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where should i travel to in february

where should i travel to in february插图

Best places to go in February in the US and AmericasLos Cabos,Mexico – for fun family timeMontreal,Canada – for family winter activitiesNew Orleans,Louisiana,USA – for Mardi GrasCosta Rica – for warm weather

What is the best city to visit in February?

Cities In FebruaryHonolulu,Hawaii. For tropical weather,Honolulu is the perfect place to go – that’s why it is one of our top snowbird destinations.San Diego,California. Take a trolley tour through San Diego as you enjoy the warm weather and escape the snow this February.New York City,New York. …Miami,Florida. …Phoenix,Arizona. …Denver,Colorado. …Orlando,Florida. …More items…

Where are the best places to vacation in February?

Best places to visit in February in the US and AmericasLos Cabos,Mexico. Family holidays should be all about fun activities and family bonding. …Montreal,Canada. Montreal is a great destination for families on winter vacations. …New Orleans,USA. One of the best places to visit in February is New Orleans. …Costa Rica. For those of you asking,where is hot in February? …

What is the best beach vacation in February?

The 10 Best Beach Destinations to Visit in FebruaryMaui,Hawaii. Hawaii is beautiful year round,so you can’t go wrong taking a break on the island of Maui in February.Eagle Beach,Aruba. …Sunshine Coast,Australia. …Punta Cana,Dominican Republic. …The Maldives. …Tulum,Mexico. …Koh Lanta,Thailand. …Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. …Musandam,Oman. …Corn Islands,Nicaragua. …

Where to go on holiday in February?

Where to go on holidays in FebruaryRio de Janeiro. With the greatest carnival in the world taking place in Rio in February,it’s the very best time to visit and get into the samba spirit.Australia. If you’re choosing where to go in February,you can’t do much better than Australia to swap a cold and dreary winter for summer in the southern hemisphere.South Africa. …

What is the weather like in February in Turks and Caicos?

Escape chilly winter weather during a February visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands. When February rolls around, this group of Caribbean islands offers mild daytime temps in the 80s. Plus, the month sits outside of the Atlantic hurricane season, meaning you’ll likely encounter mostly clear skies when snorkeling, whale watching, horseback riding and lounging on the islands’ white sand beaches. But February’s superb weather comes at a cost: Prices here are high in winter, so you’ll want to book flights and rooms well in advance.

What is the best time to visit Everglades National Park in Florida?

Everglades National Park. #14 in Best Places to Visit in February. Alligators, roseate spoonbills, manatees and many other animals call Florida’s Everglades National Park home. February falls within the area’s dry season, when wildlife viewing is excellent due to fewer mosquitos and lower humidity.

What is the best place to visit in February?

Rio de Janeiro. #9 in Best Places to Visit in February. The Marvelous City, as Rio is often called, truly comes alive in February (a summer month in the Southern Hemisphere) for one reason: Carnival. This five-day celebration leading up to Lent is one of the biggest parties in the world.

Where to go in February in Canada?

Its location in the Canadian Rockies within Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park, means it offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing. You’ll find 50-plus mammal species and more than 260 kinds of birds here. When you’re ready to hit the slopes, head to Banff Sunshine Village, Mount Norquay or the Lake Louise Ski Resort. Then, warm up in the famous Banff Upper Hot Springs.

Where to visit in February in New Zealand?

Fiordland National Park on New Zealand’s South Island is an excellent place to visit in February because it offers ideal conditions (think: average highs in the 60s) for viewing incredible flora and fauna. Admire the park’s beautiful mountains, forests and waterfalls while hiking one of three Fiordland Great Walk trails.

Where to ski in Colorado?

Telluride, Colorado, beckons to tourists looking for an exciting winter vacation. Telluride Ski Resort’s 148 trails and 2,000-plus acres of snowy terrain make it one of the best ski destinations in the country. Travelers can also stroll through Mountain Village, grab a bite to eat at Alpino Vino (the highest elevation fine dining restaurant in North America) or relax at The Spa at The Peaks Resort (the largest spa in Colorado). Lucky visitors might also spot a famous face or two while in town, as celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ralph Lauren own homes here.

Where to visit in Norway in February?

