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when will international travel resume

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30 June 2021

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  • Will international flights ever resume?

  • Even if the required domestic air travel volume is met, international flights are expected to resume in phases and the normalcy of travel frequency in flights will not be witnessed for a very long time.

  • When will ‘normal’ travel resume?

  • Post-coronavirus, ‘normal’ travel may not resume until 2023. Business travellers will lead the recovery, but traffic won’t be back to 2019-levels until 2023. With airlines around the world reeling from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, and the very real risk that some will be unable to survive the effects of the pandemic-led slowdown …

  • When will the central government resume flight operations?

  • As per reports, the central government may resume flight operations by mid-July according to various reports. It is expected that the government will be in a better position to resume international flights when the domestic air traffic volume reaches 50 per cent, which is expected to happen until mid-July.

  • When will Australia be open to international travel?

  • However, government officials have stated they hope Australia will be open to international travel from mid-2022 onwards. There may be border closures in place until the nationwide vaccination program is fully rolled out. A travel bubble with New Zealand opened on 19 April 2021.