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what to take when travelling with a baby

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What are the best baby travel items?

Even for daytime naps at the hotel or in an Airbnb without blackout blinds, this is one of the must useful baby travel products. The SlumberPod is one of those new products that’s come on the market recently and we consider it to be one of the best baby travel items!

What do I need to pack for my Baby’s first trip?

1 Baby carrier 2 Large swaddle blankets 3 SlumperPod 4 Baby travel bed (if not provided by a hotel) 5 CoziGo stroller cover (if traveling with a stroller) 6 Fabric high chair (if baby is eating solid foods) 7 Diaper change pad 8 Thermometer Baby Tylenol 9 Sleep items that your baby is familiar with (sleepsack, white noise, etc)

How to travel with a baby in flight?

So, to keep your baby busy, you can pack some of your baby’s favorite toys, rattles, etc. If not this, you can also take some books with you, to read for your baby. This is one of the essential things to carry while traveling with a baby in flight or train, especially for a long journey.

How much baby food do you need when traveling with a baby?

Food: two small jars of baby food per meal, plus snacks if your baby is eating solids; easy-to-eat snacks for you; formula if you’re not breastfeeding Babies require a lot of stuff, even when traveling.

What do you need to keep close when traveling?

Wipes are one of those multipurpose items you’ll want to keep close when traveling. Dirty bums, sticky hands, accidental spills, runny noses, wiping down tables, chairs, or highchairs in restaurants – wipes do it all! Many parents carry one full pack of wipes in the luggage and one in the diaper bag. Hello Bello wipes are strong yet flexible and the lid snaps shut to prevent accidental dry outs.

How to prevent diaper leaks?

Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.

How much does the Ergobaby Omni 360 fit?

If you’re going to the beach, a market, or other tourist sites, you can keep your baby safe and snug. The Ergobaby Omni 360 will fit babies starting at 7 pounds and keep working for kids up to 4 years old and 45 pounds. It’s quick to snap on and off and comfortable enough to wear all day. advertisement.

What is a baby bib?

If your baby is experimenting with real food, a washable bib will come in handy to keep outfit changes under control. The BIB-ON is a bib and apron combo for extra protection from spills and messes. They’re one size fits all from ages 0 to 4 and come in adorable prints. They’re also wrinkle-free, soft, lightweight, and easy to roll up and take with you.

What is Advent soothies?

Advent Soothies are the same ones that NICUs use, and they’re magical for calming infants. (Unless, of course, your baby prefers a thumb or a different soother.)

What can you use a Muslin blanket for?

Muslin blankets can be used as a changing pad, burp cloth, sun cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, or a blanket to lay your baby down.

What toys do you bring to a baby?

Bringing a few of your baby’s favorite toys is always a good idea, and ones that fasten to a stroller or bouncer won’t get lost. Lamaze’s well-regarded line of toys have crinkly add-ons, mirrors, teething rings, and colors and patterns that fascinate babies.

What to pack for a baby in a carry-on?

What to Pack for Baby in the Carry-on Bag: 1 Diapers: two days’ and nights’ worth (in case you get stuck en route) 2 Wipes, lots of them 3 A changing pad 4 Two bibs 5 Three baby blankets to use them as burp or to cover your with while breastfeeding 6 Two bottles (if you use them) 7 Change of clothes for your baby 8 Change of clothes for you (in case your baby spits up — or worse) 9 Large ziplock bags to store soiled clothes in 10 Several pacifiers (if your baby uses one) 11 Food: two small jars of baby food per meal, plus snacks if your baby is eating solid; easy-to-eat granola and cereal bars for you; formula if you’re not breastfeeding 12 Activities: a couple of favorite toys and books plus a few brand-new ones 13 Infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen, depending on baby’s age 14 Antibacterial wipes 15 Cell phone and cell phone charger

What to pack in a carry-on bag for a newborn?

What to Pack for Baby in the Carry-on Bag: Food: two small jars of baby food per meal, plus snacks if your baby is eating solid; easy-to-eat granola and cereal bars for you; formula if you’re not breastfeeding.

What to pack in a baby’s suitcase?

What to Pack in Baby’s Suitcase: A first-aid kit: Pack any medications your baby might need, bandages, an antibiotic ointment, your pediatrician’s number, and outlet covers for baby proofing. Clothes, socks, bottles or shoes: Pack two outfits for each day you’ll be away, plus two extra ones.

