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how to target business travellers

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14 strategies hotels can use to attract more business travelersStreamline the click-to-click online booking process.Ensure your website is accurate,high-quality,and easy to navigate.Host site tours,networking events,and local business meetings; invite the community.Launch an online campaign showcasing your hotel’s best business-friendly features.Include content that appeals to business travelers in social media and brand campaigns.More items

How to market to business travelers?

While being keen on various aspects of hospitality marketing is important, essential areas for marketing to business travelers include SEO, PPC, website design, email marketing, and social media marketing. Just like the leisure traveler, corporate travelers want to know in advance what their experience at your establishment will be like.

Who do travel brands target?

Article How brands are targeting business travellers Travel brands typically focus on leisure travellers – the type of person looking for adventure and escape. But what about those looking for basic comfort and convenience?

Is marketing to business travelers pointless?

Marketing to business travelers is pointless if there’s nothing near you that they want to be near. The need for WiFi is arguably more important to business travelers than location. 49% of business travelers consider free WiFi a deciding factor while deciding on a hotel, and 90% expect there to be WiFi at their hotel.

How can hotels attract corporate travelers?

For this reason, one of the main ways hotels can ensure they attract more corporate travellers is by connecting with the main GDS systems. The easier it is for corporate travel agents to find your hotel and check availability, the more chance you have of them choosing your hotel as the solution to their business travel needs.

Location Matters

Convenience is key to a corporate traveler and nobody can argue with renting a room two blocks from the conference room he needs to be at for an early 8AM meeting, especially while still jet lagged.

Relevant Amenities

While location may be the most important factor in hosting corporate travelers, it isn’t the only one. Consider how you are advertising your space.

Narrow Your Target

You may also want to consider what type of business client you are looking to attract.

Value Pricing

In addition, business travelers using Airbnb are usually also motivated by value.

How Does All of This Relate to Content Marketing?

While a full suite of hospitality marketing services is the best way to attract hotel guests, business travelers are generally a more direct bunch. Here’s the breakdown of hospitality marketing services as offered by Q4Launch, and which to focus on when targeting corporate travelers.

How to stay alternatively from chain hotels?

Business travelers looking for a fresh way to stay alternatively from chain hotels means more opportunities to get creative with your marketing strategy. Follow a strict social media strategy, create packages that even those with minimal time want to book, follow up with successful email marketing. You’ll be well on your way to attracting this massive demographic.

How many long distance business trips happen every year?

Are you ready to start effectively marketing to the 405 million long-distance business trips that happen every year? While not common to every bed and breakfast or vacation rental, business travelers can be the bread and butter of your business, if appropriately targeted. Many hospitality professionals feel marketing to business travelers is simply a matter of targeting them.

How many hours do business travelers work?

Business travelers work for more than 240 hours per year than the average American worker. 39% of business travelers work more hours when they travel than when they’re at the office. While 4-star dining is lovely, business travelers may be content with grab-and-go options.

What is non-traditional check-in?

A non-traditional check-in experience permits travelers to avoid interacting with anyone if they want, or vice versa. But the important thing is that it doesn’t force the guest to do so for basic things like getting into their room or basic information.

What is the most important thing to remember?

The most important thing to remember is not to dilute your message. Business travelers don’t want to hear about a romantic or family-friendly experience at your property any more than a couple looking for a romantic getaway wants to know that you’re a great place to conduct corporate meetings.

What is business travel?

Business travelers, to quote one bed and breakfast owner, are, “in late, out early, and don’t spend a lot of time in the room, which cuts-down on wear-and-tear and use of facilities.” Business travelers tend to overlook the fine-tuned details in exchange for a comfortable room with easily accessible amenities.

What percentage of millennials choose worthwhile experiences over possessions?

With 78% of millennialschoosing worthwhile experiences over possessions, it’s no surprise that this demand exists. It also bodes well for STA, with the move helping the brand to stay relevant to young people as they move into the workplace.

What percentage of the workforce will be millennials by 2020?

With millennials forecast to make up half of the workforce by 2020, the stereotype of the middle-aged business traveller no longer applies.

When did Airbnb start for business?

The ‘Airbnb for business’ program launched in 2015, signalling the brand’s intent to capture interest from corporate travellers, all the while proving how popular alternative accommodation has become.

