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where to travel alone as a young woman

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Where are the best places for young women travel alone?

Loneliness can be one of the major challenges of solo travel, so being in a city like Portland, where it’s easy to meet people, is a huge plus. 6. Belize Born and raised in Belize, Gisselle Hernandez, a 26-year-old writer, social media expert, and travel writer, says the country’s size makes it a great place for young women to travel alone.

Where to travel solo as a woman in a foreign country?

Belize’s diversity of cultures and ethnicities also makes it ideal for solo female travelers from all backgrounds. In addition, most of the locals are extremely welcoming to travelers and often speak more than one language, which is helpful when traveling alone as a woman in a foreign country. 7. Merida, Mexico

What are the best backpacking destinations for solo female travelers?

It is also one of the most attractive backpacking destinations in the world and makes for the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget female solo travel destination. Recommended experiences for solo female travelers :Day tripping to Khao Yai National Park, experiencing the seclusion of Hua Hin, visiting Khaosan Road in Bangkok.

Is it safe to travel alone as a woman?

This is why many first-time solo female travellers try to pick safe places to travel alone as a woman over any other criteria. Sure, travelling as a lone woman is not as safe. But neither is life at home. Travelling somewhere foreign and far-away is freaking scary if you’ve never done it before.

What to do when you are eating alone?

Put Down Your Phone: When you’re eating alone, put that phone away and open your eyes, maybe there’s something exciting to see or someone exciting to meet. I love traveling solo because you have the opportunity to meet people. When you’re with somebody, people won’t approach you. But when you’re alone, say you’re at the bar, people will come up and chat with you, and you have nothing to do but to make a new friend.

What is the best way to travel solo as a woman?

Stay in Hostels: My top trip for traveling solo as a woman is stay in hostels. I love staying in hostels as a woman because you get to meet people — and you can meet people that you can then travel with. When you’re traveling with other people, it’s harder to do that.

How to travel solo as a woman?

Have Confidence: My top tip for a woman traveling solo is to always walk around with confidence, research the area before you go, be respectful of the culture and always be aware of your surroundings.

What is tap into other women?

It’s basically a directory service of women who just love to help and meet other women. It’s a nice way to have a safety net and yet still travel alone.

How to remember things when you travel?

Write in a Journal! When we travel, we think we will remember all the details, but in actuality so many new things are happening so quickly every day, and eventually the details will fade away. Even just taking five minutes a day to write down any major events or key memories will help to remind you of so much that you may forget over the years. I personally love going back and reading my travel journals. Photos are also a great way to capture the moments, but we have to be careful not to get completely obsessed over only taking photos and not actually taking in and living in the moment.

What is the largest online hostel booking platform?

Hostelworld, the largest online hostel-booking platform, has seen a growth in female solo bookings of 45% between 2015 and 2017.

Where to go solo for women?

When you’re traveling with other people, it’s harder to do that. Where to Go: Vagabond Temple in Kep, Cambodia is worth recommending for solo female travelers. This yoga and meditation retreat is a space of rejuvenation in a region where so many travelers go in search of something.

How many islands are there in French Polynesia?

French Polynesia consists of 118 islands covering a total area of 6,400 square kilometers. It is one of the most popular female solo tourist destinations in the Pacific. The most popular islands are Tahiti and Bora Bora, an expensive affair but ideal for those looking for their first solo travel to be truly special. The region has some of the most spectacular dives in the world thanks to its rich marine life.

Why is solo travel important for women?

Solo travel for women is a liberating experience in many forms. Be it for asserting their independence or to just enjoy traveling on their own terms, solo travel among women is catching up well and nice around the world.

What is a tourist friendly country?

Tourist-friendly countries are easy to explore on your own. They have a steady influx of visitors, a well-developed tourism infrastructure, make it easier to meet fellow tourists, offer more options for day trips, tours, hostels, and other accommodations, and have a more tourist-friendly culture with more English-speaking establishments.

Which country has the midnight sun?

Finland, home to the midnight sun and the Northern Lights is a must-see for all travelers. The Scandinavian nation is also an ideal option for sustainable travelers looking to make a conscious shift towards green travel. Finland is considered to be among the safest places to visit in the world and hence an obvious choice for female solo travelers.

