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how to travel around waiheke island

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How to get to Waiheke Island from Auckland?

Get to Waiheke Island by Regular Ferry or Air Services from Auckland. Waiheke is a 35-minute trip via passenger ferry from downtown Auckland or 45 minute trip via car ferry from Half Moon Bay. You can fly direct to the island from Auckland via charter plane or helicopter.

What to do in Waiheke Island?

The beaches of Waiheke Island are beautiful, and perfect for some downtime after sightseeing in busy Auckland. Oneroa Beach is ideal if you’re just on a day trip to Waiheke, as it’s easily accessible. Native New Zealand pohutukawa trees along the coast provide some shade.

Do I need my Own Car on Waiheke?

If you’d like the flexibility of having your own wheels on Waiheke but don’t have your own car to take over, it is easy to hire cars on the island. Car hire also suits though who don’t need to be particularly mobile on the island (save for a day or two).

Is there a ferry from Half Moon Bay to Waiheke Island?

Car passenger ferry from Half Moon Bay SeaLink operates car and passenger ferry services to Waiheke Island from Half Moon Bay and to/from Auckland city. These comfortable ferries offer the convenience of drive-on and drive-off and operate every day of the year.

How to save money on a ferry?

Save money by catching a passenger ferry (no need for the more expensive vehicle ferry). Keep your costs down – especially if travelling solo or in a small group. No need for a sober driver if you’re planning to visit the vineyards! Only pay for the fares you need.

Where is Waiheke Island?

Waiheke Island is an incredible location sitting right on downtown Auckland’s doorstep. With incredible views, delicious food and wine, exciting activities, shopping and more, it’s not hard to find an excuse to pop over to the island for a weekend. Get your ferry organised, plan how you’ll travel around on the island and prepare to have …

Is Waiheke a bus?

All of the main roads across Waiheke are covered on the public bus network, making it a viable mode of transport. They reach as far as the northern beaches and Rocky Bay (in the south), in addition to Onetangi Beach (in the east) and the Matiatia Ferry. Some of the buses even have cycle racks on the front, should you want to bike around the island too.

How many stops are there on the Hop On Hop Off bus tour?

Purchasing a ticket to the hop-on hop-off bus tour will provide you unlimited access to their coaches whilst on the island. With 17 stops across the island, it’s possible to jump on and off as you wish, or you can choose to stay on board and ride the full 1.5-hour circuit.

Does Waiheke Island have Uber?

Waiheke Island doesn’t have Uber or Ola but it does have its very own homegrown rideshare solution; it’s called Ryda. From cars through to vans, there’s enough room for the whole crew when booking through them.

Where to go to Waiheke?

The vast majority of visitors will get to Waiheke by ferry, departing from downtown Auckland, Devonport (on the North Shore) and Half Moon Bay (South-East Auckland). Passengers have the choice between vehicle services and passenger-only sailings. There are, however, many different modes of transport over to Waiheke so you’re sure to find …

Is Waiheke a good fit for cycling?

If you’re a fitness fanatic, then cycling on Waiheke might be the perfect fit for you; be warned though, it isn’t for everyone!

Getting There

First things first, you have to find a way to get there. Most people are able to get to Waiheke Island through a ferry, which departs from the northern shore in downtown Auckland or through Southeast Auckland from half moon bay. You will be able to choose between passenger-only sails or vehicle services.

Using A Car Rental Service

Since Waiheke Island is a popular tourist destination, you will be able to find vehicle rental services there. This way is great if you’re unable to bring your own car with you. It is also a great option for transportation if you’ll be visiting the island for a few days.

Taking Your Car to The Island

If you’ve got a great car for cruising and are planning on staying on Waiheke Island for a longer time, then might we suggest taking your own car. You can take any of your vehicles to the island, whether it is an RV, a car, or even a motorbike. As long as you can fit within it, you can take it with you through a car ferry.

Public Transport

If you are trying to keep your trip to Waiheke Island easier on the wallet and don’t mind sticking with schedules, then we have another option for you: You can easily make use of the public transportation system.

Use Their Taxi Service

This isn’t a particularly affordable way to get around, but the taxi service does make up for it in terms of flexibility. You can easily fit your party of four to five people in a taxi and all travel together. It is a particularly useful method when you end up missing the bus late at night.

Grab A Bike

If you love riding a bike while taking in serene views and love staying fit, then might we suggest grabbing a cycle in Waiheke and going wherever your heart wants? Of course, this way to get around Waiheke Island isn’t for everyone.

How long is Waiheke Island ferry ride?

Waiheke Island is your answer. It has so much to offer, whatever your tastes, and it’s only a scenic 40-minute ferry ride from the CBD. It’s time you checked it out: all you have to do is choose how. Pamela Wade. The views from the walkways deserve contemplation.

Where to walk in Waiheke?

Waiheke is threaded with enjoyable walks, whatever your fitness. From Matiatia, head up through the bush to Cable Bay and Mudbrick vineyards, or into Oneroa to poke around the quirky shops, explore the real treasures in Whittakers Musical Museum, admire the art in the galleries, or just work your way around the many cafés and restaurants, including the famous Oyster Inn.

