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where to get travel trailer tires changed

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Yes,Walmartwill install the tires you purchased from them on your RV. Depending on the ever-changing store policies, you may be able to buy your own and then bring them to Walmart to have them installed. This will cut your expenses and your search down.

How to change all 4 tires on a travel trailer?

You can change all 4 tires on a travel trailer by moving it to an even surface. Use a ramp or jack stand to raise both sides, secure it by the woodblocks, and lose the lug nut by the wrench. Remove the tires and all of the lug nuts.

Do you need to replace or change your RV tires?

At one point or the other in your RV life, you will at the one-point end up having to replace or change your tire on that travel trailer. Staying prepared as much as you can to delay this and help you out once it happens but cannot eliminate its chances forever. There are some essential things to know about your tires.

How to fix a flat tire on a travel trailer?

Take the chocks and block of the wheels at the other side of the trailer and engage the parking brake on the tow vehicle. Grab your lug wrench once again and use it to remove the lug nuts on the flat tire. Remove the flat tire from the wheel hub.

Where to buy RV and pickup truck tires?

Buying Tires from RV Tires.com was a great experience. So easy. So far, I like my tires. Just need to see what happens when it snows! – Hopefully not too soon! Finally, a place to buy my RV and pickup truck tires. The staff at RV Tires really understands my RV and pickup tire needs…and freindly too!

Why Is It Important to Know How to Change a Flat on Your Own?

If you are a true adventurer and RV enthusiast, you respect and appreciate the ability to take care of yourself on the road and depend on your skills to solve problems that you might encounter. This spirit and attitude are common among RV and travel trailer owners, and learning how to do minor repairs, such as changing a tire, is something that should always be a part of your skillset.

How to tighten lug nuts on a new tire?

Place a spare tire onto the wheel hub. Spray the studs with WD-40 or similar lubricant. This helps with tightening the lug nuts back on. Use the lug wrench to tighten the lug nuts on a new tire. Use a “star pattern” for tightening, working around the hub until all the lug nuts are secure and tight.

What to use to check tire pressure on travel trailer?

Regularly check that the tire is inflated and the air pressure is adequate. Lug wrench. It should fit the lug nuts on your travel trailer. Breaker bars are a sound alternative to lug wrenches. The socket is a must if you are using a breaker bar. It should fit the nut bolts and your breaker bar.

How to get a flat tire to spin?

Get into the tow vehicle and drive the good tire on the side where your flat is onto the ramp. At this point, the wheel where the flat tire is should be able to spin freely. If not, increase the height of the ramp or dig out the soil underneath the flat tire.

What tools do you need to carry on a travel trailer?

There are various kits and sets available, which might include additional tools, but to cover the basics, you should always carry the following tools: A spare trailer tire. Make sure that it is the proper size for your travel trailer. Regularly check that the tire is inflated and the air pressure is adequate. Lug wrench.

How long does it take to change tires on a travel trailer?

You may ask how long does it take to install new tires? It depends but on average 15-20 minutes that is pretty normal since you are not the NASCAR team who changes tires so fast.

What do you use to lift a travel trailer?

An air compressor. Wheel chocks for keeping the tires of your travel trailer fixed while changing a flat. A ramp. Some people might use bottle jacks for lifting the trailer off the ground, but we prefer ramps due to their stability and safety. They are a bit larger to carry around, though.

How to replace a tire on a car?

You can remove one and install the new one. Replace both wheels on one side of the vehicle, then repeat the process on the other side. Tighten the lug nuts by hand and take out the blocks that you place on each tire.

How many tires can you remove on a motorhome ramp?

In ramp, you can raise your motorhome on both sides by placing it on both sides of it so that you can easily remove four tires one by one.

Why do trailers need tread?

Tire tread protects your trailer from slipping or sliding due to excellent traction and gripping action.

What does tire quality depend on?

Tires or wheel quality depend on the cost of it. Check its durability and lifespan from the DOT that mentions on it in digit form.

What tools do you need to do a sanding job?

It will most probably include a wrench, pressure gauge, and greasing tool. After taking out these tools, check that either of these tools is good enough to do the task.

How long does a sandbox last?

Usually, the lifespan of these is around 5 to 6 years. Its replacement depends on two factors one is durability, and another is mileage.

What to do if you park a car in direct sunlight?

If you park it somewhere where it will expose to direct sunlight, cover it with a plastic cover to protect it.

The necessary tools and gears in order to changing Travel Trailer Tires

There won’t be any need for complicated stuff here, you only need three items and that would be enough. They are the jack, lug nut wrench and wheel chock. In most situations, you are not going to change only the tire, you will take off the trailer wheel as well.

The changing procedures (5 steps)

If you are traveling with the trailer on the road and suspicious that something has happened with the tire, pull over. After that, move the trailer to a stable and level ground then secure it with the wheel chock. It’s is vital that the ground clearance is enough for you to slide in the jack under the trailer frame.


And that is most of the basic about changing travel trailer tires, not too hard to understand, right? Technically, it’s is rather an easy and simple process which can be done by almost anyone. As long as you got the right tools and strictly follow the correct procedures, it’s totally possible.

