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Top 5 Best Tesla Model 3 Accessories In 2022

It can sometimes be difficult to find the right accessories for your car. Luckily Tesla offers a wide variety of options that they’ve tested and deemed are safe, stylish and work well with the Model 3. If you’re thinking about getting your own Tesla, be sure to check out this article for ideas on which accessories you should buy!
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Using the Tesla Model 3 now in its fourth year of production, more and more people are understanding the amazing cars this company produces. And as the car continues to gain popularity, more accessories are starting to become available from third-party manufacturers that are designed particularly for the Design 3, allowing owners to add efficiency or personalization to their cars. Here’s our look at the top five best Tesla Model 3 accessories in 2022.
If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to jack port up your Tesla, look no further than the Tesla Jack Pad. This handy tool slides under your car’s chassis to provide a stable platform for your plug, making it easy to raise your car safely and without destruction. The Tesla Jack port Pad is made from Rubber and Nylon, so it’s built to last. Plus, it can easy to use; just slip it under your car, place your jack at the top, and start lifting.
The tesla hat is an excellent way to show your team spirit. The hats are made with high-quality brought up cotton embroidery and are extremely comfortable. They are also trendy, which means you can wear them to any game or event.

The baseball hat’s simple rear clasp makes it easy to tailor to your head for ideal comfort and a secure fit at all times. The unisex design makes it appropriate for both men and women.

The particular crown is constructed, and the visor is curved. Padded eyelets improve air flow, wicks perspiration, and dries quickly. Each Cap-Hat is designed and built to last for years and endure everyday wear and tear.
The Tesla key cardholder is the perfect way to keep your key credit card from sliding around during cornering or acceleration. It’s also a great destination to put the credit card when using valet parking.

Install: This installs in under a minute with pre-applied double-sided adhesive and requires no equipment.

Strong Substance: Made from laser-cut gloss black acrylic to match the Tesla Model 3 middle console’s OEM high gloss black trim finish.

Shape: Are the cardholder gives you00 to grab and remove your Tesla key card, as well as properly line it for use.
If you’re similar to most drivers, you dislike getting dirt and dirt on your car’s interior. Fortunately, which simple solution: car kick mats. Them attach to the floor of your car and protect your seats and carpets from dirt, mud, and other debris. They’re very simple to clean, so you will keep your car looking its best.

The tesla model 3 shoe hook is designed to hang your keys and maintain them there, so you don’t have to search through bags and hand bags of stuff to find your keys each and every time you need them. It’s durable, easy to install, and even features an LED key light.

If you desire a destination to hang your bags after shopping in the trunk, our Food Bag Hook is a simple and low-cost option. This is made of lasting, high-strength anodized metallic aluminum with the good build quality.

A bolt protrudes from the top of the trunk region on the Tesla Model 3. Simply screw the hook completely on the protruding sl?.