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how to travel croatia on a budget

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Here are a few tips on how to travel around Croatia on a budget:Travel during the off-season: Visiting Croatia during the spring or fall can save you money on airfare and accommodation. There will be fewer crowds so you can enjoy the country at your own pace.Stay in hostels or apartments: Hotels can be expensive,especially in popular tourist areas. Instead,consider staying in a hostel or renting an apartment. …

How much does a trip to Croatia cost?

So, a trip to Croatia for two people for one week costs on average kn8,039 ($1,092). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. This data comes from the travel budgets of real travelers – How it works. Put these numbers on your website.

What is the best way to travel Croatia?

Transportation is fairly inexpensive in Croatia, so you won’t need to worry about it upping your travel budget by too much. The best, easiest, and cheapest way to travel around the country is by bus or ferry. Domestic buses will take you pretty to much anywhere you need them to, and are fast, comfortable, and modern.

Is it possible to stay in Croatia on a budget?

As always with travel, it’s possible to cut your accommodation costs down to zero if you have the time and patience to seek out an offer. Couchsurfing exists in Croatia, and allows you to stay with a local for free, sleeping on their sofa and enjoying a local’s insight into life in their country.

Why choose Croatia as a holiday destination?

Croatia is often referred to as a dream-come-true holiday destination because of our fantastic weather, the fantastic people, breathtaking nature, and prices that are known to be some of the best in Europe. With budget flights to Croatia from all over Europe increasing, Croatia is an excellent destination for budget travelers.

Why is Croatia considered a dream come true?

Croatia is often referred to as a dream-come-true holiday destination because of our fantastic weather, the fantastic people, breathtaking nature, and prices that are known to be some of the best in Europe.

Where to stay in Croatia to save money?

To save money in Croatia, stay away from the Old Town in Dubrovnik, and instead, look to the broader Dubrovnik Riviera or Konavle Region. Instead of staying at Split, look for a stay in Trogir or Omi?.

Why are buses built?

Buses are now being built to maximize passenger comfort and provide a better experience. These days buses have headrests, more space between seats (hooray for me, I can actually fit), more room for your personal travel bag, are air-conditioning (an absolute necessity), and have toilets.

When is the best time to visit Croatia?

Instead, if you want to travel to Croatia on a budget, go in spring and autumn, and you will save money instantly. Moreover, April, May, and June are relatively warm, and the lack of tourists means you can see Croatia just like a local. September is still swimming season, so you can laze by the beach as you save your pennies.

Is Croatia a good place to travel?

With budget flights to Croatia from all over Europe increasing, Croatia is an excellent destination for budget travelers. Here are a few tips on how best to travel Croatia on a budget.

Is there a bus in Croatia?

Buses in Croatia. Numerous bus lines connect thousands of Croatian destinations, as well as destinations throughout the rest of Europe. The coaches in Croatia are modern, with most having free WiFi services and electric plug-ins so you can stay connected while on the road.

Do Croatian motorways have tolls?

Also, note that the Croatian motorways have tolls. To avoid those added costs, you can use local roads instead. They’re slower but often more scenic and 100% free.

What is a Croatia guidebook?

A Croatia guidebook: A guidebook will give you an in-depth look into Croatia’s culture, suggest the perfect itineraries for the amount of time you have, and offer recommendations for where to eat and what’s worth doing. I like Lonely Planet guidebooks, and their Croatia offering receives great reviews.

How to travel around Croatia?

The best, easiest, and cheapest way to travel around the country is by bus or ferry. Domestic buses will take you pretty to much anywhere you need them to, and are fast, comfortable, and modern.

Can you miss Plitvice Lakes?

You can’t miss Plitvice Lakes when you go to Croatia — the colour of the water is spectacular!

When is the cheapest time to fly to Croatia?

In general, you’ll find that it’s cheapest to fly to Croatia outside of high season, which coincides with typical European summer vacation dates (late-June to late-August). May and September are the shoulder season months, and October to March is the official low season, where you’ll find the lowest prices.

Is Croatia worth visiting?

But Croatia is still lesser-known and lesser-thought-of than some of the big hitters in European tourism. I believe it’s well worth a visit.

Is Croatia affordable to travel?

