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what is a travel in basketball缩略图

what is a travel in basketball

what is a travel in basketball插图

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Traveling is a violation in basketball in which the player in control of the ball, but not dribbling, makes an illegal move with their feet. A traveling violation results in a turnover, which means that the ball is awarded to the other team. Sounds pretty simple right?

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  • What are the rules for traveling in basketball?

  • Key Points of Traveling In Basketball 1 Traveling calls involve the illegal movement of the pivot foot. 2 You can鈥檛 travel while dribbling. 3 Only a player who is in control of the ball can travel. 4 A player must be inbounds in order to travel.

  • Do you have to be in the ball to travel?

  • A player must be in-bounds in order to travel. If you watch much basketball, you will also hear traveling referred to as 鈥渨alking鈥?or 鈥渢aking steps鈥? 鈥淯p and Down鈥?is also a commonly used phrase that is really just a traveling violation when a player leaves the floor and lands without passing or shooting the ball.

  • How many steps is a travel in basketball?

  • We can say that 3 steps is a travel but really it depends, for example picking up your pivot foot is a travel and that鈥檚 one step. If you catch the ball in motion it has to be out of your hands bypassing, shooting, or dribbling, if not this can be a travel.

  • What is traveling in soccer?

  • Traveling may occur when a player receives the ball while moving or stationary, or when a player starts dribbling. When a player receives the ball, they must establish a pivot foot.