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where to rent a travel trailer

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How much does it cost to rent a travel trailer?

This is especially true if you opt to rent from a private owner, rather than a large corporation like Cruise America. Depending on your location and the size of the travel trailer, the per-night average can be as low as $50. Of course, the rental prices are not the only expenses you’ll have to worry about.

Is a travel trailer the same as a RV?

Yes, a travel trailer is an RV, but it is important to understand the reason this question can be confusing. People use the term ‘RV’ in two different ways. Many use ‘RV’ as an umbrella term to mean any type of recreational vehicle, towed or motorized.

Can I rent out my travel trailer?

You can find virtually any type of RV for rent. From tiny teardrop trailers to 40-foot toy hauler fifth wheels. Brand new Class A motorhomes, and even vintage travel trailers are also available. The prices range from under a hundred dollars a night to nearly $600 per night.

How do you finance a travel trailer?

Secured RV loansLower rates: Some secured vehicle loans have lower rates than unsecured loans,as the loan is guaranteed by collateral.Approval for bad credit: Lenders may be more willing to approve your loan request if you secure the loan with the RV.Larger loan amounts: You may also be able to finance a larger RV purchase.More items…

What is a pop up travel trailer?

If you don’t need a lot of space, a pop-up travel trailer could be a good option for helping you to get out on the road without towing a larger trailer behind your vehicle. You might also find that a small travel trailer is easier to tow and could be much less expensive to rent than a larger travel trailer, such as a fifth-wheel.

Is RVing a good way to travel?

RVing has increasingly become a popular and convenient way of traveling, enabling you to carry everything you might need, while even enjoying a host of amenities at upscale campgrounds. Beyond the convenience, RV traveling with a travel trailer can also give you the opportunity to hit the road at a much lower cost than staying in a hotel or even motel.

Can you rent a travel trailer directly from owners?

Finding travel trailers to rent isn’t nearly as difficult as it once was. In addition to RV dealerships that rent out motorhomes and travel trailers, you can also rent travel trailers directly from owners. In fact, the concept of RVshare is growing in popularity, providing benefits for both RV owners as well as those looking to rent. The benefit to renting directly from the owner is that he or she will be very familiar with the travel trailer and can help you to understand how to operate it so you don’t have any problems.

Where can I Rent a Travel Trailer?

Are you wondering where to rent a travel trailer? Here at RVshare, we offer many different sized Travel Trailers for you to choose from. RVshare makes its easy for you to rent a Travel Trailer for a month, or even longer!

How many people can a travel trailer sleep?

Some travel trailers can sleep up to ten people, great for those traveling with larger families. The average length of a travel trailer ranges from 21’-28’, and have a width of 72”-96”. Some also have slideouts, adding to the square footage of your space.

Can you tow a travel trailer behind a car?

Travel trailer rentals (also known as vacation trailer rentals) are becoming more and more popular with RVers in recent years, thanks to the high level of convenience they offer. These models are made to be pulled behind a truck or large SUV, and some smaller units can even be towed behind a car! Plus, once you’re at the campsite, you can just detach your travel trailer and use your tow vehicle to get around town.

Is it illegal to tow a trailer?

If you plan on towing something behind your trailer which is already behind your vehicle, like a luggage cart, it’s illegal in some states. Just be sure to read up on the laws if you’re going to be towing anything back there.

Can you reverse a trailer?

Reversing with a massive trailer behind you isn’t easy. If you get caught somewhere with limited room and you’re forced to backup, it could take you a while to turn around. This is the biggest con to travel trailers, as it can cause serious complications if you drive yourself into a tight spot, literally!

Can you separate your car from your camper?

Think of all the money you’ll be saving. You won’t need to call a taxi to drive you places, take a bus, or rent a car. You’ll be able to keep your camper at camp and your car with you.

Can you sleep in a travel trailer?

Maintenance. If your main vehicle needs repairs done overnight, you’ll be able to get a ride back to camp (probably by taxi) and sleep comfortably in your travel trailer. This is a lot easier than having to find a hotel (which you might need to do if you’re renting a motorhome).

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Why do you need a cargo trailer?

Using a cargo trailer for your long distance move protects your goods from extreme weather conditions and keeps your belongings safe inside the trailer with a padlock. Cargo trailers offer you the most protection for your long move and are the best way to ensure all your items make it to their destination.

What is a utility trailer?

Utility trailers are perfect for towing oversized cargo and landscaping materials. These trailers have an open-top allowing you to move tall and odd-shaped items. Accomplish any do-it-your-self project or move with these open trailers. Home improvement projects, furniture delivery, business deliveries,

What is a safe trailering demonstrator?

The Safe Trailering Demonstrator teaches you the correct distribution of cargo weight in a trailer. Find out what happens when you don’t load your trailer correctly.

Can you lock a cargo trailer?

Every cargo trailer comes with a built-in lockable latch, allowing you to lock your items safely inside the trailer while you are away. We offer small, medium, and large cargo trailers to accommodate all size moves. Lock in your trailer rental rate today by making a reservation online.

Can I Rent a Truck to Tow My RV?

It is possible to rent a truck to tow your travel trailer or 5th wheel. But that search may not be as easy as you would expect as not every truck rental company has trucks large enough to handle that job.

Do Rental Trucks Have Tow Hitches?

The reason for that is that most rental agencies do not rent vehicles out for towing. They may have select models of trucks that are set aside for towing but in general rental usage, their trucks don’t have tow hitches.

Does Enterprise Rent Trucks for Towing?

However, your rental agreement must not prohibit towing for you to hook up a hitch and tow your rig.

Can You Tow With a Uhaul Pickup?

The operative word there is ‘tow’. Yes, you can tow with a U-Haul truck but usually, you are only allowed to tow their trailers, not your travel trailer or 5th wheel. We went through their towing web page and no reference or allowance was made for towing those rigs.

Where Can I Rent a Truck With a Fifth-Wheel Hitch?

The best advice we can give you is to tell you to contact the companies that say they rent trucks for towing and see what packages they have available. Enterprise does advertise they rent trucks for towing but does not mention they have 5th wheel options available as well.

How much can a pick up truck tow?

The company does rent pick up trucks for towing but the limit on those trucks is 6,000 pounds and the towing is reserved for local activity not long-distance with a recreational trailer attached.

How long can you rent a 5th wheel truck?

However, there is a catch to that possibility. The rental has to be for 6 months or more.