Is Canada a diverse country?

Canada has a diverse terrain, including centuries-old woods, snow-capped mountains, rural areas, and lakes. Its untouched wilderness is breathtakingly refreshing and is a true haven for solo female travelers looking for a break from monotony . The cities are a stark vibrant contrast with a distinct charm and multicultural flavor. Head here for the best of both worlds.

Is Austria a good country for solo travel?

Austria is a near-perfect nation for female solo travel. They claim that troubles vanish in the country, which must be because Austrians have one of the highest standards of living in Europe. Furthermore, the country boasts some incredibly breathtaking scenery – from snow-capped mountain peaks to lush green forests, and crystal-clear waters.

Is it expensive to travel alone?

It’s no surprise that vacationing alone is an expensive affair. Because the expense of a solo trip increases due to single supplements and the greater cost of not having a travel companion, several of the top locations for first-time solo female travelers are countries that are perceived as more economical.

What is the most social place in Patagonia?

The most social place in Patagonia. Much of Patagonia, particularly along the Carretera Austral, is remote and quiet, but if you’re solo, El Chaltén is the best mix of nature and social opportunities.

Why do I love Tofo?

I love Tofo, Mozambique because of the type of adventurous and interesting people it attracts. It seems like most travelers in Mozambique have a cool story, and have arrived by word-of-mouth. There are only a couple of backpackers accommodations there (I stayed at Fatima’s), and scuba dive shops, but both are excellent places to meet other solo travelers.

How long is the Annapurna Circuit?

I geared up for the Annapurna Circuit, a 2-week hiking loop in Nepal, solo. I remained solo up until departure, and didn’t have a hiking buddy until I met one on my bus ride in, picked up two more in the coming days near the top, and expanded the group even further. By the time we finished, we were a group of six. A communal endeavor like hiking tends to bring people together.

Is Siargao a good place to visit?

Siargao Island is a water-lover and general adventurer’s dream. You can go on a little solo motorbike adventure, as the roads are mostly flat and easy. It is also a surfer’s paradise with a playful soul to it, so if you are a surfing enthusiast, or have been thinking of picking it up, Siargao is perfect. The island’s popularity is growing rapidly, but the atmosphere remains laidback and relaxing. This means that it’s just as easy to meet others as to be by yourself. I was able to hang out with surfers on the beach, talk to other people in restaurants and cafes, and retreat to my little corner in an adorable guesthouse every night. It’s perfect!

What are some things to do in Montana?

I was lucky to be able to experience Montana through the locals’ eyes, and found many meditative things to do and places to go, including Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation and standup paddleboarding.

What to do in Zanzibar?

The white-sand beaches and baby blue waters of Zanzibar are legendary, and there’s so much to do there from diving to swimming, boating, and perusing the markets in Stone Town. It’s attractive for a lot of reasons. I remember laughing and dancing at the reggae bar there with Masai warriors dressed in regalia, local beach boys, and tourists from all over, loving how communal and inviting it was. Even if you go there solo, you can find your people. Just lock up your stuff in the safes, as there’s some petty crime.

Where is the little surfing town in Sri Lanka?

This little surfing town on Sri Lanka’s east coast, which doesn’t get nearly as much tourism as the booming south, is so tranquil and chill, it’s hard to leave. Places that have a sport as their main draw always attract more solo travelers, and this little surfing town in paradise is one of them.

Research Before You Go!

This one is fairly straight forward and should be common sense but can often be overlooked. The fact of the matter is, some places are just more safe than others. This is true regardless of your gender, but should absolutely be taken into consideration as a female.

Prepare For The Worst

I’m not trying to fear monger at all, but having the right equipment while travelling is a MUST. You can alleviate a serious amount of stress for yourself just by knowing your valuables are safe. We recommend investing in a high security bag for your daily adventures, and your flights.

Book A Group Adventure Tour!

This is my favourite tip because these trips seriously are so fun. It’s a great way to meet likeminded individuals, you get to partake in the coolest activities, and you feel SAFE. If you’re nervous about traveling alone, especially if it’s your first time, this is a great way to dip your toes in with the added bonus of making new friends for life.

