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where is blues traveler from

where is blues traveler from插图

Princeton, New Jersey

Who is Blues Traveler?

Blues Traveler began its journey in 1987 as a high school garage band in Princeton, New Jersey. Initially, they were calling themselves The Establishment. After a few musician changes and recording some cassette tape demos, they changed their name to Blues Traveler.

Where did Blues Traveler play their first gigs?

The four-piece moved to New York City and played gigs at clubs around town. They landed a weekly Wednesday show at The Wetlands, a place known for fostering some of the greatest bands of the 1990s. Blues Traveler released their debut self-titled studio album in 1990.

What is the meaning of the song Blues Traveler by U2?

First Appearance: One of their earliest songs, it’s the lead track on the 1990 self-titled debut album, Blues Traveler. About the Song: John Popper wrote this upbeat song. It tells a story about his relationship with the band’s original bassist, Felicia, who was with them only briefly.

How did Blues Traveler’s ‘Straight on till morning’ do?

Straight On till Morning, Blues Traveler’s fifth album, was met with a warm reception on its release, with All Music praising its “succinct and eclectic” song list and calling it “the first studio record that captures the essence of the band.” Commercially, it fared reasonably well, hitting number 11 on the Billboard 200.

What style of music did Blues Traveler play?

Blues Traveler had brought their own style of blues and 1960s rock-influenced music to the stage for several years, and in 1990 the band released their self-titled debut album. Describing Blues Traveler ’ s original brand of rock to Rolling Stone’s Elysa Gardner, Popper said, “ If [blues musician] Muddy Waters was a white guy living in the suburbs in the late ’ 80s, he ’ d sound a lot like us. ”

What is John Popper’s background?

Vocalist John Popper, one of seven children, made no secret of his upper-middle-class background. His father was an information technology consultant and his mother was a lawyer. Despite the comforts of a middle-class lifestyle, he did experience his share of misery growing up. Obese since childhood, Popper referred to food as his "drug." Naturally, he endured his share of bullying. To deal with the teasing, he considered becoming a comedian. He enjoyed John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd’s Blues Brothers sketches on Saturday Night Live. He did not feel like he had enough material to do stand-up every night, though his love for the medium would show up in his witty lyrics later on. As it turned out, watching the Blues Brothers gave him a love for blues and harmonica. Purists did not think much of the way young Popper was introduced to the venerable American genre, but he pursued it with admirable gusto and sincere appreciation.

What influences did Blues Traveler have?

But the group gradually won respect for its original way of incorporating R&B, jazz, and flower-power influences to create a spicy, danceable fusion, and it became one of America’s top touring groups.

What is the black cat jam?

Two years later, a Princeton High football, lacrosse, and guitar player named Chan Kinchla decided to jam with his classmates in the Blues Band. It turned into a marathon three-hour collaboration that became known as the “ black cat jam. ” The reference to the animal came about because a black cat wandered up after the band finished; Popper explained in Rolling Stone that the cat seemed “ like it was going ‘ whoa ’ with us. Whenever we have trouble, a big event, a crisis of faith, or some milestone, there is a black cat there. This is the truth. ”

Where did John Popper live?

Blues Traveler ’ s lead singer, John Popper, spent most of his youth in Stamford, Connecticut, before moving to Princeton, New Jersey, when he was 15 years old. While attending high school, Popper discovered the harmonica and developed a reputation around Princeton High School as “ that harmonica guy. ” He decided to play the instrument in the Princeton High studio band where he met London-born drummer Brendan Hill.

What is Blues Traveler?

The group started out by playing high school parties, and its members insist they perform better onstage than in the recording studio. Blues Traveler, in fact, was able to maintain a loyal fan base throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, despite their virtual nonexistence on the music charts. All of that changed in 1995 when the LP four produced a Top 40 single and catapulted the band into mainstream success.

When did Blues Traveler release their 4th album?

Blues Traveler continued to release their “ souvenir ” albums; their fourth LP, released in 1994, was aptly titled four. Once again produced by Steve Thompson and Mike Barbiero, four arrived in stores with a choice of two covers: one depicted the right side of the band ’ s logo — a cat smoking a cigarette — while the other showed the left side of the cat with no cigarette.

What is the song "Traveler’s Blues"?

Traveler’s Blues is a blues, rock, and soul trifecta ignited by its faithful followers, through a gut-busting rendition of Little Willie John’s 1956 single “Need Your Love So Bad” and the crunch of The Doors’ “Roadhouse Blues,” Blues Traveler go as far back as they can, even into the 1920s vaudeville blues on a stirring “Trouble in Mind,” featuring Keb’ Mo, a song covered by Nina Simone and Johnny Cash before the Blues Traveler’s captured it.

Did the Blues Traveler play too many notes?

On occasion, even old-school harmonica players have told Popper that he plays too many notes.

Is there an overproducing blues?

There’s no overproducing blues. It’s meant to remain raw, improvised, and unexpected and guided by those 12 bars. “That entire genre has been a wellspring for us over and over again,” says Popper. “People use these songs, and come back and play them, and they have an eternity about them. For us, it was a great exercise in what everyone has been telling us literally our entire career, which is play less. Less is more when you’re playing a blues song, but the thing that we were always railing against as a band is what the tradition of blues was supposed to be.”

Who is the drummer for Popper?

Regrouping in Nashville in 2020 with Willie Nelson producer Matt Rollings, the band—Popper, along with guitarist Chan Kinchla, bassist Tad Kinchla, keyboardist Ben Wilson and drummer Brendan Hill —jumped into nearly a dozen songs, many of which intimidated and inspired them.

