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where to travel based on zodiac sign

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Can your astrological sign help you decide where to travel?

In turn, you might just find that your astrological placements provide a useful gauge for many life choices – including where to travel. We’ve scoured the zodiac, and Planet Earth, and come up with suggestions for where to go based on your astrological sign. Editor’s note: during COVID-19 travel restrictions are prone to change.

Where are the best vacation destinations for your zodiac sign?

Italy is one of the best vacation destinations for families, which is ideal for those under the Cancer sign, as they are quite family-oriented. In the European nation, children stick by their parents’ sides well into adulthood, and it’s not uncommon to have first, second, or third cousins over every night of the week for a family dinner.

Which zodiac signs get along best when traveling?

You form strong relationships with people at work and would enjoy traveling with a coworker you trust. Be mindful that Virgos sometimes have delicate digestive systems, so order light, well-prepared dishes of top-quality fresh fish and vegetables. You travel well with Pisces since you both enjoy similar cultural pursuits.

Where should you travel in 2020 based on your zodiac sign?

Those under the Aries sign are known for being adventurous and intrepid. Why not give into that thrill-seeking side in 2020 with a trek through the Andes in Peru? You can do just that by booking a trip with Mountain Lodges of Peru, an outfitter that perfectly blends adventure and luxury with its lodge-to-lodge treks from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

What is the most balanced zodiac sign?

The most balanced sign in the zodiac is Libra, whose name in Latin and constellation are weighing scales. Libras are the fair judges of the world who value balance, peace and harmony, and because you are also ruled by Venus, you’re hopeless romantics who can’t help but love beautiful things. As an intellectual air sign, you’re great philosophizers and thinkers and appreciate anything that’s thoughtful and well-made. With such a need for symmetry in your life, we think you should head to the very center of the world: Istanbul, a city that straddles two continents. In Istanbul, you won’t have to choose between Asia and Europe (we know you hate picking sides); you’ll get them both in one, or stay completely centered by taking a boat trip down the mighty Bosphorus, which divides the city and the two continents.

What is the zodiac sign of Leos?

Leos – the lions of the zodiac – are ruled by the sun and tend to light up dance floors and gatherings with their warm energy. It’s true that many Leos love the spotlight, but we know you are also big softies who crave true romance, childlike adventure and good energy.

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What is a Virgo?

Virgo’s sign is the virgin, but really, you are a practical creator ruled by the asteroid Chiron (in Greek mythology, Chiron was a healing centaur wounded by one of Hercules’s arrows). You are exacting and value organization, clarity, luxury and well-being. Though sometimes you come across as picky, you are in fact a sign that constantly thinks about how to perfect things and are a natural-born helper. In many ways, you live to fix, and by that count, Virgo, we reckon you need a little healing time for yourself on a spa retreat. The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Perak, Malaysia offers opulent relaxation, with plenty of trickling streams, neatly arranged zen gardens, private plunge pools and stone massages on speed dial.

What does slow travel mean?

That means having a few creature comforts and a very easy-going pace to your trip : tasty food, a thoughtful museum, maybe a cooking course. We think you should spend some time in the south of France, where the relaxed energy will revive you. Snag a cozy rental apartment (hotels are far too impersonal for you) in Aix-en-Provence, where you can wander the leafy boulevards, stop for an espresso or a glass of Provençal rosé, then meander through one of France’s oldest art museums – the Musée Granet – to fill your culture cup.

What is the Gemini sign?

As the sign dominated by the twin constellation, you are known for having multiple personalities, Gemini. We know it’s just because you love meeting people, communicating and sharing ideas, and since you’re a mutable sign, you are prone to change (often, your mind).

What to do in Napa Valley?

Alternative getaway: Napa Valley will also leave you full and happy with its exquisite New World wine, local galleries and gourmet food. Nab a table at the French Laundry at least a month in advance, and plan a relaxing hike through the vineyards the next day to soothe body and mind.

Where can Virgos go to chill out?

But there is one place worrywart Virgos can go to chill out: The Mulia in Bali. The gorgeous property comes with enough beachfront space to ensure everyone can find some alone time. There are also a number of wellness offerings, like daily yoga classes. However, the real gem of this property is the over-the-top, five-hour spa experience, which includes a body treatment, massage, facial, and pedicure to help cure any ailment.

What is the year 2020 for fire signs?

For fire signs, she adds, 2020 may be the year for an active adventure, like mountaineering or other outdoor activities. As for earth signs, Lehmann says it’s all about taking a break at a spa, digging into a foodie retreat, or focusing on personal health.

How to connect to nature in 2020?

Those under the Sagittarius sign don’t just like the outdoors, but they need it to feel fulfilled. One great way to connect to nature in 2020 is by taking a safari. However, you can double down on this trip by booking a safari with The Bushcamp Company in Zambia and requesting a stay in its off-the-beaten-path bushcamps. These camps come with zero Wi-Fi or cell service and are powered by solar energy, meaning it’s just you, the surrounding nature, and a few wild animals roaming outside your door.