What to do if you act like no one could kick your ass?

If you act like no one could kick your ass, you’re more likely to be left alone. Find another woman – If you do get into a hairy situation, you can usually always count on getting help from another woman, whether that’s another backpacking girl or a local grandma with a purse as a weapon.

Why is solo travel dangerous?

There are two big reasons solo female travel still needs to be talked about: Women are often discouraged from things that are seen as traditionally or typically male hobbies (like travelling). Solo travel is more dangerous for women. I’ve always been that kind of a weirdo that marches her own path.

Which countries are safe for women to travel alone?

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland consistently rank on top of all international peace and safety indexes so they are secure picks for female adventurers travelling Europe alone. Because gender equality in these countries is better than average, female travellers experience minimum harassment.

Which country is number 13 in the Peace Index?

The safety ranking of countries by the Global Peace Index shows some countries in, uh, less than great light. Australia is at number 13, the UK is at number 45 and the US all the way down at 121, ranking even lower than such countries as Uganda and Honduras.

Is it safe to hitchhike?

You’re quite literally putting your life in the hands of strangers, and as a solo female, you’re more vulnerable to getting picked up by creeps than a solo male traveller. Even though nothing horrendous has ever happened to me, I can’t say for sure that hitchhiking is 100% safe.

Is gut feeling real?

I learned quickly that gut feelings are not an urban legend but absolutely real. Humans are equipped to pick up subtle clues when shit’s about to go down. That feeling that something is off feels different to nervousness or everyday anxiety, and when you feel it, follow it.

Is Turkey safe for women?

But for a female tourist, Turkey is a relatively safe (and amazing) backpacking destination. Even though common violence and disrespect against women can cultivate certain sexist attitudes towards travelling girls too, as a backpacker you’re more likely to just be welcomed warmly as a guest to the country.

How to guide people around the world?

One of the best ways to do this is by tapping into an international network of travelers who are primed and ready to guide you around the world , whether taking you out for dinner, hosting you in their home, or just providing helpful advice and support when you need it.

How much do black Americans contribute to the leisure travel space?

Black Americans are contributing a whopping $109.4 billion to the leisure travel space. Women are equally as likely to be twenty-somethings preparing to study abroad as we are to be empty nesters rediscovering ourselves after our kids leave home. Continue Reading Article After Our Video.

What to do if you are still quarantined?

If you’re still in quarantine mode, try spending a day in a state park by yourself (though please exercise caution in doing anything even remotely strenuous alone, as this should be fun and not dangerous). Pack a picnic, or take a walk in a nearby town and order takeout . Take some time getting comfortable with being solitary (especially if you’ve been cooped up with family over the last year).

Why is it important to start out with a day 0?

While it’s exciting to think about that “Day 1” of your solo adventure, starting out with a “Day 0” is an important way for any solo traveler to get her bearings in a new trip.

When will solo female travel be released?

Ever the subject of romanticized movies and books, solo female travel will strike hard in 2021. Introducing the voices of women who will tell you why (and how) to go, brought to you by leading women’s travel community, Wanderful.

Can you travel solo on a transcontinental flight?

So while you might not be booking transcontinental flights quite yet (or maybe you are), taking solo travel in small chunks can help you acclimate to some of the things you’ll experience on a much larger trip, while inviting you to find transformative travel experiences right in your own local region.

Can you travel alone?

Even if you’re an experienced solo traveler, there’s nothing like a year of non-travel to throw you off your game. Lucky for you, traveling alone is as much a muscle as anything else. It’s not about how far you go, but how much it changes you and forces you out of your comfort zone.

What airlines fly to Grand Cayman?

Known for its friendly locals and outstanding cuisine – the latter of which has led many to call the island the culinary capital of the Caribbean – Grand Cayman is easy and affordable to reach on airlines like Southwest and Delta. You’ll find the best airfare deals between March and June, and Grand Cayman is simple to get around using taxis or public buses. Travelers will find plenty of solitary activities, including Stingray City (where you can touch stingrays as they look for food), snorkeling outings and scuba diving tours with your choice of 40-plus operators, such as Ocean Frontiers. At the end of the day, unwind at a luxury resort like the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort or the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa on stunning Seven Mile Beach.

