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where do travellers come from

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What is the origin of the Irish Travellers?

Irish Travellers Traditionally, Irish Travellers are a nomadic group of people from Ireland but have a separate identity, heritage and culture to the community in general. An Irish Traveller presence can be traced back to 12th century Ireland, with migrations to Great Britain in the early 19th century.

Where did the Traveller community come from?

The study found that the Traveller community arose around the time of Oliver Cromwell (Picture: Getty) It might also suggest that Traveller origins might in fact date to the late 1500s, when the Plantation of Ulster began – perhaps creating a nomadic population of refugees.

Who are the travellers and why are they so hated?

So who are the travellers and why are they so hated? The Irish Travellers, sometimes called Pavees, are an ethnically Irish nomadic community. In England, they live in small, tight-knit groups and are characterized as living on Caravan sites — an English equivalent to a trailer park.

Are there any myths and misconceptions about travellers’times?

While tensions can run high at times many people hold misconceptions, which Travellers’ Times hopes to dispell. There are nine reoccurring myths and misconceptions about their culture and origins. 1) Who are the UK’s Gypsies and Travellers?

Why are extended family bonds important?

Family, extended family bonds and networks are very important to the Gypsy and Traveller way of life, as is a distinct identity from the settled ‘Gorja’ or ‘country’ population. Family anniversaries, births, weddings and funerals are usually marked by extended family or community gatherings with strong religious ceremonial content. Gypsies and Travellers generally marry young and respect their older generation. Contrary to frequent media depiction, Traveller communities value cleanliness and tidiness.

How many travellers are there in the UK?

It is reported that there are around 300,000 Travellers in the UK and they are one of the most disadvantaged groups. The real population may be different as some members of these communities do not participate in the census.

What is an Irish traveller?

Traditionally, Irish Travellers are a nomadic group of people from Ireland but have a separate identity, heritage and culture to the community in general. An Irish Traveller presence can be traced back to 12th century Ireland, with migrations to Great Britain in the early 19th century. The Irish Traveller community is categorised as an ethnic minority group under the Race Relations Act, 1976 (amended 2000); the Human Rights Act 1998; and the Equality Act 2010. Some Travellers of Irish heritage identify as Pavee or Minceir, which are words from the Irish Traveller language, Shelta.

What are the different groups of travelers?

There are also Traveller groups which are known as ‘cultural’ rather than ‘ethnic’ Travellers. These include ‘new’ Travellers and Showmen. Most of the information on this page relates to ethnic Travellers but ‘Showmen’ do share many cultural traits with ethnic Travellers.

Where did the Romany Gypsies come from?

Romany Gypsies have been in Britain since at least 1515 after migrating from continental Europe during the Roma migration from India. The term Gypsy comes from “Egyptian” which is what the settled population perceived them to be because of their dark complexion. In reality, linguistic analysis of the Romani language proves that Romany Gypsies, like the European Roma, originally came from Northern India, probably around the 12th century. French Manush Gypsies have a similar origin and culture to Romany Gypsies.

How many gypsy travelers are there in the world?

Other academic estimates of the combined Gypsy, Irish Traveller and other Traveller population range from 120,000 to 300,000. Ethnic monitoring data of the Gypsy Traveller population is rarely collected by key service providers in health, employment, planning and criminal justice.

What is a show person?

Show People are a cultural minority that have owned and operated funfairs and circuses for many generations and their identity is connected to their family businesses . They operate rides and attractions that can be seen throughout the summer months at funfairs. They generally have winter quarters where the family settles to repair the machinery that they operate and prepare for the next travelling season. Most Show People belong to the Showmen’s Guild which is an organisation that provides economic and social regulation and advocacy for Show People. The Showman’s Guild works with both central and local governments to protect the economic interests of its members.

What is Dale Farm?

Dale Farm was just the latest eviction in England, where traveller communities have been persecuted for centuries. So who are the travellers and why are they so hated? The Irish Travellers, sometimes called Pavees, are an ethnically Irish nomadic community.

What act protects travellers from eviction?

Nonetheless, travellers are protected under the Caravan Sites Act of 1968, which restricts the eviction of caravan sites. The same local authorities that evict travellers are required to secure the establishment of such sites by local authorities for the use of gipsies [sic] and other persons of nomadic habit, and control in certain areas …

What is the unofficial status of many of the traveller communities?

The unofficial status of many of the traveller communities allows the government to ignore them.

What weapons were used in the Belfast clashes?

Petrol bombs, stones, chainsaws, golf clubs, a samurai sword and other dangerous missiles were used in the clashes. The row has been described by an eyewitness as ‘like a scene from 1980s’ Belfast.’. The Independent reported at the time.

What is the green belt in London?

As the community grew over the decades, more homes were built on land that was part of the green belt, a ring of land around London protected from urbanization and city sprawl.

Is Dale Farm a forced eviction?

Nonetheless, there have been a number of forced evictions in recent years. Along with Romani Gypsies, Irish Travellers remain an …

Where do Romani live?

Facing de facto discrimination in most European countries, the Romani, or Gypsy, community is economically troubled and many Romani live in slums, shanty-towns or in substandard housing.

Why do Roma face prejudice?

This is because people generalise from the anti-social actions of a few and protect that onto the whole population. Prejudice against them is longstanding.

How often are gypsy caravans recorded?

The number of Gypsy and Traveller caravans in England and Wales is recorded twice yearly.

Where are caravans pitching in Cambridgeshire?

Cambridgeshire has seen tensions between the Traveller and settled communities in recent years, with caravans pitching on unauthorised sites across including Fulbourn, Papworth, Cambourne and at Cambridge Business and Research Park.

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What is the cross party group for gypsies?

There is a cross-party parliamentary group called the All Party Parliamentary Group for Gypsies, Roma and Travellers.

Do Romany Gypsies capitalise "G"?

Therefore it is customary to capitalise ‘G’ and ‘T’ for Gypsies and Travellers. Rubbish left on playing fields in Newmarket by travellers . Picture: Keith Jones.

Does the Irish Chaplaincy work with prisoners?

The Irish Chaplaincy in Britain works with Gypsies and Travellers in custody. Some prisons have their own GRT Prisoner Groups. The Travellers’ Times Magazine is delivered free to many UK HMP’s and the editor receives many letters from prisoners.

When did the Irish travellers become an indigenous minority?

After a long battle, Irish Travellers were finally officially recognised as an indigenous ethnic minority by Ireland’s government in early March 2017. Here, Culture Trip takes a look at the origins of the Irish Travelling community and how the historic ruling came about.

When did the Travellers split off from the population?

The study found that Travellers are of Irish ancestral origin, but split off from the general population sometime around the mid-1600s – much earlier than had been thought previously.

Is the Irish traveller community ostracized?

Throughout Irish history, the Travelling community has been markedly separated from the general Irish population, resulting in widespread stereotyping and discrimination. The same year as the census, a survey conducted by Ireland’s Economic and Social Research Institute found that Irish Travellers suffer widespread ostracism;

How did the genetic differences between Irish and Travellers occur?

The researchers found that genetic differences between Travellers and settled Irish people resulted from hundreds of years of genetic isolation on the part of the Traveller population.

Do Irish travellers have a connection to Roma?

A STUDY of Irish Traveller genetics has revealed the group have no connection to Roma gypsies, and split from the settled Irish population earlier than previously thought.

Is the Travellers group genetically different from the Spanish?

The research group said they “would be supportive of some form of ethnic status”. Travellers may now be considered as genetically different from settled Irish populations as the Spanish, Professor Cavalleri said.

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