Find a Secure Place to Pull Over

If, despite trying your very best, you still get a flat tire or a blowout, don’t worry; we have you covered. The first thing you need to do is stay calm and carefully find a secure place to pull over.

Make Sure those Brakes are in Place

First of all, set the parking brake in. Make sure you keep the total vehicle hooked up to the trailer whole you do this. Keeping the brakes set in place and the RV hooked will prevent it from rolling over.

Secure Your RV with Tire Chocks

Once the brakes are in place, block the tire opposite the one you need to change with your trusty wheel chocks. These will help you keep the RV secure in one place and reduce the risk of the vehicle rolling over while you are fixing the tire.

Remove Lug Nuts and Old Tire

Now, you need to get to those lug nuts. There is almost always going to be a cover here on your wheels. Some of these covers pop off; a few have a little slot where you can pry and pop them off. Some also have screws.

Jack up that Camper

Now it’s time to jack up that camper. There are several ways you can do this. One of the most common ones is to use a bottle jack or an electric trailer jack. Put it up on some wooden boards. You will notice that the bottle jacks have a rigid edge.

Replace with Your Spare tire

You should have your spare tire out and ready to be installed in its place by this time. Put it in place securely, line it up to stick it back on. Then, put the lug nuts back on loosely, hit the relief valve on your jack, and bring the vehicle down.


You can jack up your travel trailer using different methods and tools. You have your bottle jack, scissor jack, or truck jack and your trailer aid. With the trailer aid, you need to have your vehicle towed and secured ideally.

What is ST tire?

Use an ST Tire? An ST RV trailer tire is designed using construction and materials for trailers that have higher demands on the tires they use. An RV trailer tire is typically pushing the limits of their weight requirements and subjected to high heat conditions.

What happens if your RV tire blows out?

When an RV trailer tire fails during travel, as in a blowout, the results can be extremely damaging to your RV trailer. Blown tires can tear through propane and electrical lines near the wheel wells, rip through the floors above the tire wells, tear apart the sidewall fiberglass around the wheel wells, and strand you on the side …

How long are RV tires good for?

An RV trailer tire is good for three to five years, maybe a little more if they are really taken care of. High heat days really stress out a tire to its maximum capacity when carrying its designed load. I have eight tires on my fifth wheel that are capable of handling thirty-two thousand pounds of load.

Why are my RV tires failing?

Under-inflation is the number one cause of RV trailer tire failure! When storing your RV trailer, try to keep the tires covered, off of the wet ground, keep weight to a minimum if possible, and rotate them occasionally while being stored by moving the trailer forward or backward a little. So, when should you replace tires on your RV trailer is …

How many miles does a ST tire last?

Its life expectancy is determined by time and the number of duty cycles. The expected mileage rating of an ST trailer tire is 5,000 to 12,000 miles!

Why are polyester tires bigger than steel?

The polyester tire cords are bigger than they are in a car or light truck tires. The steel cords are also larger in order to meet the demand of heavier loads. The compounds used in ST tires are more resistant to the UV and Ozone damage which leads to tire cracking.

Why do RV trailers have fires?

Some RV trailer tire blowouts have even caused catastrophic fires due to pressurized gas lines that ruptured and ignited in the process of the tire failing. Pam and I recently spent three an a half hours on the side of a major highway, in a construction zone, during a very hot day!

Why do I need trailer tires?

This is because your tires accompany the steering and braking systems on your car and transmit power from its drivetrain to the road.

What is a trailer tire?

The most common trailer tire type is known as special tire (ST). These typically have reinforced sidewalls to keep your rig in place and have a higher load capacity when compared to light truck or passenger tires. They are also suited for trailer wheels and have thinner treads to help reduce any negative impact to your vehicle’s fuel economy when towing.

Why do trailer tires need to be replaced?

If trailer tires need to be replaced, you have to do so equally in order to maintain proper weight distribution. For example, if a tire fails on the left side, the right side must also be replaced because it was overloaded and had to carry the full weight of the trailer/load. In most cases, this tire’s internal structure will break down within seconds of being overloaded due to instant heat buildup.

Why do you have to replace the right side of a trailer tire?

For example, if a tire fails on the left side, the right side must also be replaced because it was overloaded and had to carry the full weight of the trailer/load.

What to check before loading a trailer?

Perform inspections prior to use and check for cuts, snags, punctures and air pressure loss. Especially if you don’t use your trailer often, we can’t overemphasize the importance of a thorough inspection before you load your trailer up.

Why are trailer tires different from passenger tires?

Trailer tires differ in that they don’t provide the power from or steer your car. They are also designed to dissipate heat because of the weight they carry, which can be much more than a standard passenger tire.

Can you stop by a trailer tire store?

We go into even more detail on our Trailer Tire FAQ page, but you can also stop by any of our store locations for a trailer tire inspection, trailer tire/wheel consultation and more. Stop in and we can help you get set up with the right tires for your trailer today!