What to do in San Diego?

Visitors can sunbathe and surf at Pacific Beach, go shopping and get up close to seals and sea lions in La Jolla or enjoy the nightlife in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. If you love comics, be sure to arrive in July so you can attend Comic-Con International, the largest annual convention dedicated to comics and pop culture in the U.S. Or, soak up some California sun while hiking through a nearby state park or wandering around spacious Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. As for accommodations, solo travelers can relax at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa on Shelter Island, which features an adults-only pool and a private beach. Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa is another great choice, as solo travelers can enjoy free outdoor barre and yoga classes, an area to practice meditation and in-room fitness options.

How to get around Austin?

It’s easy to get around Austin, whether you’re driving, riding the bus or MetroRail, renting a bike or hiring a pedicab. This relaxed Texas city, known for its superb music scene and creative atmosphere, is a safe and exciting getaway for solo travelers. Visit one of 250-plus live music venues, have a drink on happening Sixth Street or walk or jog along the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake. The W Austin, with its rooftop pool overlooking downtown Austin, makes for a hip and luxurious stay. If you have a car, drive outside the city to the Texas Hill Country, which boasts historic towns and more than 20 vineyards where you can enjoy a glass or two of wine.

What to do in Slovenia?

Unlike other European cities, the capital of Slovenia offers spectacular scenery without hordes of tourists, making it a great vacation destination for those traveling alone. To get your bearings, join a two-hour city tour of the historic center and Ljubljana Castle, which includes a funicular ride . You can also take a boat cruise down the Ljubljanica River to see the Dragon and Triple bridges, and wander among the ancient Roman ruins of a 2,000-year-old city. The handy Ljubljana Card grants you access to more than 20 local attractions, plus unlimited rides on city buses and complimentary internet access for 24 hours. If you tire of Ljubljana ‘s offerings, travel 32 miles northwest to Bled to see its stunning lake and 11th-century castle.

What to see in Rome?

Rome is a bucket list destination that gives visitors the opportunity to see the famous Colosseum, world-renowned artwork and the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Vatican City. Italians tend to speak English and are generally warm and friendly people, making it easy to socialize and find your way around. Plus, the bus system and the metro are convenient modes of transportation (once you know some basics), and taxis are typically safe to use. A Roma Pass gets you free transportation and discounts on attractions. Areas like Trastevere and the 18th-century Spanish Steps feature several convenient accommodation options, such as Aleph Rome Hotel, Hassler Roma and the Hotel Indigo Rome – St. George on Via Giulia, one of Rome’s most beautiful streets. It’s also easy to hop on a tour with companies like The Roman Guy, which offers excursions to the city’s ancient catacombs and areas beneath the Colosseum, among other options.

How to get around San Francisco?

Getting to and around San Francisco on your own is a cinch thanks to the city’s large international airport, cable cars, electric trains, streetcars and buses. Can’t-miss activities to add to your itinerary include exploring Telegraph Hill’s Coit Tower, taking a Big Bus sightseeing tour across the Golden Gate Bridge and walking through the city’s historic Chinatown neighborhood. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, savor a classic seafood dinner at the Fog Harbor Fish House (which overlooks the bay) before retiring for the night to the Palace Hotel, Hotel Zoe Fisherman’s Wharf, Hotel Zephyr or one of San Francisco’s other top hotels.

Why do people travel solo?

There are many reasons to travel solo, from not having to coordinate with others’ schedules to getting to spend time doing only what interests you most. Plus, many destinations offer easy transportation, lots of activities and relatively safe environments that make them ideal for exploring alone.

The ultimate female solo travel tips: how to travel safely as a woman alone

These safety tips for women traveling alone are not just about how to get rid of men harassing you. There are various travel situations that need some preparing when it comes to safety!

The conclusion for women traveling alone

Basically these female solo travel safety tips are all just common sense. Am I a little mad that I need to write this kind of post? Yes! The world should not be a dangerous place to anyone. If everyone would be a decent, kind, respectful person, there would be no need to share this information. Truth is, that is not the real world.

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