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when will travel to europe resume

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As the world slowly reopens to tourism, June 15鈥?and, in some cases, June 16鈥?has emerged as a significant date, especially in Europe, where the European Union plans on lifting many internal borders. Additional waves of reopenings are expected later in the summer, but for now, visitors from the United States aren鈥檛 typically on the invite list.

People also ask

  • Does Europe have the final say on entry requirements for travelers?

  • But each country in Europe ultimately has the final say on what its requirements are鈥攁nd will be鈥攆or travelers entering its borders.

  • Which European countries are opening up to US travelers?

  • In reality, several European countries had already started opening back up to American travelers in the weeks prior to the June 18 announcement, including France, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Some, like France, were requiring that U.S. travelers be vaccinated; others, like Portugal, were not requiring vaccination.

  • How has the United States鈥?removal from the EU travel list affected Europe?

  • European countries have again adjusted their policies after the United States was removed from the EU safe travel list鈥攁nd the result is a wide variety of entry protocols, ranging from outright bans to no changes at all.

  • Is it safe to travel from the US to Europe?

  • O n June 18, the United States was added to the European Union鈥檚 approved list of countries for entry, ending a 15-month ban on travel from the United States to Europe due to the pandemic.