Tromso. #15 in Best Places to Visit in February. The largest city in northern Norway is filled with everything you need to have a memorable winter vacation. One of the main reasons why you should visit Tromso in February is because it offers ideal conditions and a perfect location for seeing the northern lights.

How to travel around the Cotswolds?

Sustainable travel tip: Don’t spoil the idyll with engine fumes and traffic jams: arrive by train, and get around by bike. Classic Cotswolds villages such as Bourton-on-the-Water and Chipping Campden can be accessed from Moreton-in-Marsh train station, and e-bike rentals – ideal for village-hopping – are available across the region.

What is the best time to visit Ibiza?

Winter on the White Isle isn’t as bonkers as it sounds. It’s the best time to experience Ibiza as the locals know it – almond trees flush pink-white with blossom; beach bars and pavement cafés are laid-back not lairy; and the tapas and drinks come cheap. Bargain isn’t a word too often associated with this Balearic, but without the club crowds, proprietors look to lure customers with deals. During winter nights, island restaurants participate in Gastrojueves – ‘Gastro Thursdays’ – where meals are offered half-price. Craving a blowout? Small towns across Ibiza celebrate Carnival with parades early in the month; superclubs such as Pacha throw the after-parties. Really, though, it’s all about taking time to soak up the quieter side of Ibiza. The Nobu hotel in Talamanca, all soothing white bedrooms and fabulous sea views, is a fine place to do it.

How long does it take to get to Venice from England?

Sustainable travel tip: You can take a train all the way from England to Venice: a carbon-friendly way to arrive in a notoriously over-visited city. After arriving in Paris on a morning Eurostar from London (2 hours, 15 minutes), take a high-speed TGV train to Turin (5 hours, 40 minutes). Stay overnight, then catch the three-hour Trenitalia Frecciarossa direct service to Venice.

What is the best time to surf in Senegal?

Gloriously golden beaches have also turned it into an unexpected surfing hotspot and February is the best time to catch some big waves. While it’s tropical and hot all year round, this month sees no rain, totally bearable heat and eight hours of sunshine a day – your typical Senegalese winter. Even a short trip guarantees life-changing experiences.

How many rooms are there in Paradise Island?

Where to stay: Paradise Island is home to the most famous five-star resort in the Bahamas, One&Only Ocean Club. A 106-room resort, with a neighbouring 18-hole championship golf course, and a near-perfect, alabaster-white beach.

What is carnival time in Venice?

February is carnival time in Venice, which makes it either the very best time to come, or the worst. Noblemen clink swords in St Mark’s Square, courtesans cloaked in red silk drift down the Grand Canal on plumed gondolas, and gilded masks allow royalty to walk freely among the commoners. What seems like a Canaletto painting comes to life every year when revellers gather for three weeks of masked debauchery. Those seeking the quiet charms of the floating city will be disappointed, but if you dare to join the huddled masses you’ll be rewarded with an otherworldly experience. You can flaunt your finery on the Rialto, dance the quadrilles at the Doge’s ball and wake up the next morning in a luxurious four-poster bed in your very own Venetian palace wondering if it was all a dream.

How long does it take to get from London to Paris?

Sustainable travel tip: Arriving by train is even easier than catching a plane. The Eurostar takes just 2 hours and 15 minutes to travel from London to Paris, with no need to check in hours beforehand, no carry-on luggage drama and no interminable wait to get off at the gate.

Where are the best places to travel to in February for wildlife and nature?

If you’re looking to shake off the cold, head to Mexico to see millions of monarch butterflies take flight in the Michoacán Province’s Oyamel fir forests.

Where is the Carnival in February?

So dig out those sequins, feathers and dancing shoes and prepare to party till dawn. The Winter Carnival is on the go in Québec City through early February, with ice sculptures, parades and snow sports.

What is the best month to visit India?

February is an excellent month to experience some of the world’s lesser-known animal encounters and natural wonders. In India, huge sheets of ice transform the landscape into a wild, wintry wonderland, providing a magical backdrop for challenging treks and the perfect setting to spot the region’s elusive snow leopards. Enjoy top-drawer skiing in Hokkaidō, but swap the traditional après-ski scene for a chance to see the balletic courtship dance of the 5ft-tall red-crowned crane.