What to pack for a day of traveling?

Clothes, socks, bottles or shoes: Pack two outfits for each day you’ll be away, plus two extra ones. Lightweight stroller or baby carrier. Car seat (Even if you’re not traveling by car!)

How much breast milk can you carry on a plane?

Inform the TSA officer at the beginning of the screening process that you carry formula, breast milk and juice in excess of 3.4 ounces in your carry-on bag. These liquids are typically screened by X-ray.

What to inform TSA about a child?

Children with Medical Conditions, Disabilities, or Mobility Aids. Inform the TSA officer if the child has a disability, medical condition or medical device, and advise the officer of the best way to relieve any concerns during the screening process. Inform the TSA officer if your child is able to walk through the metal detector or needs …

What do TSA officers need to test for?

Screening Formula, Breast Milk and Juice. TSA officers may need to test liquids for explosives or concealed prohibited items. Officers may ask you to open the container and/or have you transfer a small quantity of the liquid to a separate empty container or dispose of a small quantity, if feasible. Inform the TSA officer if you do not want …

How long can a child stay standing in the TSA machine?

If your child is able to remain standing in the required position for 5 seconds, he or she may be screened through the advanced imaging technology. If a child 12 and under goes through the machine and alarms, they have an opportunity to go through again or the TSA officer may use other procedures to resolve the alarm to reduce the need for a pat-down.

How long do you have to call TSA before traveling?

Call TSA Cares 72 hours prior to traveling with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint. You may also call to request assistance at the checkpoint.

What is a toddler in a screening?

A toddler is defined as a child who receives assistance in walking by an adult throughout the screening process.

Why are modified screening procedures in place?

Modified screening procedures are in place to reduce the likelihood of a pat-down.

What to pack for a baby on a plane?

Make sure to always pack any key essentials for your baby in your carry-on. This includes comfort items like their favorite toy or pacifier, extra clothes for both your baby and you and enough food, diapers and other key items to last you through the trip plus any possible delays.

Why do we need an app for traveling?

Parents also may find an app to track sleeping and feeding especially helpful during travel, particularly when switching time zones. A general packing app could help you keep track of what you need to bring for your infant, as well as the entire family. Make sure these apps are accessible offline if you need them while flying.

Where is Lori Zaino?

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Can a travel stroller lighten your load?

A travel stroller can really lighten your load. (Photo by Orbon Alija/Getty)

Can you pack a crib in a car?

If you’re traveling via car, you can easily pack a travel crib or other larger baby items.

Is Airbnb better than a hotel?

Often, a home rental might be a better choice than a hotel, assuming you pick just the right one. Airbnb allows you to filter properties by items such as “crib” and “high chair,” and you can also message hosts to see if they have any other baby-friendly items available.

Can you fly with an infant in a car seat?

If you’re flying with an infant in a car seat, make sure your car seat is approved for air travel. You also may want to request a bassinet for your baby (if the aircraft you’re flying has one) or ask for an aisle seat, which makes things easier for standing up with the baby.

What is the best travel blanket for a newborn?

Blankets are one of the best traveling essentials for baby. We highly recommend the Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets. The reason we love them so much is for their large size and how lightweight they are.

What is a peapod plus?

The KidCo Peapod Plus travel tent is a lightweight, sturdy travel bed which collapses to fit in a typical suitcase. What’s not to love?!?

What is the best travel crib for a baby?

For infants and babies, the best baby travel cribs that we recommend are the Guava Lotus travel crib or the BABYBJORN travel crib. For older babies (older than 12 months old), the KidCo PeaPod Plus Travel Bed is another great baby travel bed option.

What is a cozigo stroller cover?

The CoziGo Bassinet & Stroller Cover works as both a cover for airline bassinets and a sun shade for strollers.

What to bring for a baby on the go?

For snacks on the go, a sippy cup and spill proof snack cup are must have baby travel items. Your baby can snack away in the stroller while you walk to the next attraction!

What is the best product for a baby to use in a hotel room?

One item that we wished had been available at the time is the SlumberPod. It will create a dark environment for your baby and would be so useful when sharing a hotel room with a baby. Even for daytime naps at the hotel or in an Airbnb without blackout blinds, this is one of the must useful baby travel products.

What is the best thing to take on a plane with a baby?

The number one item we recommend for flying with a baby is a good baby carrier. You’ll find our top two baby carriers for travel in the Baby Travel Must Haves for Getting Around section above.


Hotels and restaurants are often used to such requests and will help, but if they are busy or where you are staying doesn’t have round-the clock room service, then bringing a small portable rechargeable blender can be a lifesaver to puree some veggies and fruit quickly. If you don’t want to pack a portable blender, then whole foods like bananas, ripe pears, mangoes or avocados can be mashed up immediately wherever you are to make instant baby food while travelling.

What to eat on a flight?

Once up in the air, ask a flight attendant for a cup of hot water and you can warm it up. Add cheese or fresh vegetables!

Can you take frozen food in your luggage?

To keep the food fresh in my hand luggage, I take frozen gel packs from home AND empty Ziploc bags. Be aware some countries security laws may not accept icepacks/coolpacks/ gel packs to keep the food cool through security. Check at the check in counter if they are allowed and if you are caught out, pack the frozen gel packs in your suitcase and then use your Ziplocs to fill with ice from a cafe once airside and again from the crew onboard the plane. (If you are traveling within the USA or from the USA the TSA rules for baby food DO permit cool-packs and gel pack use in your hand luggage. They will also permit frozen food. The UK will also allow frozen gel packs to keep baby food cool only)

Can you travel with a baby?

Traveling with a baby who is weaning does need some forward planning, especially if you flying with a baby and can’t pop out to the shops to purchase some baby food, or whip up a meal in your kitchen. Traveling with baby food means also considering delays and how to keep food cool or heat it up. This post answers lots of popular questions about travelling with baby food, provides tips and ideas to make it easier for you and provides suggestions of easy baby food that travels well.

Can you bring baby powder into Australia?

I’ve always declared baby powder formula, even opened and have been allowed it. Countries like Australia will not let you bring any fresh produce in. Please check the latest customs laws.

Can you grate cheese before you give it to a baby?

Cheese – you can grate or shred it into fine pieces before you fo for baby to easily grab.

Can you bring fresh food on an airplane?

Anything that is fresh, remember to leave on the aircraft or check the countries customs laws. For example, fresh food of any kind is NOT allowed into Australia or New Zealand.

How can I prepare for my baby potentially getting sick?

While you’re having the vaccine chat with your pediatrician, also be sure to ask how you can get in touch with them while you are abroad. Remember that you will possibly be in a different time zone – is there a 24-hour line you can call?

Do I need travel health insurance?

Yes!! You should never travel without health insurance that covers you internationally – especially if you are traveling with a baby! And most standard US insurance plans do not cover you outside of the states.

Should I worry about visa requirements?

Yes! You should definitely do a quick Google search to see if the country you are visiting requires a visa and if you need to get it ahead of time. Most don’t, if you’re American. But some do.

How do I even go about planning a trip with a baby?

It is daunting to plan a vacation with a baby, especially if you’re not really that into planning things.

What about all the baby supplies that I’ll need?

Traveling with a baby doesn’t necessarily mean you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink. I find that there are really only 21 things that you absolutely need when you travel with a baby.

Do I have to pay for baby?

Sometimes. For babies under 2 years old, you have two options: buy them their own seat, or take them as a “lap infant”. A lap infant means that the baby does not have her own seat – she will stay on your lap the whole time.

Can I (and should I) bring a car seat on the plane?

People have super strong opinions about it, and there is plenty of mom-shaming out there over this issue. It is a personal decision, and you’ll find no judgment from me. I’ve gone both ways on this one, so I will just try to provide you with some info and pros/cons.

How to Pack Baby Clothes for Travel?

The best thing you can do to pack a baby’s clothes is that you should keep the important things above like diapers, wipes, rash creams, etc. This will allow you to reach the essentials things when needed.

What to use for a baby with dry skin?

So, in order to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple, baby lotion, baby face cream, diaper rash cream, mosquito repellent, pain reliever, etc, might come handy in case your baby gets dry skin or if he gets hurt.

What is the best baby travel product?

If you are traveling by train or plane, the sling is one of the best baby travel products because this will allow free movement from the station and from one terminal to another.

Why do you need a pacifier when traveling?

Pacifier would be helpful to keep your baby busy during traveling with a baby on a train or plane. This would be helpful during the night when your baby is not hungry neither asleep.

How to stop mess while feeding baby?

To prevent the mess while feeding your baby, you can simply use a baby bib. This will also lessen the use of clothes to clean the baby’s clothes or prevent changing of clothes.

