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how to travel by bus in usa

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the-backpacking-site.comImage: the-backpacking-site.comHow to Travel by Bus in the USAPick From the Major Bus Companies There are 4 long-distance bus travel companies for you to choose from. …Book a Charter If you prefer to hop from city to city on your trip across the US,then booking with a big company might be an option. …Benefits of a Charter Bus Renting a charter bus to travel the US long distance offers the following benefits: …

What is the best way to travel by bus in America?

Win-win! Greyhound Bus is the largest network in North America and is one of the best ways to travel by bus. The Greyhound US bus network includes 3700 locations throughout the United States, and Greyhound Canada can take you to a further 1300 in Canada.

Why travel by bus in the USA?

Why Travel by Bus in the USA 1 Travel by Greyhound Bus in the USA. Greyhound Bus is the largest network in North America and is one of the best ways to travel by bus. … 2 Greyhound Alternatives in the US. … 3 Health and Safety while Traveling by Bus in the USA. … 4 Useful Links for Bus Travel in the USA. …

Is it cheaper to travel by bus in the US?

Travelling by bus in the US is generally cheaper and more flexible than flying or taking the train and it doesn’t get any better than the classic American road trip with the wide-open scenery and the tiny, less-travelled towns.

Is there a cheaper way to get around the US?

There are plenty of options for getting around the U.S. affordably, and none more cheaper than the bus. Find out which bus company is best for your trip. Menu Link to TripSavvy Homepage

What are the comforts of Greyhound buses?

Buses have climate control, so you don’t have to worry about keeping cool while you are traveling around. Furthermore, buses are equipped with restrooms, reclining seats, and tinted windows.

What is the best Greyhound alternative?

Flixbus. Flixbus is one of the best Greyhound alternatives in the USA. They have an extensive network along popular travel routes along the West Coast and Southwest part of the USA. Flixbus USA covers popular bus routes all across the country and keep expanding every year.

How many Greyhound buses are there in the US?

Greyhound Bus is the largest network in North America and is one of the best ways to travel by bus. The Greyhound US bus network includes 3700 locations throughout the United States, and Greyhound Canada can take you to a further 1300 in Canada. With such a large selection of destinations …

What is the cheapest bus fare?

The economy fare is the cheapest fare, but will cost money if you need to change your bus. The Flexible fare costs a bit more but allows you to change your trip without any extra fees. You can always purchase your tickets directly in the terminal.

What is the alternative to bus travel?

Another alternative to bus travel is to travel by RV in the US. Especially if you’re traveling with a few other people, this could be an even more economical choice since you’ll be combining the costs for accommodation and transport. You also have more flexibility with your itinerary, not to mention the ability to sleep in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring national parks. We cover everything you need to know about RV travel, as well as some incredible RV road trip routes in our article How to Travel the USA with an RV.

Why do people travel by bus?

Why Travel by Bus in the USA. Buses operate 24 hours a day , so many travelers opt to take sleeper buses to avoid wasting waking hours traveling. While it is certainly possible to sleep on these buses, you would probably find yourself needing a night in a real bed after a few days of sleeping on buses! The buses make intermediate stops …

What bus companies are there in the USA?

They will show you bus options from Greyhound, Flixbus, Megabus, plus all the local bus companies so that you can find the best deal.

Where do Chinatown buses go?

Chinatown Buses. Chinatown buses have been around for over 20 years now, and they serve the East Coast and Southern California to San Francisco (and do a leg to Las Vegas, too). With curbside stops and not a lot of amenities, they’re a super-inexpensive option for when your budget is tight.

Is Redcoach cheaper than BoltBus?

With a route that covers the major cities and attractions in Florida, it’s worth checking their prices before you book with anyone else. RedCoach has affordable prices and are slightly more luxurious than BoltBus , MegaBus, and Greyhound.

Is Boltbus more comfortable than Greyhound?

They’re incredibly affordable if you manage to time your purchase well (you can grab a $1 fare if you book your journey months in advance), but still far more comfortable than Greyhound buses. On a Boltbus, the seats are comfortable, you have a lot of legroom, you have access to power sockets to charge your devices, and you’ll even be able to connect to their free Wi-Fi.

Where is Lux Bus America?

Lux Bus America. If you love overland travel, will be traveling in Southern California, and don’t mind splurging for higher levels of comfort, Lux Bus America is designed for you. Of particular note is the Los Angeles to Las Vegas route, where you’ll find incredibly comfortable seats, free drinks and snacks, pillows and blankets, …

Do Greyhound buses have Wi-Fi?

Plus, many of the buses in the United States have gone through an impressive upgrade in recent years. Now, it’s not uncommon to be offered free snacks and a bottle of water while you connect to the bus’ Wi-Fi and use the power socket next to your seat.

Is Greyhound still on the road?

Greyhound Buses. Greyhound buses still rule the road in the U.S., with far more routes and potential flexibility for you than any of the cheap buses. And you can make your journey cheaper still if you apply a student discount.

Do Boltbus have Wi-Fi?

On a Boltbus, the seats are comfortable, you have a lot of legroom, you have access to power sockets to charge your devices, and you’ll even be able to connect to their free Wi-Fi. Read more: 7 Ways to Get Cheaper BoltBus Tickets. RiverNorthPhotography / Getty Images.

What is Megabus’ business model?

In the case of many of the “newer” bus lines (e.g. Megabus), their business model is about cutting out the bus station to pass on savings to consumers. This means that their bus station may be a Walmart parking lot or simply a curb on a sidewalk.

Do night buses shut off lights?

For night buses, the driver typically shuts off the lights after a certain time. Although there’s a reading light from above, I’m often very conscious of it annoying the people around me. Instead, I usually bring my own reading light as well as a good book. For a good read, I recommend Night Film (which will take you many hours to finish), the Power, or On the Road for some American travel inspiration.

Can you use soap dispensers in bus bathrooms?

Some bus bathrooms are best avoided. Similarly, the soap dispenser may not work. Be sure to have your own antibacterial gel to clean your hands with, especially if you plan on eating.

Do buses leave on time?

Although it hasn’t often happened, buses leave on time. More often than not, they’ll wait a couple more minutes for passengers who are running a few minutes late, but I’ve seen so many people running after the bus without success. You need time to get your luggage under the hold. Certain bus companies, including Megabus, overbook their seats, so if you’re not there early and it’s a full bus, you might get rejected on the bus and need to wait for the next one.

Can you fall asleep on a bus?

On long bus rides, you might fall asleep. That’s fine, however if your destination isn’t the final destination, you’ll want to set an alarm on your phone before the time that your bus is supposed to arrive. There might be traffic, but in general, it’s a safe move.

Do buses have bathrooms?

More importantly: Some buses, especially regional ones for shorter legs, don’t have a bathroom on the bus. Be sure to use the bathroom at the bus terminal before you leave!

Can I use my friend’s ticket?

Typically, any photo identification will do, however the name needs to match the ticket. That means that you typically can’t use your friend’s ticket. If you’re a foreigner, I recommend having your passport on you.

What if something goes wrong?

Flexible fare tickets allow for full and partial refunds, as well as departure date and time changes.

What is Greyhound Lines?

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest provider of bus transportation in the U.S. Credit: Greyhound Lines, Inc. If you don’t want to drive – or don’t have access to a car – then getting to those towns by Greyhound bus might be your next best option. QUICK LINKS.

How early can you board a Greyhound bus?

If you already have your ticket and you aren’t checking a bag, however, you won’t need that much time. Boarding starts 15–20 minutes before departure.

Why did Greyhound remove the seats?

When designing the new and updated buses, Greyhound removed an entire row of seats to provide more legroom (and provides one checked bag for free) – a stark difference from US air carriers.

What happens if your luggage is lost on a bus?

It may arrive at your destination after you. If your bags are lost or damaged en-route, you can claim compensation. Keep in mind: for most transfers, you are responsible for getting your luggage off your first bus and bringing it to your next bus.

Why is it important to book early?

Booking early ensures you get the best ticket price possible. (Credit: Greyhound Lines)

Why can’t Greyhound guarantee arrival times?

According to Greyhound, the company cannot guarantee arrival or departure times because of things like traffic, weather and mechanical problems.