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when is the best time to travel to hanoi vietnam

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What cities in Vietnam are good to visit?

very depending on what kind of person you are:if you like to discover an ancient city: Hoi An,HanoiIf you like some party over night,visit HCM cityDanang is a good choice for relaxing,a lot of good resorts and hotels,nice beach also.

Why should I visit Hanoi?

Why Visit Hanoi In Spring?Ideal Weather for a Multitude of Activities. Spring in Hanoi lasts from around February to April each year. …Mesmerizing Scenery In A Relaxing City. Spring is also the most suitable weather for plants and flowers to grow,as it is humid while not too hot nor cold.Perfect Time for Specialties of Any Season. …Unforgettable Tet’s Atmosphere That Lingers. …

What is the best thing to buy while visiting Vietnam?

Vietnam’s Traditional Dresses. If you visit Vietnam, you certainly can’t miss Vietnamese traditional dress called “ao dai. Ao dai is famous for its unique design which is said to make the woman’s body look more beautiful and attractive. You can buy ao dai in many tailor shops in Ho Chi Minh City.

What is the best part of Hanoi to live in?

Where to stay in Hanoi – in a nutshellThe best area to stay in Hanoi for a first time trip is the Old Quarter. …Where to stay in Hanoi for families: the French Quarter is a good choice if you want to stay in the centre of the city. …Best place to stay in Hanoi as a couple: Truc Bach,just 10-15 minutes walking from the centre,is a lovely boutique area where you can have a more relaxed …More items…

What is the best time to visit Hanoi?

The best time to visit Hanoi is from February to April and from Late September to November. February to April marks the time of spring and the days are warm and sunny. Rainfall is minimal with the usual drizzles. Temperatures hover from 20°C to 30°C. From Late September to November, the temperatures are quite similar to February till April, but you can expect temperatures to drop below 20°C in the evenings and at night.

What is the Hanoi festival known for?

The Co Loa Festival in February takes place in the Co Loa Citadel and is known for wrestling and crossbow shootings, whereas, the Dong Festival in March in the Gia Lam district in Hanoi has special martial arts performances by famous masters. Another popular festival, the Le Mat Festival is usually celebrated in March and takes place in the Le Mat Village in the Hanoi district. The Keo Pagoda Festival is held in spring and autumn and celebrated with palanquin procession, swimming race and traditional dances.

What to do in Hanoi on Christmas Eve?

A cup of hot coffee with noodles is just the right thing for a chilly evening. Pay a visit to the Hanoi Cathedral on Christmas Eve or shop at the Christmas market in Old Quarters. You can look forward to the Annual Flower Festival that takes place in the last week of December. The Tet Festival may fall at the end of January, depending on the dates of the lunar calendar. Thus, it is best to check the dates of the festival beforehand.

What is the average temperature in Hanoi in July?

The average temperature in July and August averages around 29 degrees . In September there is a slight fall in temperature averaging at 27 degrees and rainfall dips to a little more than 150mm. However, throughout the summer months, the humidity remains high crossing 75%. The high temperatures coupled with rain are the main reasons why the summers are considered Hanoi’s offseason. However, this means that the tariffs are less and accommodations and bookings easier and more affordable.

What is the weather like in Hanoi?

The most visited months of Hanoi- October and November – have glorious weather and clear skies. The temperatures range from 24-27 degrees in the fall season with rainfall less than 100mm and clear blue skies. Although leaves wither in some parts, there are a different variety of flowers that bloom in Fall.

What to do in the Old Quarter in autumn?

Shop at its many local shopping centres or dine at the popular restaurants. Better stroll along the hawker crowded streets of Old Quarter to discover the city’s past. Or enjoy the delicious platter of street food, hopping from one stall to another. The mild weather is the perfect way to explore the outdoors, shop and gobble the street food without caring much about the heat, sweat, rain or chill. There are also many events and festivals to look forward to in autum n.

When is Hanoi’s liberation day?

The Liberation Day is celebrated on 10th October, the day when in 1954 Hanoi was liberated after the Battle of Dien Bien Phu. The Keo Pagoda Festival is held usually in October at the pagoda in the Thai Binh province with boat races, drum and trumpet competitions.

What is the average temperature in Hanoi in the winter?

The winter of Hanoi starts from December to February, with the average temperature of 17.2 degree. However, sometimes the temperature might drop below 10 degrees, and high humidity makes the weather strongly cold. Visitors need to put on thick warm clothes in winter. In general, the weather is dry and not hot, as well as the less rainfall, which is the peak tourist season.

What is the best time to visit Hanoi?

Falling from February to April, Hanoi’s spring is warm with light rain and pleasant flowers. The average temperature is usually between 15℃ and 20℃. At this time, the flowers in full bloom can be seen everywhere in Hanoi, which is the most prosperous period of tourism in Vietnam. The most important and biggest traditional festival Tet or the Spring Festival is during this period. If you visit to Hanoi at this time, you can experience the Vietnamese Spring Festival, appreciate the ocean of flowers, and taste the special snacks of the Spring Festival.

What is the climate in Hanoi?

Hanoi is a typical tropical monsoon climate in northern Vietnam, with hot and rainy summers and dry and cold winters. The climate is divided into two main seasons: the rainy season (May to September) and the dry season (October to April). However, due to the existence of the transitional month, Hanoi still experienced distinct four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.