What should be in a baby travel bag?

Baby travel bag should always include some additional clothes as the baby dribbles or if your baby’s diaper leaks accidentally. In that case, the extra clothes that you have packed would be of great help.

Why do you need a sanitizer for a baby?

As I have mentioned, you need to protect your baby from germs, infections, etc. A sanitizer will enable you to clean your seat during your journey either through train or flight that is important especially during pandemics.

How old should a baby be to fly?

There’s no official age when experts say it’s okay for your baby to fly. That said, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discourages newborns from flying unnecessarily after birth, since air travel can increase a young baby’s risk for catching an infectious disease.

How to pack a baby in a carry-on?

Make sure anything that should be out of baby’s reach is out of baby’s reach, like enticing-but-dangerous medications and other toiletries you have to store separately in plastic bags for security reasons. Be sure those bags (and any other pill containers, like the daily variety) are firmly fastened and zipped shut in your carry-on so that your little one can’t get to them. And don’t stash loose pills in baggies; keep them in their original childproofed bottles.

How to help a baby with ear pressure?

Ease her ear pressure. Plan feedings for takeoff and landing. That’s when your baby will experience the most ear pressure, and swallowing can relieve some of that.

What to do if your baby won’t take a cold bottle?

So if your baby won’t take a cold bottle, it’s perfectly reasonable to see if a flight attendant will warm one up for you. When you get it back, do the same bottle heat test you’d do at home to avoid scalding your baby. Tie the knot.

What to bring on a plane ride?

You’re allowed to bring small jars of baby food and formula (if you’re bottle-feeding) on board. Ease his ear pressure.

How much liquid can you carry on a plane?

Prep your liquids, formula, breast milk or juice. All are exempt from the TSA’s 3-1-1 rule limiting carry-on liquids to 3.4 ounces, so you can bring the amount that you need and don’t need to worry about fitting it into a plastic quart-sized bag. (Canned or jarred baby food is okay too.) They’ll need to be screened separately though, so corral them in a separate bag or container that’s easy to pull out of your carry-on bag when you get to the security belt. It’s safe for liquids to go through the X-ray machine, says the AAP. But you can also request to have the liquids inspected visually, if you prefer.

What to bring to a baby flight?

Pack for playtime. Bring a few favorite toys and books and a few new ones to keep things interesting while you’re flying with your baby.

What does it mean when a baby eats real food?

Eating real food. When babies start to eat real food, they start to demand real food on schedule. Which means you have to be prepared with REAL FOOD on demand. No joke. We opted to do a mix of purees and baby-led weaning with both of our littles simply because it afforded us the flexibility to be a bit lazy in this regard. Depending on the type of trip, having separate meals made for baby may be a hassle, or hard to find!

What age should I take my baby on a vacation?

I think the best age to take a baby on holiday is definitely 3-6 months. We have now done 3 trips at this age with our two kids and each one has been a success. Ah, the blissful long stroller walks! Casually enjoying lunch while baby naps in the stroller or carrier. Not needing to think about food and not needing to worry about illness it’s a perfect age to travel with a baby. After 3-6 months it’s all downhill until age 3.5 when you can start to actually reason with your kids.

How many nap times a day should a 18-month-old take?

They may only take one nap. This is likely closer to the 18-month mark, but having only one nap a day allowed for a lot of flexibility when traveling. When our kids are napping two naps a day having a separate bedroom is a MUST for us. I am NOT going on vacation to sit in a dark room for hours on end.

How many naps do 9-month-olds have?

They reliably had two naps and both MOSTLY slept through the night. At this point, they were both eating mostly ‘table food’ which made them much better travel buddies.

How long does a baby sleep?

Pros: 0-3 months. The baby will sleep a lot. Usually not when you want the baby to sleep, but nevertheless, he will be sleeping for most of the hours of the day. Baby is completely immobile. Wherever you put the baby down is likely where they are going to stay.

Why don’t we travel before 3 months?

Sleep deprivation sucks and being on vacation doesn’t help . Potential illness. For us, this is the biggest reason we don’t travel much before three months. it’s not good when babies under 3 months get sick, their little immune system is not yet mature.

When do you put everything in your mouth?

Eating everything. 6-9 months is the peak of the ‘put everything in your mouth stage’. If you are a germaphobe it’s probably not a good idea to travel with your baby at this age. Even myself, with a dog that basically french kissed my babies every day since birth, draw the line at some point.