Where to visit in Cambodia?

Cambodia sits in a sweet spot of dry skies and temperate days – ideal conditions for exploring the country. Relax on the golden beaches of Sihanoukville, visit the floating villages of Tonlé Sap, and allow a few days to wander the ancient temples at Unesco-listed Angkor ,

Is February the shortest month in 2020?

But you’d be remiss to underestimate the 29-day delight (in 2020, at least), because while February may be the shortest month in the year, it packs some of the biggest adventures. Climb Africa’s highest peak in prime climes, dance till dawn at carnivals across the globe and dive beneath azure waters in the Philippines in the company of giants.

What is the best lake to visit with your significant other?

The calm waters of Lake Pichola are great to take a boat ride on with your significant other. In the daytime, the Lake Palace and other picturesque architecture will make for a wonderful backdrop in wefies.

What is the average temperature in February in Lahore?

The day temperature in February hits an average of 22 degrees Celsius, which is optimal to explore a ton of monuments in Lahore.

What to do in Jamestown in February?

The sharks arrive in December, but the chance to spot them peaks in February, which makes St Helena the best places to visit in February. Check out the bars on Jamestown on weekends.

What to do in Galle in February?

Enjoy the rich history of the city. Explore the rich culture of Galle and get off the beaten path in February. If you and your partner are looking to get off the beaten path, then Galle is one of the best places to visit in February. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts a rich history worth exploring.

What are the best places to visit in February?

Best places to visit in February in Europe 1 Venice, Italy – for festivals 2 Athens, Greece – for off-season exploring 3 Barcelona, Spain – for good weather 4 Crete, Greece – for beaches 5 St Helena, UK – for animal spotting

When is the Venice Festival?

The legendary Venice Festival takes places in the first two weeks of February and is a must for those seeking to immerse themselves in European culture. Come prepared with a costume and a mask, and get ready to indulge in parades, concerts and massive parties.

Where to go to see the rich culture in Lahore?

Be sure to head to Lahore Fort and Wazir Khan Mosque to get a taste of the rich culture in Lahore.

Best Places to Visit in February: Tromso, Norway

If, somehow, for any reason beyond logical comprehension, you need just one – JUST ONE – irresistible reason to fly to Tromso in February, then it’s got to be chasing the Northern Lights.

Best Places to Visit in February: Nice, France

Nice, France is one of those places that screams summer. The beachside promenade. The beach itself. The food and the people. But there’s more to Nice than its sepia-colored summer niceties.

Best Places to Visit in February: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States

Some people have a very particular idea of what qualifies for a spot on the list of "best places to visit in February." If yours happens to include massive street parties, music, miles and miles of outrageously creative floats, and a crowd of people who have the exact same idea, then New Orleans and the Mardi Gras ticks all the right boxes.

Best Places to Visit in February: Singapore

Everybody loves tropical sunshine, until the heat, humidity, and tropical rain kick in full, unbridled force. If you’ve always been curious about Singapore, but dread the bad days of tropical weather, February is the absolute best time to visit.

Best Places to Visit in February: The Maldives

In the list of the best places to visit in February, few can compare to the idyllic, magical, luxurious experience that Maldives can offer. February promises 10 hours of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-80s, and the least amount of rain throughout the month.

FAQs about Best Places to Visit in February

There are many places to travel to in February! If you’re looking for sunshine, you can head over to the Maldives, Indonesia, or Thailand for warm, sunny conditions. February is also a great time to go farther down south like Patagonia in South America for temperate to cool conditions and some unique experiences.

Why do people buy tickets online?

Buying tickets online is also cost-effective and allows you to take advantage of cashback and discounts.

What to pack for a trip?

Speaking of packing, always carry comfortable walking shoes, a jacket/pullover, an umbrella, sunglasses, and sunscreen no matter where you go. The actual clothes you wear can be packed according to the weather. If you’re visiting a new country or city, take your time planning the trip.

What are the best places to visit in South America in February?

What are the best places in South America to visit in February? The best places in South America to visit in February are Argentine Patagonia, Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, Galapagos Islands, and Chilean Patagonia. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *.

What to do when visiting a new country?