What is an Aquarius woman?

Aquarius women are in for a treat in 2020, as they can now take female-only trips to a number of countries around the world with Intrepid Travel. In 2018, the tour operator launched its women’s-only trips with a few key destinations such as Jordan and Turkey. This year, hop aboard its expedition through Kenya, where guests meet with local female entrepreneurs, spend time in women’s-only villages, and get to interact with female rangers fighting poachers in the Maasai Mara park. The expeditions all help to create a stronger female economy by staying in female-owned hotels and purchasing goods in their stores, as well as strengthen the ties that bind us all across borders.

What is the new itinerary for Death on the Nile?

On its new itinerary called A Taste of the Nile, guests can travel down the same route that Agatha Christie took, which inspired her to write Death on the Nile. The journey includes stops at historical attractions along the way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write the next great novel, too. 10 of 12.

What to do in Egypt with Capricorn?

What to Do: Take a historical journey .#N#Trip to Try: Hop on a cruise.#N#Those born under the Capricorn sign are known to value things that last for generations. There may be no better place to celebrate that than in Egypt on a history-inspired vacation. To see and do it all, embark on a river cruise down the Nile with Original Travel. On its new itinerary called A Taste of the Nile, guests can travel down the same route that Agatha Christie took, which inspired her to write Death on the Nile. The journey includes stops at historical attractions along the way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write the next great novel, too.

What to do with Leos 2020?

What to Do: Get in on the party. Trip to Try: Embark on a VIP experience with Virgin Voyages. Leos are known to be the life of the party, which means traveling in 2020 should be all about a good time. And that’s where Virgin Voyages, the latest project from Richard Branson, comes in.

Capricorn – Stockholm, Sweden

First on our list are the Capricorns. A Capricorn’s personality are interesting because they are reserved yet love the company of people – not to mention they are ambitious and disciplined. So we suggest that a Capricorn chooses a vacation that allows for them to enjoy their company and their time while fulfilling a sense of accomplishment.

Aquarius – Thailand

Oh, you independent and free-spirited Aquarius’ – there’s no tying you down. The single-minded and inventive nature of an Aquarius is reflected in their ideal vacation. We suggest that an Aquarius plans a trip that allows for them to explore off-the-beaten-path.

Pisces – Bora Bora

The escape artist, the runaway bride, the imaginative Pisces. Due to the Pisces’ escapist nature we suggest a trip that satisfies their need for freedom and remoteness. Fly to Bora Bora and book an overwater bungalow – completely remote, not a thing on your itinerary and you can explore the neon blue waters right off your balcony!

Aries – Bagan, Myanmar

This independent and energetic sign is in dire need of adventure and they need it now! The last place an Aries will enjoy is basically anywhere that has not a lot of activities. Turn over every rock, climb every tree, and say hi to everyone you meet you wild Aries.

Taurus – Sardinia

Warm-hearted, kind, and loving is that of a Taurus – but let’s not forget their love for self-indulgence. Book a luxury trip where you can relax and truly unwind. We suggest planning your next trip to Sardinia, Italy’s lap of luxury, the land of royal relaxation and grandeur. Not in the mood for italian food? Splurge on a trip to St.

Gemini – Tokyo, Japan

A true Gemini has no capacity for downtime, so why should their vacations be any different? Geminis are adaptable, flexible, easily bored and have a penchant for new and exciting situations.

Cancer – Aspen, CO, USA

Cancers are an interesting dichotomy of characteristics – very family oriented, loving, and nurturing, yet they have an insatiable itch for exploration. They love to be surrounded with good company and relax but don’t get too comfortable because in the blink of an eye, they’ve left – gone exploring and their return TBD.

What is better than traveling through books?

What is better than traveling through books? Traveling to where they were set and written. This 12-day customizable tour of the English countryside and London lets you see the hallowed hills of Austen, the trickling streams of Shakespeare, the moors of Conan-Doyle, and the forests of Pyle. Each day you’ll find yourself somewhere new and enchanting, with plenty of people to share conversations with about your favorite characters and authors. Read along as you go and have the chance to set your destination based on your favorite literary landscape.

What zodiac sign eats chocolate?

If there was ever a foodie amongst the zodiac, it is you, Taurus. Indulging in the most decadent chocolate while experiencing the beautiful land and culture where it originated is a must-have trip for you. From artwork, to wine tasting, to private cooking classes that teach you to make your own chocolate masterpiece, this tour has been curated for an earth sign like you who enjoys order as much as luxury. With a mix of cultural immersion and the natural beauty of the jungle landscape, you’ll find yourself moving at the pace of chocolate — in the most delicious way.

Where to spend time in Machu Picchu?

Just like your sign’s symbol, the mer-goat, you’ll get to spend time by the Urubamba river, and then rise to the peaks overlooking Machu Picchu. Celebrate your success in the town of the Inca that lay pristinely hidden from the Spanish invaders for hundreds of years.

Where is Sagittarius spiritual pilgrimage?

