China, splendid gobi and desert on the northwest, dominating high plateaus on the southwest, vast grasslands in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, etc.

Which city is famous for its water and garden?

Suzhou city embodies the classic flavor of Jiangnan, rich in tourism resources, and Suzhou gardens and water towns are the most famous among all, attracta numerous tourists for is elegant and quiet flavor. Huangshan. Huangshan is home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Mt. Huangshan and Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Villages.

Which city is the Pearl of the Orient?

The best feature is the traditional water towns in Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Besides, this area has one of the most beautiful mountains in China – Huangshan and the reputed "Garden City" – Xiamen. Shanghai. With fascinating mix of East and West, Shanghai is reputed as “Pearl of the Orient” and “Paris of the East”.

Where is the most charming region in China?

The southwestern area is one of the most charming region in China. Here you can explore wild and unique ethnic culture in Lijiang, find the last horizon in Shangri-La, get close contact with the Giant Pandas in Chengdu, climb one of the top four Buddhism mountains – Mount Emei and visit Giant Buddha in Leshan, enjoy amazing waterscape of Jiuzhaigou, take a spiritual trip to Lhasa…

Where should I go in China in 2021?

The top 10 destinations are 1) Yunnan, 2) Guilin, 3) Chengdu, 4) Tibet, 5) Zhangjiajie, 6) Huangshan, 7) Xiamen, 8) Beijing, 9) Xi’an, 10) Shanghai, with Suzhou and Hangzhou.

What is the most colorful area in China?

1. Yunnan — a Colorful Wonderland. Located in Southwest China, Yunnan is the most diverse and colorful area in China, with features ranging from snowcapped mountains to tropical rain forests, from highland lakes to canyons, and from ancient towns to fascinating minority villages.

What is the most beautiful mountain in China?

Huangshan — the Magical Yellow Mountains. Legendary natural scenery is the highlight of Huangshan. It has "the most beautiful mountains in China". The Yellow Mountains, with their seas of clouds, oddly-shaped rocks and pines, and hot springs at the mountain foot, attract many many visitors.

What is Zhangjiajie famous for?

Zhangjiajie is famous for its precarious peaks, limpid streams, dense forests, large karst caves, and biodiversity. It is one of the must-see scenic areas in China.

What is the most beautiful place in Guilin?

The fresh air and countryside scenery make it an ideal place to escape industrial pollution. The Li River is the top highlight of Guilin, and the Longji Terraced Fields attract many photographers in spring and fall.

What to do in Tibet?

Top Things to Do in Tibet. Explore the Potala Palace, which is an iconic landmark in Tibet. Make a circuit of Barkhor Street to get an insight into the Tibetan culture and beliefs. Gaze at the beauty of Yamdrok Lake and Namtso — Tibet’s pristine landscapes.

Where was Mulan filmed?

Xiamen — Where Mulan Was Filmed. "The city is on the sea, and the sea is in the city" is a phrase referring to Xiamen , which is known as the "Garden on the Sea". Located on the southeast coast of China, Xiamen has beautiful seaside scenery and a pleasant climate.

What to see on a cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo?

The cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo along the Li River is always the top thing to do for tourists, on which you could see the villages and lush hills on banks, including Ox Gorge, Half-Side Ferry, Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal, etc, unveiling in front of you like a pretty scroll picture.

What is the best place to visit in China?

Two places in China have been renowned as “Heaven on Earth” since ancient times and Suzhou is one of them. As a best place to visit in China, Suzhou is especially famous for Chinese classical gardens, attracting countless visitors home and aboard.

How many dynasties have been there in China?

In its about 3,000 years’ history, 13 dynasties have founded their capitals there, including Western Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC – 771 BC) at the earliest, Qin (221 – 207 BC) the first dynasty of the unified China, the successive Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD), and the strong Tang Dynasty (618 – 907 AD).

What is the most beautiful city in China?

Beijing, the capital of last two ancient dynasties in China, collecting many grand attractions showing the imperial lordliness, such as Forbidden City – the world’s grandest wooden architecture complex, and the Summer Palace – the most beautiful Chinese garden.

Where to see pandas in China?

Chengdu, in the southwestern China, has been a heavenly land because of the mild climate and abundant resources. In particular, it is the home to giant pandas. You can see quite many of these lovely creatures of all ages at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, especially the baby pandas, which is what you cannot see in any place else. Chengdu is also one of wonderful places to see in China as the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization – the local culture that formed 3,000-5,000 years ago. Sanxingdui Museum, Jinsha Site Museum and Wuhou Temple are the spots for you to learn the local culture and civilization. The even more attractive thing in Chengdu is the numb and spicy Sichuan cuisine. Kung Pao Chicken, Ma Po Tofu, Sliced Pork in Hot Chili Oil, Hot Pot, and other more dishes would whet your desire to eat. Wide and Narrow Alley and Jinli Street are best spots to try the appetizing foods, as well as to taste the leisurely life of the local people. In addition, Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Irrigation System are worth a visit as well, which can be reached by high speed train from Chengdu within about half an hour.

