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how to travel europe as a student

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How to travel Europe on a student budget?

How to Travel Europe on a Student’s BudgetResearch Flight Deals on Student Universe. The first major expense that students will face when it comes to seeing Europe is the cost of actually getting there.Get an ISIC Card. …Take Advantage of the Eurail Pass. …Stay at Hostels. …

What is the best plan for traveling in Europe?

prepaid optionsInternational data plan. This is great if you are planning to expat in one place for a longer period of time. …Pay as you go. Pay as you go is best for budget travel and for those scared of commitment. …Prepaid options. You can get a local sim on your unlocked phone and load it up for months at a time. …

What are the best cities to travel in Europe?

Where to travel solo in EuropeBudapest,Hungary. About five years ago I named Budapest the most underrated city in Europe. …Delft,Netherlands. I visited Delft as a day trip from The Hague but quickly realised this wouldn’t be the only time I visit this charming Dutch town.Zurich,Switzerland. …Mykonos,Greece. …Prague,Czech Republic. …London,United Kingdom. …Reykjavik,Iceland. …More items…

How to travel the world as a student?

Travel in the mid or low season.Stay in an Airbnb or hostel,instead of a hotel. …Don’t travel solo. …Don’t pay for public toilets. …Pack lightly (or wear all your clothes) to avoid luggage fees.Travel by foot or bike instead of using the metro or taxis.Do your own tours (or free tours if you must!).More items…

What do students do in Europe?

Student travelers tend to take local transportation instead of booked bus tours. They are more likely to take a chance to eat and drink off-the-beaten-path, rather than tourist cafés, pubs, and restaurants. Not surprisingly, they seek out and participate in cultural events and nightlife geared towards local youth. As a student in Europe, you not only gain a unique perspective about major destinations, you can also take advantage of the many discounts available to those in high school, university, and young people under 26 years of age in general.

How old do you have to be to get a rail pass?

If you plan to travel a lot by what are generally very pleasant and efficient train systems in Europe (Americans don’t get to experience "bullet trains" at home), you can get one of the youth railway passes from RailPass if you are under 26 years old and travel in over 20 member countries. You can also get a single-country rail pass for youth, depending upon your travel plans. RailPass also offers several other different types of customizable rail passes for youth that are worth checking out. If you travel long distances, rail passes offer a significant savings over regularly priced tickets. RailPass sometimes has sales and special discounts if you buy your rail pass in advance. Plan your trip early and you will save. European railroads also offer a plethora of discounted one-way or return tickets for students and young people under 26 years old. This is a great option if you don’t plan to travel a lot by train.

How to get a discount on a student trip?

Find out where the discounts are and use them. Contact a student travel agency in your hometown and find out about discount fares. Get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) before you leave, and show it wherever you go, at hostels, ticket counters, restaurants, museums, etc. You’ll be surprised at how many discounts you will get in Europe just by showing a student I.D. Also, keep in mind that some sights offer group discounts. So if you are with fellow travelers, you might want to join up for a day as a "family" to get reduced admission to an attraction, sight, or event.

Can you use a youth hostel for single travelers?

Use Youth Hostels, Couch Surfing, and More to Save on Accommodations. Hostels are ideal for single travelers because you only pay for a bed, not an entire room. Europe has many youth hostels, many are members of the International Youth Hostel Association (with discounts for members) and many that are run independently.

Which countries are cheaper in the Euro zone?

Many of what were considered central and eastern block countries in Europe, such as Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and the Czech Republic are much cheaper than the more expensive countries in Scandinavia for example. Even Prague is still relatively cheap compared to many cities in the U.S., though prices are rising.

Is overtourism a reality?

Overtourism is a reality as every year more and more people worldwide travel to the same locations. Yet there are many creative and satisfying ways you can be an explorer and avoid overtourism issues. For example, if you fly to London, plan a few days to explore and take in as much as you wish.

Where to meet young people in Paris?

The Jardin de Luxembourg, in the center of Paris, is a popular meeting place for young people in Paris. What some call "budget travel" in Europe is much more than just the search for low- or lower-cost travel. For students, it is an entirely different way of experiencing the old continent compared to their more elderly traveling counterparts.

How far in advance should I book a hostel?

Now that you have the flight lined up, do not forget a place to stay. Before leaving you should book a hostel ahead of time, with a few weeks in advance being ideal. Hostelworld.com, a website where you can research and book hostels and budget hotels by country and city, is a great resource. But if you find yourself looking for a hostel after getting off the plane, do not worry. Finding a hostel once you arrive at your destination can be done, but it could be costly and time consuming. When traveling to Frankfort, Germany, Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway, I did not book a hostel ahead of time. Luckily, in all three countries I was able to find a place to stay. But I had to pay extra money for the more expensive room and spend several precious hours looking for a bed to sleep in instead of enjoying the city. Also, I do not think I would have been as lucky in the more popular destinations. Although Rome, Paris and Amsterdam might have more hostels, they also have more college students and backpackers clamoring for a place to stay.

Why is it important to not write off a guidebook?

It is also important to research information about your destination ahead of time. Some very pertinent information may not be listed in guidebooks.

Is it cheaper to travel by train or airplane?

But with Eurail tickets now costing as much as a few thousand dollars and limitations now on the numbers of countries for which the tickets are valid, traveling by airplane is often far more economical. There are several low-cost airlines in Europe. Two of the most popular are easyJet and Ryanair.

Plan Ahead

This one may seem obvious, but we felt obligated to include it on our list. Planning ahead is the best way to secure your ideal itinerary for group travel.

Take Advantage of Student or Group Discounts

Fortunately, many sights and museums that you will want to visit with your students will offer a student or group discount. This can help offset any cost or budget restrictions you are facing when planning your travel.

Consider Alternative Transportation and Accommodation Options

Although we all appreciate a 4-star hotel, for student group travel you may be able to find better options that have all the necessary amenities for your students and yourself. A great option for group travel is hostels, which can provide private or shared dormitory options in top-notch locations and very comfortable amenities.

Don’t Be Afraid To Negotiate

This tip may make you feel uncomfortable having to barter over price for your group travels, but the potential cost savings are worth it, we promise. When it comes to accommodation, transportation, group meals, and tours, there is oftentimes some wiggle room for negotiating a group rate with the provider.

Partner With a Tour Operator

If you don’t have experience planning student group travel in the past, the process can seem like an endless list of to-dos on top of your existing responsibilities for your position. Even the most seasoned independent traveler may not be familiar with the process of organizing travel for a group, big or small.

What is TFT travel?

TFT is the leader in European teen travel. Not only do we have 18 years of on the ground experience, but we also offer the largest variety of programs of any teen travel company. Our in-depth knowledge of the region and insider access allows us to expertly design all our itineraries. Our wide variety of European programs allow every participant to discovery each country like a true traveler.

What are the most famous museums in Europe?

You’ll have countless works of art at your disposal as you wander the world’s most famous museums, such as the Louvre and the Uffizi Galleries.

What is Europe famous for?

Europe is famous for its the wide variety of cuisine. Each country offers its own unique take on food and eating like a local in each destination is part of the fun! (Yes, that means trying delicious escargot in Paris and the infamous haggis of Scotland!)

Is Europe a melting pot?

Europe is a melting pot of languages and cultures coexisting side-by-side. Whether you are brand new to the language or have been studying it for years, our expert staff will help guide you and teach you some fun local phrases!