Sagittarius: Spiritual Pilgrimage in the Himalayas. Never satisfied with the superficial, you need a trip that goes beyond just sightseeing, Sagittarius. Let your arrow point you to some of the most spiritually transformative sacred land in the world in the Himalayas.

Can you run in Nairobi with Aries?

Can’t stop, won’t stop, so don’t stop! Aries is the epitome of physical activity in the zodiac, so this year take a trip that embodies all that energy with a running tour. Yes, you can sightsee and exercise at the same time.

What does Pisces mean by "going solo"?

With their heads in the clouds and their hearts on their sleeve, Pisces have a laid-back approach to life. Friendly and intuitive, this astrological sign has a way of constantly giving back without expecting anything in return — which can get quite exhausting. Because of their empathetic nature, Pisces deserve a vacation that is heavy on relaxation and indulgence, to a place where traveling solo means tranquility in its purest form.

What is the Aquarian sign?

Fiercely independent and always looking for their next challenge, Aquarians live for adventure. Never acknowledging limitations, this astrological sign prefers to live life to the fullest and have fun with the people around them, despite their sometimes aloof demeanor. Planning a solo vacation works very much in an Aquarian’s favor, as they have no qualms about being fully on their own.

What does it mean when a cancer patient is on a solo vacation?

A solo vacation for this sign won’t mean exploration and adventure, but instead should revolve around getting the TLC that they so often crave (and deserve).

What does it mean to dream of a solo trip?

And when the day-to-day hustle gets overwhelming, you may start dreaming of a solo trip — truly getting away from it all — to explore a new place and immerse yourself fully in another culture without distraction.

What is a Gemini?

Known for their dual personality, Geminis are one of the most impulsive and restless signs of the zodiac. Because they bore easily, this sign craves spontaneity, and has the true spirit of an adrenaline junkie. Taking a trip by themselves is not scary —in fact, it’s a no-brainer. To feel the rush of life pulsing through their veins, a Gemini wants a destination that in turn pulses with excitement and adventure.

What is the Sagittarius’ biggest fear?

Their biggest fear in life is boredom, so this astrological sign won’t think twice about taking a journey to a new destination alone.

What is Scorpio’s love?

Resourceful and self-reliant, Scorpios love to take control of whatever situation is at hand. And, while they love a challenge, having the time to de-stress is imperative for their well-being. Striking a balance of blissful downtime and the option to enjoy endless activities is what’s most important for a Scorpio’s solo journey.

What is Pisces’ proclivity to water?

Symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces has an innate proclivity to water. White suggests the far-flung Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat. It takes effort to reach this remote corner of Southeast Asia—flying first to Jakarta, then to Sorong, where most travelers hop on a liveaboard—but Pisces’s determination pays dividends in the form of stunning coral reefs, sugary white beaches, dense emerald jungle, secluded caves, and prehistoric petroglyphs. Whatever discomfort must be endured along the way will be worth it for the fluid water sign. Says White, “Deeply spiritual Pisces goes with the flow because they know there is a greater plan at work.”

What is the sign of Libra?

Libra. Libra is a cardinal air sign , ruled by Venus and drawn to beauty and courtship. They are true appreciators of art, architecture, and other aesthetically pleasing things in life. Enter Chefchaouen, aka Morocco’s Blue Pearl, a 15th-century fortress town in the Rif mountains.

What is the meaning of "pura vida" in Costa Rica?

“Costa Rica’s saying is pura vida, or pure life , and it couldn’t be better for Taurus,” says White, who loves the idea of sending earthy bulls on a nature-centric getaway with well-run adventure offerings (horseback riding, zip lining). Of utmost importance: locking in a room at a pampering resort. “Taurus can overdo it,” says White, referring to the sign’s workaholic and sometimes gluttonous inclinations. Hunkering down at a property like the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, set on 1,400 acres on the Papagayo Peninsula, will give Taurus just the mental and corporeal break they need to recalibrate.

What planet is Capricorn ruled by?

Capricorn. The goat is ruled by Saturn, the taskmaster of all planets, which makes this sign determined and ambitious. “I imagine them wandering up and down the cliffs of the hilly Amalfi Coast ,” says White, noting how the outdoors are a tonic for this serious sign.

What is the best place to visit in Hawaii?

The ideal vacation would combine Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, home of Kīlauea and Mauna Loa, two of the world’s most active volcanoes, with a helicopter ride over Kohala, the oldest volcano on the Big Island, and the lush Hāmākua Coast. “In the wake of an eruption comes new life,” says White.

What is the most famous place in Singapore?

Among Singapore’s more remarkable nature spots: the famed Gardens by the Bay conservatory, known for its epic indoor waterfall, and the Southern Ridges, a hiking trail that connects several manicured parks and a nature reserve.

What does the cardinal water sign mean?

The cardinal water sign appreciates good food and hospitality as much as anyone ; they just don’t want to stray too far from their families. That’s why White recommends New Orleans in the off-season. “Cancer will love the laid-back way of life and being so close to the water,” she says.