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when is the best time to travel to jordan

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Is November a good month to visit Jordan?

Visiting Jordan in November November is the start of winter in Jordan, and it’s very much a shoulder month when it comes to tourism. You can expect a little rainfall as the month progresses while the nights can be very cold, especially in the desert.

What is the weather like in Jordan in summer?

It’s very hot in summer (June to August), with temperatures of up to 102F. In contrast, Jordan often experiences snow in winter (December to February) and the nights get very cold, especially in the desert regions. Most of the rain falls at this time, in short, sharp showers.

When is the best time to go to Aqaba?

The shoulder months of September to November in Jordan are the best time to go to Aqaba and the Red Sea, though prices rise as temperatures go down. October, in particular, is a good time to visit as the first rain begins to fall following a blistering summer, which in turns make the parched countryside bloom again.

When is the best time to visit the Dead Sea?

The best time to visit the Dead Sea is December through May for seasonal temperatures, as the region gets an average of 192 days a year of temperatures over 90 F. Can You Drink Alcohol in Jordan?

How hot is Jordan in August?

In August, it’s still incredibly hot across Jordan with temperatures hovering between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius depending on your location.

What is the most popular destination in the Middle East?

With its ancient history and hospitable culture, Jordan is one of the most popular destinations to travel to in the Middle East.

What does April mean in the world?

In the western world, April usually means it’s the Easter holidays, and this can bring in lots of visitors from Europe or North America looking to not only make the most of their holiday time but to enjoy the warm climate of Jordan.

Why can you see far into the depths of the ocean?

You can see far into the depths because the water is crystal clear, as there has been no rain or runoff from the coast for months by now.

Where to see meteor showers in August?

The desert and Wadi Rum are popular places to visit for budding astronomers, as in August, the annual Perseid Meteor Shower can be seen. With dark skies, Jordan is a wonderful place to experience this natural phenomenon.

When is the best time to go hiking in Jordan?

If you want to go hiking in Jordan, weather conditions are optimal in March, while the country’s nature and wildlife are starting to bloom beautifully.

When is summer in Jordan?

Summer, between June and August, can be unbearably hot in Jordan, while conversely, some areas can become frigidly cold in the winter, between December and February.

What is Jordan famous for?

Jordan is famed for more than just the Red Sea and Petra. It’s an amazing playground of a destination for adventurous globetrotters and families alike. There are a host of things to do including a tour of the historic ruins of Jerash, spending a night in a Bedouin camp out in the desert, experiencing wildlife like oryx at the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, and exploring the outback of Wadi Rum by foot, camel, or via a hot air balloon. The capital city of Amman also has plenty to keep tourists entertained.

What is the Amman Jazz Festival?

The annual Amman Jazz Festival is an event not to be missed hosting both Arabian and international artists from around the globe performing in Arabic and English.

What is the wettest month in Jordan?

In January, Jordan brings about cooler winter temperatures and occasional rain or snow showers, as January is the wettest month of the year.

What is the average temperature in March?

March is the start of warmer spring temperatures, seeing an average temperature of 54 degrees F (12 degrees C). The weather becomes quite pleasant after emerging from the cooler, rainy days of winter.

When is the best time to hike the Jordan Trail?

March is a perfect time to hike the Jordan Trail which runs from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south.

When is the best time to visit Jordan?

The best time to visit Jordan is between mid-March to May, when spring-like temperatures start to climb back up but it’s not too hot yet for the Middle East. Spring is a popular time for hiking in Jordan as the weather is cool with only a slight chance of rain. It is a popular time for tourists overall to visit the country and sites such as Petra and Wadi Rum. No matter when you decide to visit Jordan, this guide will help you figure out the best time for your trip.

When is Maal Hijra in Jordan?

Maal Hijra is the celebration of the Islamic New Year in Jordan and is often celebrated in August or late July.

Spring in Jordan

If I had to describe spring in Jordan with only one word, it would be splendid. Not too hot, not too cold. Not too rainy, not too dry. Just right. The perk of traveling to Jordan in spring is that the weather is suitable to experience all the country’s attractions.

Summer in Jordan

This is the moment when Jordan being 90% desert makes sense. It’s hard to survive summers in Jordan, especially if you’re not used to high temperatures. So make sure you bring your swimsuit, sunblock, light clothes, and a hat.

Autumn in Jordan

Before I describe this season, let me tell you that autumn is another time you should keep an eye on as it’s the start of shoulder season to visit Jordan. Moreover, while prices begin to rise, they’re still affordable.

Winter in Jordan

As Jordan is a Middle Eastern country, one might believe the country experiences practically no winter. Well, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth! Jordan has intense winters, with frigid temperatures. So much so that Amman experiences snowfalls occasionally. Yes, you read that right.