Travel in Croatia is surprisingly affordable! After six weeks of exploring the country, I’m sharing how you can save money and stay on budget.

Is a hostel safe?

If you’re an older traveller and put off by the thought of nights spent in hostels, you shouldn’t be! Private rooms are usually very quiet and clean, and most hostels are modern, safe, and centrally located. They tend to have a little more personality than generic hotels, and the staff are fantastic at offering kickass travel advice. As long as you check the reviews of any hostel before booking it to make sure nobody refers to it as a party hostel, you’re all good to make a booking there.


The travel itself is cheap. Most of the country is covered by a network of private bus companies offering different prices for the same starting and destination points – a trip from Zagreb to Split can cost 99 kuna/$15 or 170 kuna/$26, depending on route and comfort.


Those arriving by bus will still be greeted by a few old locals offering private rooms in their houses for buttons.

Food and drink

Snacking can be a varied and even exotic activity rather than a reliance on microwaved slice of pizza. Even the tiniest village, certainly in Dalmatia, has a bakery where burek pastries have cheese, meat, spinach or, hopefully, potato fillings.


Nearly every beach in Croatia is free-to-enter, unless it’s attached to a hotel and private. This, thankfully, is not Italy, with its admission fee at the gate and orderly rows of sunbathers. Rock up, chuck down your towel, don flip-flops (it’ll be rocky or, at least, stony) and away you go.

What airlines fly into Croatia?

Many low-cost carriers, like RyanAir, EasyJet, Norwegian, or Eurowings, fly into Croatia seasonally from April to October. These companies offer really cheap rates especially off-season and the earlier you book. The busiest Croatian airports when it comes to low-cost carriers are Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, and Pula.

What is the dessert in Croatia?

Many restaurants in Croatia (in Istria particularly) offer a dessert or a local liqueur on the house at the end of the meal. Dessert usually includes traditional dry cakes, like fritule, krostule, or apple, cheese, or walnuts-filled pastry.

How much is the toll from Zagreb to Split?

Avoid highways, travel on state roads instead! If you travel by car in Croatia, keep in mind that highways have tolls. The highway toll from Zagreb to Split is 180 Kn (approx. 25 euros). However, if you would like to avoid road tolls, you can use local roads.

What websites sell the same room?

Sometimes the same room is sold through various distribution channels including Expedia, Booking.com, the hotel’s own website, etc.. Metasearch websites like Kayak, Google Hotel Search, Trivago, and alike are good to compare rates across multiple sites and pick up the cheapest.

How to save on food in Croatia?

An excellent way to save on food when in Croatia is to rent a private apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen. This way, not only that you save on accommodation, but you also can cook your own meals, and get your groceries at the local market, and supermarkets.

What are some alternatives to Dubrovnik?

Instead, check out Dubrovnik Riviera, or the Konavle region. The small village of Zaton, and Cavtat can be great alternatives to Dubrovnik.

Where are hostels in Croatia?

Hostels in Croatia are popular in larger towns, like Zagreb, Split, or Dubrovnik; while in small coastal towns you’ll have many more vacation rentals to choose from, as well as private rooms. And, vacation rentals are often cheaper than hostels.

How many waterfalls are there in Plitvice Lakes National Park?

Tucked between Zagreb and the Dalmatian Coast, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s composed of 16 interconnected lakes and over 90 waterfalls. It’s beautiful but super popular so arrive early. Admission is 80-300 HRK depending on the month (prices rise in the summer).

How much does it cost to dive in Croatia?

Two of the most popular are Baron Gautsch (off the coast of Rovinj), and Taranto (off the coast of Dubrovnik). Expect to pay 289 HRK for a single-tank dive. Open water certification costs around 3,000 HRK. The best diving conditions are between May and November (September and October will be warm and less busy).

What is the best place to visit in Zagreb?

There is lots of green space, a couple of nearby lakes, and tons of historic architecture. Be sure to visit the massive Neo-Gothic cathedral and the medieval Old Town Gate where you can find an 18th-century painting of the Virgin Mary thought to be miraculous as it survived the city’s Great Fire of 1731. There are also tons of museums (don’t miss the Mimara Museum) as well as the Medvedgrad fortress that overlooks the city.