If you’re visiting a new country or city, take your time planning the trip. It’s advisable to know what the points of interest in the city or region are and planning an itinerary that allows you to explore all of them.

Why is it important to travel to a foreign country?

Trips to foreign destinations are special because you get to experience different cultures and traditions. Make sure you plan your trip in a way that allows you to engage with local customs by the way of food, arts, and more.

Where to visit in Europe in February?

What are the best places in Europe to visit in February? Some of the best places in Europe to visit in February include St. Moritz in Switzerland, Venice in Italy, Lisbon in Portugal, Athens in Greece, and Budapest in Hungary.

Where to go on a holiday in February?

Some of the best holiday locations for couples in February include Paris, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Cancun, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Why should I visit Zagreb in February?

Two great reasons to travel to Zagreb, Croatia in February are fewer crowds and more comfortable temperatures. Hotel rates will also be at their lowest. If skiing versus beaches is on your mid-winter itinerary, then you will find some of the best slopes on Mount Sljeme near the capital of Zagreb or the Croatian Olympic Center, the largest ski resort in Croatia, which you can get to by train, car, and bus from the capital city.

What is the month of February?

The month of February is about the time when people are itching for a vacation to either get out of the cold weather climates in the Northern Hemisphere or to take advantage of great airfares and hotel rates in destinations that are more expensive in the summer months.

What is the best time to visit Maui?

The month of February is a sweet-spot opportunity to visit the Hawaiian island of Maui. It has ideal weather conditions , and in February, you are in-between winter vacationers and the onslaught of spring break visitors. You will still find higher rates this time of the year for hotel rooms and airfare, but it is the ideal time to visit-especially for whale-watching.

What to do when you are not basking at the beach?

When you are not basking at the beach, you can tour the Spice Island farms or plan a tour through the rainforest to see local wildlife.

Why is it so nice to travel in February?

In places like New Zealand, where it is summertime in February, the trip is nice because you get the best weather to experience the many outdoor activities available.

Where to spend summer in New Zealand?

5. Spend Summer in Auckland , New Zealand. Auckland. February is summertime in New Zealand, which is why it is an ideal time to go to Auckland. Since so many activities are outside, this is a great month to take advantage of the comfortable conditions and natural elements.

When is the best time to visit Steamboat Springs?

For those who do not want to escape the winter weather, but instead embrace it for the skiing opportunities, a trip to Steamboat Springs in February is in order. This is a popular time to visit the Colorado ski city. It is also slightly less expensive than other top Colorado ski destinations, like Vail and Aspen, so you can plan an extra day or two to hit the slopes.

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing a destination?

When travelling with your family, climate is the most important parameter in choosing a destination, the objective being to spend a sensational holiday in a good mood. Young and old alike can enjoy a thrilling safari in Kenya to meet the Big Five, or in South Africa where the colonies of sea lions and penguins offer a breathtaking spectacle.

What is the climate like in South Africa?

South Africa’s climate is ideal for people who enjoy idleness and swimming, especially in Cape Town. With its beach-like atmosphere from the end of the world, Camps Bay reveals a breathtaking scenery, with palm trees and a few kilometres of white sand. In Gambia, February is also synonymous with good weather.

What are some of the best sports to do in Australia?

In Australia, for example, while hiking remains a very accessible activity, water sports remain the most popular leisure activities: surfing or kayaking on the Gold Coast, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Other regions and countries have integrated seaside activities into their way of life, such as Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Polynesia and the Dominican Republic. Water skiing, surfing, diving, sailing, parachuting… everything seems possible on the water. There are also superb diving sites in Thailand, especially on the west coast if you go there in February, as well as in Egypt.

What are the best activities to do in Colombia?

In Colombia, except in Tumaco where the climate is really unfavorable, thrill-seekers can enjoy mountaineering, paragliding or rafting. In Brazil, sport is also an institution. For a tourist, the trip offers the opportunity to learn about the country’s flagship activities, such as beach volleyball, capoeira and brisk walking along the coast. On the other hand, in Argentina, people especially like to watch football or polo matches, or car races.

What is the best time to visit Argentina?

It is this little extra that makes Argentina so special. In February, the climate is ideal for visiting Buenos Aires, one of the most attractive capitals on the South American continent, or the city of Salta, which has preserved its beautiful colonial architecture.

Where to go hiking in Mexico?

You can explore Chichén Itzá, Guadalajara, and head north to Mexico City or explore the Copper Canyon.

Where to go trekking in Asia?

A lush and preserved nature is often what you come to look for at the end of the world, in distant lands like Sri Lanka, a beautiful destination for trekking in Asia. Away from the crowd, you will enjoy the country’s extraordinary landscapes, between mountains and forests, as well as unexpected encounters. Trekking and hiking also take place in a pleasant climate in the Philippines, between picturesque villages, green rice fields and tropical vegetation. You will certainly fall under the spell of the island of Mindoro or Palawan. Closer to France, Madeira and the Canary Islands are also prime destinations for staying in the heart of nature.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Temperatures in the low 70’s during the day (dropping to the mid 40’s at night) make February ideal for outdoor activities in Scottsdale. Hiking trails from easy strolls to challenging climbs are great exercise, and they come with the bonus of spectacular views.

Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is the 12th largest U.S. city by population, and the city experienced the highest growth rate in Texas according to recent data.

Montgomery, Alabama

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo’s ‘Nkyinkim’ sculpture, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Transatlantic slave trade at the entrance of the National Memorial for Peace And Justice on 3rd March 2020 in Montgomery, Alabama, United States.


This small island, for many years part of the Netherlands Antilles and now an autonomous territory of the Netherlands, boasts year-round perfect weather. In February, visitors will find temperatures in the low 80’s with little rainfall. Beaches range from calm sandy shores to more challenging seas and secret coves, providing variety for beachgoers.

Paducah, Kentucky

Small towns have special appeal this year, and this town of just 25,000 offers both quaint atmosphere and big city amenities. Just two hours from Nashville, Paducah is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Tennessee Rivers.

Florida’s Atlantic Coast

The state of Florida is a popular winter destination, and the eastern coast of Florida offers many resort cities in addition to Miami. Beaches are a draw for visitors, but there’s much more going on during the season. Jacksonville in the north boasts 22 miles of beaches, and 40 miles of Intracoastal Waterway, as well as the St. Johns River.

Maui, Hawaii

Anytime is the right time to travel to Maui, but February is special because it’s the peak time to see humpback whales in their natural environment during their annual winter migration. Watch them from land in Lahaina or along Maui’s southern coast. Meet up with humpbacks on a boat tour or get up close in a kayak.

What is the best place to visit in February?

Besides on-slope action, Vail offers gourmet restaurants, local pubs, high-class entertainment, shopping, and a lively après scene. The lovely Vail Village, designed with cobblestone streets and alpine-inspired architecture, is sure to charm any visitor! Easily one of the best places to visit in February in the USA!

What is San Antonio known for?

Situated in south-central Texas, the city of San Antonio is known for its a rich colonial heritage. Sights to visit include the Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission preserved as a Museum, the San Antonio River, and the miles-long River Walk. The promenade is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops.

What is the month of February in New Orleans?

February in New Orleans is host to a number of events, celebrations, and holidays. The famous festival of Mardi Gras typically falls during the month of February and partaking in the celebrations and parades is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

How many acres are there in Providence Canyon?

Providence Canyon, a 1,000-acre Georgia state park, is often referred to as “Little Grand Canyon”. It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia. The park is below sea level with 16 different canyons, exposing 43 different shades of soil ranging from light orange, salmon, and red to white, purple, and pink.

What is New Orleans known for?

Nicknamed the “Big Easy,” New Orleans is known for its vibrant nightlife and live-music scene, and spicy, singular cuisine that comes from its history of French, African and American cultures. Some interesting sights include the French Quarter, Garden District, and the National WWII Museum.

Why is San Diego a good place to visit in February?

San Diego is an excellent destination to visit in February because it offers a great escape from cold dreary weather. San Diego offers a lot more than just pleasant temperatures and clear skies in the winter. It is known for its sandy beaches, ocean-side activities, and family-friendly parks.

Which state has the most snow in February?

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona – less crowds and more pleasant temperatures. Kirkwood, California – receives one of the highest snowfalls in the world. San Diego – for a beautiful and warm February city break.