Where is the birthplace of the Shu civilization?

Chengdu is also one of wonderful places to see in China as the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization – the local culture that formed 3,000-5,000 years ago. Sanxingdui Museum, Jinsha Site Museum and Wuhou Temple are the spots for you to learn the local culture and civilization.

Where is Luoyang in China?

Luoyang, an old city in right central China, houses the fantastic landscapes. However, it is not what make the city one of the China visiting places. For oversea tourists, the most attractive part of Luoyang is the Shaolin Kung Fu, as its origin, Shaolin Temple is located there. There, you can watch the monks practicing Kung Fu and even learn a few moves from them. Luoyang is also the original place of Chinese Buddhism, as the first Buddhist temple in China – White Horse Temple was established there. And Longmen Grottoes with a large number of Buddhist statues is unmissable in Luoyang, as it is a treasure house of best Chinese stone carvings. Moreover, the national flower of China – peonies are in full bloom all over the city in April.

What to do in Sichuan?

Unique experience: take care of pandas and see panda babies, try spicy Sichuan hot pot, enjoy magical face changing, visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, take an onward tour to Jiuzhai Valley

What are the most popular places in China?

We have therefore selected for your consideration some of China’s most popular destinations as follows. 1. Guilin — China’s Top Karst Landscape. Guilin, with its marvelous limestone scenery, is renowned as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

How long is the train ride from Shanghai to Beijing?

30 minutes by high-speed train from Shanghai, 5 hours from Beijing, it is very convenient to combine Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou in a tour.

How long is the Hangzhou visa free?

Hangzhou’s "heavenly" beauty attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers, and it has a 144-hour visa-free policy. There are also convenient high-speed trains from/to Shanghai.

Where to see pandas in China?

2. Chengdu — Hometown of Giant Pandas. Chengdu is the hometown of Giant Pandas. Although there are giant pandas in zoos in various places around China, the best place to see pandas is in Chengdu. Besides giant panda, Chengdu is also famous for delicious Sichuan food like kung pao chicken and spicy hotpot.

What are the best places to visit in Shanghai?

Most recommended attractions: the Bund, Yu Garden, Zhujiajiao Water Town, Disneyland Park, Shanghai World Financial Center.

How long is the transit time in Shanghai?

Shanghai has a 144-hour (6 days) transit visa-free policy, and you can extend your trip to Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Nanjing. What’s more, the policy is valid for travelers who reach Shanghai by boat, train, or flight.

Jiuzhaigou Valley – Golden Autumn View with Emerald-and-Sapphire-Tinted Waters

Jiuzhaigou Valley, literally meaning Nine Villages Valley, gets its name because of nine Tibetan fortified villages in the valley.

Beijing – China’s Old and Present Capital with 7 World Heritage Sites

Beijing, the charming capital city, is always China’s No.1 destination for the first timers.

Yangtze River Cruise – Most Luxurious and Relaxing Holiday along China’s Mother River

Don’t hesitate to take a Yangtze River Cruise if you are interested view magnificent China in a relaxing way. Navigating between Chongqing and Yichang, a 4 or 5 days’ downstream or upstream cruise takes you to discover the natural scenery, culture and history of central China along the Yangtze River.

Kanas, Xinjiang – The Back Garden and Private Plot of The God

Kanas means "beautiful and rich, mysterious and unpredictable" in Mongolian, and it is worthwhile to name this land with "Kanas". With the beautiful scenery of lake and surrounding dense alpine forests, Kanas is honored as Oriental Switzerland and Photographers’ Paradise.

Western Sichuan – Last Pure Land on Our Blue Planet

Wester Sichuan, mainly composed of Aba and Garze, is an undeveloped and gorgeous region of Sichuan. It has epic mountain vistas, Buddhist monasteries, grasslands peppered with yaks, traditional Tibetan houses… In every autumn, there are numerous travelers and shutterbugs flocking into this region.

Ejina – One of the World’s Three Remaining Diversifies Poplar Forests

Ejina is a small city located at the western edge of Inner Mongolia. Many travelers love to visit Ejina in autumn for the dazzling golden Euphrates poplar leaves, boundless grasslands with running sheep and vast deserts with camels.

Guilin – Best Landscape with Golden Rice Terraces

Have you ever heard these words – “Guilin scenery is the best in the world”? The typical karst landform, thousands of limestone mountains, winding river and picturesque countryside make Guilin much more dramatic than many other scenic cities in China. Cruising along Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo is the best way to enjoy Guilin landscape.