What is Blues Traveler’s goal?

Blues Traveler wanted to produce an album that they’ve waited much of their career for — a blues record. Spending months choosing classic blues songs, the band eventually settled on a shortlist of hits that they’d reimagine with their own unique style.

When did Blues Traveler play Red Rocks?

Blues Traveler acted as tour mates for a three-year stint, from 1989 until 1991, providing them with their first opportunity to play at Red Rocks. “ ‘91 when we were opening for the Allman Brothers, they did a fourth of July show there and they kind of owned it, but we opened up for them,” Blues Traveler’s guitarist Chan Kinchla told 303 Magazine.

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Where to tailgate in Denver for Independence Day?

While locations throughout the Mile High provide great views for various fireworks shows, local music lovers know that there’s no better way to party than by tailgating in the Red Rocks parking lot before hiking up to the venue for a night of nonstop jams. After a year that sorely missed them, Blues Traveler, the reigning kings of Fourth of July shows, will keep that tradition alive with their upcoming return to Colorado’s most beloved outdoor venue.

Did the Allman Brothers ever make it to the Independence Day show?

Two years later, in 1993, The Allman Brothers were unable to make it for the Independence Day show. Instead, Blues Traveler hosted their very own music festival at the venue. “And then w e just kept coming back,” explained Kinchla. “So, it was just kinda handed off to us from the Allman Brothers and we’ve never given it back.”

Is Red Rocks a tradition?

A milestone achievement in the career of many musicians, headli ning Red Rocks has become a truly special tradition for Blues Traveler. Over the years, the experience at the venue has evolved, becoming a family affair. In fact, the band often invites friends and family out to the show to share in the special experience, …

What year did Blues Traveler release 4?

The band’s fourth full-length “Four” in 1994 represented a mainstream breakthrough for Blues Traveler, despite poor sales to begin with. The 1995 Grammy Award winning single “Run-Around”, taken from the album, became one of the year’s most popular and best-selling singles and catapulted the album “Four” to popularity.

When did Blues Traveler release Truth Be Told?

With a move away from A&M to Sanctuary Records, the band released “Truth Be Told” in 2003, followed by another live album “Live on the Rocks” the year after. Blues Traveler subsequently released the Jay-Bennett-produced “Bastardos!” in 2005, a cover album of their own songs “Cover Yourself” in 2007, “North Hollywood Shootout” on the label Verve Forecast, and the group’s 11th studio album “Suzie Crack the Whip” in June 2012.

When will Blues Traveler be performing in 2021?

Blues Traveler tour dates and tickets 2021-2022 near you. Blues Traveler will be performing near you at Cone Denim Entertainment Center on Friday 01 October 2021 as part of their tour, and are scheduled to play 17 concerts across 2 countries in 2021-2022. View all concerts. Songkick is the first to know of new tour announcements, …

Who is the blues traveler?

Blues Traveler is an American rock, blues and jam band, formed by John Popper and Brendan Hill in 1987, from Princeton, New Jersey, U.S. Originally formed under the moniker The Establishment by harmonicist, singer and guitarist John Popper and drummer Brendan Lee, the band’s earliest releases were in the form of cassette tapes featuring original …

Who was the supporting band for Blues Traveler?

Excellent show. Brothers Keeper were the supporting band – John Popper sat in with Brothers Keeper on their last number, before he came on with Blues Traveler.

When did the band Grateful Dead form?

The band formed in the early 1990s, along with the wave of Grateful Dead-esuqe jam bands like Phish and Widespread Panic, and have been playing the blues and, erm, travelling (back in the day they gained a reputation for non-stop tour schedules), ever since.

When did the Rolling Stones release their fifth album?

In an attempt to capture the magic of the band’s live performances they release the double album “Live from the Fall” in 1996, followed by their fifth full-length “Straight on Till Morning” in 1997.

10. Carolina Blues

Straight On till Morning, Blues Traveler’s fifth album, was met with a warm reception on its release, with All Music praising its “succinct and eclectic” song list and calling it “the first studio record that captures the essence of the band.” Commercially, it fared reasonably well, hitting number 11 on the Billboard 200.

9. Brother John

According to Greatoldies.com, Bobby Sheehan and Chan Kinchla wrote this next song for Sheehan’s brother John, who was going through some tough times. Brother John was intended as a ‘wake up’ call, a kind of sonic intervention to rouse him from his stupor and set him back on the right path.

8. Look Around

Four was the album that propelled Blues Traveler into the mainstream. Released in September 1994, it peaked at number 8 on the Billboard 200 and spawned a series of top 30 hits, including the hugely popular Run-Around and Hook. It’s since certified 6 x platinum in the US after selling over 6 million units.

7. The Mountains Win Again

If you want to understand what helped Blues Traveler’s fourth album, Four, sell over 6 million copies, just turn your attention in the direction of insanely hooky The Mountains Win Again.

6. Conquer Me

Save His Soul, the band’s third studio album, may only have charted at number 72 on the Billboard 200, but it’s packed with treats, with frontman John Popper’s guttural vocals and blasts of piercing harmonica binding the eclectic tracklist together beautifully.

5. Alone

Blues Traveler’s eponymous debut album gave us a band that could lock and load into an epic jam session just as well as the Grateful Dead, but with arguably more focus and more listenable results.

4. Crystal Flame

Blues Traveler’s eponymous debut album provides a blueprint for the band’s studio releases, boasting unconventional time signatures, guitar fills, and baroque harp flourishes that start as decoration before building into more open-ended jams as the album progress.