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when ghosts attack travel channel

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When does ghosts of Devil’s perch premiere on Travel Channel?

Ghosts of Devil’s Perch is set to premiere on Travel Channel on Sunday, August 21st at 9 p.m. ET, the same day it premieres on discovery+. Are you looking forward to the new series? Let us know in the comments or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things Star Wars and horror!

What are the best places to watch paranormal and horror TV?

As far as the premier destinations for spooky programming goes, Travel Channel and discovery+ reign supreme. Further evidenced by their lineup announcement for the rest of 2022. Travel Channel and discovery+ have put a stake in the ground (and possibly a vampire’s heart?) to claim the title as the definitive homes of paranormal and horror content.

What do you think about the TV show Ghost Whisperer?

This show is very well done, and is based on Actual People’s first hand accounts of their ghost stories. The directing is very professional and scarier than ANY Scary movie I’ve ever seen.

Where is ‘Ghosts of Devil’s Perch’ set?

When it comes to searching for evidence of the supernatural, some investigators will dive into populated areas that have seen rich histories, but in the new supernatural series Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, a paranormal research team is instead setting their sets on a desolate Montana locale.