Can you hire an electric scooter in Oneroa?

In Oneroa, you can hire an e-bike, or an electric scooter, which will take all the effort out of those hills, allow you to hear the birds as you skim along through the bush and make it easy to stop often to check out the views, the cafés and food trucks, and get onto all those glorious beaches you’ll discover. bikesandbeyond .co.nz

Where is Waiheke Island?

Waiheke is an island in the Hauraki Gulf. It is directly accessible from downtown Auckland (along with other locations in the Auckland region), both by water and air. Public and private transport is available to help visitors enjoy this uniquely Kiwi island paradise.

How often does the Auckland ferry run?

The ferry operating from downtown Auckland does not transport vehicles. Again, sailings are frequent, running approximately every hour between 5 am and 6 pm. Vehicles are allowed on every sailing, but again we suggest you consult the ferry timetable and book your spot ahead of time.

How to get to Waiheke?

By far, the most common way to get to Waiheke is on the public ferry. There are a few different options (that will also transport your car over, should you choose), but to keep the ferry ticket costs to a minimum, you may want to leave your car behind.

Where to catch a ferry from Half Moon Bay?

Ferries Departing Half Moon Bay (Bucklands Beach) If you’re based in South or South-East Auckland, you may find it faster to catch the ferry from Half Moon Bay Marina. This service is operated by Sealink and drops passengers at Kennedy Point Marina.

Where to take a ferry from Half Moon Bay to Hobsonville?

These ferries will transport you to the main ferry building in downtown Auckland, where you can then catch an onward sailing to Waiheke.

When does the Waiheke Island sailing start?

In the evening journeys are slightly less frequent, with the last sailing returning from Waiheke Island at 12.30am (with the exception of Sundays and public holidays, when the latest boat leaves at 11pm).

Is Waiheke Island a good place to visit?

Waiheke Island is widely considered one of the best parts of Auckland to visit. With frequent and affordable transport options, it is within the reach of all visitors to New Zealand. Now you know how to get to Waiheke Island, you’ll need to be sure to organise a visit to this stunning quintessentially Kiwi spot!

How long is the ferry ride from Waiheke to Half Moon Bay?

Getting to and around Waiheke Island. Waiheke is a 35-minute trip via passenger ferry from downtown Auckland or 45 minute trip via car ferry from Half Moon Bay.

Where to take a ferry from Auckland to Waiheke Island?

Passenger ferry from downtown Auckland. Fullers provides regular service to Waiheke Island with ferries departing from downtown Auckland (some via Devonport) to Matiatia wharf on Waiheke.

How many people can BySEA accommodate?

We get it that you just might not want to use the large crowded ferries ~ or that the ferry just may not go where you need to be! BySea can accommodate up to 10 for transfers from Auckland CBD and other island excursions.

What is the best beach to visit in Waiheke Island?

The beaches of Waiheke Island are beautiful, and perfect for some downtime after sightseeing in busy Auckland. Oneroa Beach is ideal if you’re just on a day trip to Waiheke, as it’s easily accessible. Native New Zealand pohutukawa trees along the coast provide some shade.

What is the Hauraki Gulf cruise?

It’s a very scenic cruise as you sail through the Hauraki Gulf, with the Auckland skyline receding behind you. Many ferries run between Auckland and Waiheke Island every day. These are not just tourist boats, as many Waiheke Island residents use them to get to central Auckland for work.

What is the main town on Waiheke Island?

The main town on Waiheke Island is Oneroa, from where there are views of the Coromandel Peninsula. Oneroa is close to the main port at Matiatia Wharf, so it is easy to reach, even if you don’t have a car. It’s a great place to hang out for a while, as there are boutique shops, cafes, bars, art galleries, and even a little cinema in Oneroa.

How many people live on Waiheke Island?

With around 10,000 residents, Waiheke Island is the most populated island in the Hauraki Gulf, one of Auckland’s two principal harbors. It’s located about 12 miles from downtown Auckland and is accessible by ferry or charter plane. While it’s a popular destination for overseas and domestic travelers, it’s also home to a thriving community.

Where do ferries go on Waiheke Island?

Most ferries arrive on Waiheke Island at the main port, Matiatia Wharf, but some go to Orapiu Wharf and Kennedy Point. Most services are passenger only, but there are some car ferries too. If you don’t have your own car, this isn’t a problem, as there are bus services on Waiheke Island connecting the main settlements.

How long does it take to walk Waiheke?

A walk through the Onetangi Reserve will take you through kauri and nikau forests, and can take up to two hours, depending on how far you want to go. The reserve is near Onetangi Beach, so you can combine a walk with some beach time.

Is Waiheke a pest free reserve?

The Whakanewha Regional Park also offers moderate walks of around 2.5 hours. Although Waiheke isn’t a pest-free reserve (as some other islands in the Hauraki Gulf are), you may still see a kereru, grey warblers, fantails, kingfishers, tuis, blue penguins, dotterels, and kaka parrots while walking on the island.