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how to travel around tainan

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How to Travel Around TaiwanMethod 1 Taking the Train Around Taiwan Download Article 1 Try the high-speed train if you’re traveling along the west coast. …Method 2 Using the Taipei Metro Download Article 1 Take the metro around the city of Taipei. …Method 3 Using the Bus System Download Article 1 …Method 4 Driving,Taking a Taxi,or Riding a Bike Download Article 1 …

What to do in Tainan in 3 days?

Tainan day 1: visit the City God Temple, Koxinga’s shrine, the great South gate and the Tainan Confucius Temple. Tainan day 2: visit Hayashi Department Store, the Land Bank of Taiwan, the Grand Mazu Temple and Chihkan Tower, Anping Old Fort and the (Anping) Grand Mazu Temple. Tainan day 3: visit the National Museum of Taiwan.

Is there a bus service in Tainan?

Fortunately for tourists, the Tainan government supports a bus route specifically for tourists, although both the Tourist and City buses are fully accessible. Tourist Bus: Tour bus 88 runs daily (NT$18, hourly from 9am to 6pm) to all major historic sites.

Is Tainan worth visiting?

Tainan was the 2nd city we visited in Taiwan and I liked it even more than Kaohsiung. Tainan was the capital of Taiwan from 1683 until 1887 and there are many historic sites to explore. Despite having a population close to 2 million, most of the things to do in Tainan are located in the very walkable city center.

What is the best thing to do in Taiwan?

Oyster omelettes are one of Taiwan’s most popular street snacks, and Tainan’s Huayuan Night Market (aka Flowers Night Market, 花園夜市), … Tainan blog — When is the best time to visit Tainan? Tainan weather is relatively warm, the summer is often heavy rain, the best time to visit this city is in fall or spring.

How to hail a taxi in Tainan?

To hail a taxi, just look for the light on the roof and raise your arm on the curbside. To get to your destination, tell the driver two street names to indicate an intersection or an address. We recommend having your hotel staff write …

What bus runs from 9am to 6pm?

Tourist Bus: Tour bus 88 runs daily (NT$18, hourly from 9am to 6pm) to all major historic sites. Tour bus 99 runs to Sihcao Dazhong Temple, in Taijiang National Park, or Taiwan Salt Museum (NT$18 to NT$36, every 30 minutes from 9am to 5.15pm, more frequently on weekends).

Is it safe to ride a bike in Tainan?

Available to residents and visitors alike, T-Bikes allow you to travel the streets of Tainan easily, and cheaply. Generally, it is quite safe to bike in the city as motorcycles, scooters and cars are used to people on bikes and give way to bikers.

What are the rules for metro?

Follow metro etiquette at all times. Do not smoke, spit, litter, eat, drink, or chew gum while on the metro or in one of its stations. Always follow the yellow lines to queue for the train and wait for people to get off the train before attempting to get on. Do not block doorways or lean against the doors.

What is the subway system in Taipei?

Taipei has a local subway system, called the MRT, that allows you to easily travel within the city and to or from the airport. There are 6 lines with different routes across Taiwan: Wenhu, Tamsui-Xinyi, Songshan-Xindian, Zhonghe-Xinlu, Bannan, and Circular. Metro trains run between 6 am and 12 am local time every day.

How long is the Taiwan High Speed Rail?

The Taiwan High Speed Rail has a 345 km (214 mi) long track that runs along the west coast of Taiwan. There are 2 ticket classes, standard and business, and you can reserve tickets online up to 28 days in advance to save some money.

What is MOTC train?

Take a regional train for inland travel. The Taiwan Railway Administration (MOTC) operates regional and commuter trains across the entire island, including to some inland locations. This railway has 4 main types of trains: Ordinary, Fu-Hsing Semi-Express or Local, Chu-Kuang Express, and Tze-Chiang Limited Express.

Does Taiwan have a bus?

In addition to local and inter-city buses, Taiwan also has tourist buses that specifically travel to and from popular tourist destinations. You can select a specific tour based on interest (e.g., cultural, hot springs, night market) or by location.

Can you speak Mandarin on a bus in Taiwan?

The bus system can be confusing if you don’t speak Mandarin, so plan out your trip using a guide or a site like Google Maps. If you’re staying at a hotel in Taiwan, the concierge could help you determine which bus to take to your destination, as well.

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What is the Anping Tree House?

What’s known today as Anping Tree House occupies the former warehouse of Tait & Company, a Scottish-owned merchant house engaged in the export of granulated sugar and camphor. When they left, the building was used briefly by the Japan Salt Company and Tainan Salt Works before being abandoned in the 1940s. Over time, a large banyan tree grew and reclaimed the property, covering its walls, roof, and floor with a latticework of roots over the next 70+ years. It was thought of as a haunted house for decades before being reopened to the public as a tourist attraction in 2004.

How to get around Tainan?

We didn’t do it but a more economical way of getting around Tainan is by public bus. There are tourist shuttle buses in Tainan (88 and 99) that take you to many of the city’s main attractions. Looking at the routes, Bus 88 (Anping Route) takes you to tourist spots within the city, including Anping District and Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park, while Bus 99 (Taijiang Route) makes a few stops in Anping District before taking you farther north. Click on those links for more details on each route. Bus fares are NTD 18-36 per ride but I believe there are unlimited day passes you can buy from the information kiosk at the Tainan Railway Station. You might want to check that out if you plan on taking either of these buses.

