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when should i use a travel agent

when should i use a travel agent插图

4 scenarios when you should use a travel agentBooking a hotel with extras Your travel agent can become a trusted friend over time. …When you’re short on time Not everyone has weeks to spend crafting the ultimate itinerary and keeping watch on every flight deal (although TPG can help you here). …Bottom line …

Is it better to go thru a travel agent?

They seem satisfied: 59% of millennials indicated that their trips planned with agents were better than trips planned without agents. This compares to 53% and 58% for gen x-ers and baby boomers, respectively. So yes, more people use travel agents each year, and the majority feel their trips were enhanced by using a travel agent.

Do you need qualifications to be a travel agent?

There are no specific requirements to be a travel agent, but a bachelor’s degree will open up more job opportunities, and certifications might make travel agents more marketable. Education: While no specific degree is required, those with bachelor’s degrees in the hospitality industry or a related field will be more marketable.

Is using a travel agent worth it?

Why Using a Travel Agent Is Worth ItInsider Knowledge. Travel agents are industry experts with vast knowledge of every destination’s details,from accommodations to seasonality.Problem Solving. Planning travel with multiple destinations,complicated transportation or unique accommodations can be a little tricky.24/7 Support. …Group Planning. …

Do I really need a travel agent?

Travel agents are also wonderful for providing destination advice. Many specialize in particular destinations and will be able to provide insight as to how you should structure your visit. If you need help hammering out the particulars, seek expert advice.

What is Keene Luxury Travel?

For example, Keene Luxury Travel, a member of the Signature Travel Network, has relationships with all the top luxury cruise lines especially Regent Seven Seas. Your agent can offer shipboard credits, special fares for solo travelers, deals for families traveling with children and more. The agency also has its own KLT Rewards program that is similar to the Costo Travel perk of sending out a Costco Cash Card after the voyage. With KLT Rewards, you’ll get cash back on every sailing, about 10 days before you set sail. And, if you book a trip hosted by the agency’s owners, you’ll get a bump in the amount of your reward for booking with them.

How long before sailing do you get cash back?

With KLT Rewards, you’ll get cash back on every sailing, about 10 days before you set sail. And, if you book a trip hosted by the agency’s owners, you’ll get a bump in the amount of your reward for booking with them. The best part about working with specialty agents like Keene Luxury Travel is you can stack deals.

What are the extra benefits of Amex?

Extra benefits for booking can include space-available upgrades, free breakfast and other amenities like an additional food and beverage credit or a free spa treatment or round of golf. Related: Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts stays are now bookable with points.

How much back can you get on a restaurant card?

Plus, earn up to $100 back in statement credits for eligible purchases at U.S. restaurants with your card within the first 3 months of membership.

How to build a relationship with a travel agent?

When you’re ready to build a relationship with a travel adviser, test the waters by collaborating on a simple trip. You’ll want to see how the agent operates, communicates and arranges extra perks and deals. Avoid a complex or elaborate request on the first go-round.

What to do when you’re short on time?

When you’re short on time. Rely on a savvy travel agent to step in and plan your vacation when your time is crunched. Otherwise, you might not be able to pull off the travel arrangements on your own. In this situation, look for an agent who specializes in the trip you’ve got in mind.

How long has Villas of Distinction been around?

Villas of Distinction has been around for more than 25 years and has a vast network of properties. Your travel adviser can offer advice on which properties are best suited to your needs, what’s available and how to book the villa.

What is a travel agent?

Travel agents are some of the most well-rounded, funny, personable and knowledgeable people you’ll meet. They come from more backgrounds than you can even count — they have been professors, hotel owners, tour guides, bus drivers. They all have one thing in common: They are passionate about sharing the world with you. Take advantage of their services.

What to do if something goes wrong on your trip?

If something goes wrong on your trip, a good travel agent will go to bat for you – no matter who is at fault — and try to get your vacation back on track .

What is a good way to contact a travel agent?

Ideally, a simple phone call or email could result in your next vacation — already planned.

Who is Janeen Christoff?

Janeen Christoff is an award-winning travel journalist and editor of travel trade publications. Many consumers might not realize what they are missing out on when they travel and don’t use a travel agent. Here are just a few things that your travel agent can do for you.

Can a travel agent help you?

They can match you with the vacation that you actually want, not the one that you saw on television. There is a difference between travel inspiration and actual travel desires. Destinations may look good on TV but not actually be ideal for you personally. Travel agents can help you define what it is you want to get out of a vacation.

Do travel agents save you money?

Often, travel agents can save you money based on their supplier relationships – or at least match the price you find — while saving you time and effort. There are also hidden savings built into trips. A travel agent will likely book transfers for you, included in the price.

Why do people turn to travel agents?

One of the top incentives of turning to a travel agent is getting access to their expertise and industry connections , explains Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate and journalist. "Time is money," he says. Instead of conducting mind-numbing hours of research, agents who are members of larger consortia like Virtuoso have established industry connections and can help you negotiate with a big supplier for a discount, he adds. Richter echoes similar sentiments. "They work in large networks and have relationships with suppliers that you don’t have. Think, direct access. Speed dial access," she says. "Some travel agents can enhance trips with perks and surprises," she adds, highlighting that top agents have relationships with award-winning chefs, hotel managers and tour operators that booking sites do not.

What does a reputable travel agent do?

And if you’re planning a complicated trip or an international getaway to a far-flung locale, an agent can offer helpful guidance and point you to tour companies that best match your needs, Richter adds.

What is the con of turning to an agent?

One major con of turning to an agent is "speaking to an agent who doesn’t know what they’re doing, " he says. If you’re working with an agent who provides you with limited options to choose from, that’s a red flag, he says.

Do travel agents beat internet prices?

And in terms of scoring the best deals, "believe it or not, travel agents often beat those internet prices," Richter says. Since many agents have access to their own booking and distribution systems, which offer access to cruise packages, airline tickets and hotel rooms, they can typically access the same web promotions, she adds.

Do you have to pay for travel advisors?

If you don’t want to pay for someone’s connections, time and travel advice, using an agent may not be worthwhile to you. "There’s really no set fee structure," Richter explains. And while in many instances a travel advisor can help you clinch the greatest values, you will need to pay for their consultation hours, efforts and knowledge. "If they handle the arrangements for you, that money will most likely come back to you in one form or another," she adds.

Why do travel agents work?

In the rare case that something on a trip doesn’t go as planned, travel agents are there to resolve the problem, so the client can relax and enjoy. Travel agents work for the client – not the travel supplier, so their main concern is always the traveler’s unique needs.

Why do travel agents save time?

Planning a vacation with an agent saves time and money because they’ll handle all travel arrangements.

What is personalized service in travel?

Personalized Service. Travel agents devote time and effort to making sure people are happy and satisfied with their travel options. If clients need any assistance, agents are just a phone call or email away, so the travelers will receive immediate attention when they need it.

What is home based travel?

Home-based travel agents are the driving force behind today’s travel industry. They know that you work hard for your vacations, and want to work equally as hard to ensure travelers have the best vacation experiences possible.

Do travel agents work for clients?

When you book travel through an agent, they work for the client – not the travel supplier, so their main concern is always the traveler’s unique needs.

What is a travel agent’s job?

Most travel agents have been working in the industry for years now, and it’s their job to stay on top of travel trends and upcoming hot destinations. When I spoke with my travel agent about a trip to Europe recently, she offered a few alternate destinations. I was not thinking about the destinations she suggested, but the alternatives offered great activities, culture, food, interesting boutique hotels, and more options for less money than my original destination.

Why do you need a travel agent?

One of the best ways to utilize a travel agent is as an advocate should something derail on your trip. They can help you with lost luggage, in the case of natural disasters, if you get stuck in a location before your trip, etc. They are there to help you get your trip back on track.

How to find a reputable travel agent?

One of the best ways to find a reputable travel agent is to get referrals from your friends and family. Anyone that has used that travel agent for a previous trip and enjoyed their service is someone worth checking out. As with anything, I always suggest talking to at least two different travel agents to see who you feel most comfortable with. Remember, they are there to work for you.

How many trails are there on Trailforks?

Put the most accurate interactive trails maps in your pocket, with 400,000 trails to discover, plan, and track any trail adventure.

Do travel agents specialize in cruises?

If they have been in the travel business for many years, they likely have supplier relationships in place that can help leverage better deals for you. Many travel agents specialize in locations (i.e., cruise vacations in Europe). Some travel agents offer package deals, with more savings passed on to you then booking the trip on your own—that is good news to your wallet.

Do travel agents charge extra?

They don’t usually cost extra. It’s a myth that working with a travel agent will automatically cost you more; most get paid via commissions from the hotel or outfitter. Sure, some travel agents do charge a fee for putting together an itinerary, but most will credit you that fee if you end up booking the trip through them.

Do travel agents find the best deals?

They’re not you. This may seem obvious, although it’s still important to consider. A travel agent not only finds you the best deals, but they also offer suggestions for activities, restaurants, and more.