The Best Season to Visit Jordan

Jordan is a year-round destination, and you’ll certainly have something to enjoy no matter the season you visit. However, spring is the best season to visit Jordan, especially if you want to explore most of the country’s attractions.

The Best Month to Visit Jordan

The best months to visit Jordan are March and April. You won’t encounter rainy days, temperatures are perfect, and they rarely break the 77°F mark. The warmer weather also creates beautiful landscapes, with Jordan’s valleys covered in wildflowers.

When is the best month to visit Jordan?

Assuming that you’re keen to travel around a little, the best month to visit Jordan is either in April or May. Most of the rain has cleared up and temperatures haven’t yet hit the sizzling highs of the summer, which have been known to hit 45°C.

What is the wind in the desert called?

This is known across the Middle East as the khamseen (“fifty”), after the fifty days it traditionally persists (although in Jordan it rarely lasts longer than a few days), and can darken the sky and raise the temperature by 10°C, coating everyone and everything in a layer of sand.

How high is the Dead Sea?

The Dead Sea, on the other hand, lies 400m below sea level. The same January day could have you throwing snowballs in Ajloun or topping up your tan on Red Sea beaches.

What temperature is the Dead Sea?

Temperatures at the Dead Sea and Aqaba have been known to top 45°C, with Aqaba in particular suffering from an intolerable hot wind that makes you feel like you’re basting in a fan-assisted oven.

Where does the Hajj take place?

It takes place in Jerash in July, focusing on Jordanian dance and music. Besides the weather, it’s worth remembering that the hajj will take place in July for the next three years. While the pilgrimage is bound for Mecca in Saudia Arabia, many connecting flights come through Jordan and so planes are block booked.

When does Jordan get its first rain?

But if you catch it, this can be a lovely time to visit. The first rains fall in early or mid-October, making the parched countryside bloom again and temperatures drop to more manageable levels.

When is Jerash Festival in Jordan?

The Jerash Festival for Culture and Art is well worth a visit. It takes place in Jerash in July, focusing on Jordanian dance and music.

What to wear in Jordan in the winter?

You need warm clothes between November and April. Pack a winter jacket, gloves, and a hat. Dress in layers as the sun can be warm in certain areas of the country, but high elevations such as Amman and Petra are quite cool. I have an entire post about winter in Jordan. I suggest you read it if you are planning a winter visit.

What to think about when traveling?

Whether it is an emergency room visit for something as simple as strep throat, or an emergency appendix surgery, or an unfortunate moped incident things do go wrong when people travel everyday.

What is the best time to hike in Jordan?

Spring is the most popular time of the year for hiking in Jordan. The weather is cool, and good for hiking. It can be very wet, so plan some flexibility into your itinerary.

Is Jordan hot in July?

As I mentioned, you can visit Jordanany time of the year. It is just that spring and fall are best, temperature-wise. I was recently there in July, and I was surprised that it was not as hot as I was expecting. It was also busy with tourists. Those who are tied to summer break holidays choose July to visit Jordan. Residents of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries also escape the unbearable heat and choose to visit Jordan, where the temperature is much more comfortable than their home country.

Is Fall high season in Jordan?

Fall is also high season for visitors, although it is not like other places in the world. Jordan sees just a million visitors a year to Petra, so even on busy days, it is nothing like other tourist sites in the world that see tens of thousands of visitors a day. Do not be put off by traveling in high season in Jordan.

Is renting a car in Jordan?

Rental Cars are very popular in Jordan, get a quote on renting a car before you arrive if you plan on self-driving the Kingdom.

Can You Drink Alcohol in Jordan?

In fact, alcohol is easily had in restaurants and even in some stores throughout much of the Islamic world, and this is certainly true in Jordan.

What is a haboob?

Haboobs, or dust storms, are no joking matter. In 2018, a Libyan dust storm blew so hard and so long that sands of the Sahara tinted Siberian snows red. Haboobs can kick up in minutes and fill the air with dust that can be a real menace to your eyes and lungs.

What movies were filmed in Jordan?

Movie fans will recognize much of Jordan’s arid red landscape, as some of the most popular movies of the last half-century have been filmed here. “Lawrence of Arabia” was really Lawrence of Wadi Rum. Indiana Jones fought the last crusade at Petra. Matt Damon plotted his “Martian” escape from the desert plateau in Wadi Rum, but it’s not the first time this country played stand-in for Mars – “Mission to Mars” and “the Red Planet,” among others, were shot here too. The Transformers and X-Men have brought their heroic battles to Jordan’s sands, but the gritty battles of the “Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty” were also fought here. And that’s just the short list!

What is the best time to visit Jordan?

Climate is a big factor when choosing the best time to visit Jordan. It’s easy to look at those Martian deserts and think it’s the Earth’s oven, but Jordan does receive snowfall, thanks to its varying elevations. In fact, visit Amman in January and part of the city can be under a blanket of snow while it’s raining at lower elevations. Amman is also prone to fog and can have it for more than 120 days a year, thanks to several microclimates in the city that make pockets of distinct weather happen simultaneously.

Do Americans need a visa to enter Jordan?

If crossing via land from the Sheikh Hussein/Allenby Bridge from Israel, Americans need a visa to enter Jordan. Most other ports of entry, and definitely at Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport, Americans can purchase a 30-day, single entry visa on arrival for about $60, a double-entry visa (used by the same traveler; not for a couple) for $85, or a multiple-entry visa for $170.

Is Jordan a sovereign country?

Jordan is a sovereign nation ruled by King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, who can count Oprah Winfrey among her biggest fans. About the size of the state of Maine, Jordan enjoys a strong relationship with the United States while performing a confident balancing act among its neighbors. No small feat, since to its north is Syria. The south, Saudi Arabia. Iraq is on its eastern borders, with Israel and Palestine parked to the west. But as one of the most peaceful countries in the Middle East, there’s an interesting fact that distinguishes Jordan from all its neighbors: It has no oil.

What is the Jerash festival?

Jerash Festival (July): A celebration of Jordanian arts, culture, literature, food and music. This is a large and lively event, and often includes optional seminars and workshops in addition to the main celebrations. Read more

How hot is Jordan?

The days are warm, with temperatures between 61°F and 99°F, but the nights are cool. It’s not too hot for exploring sites or hiking in the nature reserves, where flora and fauna are abundant. It’s very hot in summer (June to August), with temperatures of up to 102°F. In contrast, Jordan often experiences snow in winter (December to February) …

When is the best time to visit Wadi Rum?

Make an inquiry. Summer is often stiflingly hot and the winter unpredictable; you can even see snow in the Wadi Rum in March. For me, spring strikes the perfect balance, as the climate is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying some much craved sunshine. This is also the best time to visit the country’s nature reserves.

When is the winter season in Jordan?

December is the start of the winter season in Jordan, with temperatures plummeting and rain and snow often falling throughout the country. However, this is a quiet time to visit, so sites may be empty.

Is Jordan cold in winter?

The winter months in Jordan are very cold: Amman is typically assailed by biting winds, while Petra experiences snowfall and temperatures hovering a few degrees below freezing. Around Aqaba and the Dead Sea the climate is warmer and more pleasant. January is also the wettest month of the year.

Does Jordan get snow?

In contrast, Jordan often experiences snow in winter (December to February) and the nights get very cold, especially in the desert regions. Most of the rain falls at this time, in short, sharp showers.

Is the desert cold?

However, nights in the desert can be quite cold still. Wildflowers coat the valleys and even the desert from April through to early June, creating a kaleidoscope of color across the country. Temperatures are warm but not too hot and, thanks to winter’s rain, the valleys and forests are lush.

What is the weather like in Amman in winter?

Amman does experience more extremes in winter than the rest of the country. You can expect rainfall, even snow and bitterly cold winds. Day time temperatures average only 12c/52F in mid-January. You definitely need coats and woollies mid-winter – check out our complete guide what to wear in Jordan here.

What is the water temperature in Aqaba?

Water temperatures in Aqaba range from 21c/70F in the middle of winter to a very pleasant 27c/80F in the peak of summer . Air temperature ranges from highs of only 20c/68F in the middle of winter to 40c/104F in the peak of summer. Aqaba does not suffer much from humidity, on average below 24%.

What is the average temperature in the Middle East in summer?

The Spring and Autumn are comparatively long and pleasant. Mid Summer bringing with it exceptionally nice days, average day time highs around 32c/90F making it one of the Middle East’s most pleasant capitals in summer.

How cold is the desert?

Winters, on the other hand, are much colder. You can expect day time temperatures in the desert of only 10 to 15c, and overnight temperatures down to zero/32F.

How many seasons does Jordan have?

Unlike many other parts of the Middle East, Jordan experiences four distinct seasons, and has many sub-climates that visitors need to be aware of.

What is the prettiest time to visit Jordan?

The prettiest time to visit Jordan is the spring when much of the country becomes blanketed in wildflowers.

Where is the Jerash Festival held?

Held around June or July each year, the Jerash Festival is held in the ancient Roman city of Jerash, approximately 48 kms north of Amman has become an annual sensation. It brings together an assortment of singers, dancers and musicians including an international line up of artists who perform at the ancient amphitheatres of Jerash.