What is Tainan known for?

As described, one of the dishes Tainan is best known for is coffin bread. It’s basically a thick block of hollowed out fried bread filled with creamy chicken, seafood, or vegetable chowder. As you can see in the picture below, it really does resemble a coffin.

What is the significance of Fort Zeelandia?

Fort Zeelandia is of particular historical significance. Built in 1624 by the Dutch East India Company, it was established as a ruling and trading post between China and Dutch-controlled Batavia in Indonesia. The Dutch settlement in southern Taiwan enjoyed much success in its 38-year history, with Fort Zeelandia becoming the center of Dutch trade between China, Japan, and Europe. The Dutch were overthrown by Koxinga in 1662 and Fort Zeelandia was renamed to its present day Anping.

Where is Anping Fort in Tainan?

Anping Fort is between Anping Tree House and Anping Old Street, so you can make a stop here before stuffing your face silly with Tainan’s famous street food.

What is the currency of Taiwan?

Taiwan’s unit of currency is the New Taiwan Dollar (NTD). The majority of travelers will enter Taiwan through Taipei so you’ll probably already have NTD with you, but if you need to exchange currency in Tainan, then you can do so at any bank. I suggest going for bigger banks like Bank of Taiwan because smaller institutions may charge a transaction fee.

Where is Du Hsiao Yueh?

Du Hsiao Yueh is located at the corner of Chiqian Street and Section 2, Minzu Road. It’s about a 20-minute walk from Tainan TRA Station.

What to do in Tainan day?

Tainan day 1: visit the City God Temple, Koxinga’s shrine, the great South gate and the Tainan Confucius Temple. Tainan day 2: visit Hayashi Department Store, the Land Bank of Taiwan, the Grand Mazu Temple and Chihkan Tower, Anping Old Fort and the (Anping) Grand Mazu Temple. Tai nan day 3: visit the National Museum of Taiwan.

What are the historic sites in Tainan?

If you plan to visit multiple historic sites in Tainan, such as Anping Old Fort, Anping Tree House, Chihkan Tower, and the Eternal Golden Castle, you can save money with the Tainan Historic Sites Pass.

How far is Fort Zeelandia from Chikan Towers?

It’s around 5 kilometers from the Chikan Towers to Fort Zeelandia, you could walk as well but we preferred our bikes.

What is the bike rental service called in Tainan?

In Tainan the public bike rental service is called T-Bike, you can find more information on this website. There is an app available (in Chinese) which you can use to locate a bike rental station.

What was the capital of Taiwan from 1683 until 1887?

Tainan was the 2nd city we visited in Taiwan and I liked it even more than Kaohsiung. Tainan was the capital of Taiwan from 1683 until 1887 and there are many historic sites to explore.

Why is Tainan so interesting?

Tainan was a particularly interesting city for us to visit, because of the Dutch history (I’ m Dutch, so it’s always interesting to visit places with a bit of Dutch history). Tainan is also famous for it’s many temples, but there are many other worthwhile places to visit as well. Check out the map below to see what to do in Tainan.

What was the Hayashi store built during?

We started our second day on foot and walked from our hotel to the famous Hayashi Department Store, built during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. When the store had just opened, people used to queue up to ride the elevator, a novelty for that time (1932)!

What do Taiwanese believe?

The Taiwanese believe that the students before the exam to come here to try one’s luck and written wishes written on paper and then hanging in the temple, will be lucky. This is similar to the belief that rubs the head of turtle to try one’s luck in Vietnam. A student try one’s luck at the temple.

What is the most important religious monument in Taiwan?

Confucian Temple. Like the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, the Confucian Temple was the first university in Taiwan. It is considered one of the most important religious monuments in Taiwan, with an architectural complex built in the 17th century.

What is the name of the fountain in Chimei Museum?

Pass the Apollo fountain, is a white bridge – Olympus Bridge is decorated with statues of 12 Greek gods. Olympic Bridge. The Fountain of Apollo in Chimei Museum.

What is the most beautiful museum in Asia?

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful European art museums in Asia, the Chimei Museum impresses visitors with its large campus, luxurious European architecture, and from far it look like the residence of the president of the United States – the White House.

Where is the Confucian Temple?

The Confucian Temple is opposite the Pan Gao Stone Arch (South Road Gate). Just out of the gate and looking to the opposite of the road, it is easy to find a large stone gate dating back to the 18th century. Stepping through this ancient stone gate is a eating street. It sounds look like the miracle door of Doraemon.

Where is the Fountain of Apollo?

The Fountain of Apollo in Chimei Museum. With a large campus, lake, lawn, this place is extremely suitable for family picnic at the weekends. The museum displays many famous artworks, you can admire the armor of the warriors from the Middle Ages (Medieval period) to the paintings of famous authors in the Renaissance.

Where is Fuzhong St Tainan?

Fuzhong St Tainan, Taiwan. Tainan is located between Taipei and Kaohsiung, so there are many ways to go to this city. + Bus / train: From Taipei to Tainan by bus and train will take 3 to 5 hours, sitting will be a little tired!