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how to travel full time with a family

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Do full time travelers make a lot of money?

There are other full time travelers who make a lot more money and spend a lot more money. So please don’t think this is the only way this lifestyle works. There are also other families who have learned to live on even less than us. We are striving for that still.

Is it possible to live full time in an RV?

I hope this helps explain how we are able to make living full time in an RV work for our family. AGAIN there are multiple ways that this can work for full time RVers, but this is what we have made work for us. Fulltime Families is a great resource for looking at some budget charts of other families on the road to see how they make it work.

Who is full time RVing with kids?

Bryanna has been full time RVing with her husband and 4 kids since May 2014. For the last 6+ years they have explored all over North America and share their top tips on things to do in locations with kids, along with road trip ideas and tips on RVing.

How long has Megan been traveling?

Megan has been traveling full time with her family for over two years, and they’re still going strong and loving the adventure. Below, Megan shares her top tips for living on the road with family, including advice on trip planning, roadschooling the kids, funding the lifestyle, and more. Note: This post on how to travel full-time …

What did the kids learn about the Oregon Trail?

Learned about the Oregon Trail — on the Oregon Trail. Toured all three branches of government in Washington DC. Learned about the Battle of the Alamo — at the Alamo. With all of the personal attention they get, the kids are flying through their schoolwork and are several grades ahead of where they would be in school.

What are some of the best places to visit in Washington DC?

Here are just a few experiences we’ve had because of where we were located: 1 Learned about the Oregon Trail — on the Oregon Trail 2 Toured all three branches of government in Washington DC 3 Learned about the Battle of the Alamo — at the Alamo 4 Went clamming and learned how to cook clams 5 Learned about space at the Griffith Observatory 6 Took a sandcastle-building lesson in Texas 7 Watched Louisville Sluggers being made in Kentucky 8 Saw hot air balloons take off in New Mexico

What happens if you only do what you think is normal?

If you only do what you think is “normal” then you’re missing out.

What is the second step in planning a trip?

And, since that first step isn’t necessarily a fun step, the second step is planning the locations you want to visit. Way more fun!

What happens if you sell your house?

If you sell or rent your home, you no longer have a mortgage or rent payments and can put that money toward lodging while you travel. But also, think of how many of your bills are associated with your house — electricity, gas, water, insurance, internet, landscaping, pest control, HOA, and so on. Those all go away!

Is it normal to work and school?

A lot of days are very normal for us — we do work and school, cook meals, clean the house, etc. And then some days we are touring the White House or hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Why do I homeschool my youngest children?

It’s the main reason why I decided to homeschool my youngest children. I wanted them to see the world beyond our front door. For us, downsizing our family was a potential first step. But what are other families doing to plan and prepare for a life of full-time travel with a family? This Colorado family made the leap into full-time travel in 2018 and haven’t looked back. I got the chance to interview them to learn more about how they downsized, saved and planned in order to make their dreams a reality.

What was Rod’s job in the Air Force?

Rod was an officer in the US Air Force at the time, so he had limited vacation days and often worked long hours.

Why is it important to plan for future income?

During the planning stage, it’s important to set the foundation for your future income, because your savings will only stretch for so long. And if your travels do have an end date, that’s ok!

Why did we start building a portfolio and planned to continue to work with brands as we traveled?

We started building a portfolio and planned to continue to work with brands as we traveled in order to offset costs and begin to gain an income while traveling.

Where are Jess and Rod from?

We are Jess, Rod, Santi (6) and Nora (3). We are from Colorado USA , but a year ago we sold our stuff, quit our jobs, and have been traveling the world as family travel photographers and bloggers! We’ve been blessed to visit 20 countries and 91 cities during that time, and our kids have enjoyed meeting new friends, playing in playgrounds all over the world, and being with their parents all day every day.

Is the journey worth it?

I can promise you that the journey is absolutely worth it for you and your family. You’re going to treasure the time spent together, make unforgettable memories, and learn so much about our incredible world.

Is it possible to travel full time?

Making the transition to full- time travel is completely possible with a lot of hard work and planning!

Planning for the Travel Dream

So you’ve dreamed up the idea… now where to get started? What a huge undertaking, but where to begin. Some of the things you may be wondering about…

The Logistics of Full-Time Travel

I’m sure by now you’ll have some kind of bucket list of destinations in mind. A list of countries in the world that your’e desperate to get to. If you haven’t, then go ahead grab an atlas or open google maps and start looking for areas that excite you. And write them down!!

How to Afford World Travel

So you want to hit the road, you want to pack your family up to travel full-time. You’ve thought it all through and you are ready to make a go of it.

Budgeting for Full-Time Travel

No matter what type of travel you opt for and what income you choose to try generate… you are going to be forever looking for ways to save your hard earned savings, crypto, or affiliate payments. And we have become the Masters at this!

World Schooling – Full-Time Travel with Kids

I am going to start by telling you I’m a qualified early childhood teacher. I’ve been teaching for a long time now… and studying actually. I finished my Master of Education a couple of years ago. So I know a thing or two about the theory of teaching!

How to Stay Healthy and Keep Safe

And finally, here in the fifth section we get into the health and safety side of travel! How do we keep safe while we travel, particularly to destinations that are deemed to be less safe?

What Do We Spend on Full-Time Travel?

I get asked often how much we actually spend on our travels, to which I usually answer that

Can you see more in a faster way?

The good news is you can see so much more in a faster way. You’ll be solely focused on your travels and can move at a faster pace. More locations are possible in a shorter time.

Do travel families learn tricks?

It is a testament to the lifestyle to find out that most travel families (and singles and couples) learn tricks, travel on a budget, and work hard to make it work for them. Learning how to travel all the time takes work.

But how can you afford to travel full time in the first place?

Before getting to the part where you’ll have to work day and night to afford your new lifestyle as a digital nomad, I want to share with you how you can get out of your comfort zone, quit your job, leave your friends and family behind and travel the world.

From full-time job to full-time travel

If you thought that saving up the money was the hardest part, think again.

Making money while traveling full time

There are basically 2 options: you’ll want to go back home, at a stable job and lifestyle or you’ll just want to travel more.

Final thoughts

I know that there are many posts and articles on the internet where everybody only speaks about the pretty face of full-time travel and as a digital nomad myself, I felt the need to share with you the truth, step by step.