What is Pula known for?

Pula is a seaside city and home to an impressive 1st-century Roman amphitheater that overlooks the harbor that is used to hold concerts, film festivals, and even a summer festival dedicated to all things Roman. The festival, Spectacular Antiqva, is held at least once per week during the summer. Admission is 80 HRK.

How many islands are there in Croatia?

With over 1,000 islands, it would be silly to travel to Croatia and not go island hopping. Plan to stay at least a couple of days on one of the islands to step back in time and get the full Croatian experience. The most popular islands to visit are Brac, Hvar, Krk, Cres, and Lo?inj.

What to do in Croatia?

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Croatia. 1. Visit Dubrovnik. Dub rovnik is a stunning city best known for its historic Old Town (which was a Game of Thrones filming location). Wander around its limestone streets, admire the baroque buildings, and take in the views of the Adriatic Sea.

What is the most popular destination in Europe?

Croatia is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It’s the go-to spot for stunning beaches, rugged islands, historic architecture, and all the sailing you could ask for.

Determine where you want to go

If you are reading this post it’s probably because you want to go to Croatia one day. And if you want to go to Croatia, I’m sure it’s because you saw some beautiful pictures somewhere that inspired you (maybe even mine). First determine which places you want to visit in Croatia. The two places on my list were Plitvice Lakes and Dubrovnik.

Research transportation

If you want to travel on a budget, a rental car often isn’t the cheapest way to travel (unless you’re traveling with 3 or 4). The best option is to travel by train or bus. Check whether the places you wrote down are easy to reach.

Check your list

So now you have a list of all the possible places you may visit. Check if all these places are what you’re looking for. Some places you probably haven’t heard of before, so you can Google them to get more information. Search Instagram for interesting pictures and after your research you can finally decide what places you want to visit.

Decide how long you want to stay

You have determined your route, so now you can decide how much time you want to spend in each place. Write it down so you can add dates later to book the hotels and flights. An extra tip; if you plan on visiting Plitvice Lakes NP, make sure you don’t book your stay there in the weekend. It will be way too crowded!

Check flights

Is there an airport close to the first place of your list? If yes, you’re lucky! If not, check what airports are nearest and check the prices for the period you want to go. My first stop on the list was Plitvice Lakes. So I had a few options, but I found that flying to Zagreb was the cheapest way from Brussels. So I added Zagreb to the list.

Find cheap hotels or guesthouses

You have your list and your arrival date, so now you can add all dates to your list based on how long you want to stay in each place. That list is your guide to book your hotels or guesthouses, because now you know exactly when and where you will arrive and leave.

Book your transport

You have booked your flights and your hotels, so now you can also book your busses! Choose wisely, because some busses take longer routes or are more expensive.

What is Croatia known for?

Central Croatia is known for its cheese pastas which are filling and delicious as well. Each region has it’s own local specialties, so as you’re traveling around try to find restaurants that are known for specific local dishes.

Why do we love VRBO?

We love VRBO because of their commitment to small businesses. VRBO is part of the Expedia family, one of the biggest names in travel.

What is the cheapest way to get around the island?

If you’re hoping to do a little island hoping while you’re in the area, then ferries are usually the cheapest and most convenient way to get around. They can move a little slow at times, but they offer excellent views of the coast line and can make for an enjoyable trip. Jadrolinija is the largest ferry company with the greatest number of connections, but there are also international routes that are available through Blue Line International.

What is a hearty meal?

It’s a hearty meal that is prepared for special occasions and holidays. 1 Categories averaged on a per-item basis. 2 Categories averaged on a per-day basis. For example, the Food 2 daily average is for all meals for an entire day, while Entertainment 1 is for each individual purchase.

What is the most popular stew in the eastern part of the country?

Cobanac: This is a type of shepherd’s stew that is a mixture of several different kinds of meat with red spicy paprika. It is popular in the eastern parts of the country where the cuisine is hearty and meat based. Strukli: This local specialty is a unique traditional pasta that is filled with cheese.

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What is the most popular pasta in Croatia?

Strukli : This local specialty is a unique traditional pasta that is filled with cheese. It’s one of the more popular dishes in Central Croatia, where pasta is a common food option.