Is Airbnb slowing down?

Since it launched, the program has enjoyed a period of growth, however recent datasuggests that this could be slowing – mainly due to the companies choosing Airbnb spending as little as possible on short trips. Similarly, Airbnb for business is only seeing real success in cities where the hotel prices are notoriously high.

Does Airbnb allow employees to book on behalf of colleagues?

More recently, Airbnb has introduced a feature that allows employees to book on behalf of colleagues, making the service even more streamlined.

Does Airbnb offer travel credit?

Airbnb is naturally trying to combat this by promoting longer stays and group trips, even offering £40 in travel credit, in order to encourage higher spend.

Is customer centric reflected in UX?

This customer-centric approach is continued across the board, and reflected in the online UX.

Setup a workstation

If you have a spare room you could transform it into a study with a desk and comfortable office chair. Most hosts would prefer to make any spare rooms into bedrooms but you may have the space for a bed and desk and if not consider buying versatile furniture where beds can easily be stored away if a business person is staying.


The majority of business people will need access to the Internet, so ensuring that you have adequate broadband speed is a must. Check to see if the broadband is accessible from all rooms within the property and if not think about ways in which you could improve this perhaps with a booster or having fibre optic installed.


If you are looking to go that extra mile you may wish to consider stationery items such as pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, a calculator and notepaper. You could even get some of these things branded around your short-term let.

Check-in and out

Business people tend to be in a hurry so make their travel experience as stress-free as possible by creating a simple check-in and out process. This can be achieved with a lockbox, which also allows for 24-hour access.

Why put up gluten free meals for business?

Because staying healthy and fit while traveling is important to them. Therefore, put up gluten-free and vegan meals for the business guests. Take special care of their food allergies. The guests also appreciate the availability of healthy snacks for example; self-serve toast, cereal, yogurt, and fruits. 7.

Why is paperless check in important?

A paperless check-in/check-out to avoid unfavorable circumstances to save time can work wonders.

Why do people use social media?

They use social media to stay in touch with the business experts, to make themselves updated on current business trends, and to check what are their competitors up to.

How much of the business does Marriott get from corporate travelers?

Besides, the world’s top international hotels like Marriott and Hilton get 80% of their business from such corporate travelers. Most business travelers need to stay in a hotel for corporate and face-to-face meetings.

What is the most relevant service that you can ever provide to your business guests?

The first and the most relevant service that you can ever provide to your business guests is the Airport or Railway Station pickup facility.

Why do business people extend their stay?

Hence, they want to experience the best during their stay at your hotel. It also happens that entrepreneurs extend their stay because of few unplanned meetings, upcoming events, or due to any personal reasons.

What is a Corporate Traveller?

Corporate travel refers to travel where the primary motivation is business-related. This may include, for example, employees travelling to a conference, or a manager travelling to another branch. It could also involve travelling to an important meeting with a client, or visiting a particular site for an evaluation.

How do hotels attract corporate travelers?

For this reason, one of the main ways hotels can ensure they attract more corporate travellers is by connecting with the main GDS systems. The easier it is for corporate travel agents to find your hotel and check availability, the more chance you have of them choosing your hotel as the solution to their business travel needs.

What is bleisure in hotels?

Moreover, there is a growing trend for ‘bleisure’ guests – those who travel for business purposes, but extend their stay for leisure purposes. Hotels attracting these guests benefit from prolonged stays and more money being spent on additional hotel services, such as laundry, room service, restaurant bookings and gym access.

Why are corporate travellers important?

Firstly, corporate travel is a growing market, with increased availability of flights and the growing popularity of business events and conferences meaning corporate travel is more frequent and extends further than in the past.

What is outsourcing travel management?

Increasingly, businesses are outsourcing travel management responsibilities to professional travel management companies or corporate travel agents. This often means booking accommodation for corporate travellers, and agents usually turn to global distribution systems to find the best hotels and the best room rates for a destination.

How to attract corporate travellers to your hotel?

However, one of the best ways to attract corporate travellers to your hotel is to use the right communication for the right target group.

Why is corporate travel growing?

However, more importantly, business travel is growing, thanks to factors like globalisation and the availability of flights. In the following articles you find more information about the corporate travel market: