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how to secure travel trailer from theft

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How to prevent travel trailer theft – here are 13 steps that work:Use a hitch lockUse x-chock locksUse a wheel lockPut your outside light (s) on a motion sensorWhen camping,pull into your site rather than backing inLeave your RV hooked to your rigInvest in a security systemPaint your initials or a personal code on the top of your RVMore items

How to lock a trailer so it Cant be stolen?

Locks,Locks,Locksa. Coupler Lock. You should always use a coupler lock when you’ve parked your unhitched trailer in the driveway or at a park.b. Hitch/Receiver Lock. Your trailer is not only at risk when unhitched. …c. Wheel Lock. You can use a wheel lock in addition to the other two locks or on its own. …d. Door Lock. …

How to protect your trailer from theft?

Remove your lanyard,key,or activate the locking systemLock your trailer to your hitch.Lock your hitch to your towing vehicle.Lock your craft to your trailer.Lock your PWC to the dock frame.Use wheel locks on the trailer.Install a motion sensor alarm.Use a cover.Use ground anchors.Practice careful parking.

How to secure your RV from thieves?

Park in a good area.Leave a light on.Turn on the radio.Upgrade your locks.Secure your valuables.Get a security system.Add a GPS system.Camp with others.Get insurance.

How to prevent trailer theft?

How to prevent travel trailer theft – here are 13 steps that work:Use a hitch lockUse x-chock locksUse a wheel lockPut your outside light (s) on a motion sensorWhen camping,pull into your site rather than backing inLeave your RV hooked to your rigInvest in a security systemPaint your initials or a personal code on the top of your RVBefriend your neighboring campersReplace all external locksMore items…

Use Anti-theft Devices

Trailer anti theft devices might not guarantee 100% protection against thieves. Still, a combination of these will surely make them forget trying to steal your trailer or even break in to steal your stuff inside.

Install a GPS Tracker

Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices are among the more popular tracking systems available these days. There are GPS trackers with advanced features that will be very helpful in finding the location of your trailer if it has been stolen or to prevent it from being taken.

Find a Safe Place Where You Can Leave Your Trailer

To avoid your trailer from being stolen, make sure to leave it in a safe place. You can hide it behind a wall, another vehicle, or someplace that will make it difficult to be seen by others who might be interested in stealing it.

Lock Your Trailer to an Immovable Object

Apart from using the anti-theft devices mentioned above, another way of adding more protection is to lock a trailer so it can’t be stolen. The best way to lock your trailer is by simply using durable and high-quality chains and padlocks.

Take the Wheels Out of Your Trailer

As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways for thieves to steal your trailer is by hitching it, and then they leave, bringing your trailer with them. To prevent this from happening, another helpful tip is removing a pair of its wheels.

Take a Picture of Your Trailer and Its Parts

It will save you in the future if you mark your trailer in distinct and easily recognizable ways. Also, you can reinvent these marks into something that is not explicitly visible so that thieves will not have the idea of removing them.

Do Not Display the Registration Plates

If your trailer is not used for an extended time, you can detach your registration plate and keep it someplace safe. If, by any chance, your trailer is stolen and seen by police officers without its registration plate, it will catch their attention and give them suspicion that it might be something stolen.

Do Travel Trailers Really Get Stolen?

Unfortunately, they do. And they don’t just get stolen from winter storage. Some thieves actually have the nerve to hit campgrounds or popular dry-camping spots.

What does it mean when someone steals a travel trailer?

It also means they need to find a travel trailer that isn’t too heavy for their vehicle to pull. Travel trailer thieves would generally know that they’ll burn up their motor if they try to pull too much weight. Note: People who steal travel trailers don’t usually stick with stealing one.

What is an X chock lock?

X Chock Locks are for travel trailers that have dual axel wheels. A secondary benefit of this option is they provide additional stabilization for your travel trailer. The X Chock fits between the adjacent tires and keeps them from rolling. You also have the ability to lock the chock so it can’t easily be removed.

How to keep a travel trailer from being stolen?

Use a Hitch Lock. The best way to keep your travel trailer from being stolen is to make it so thieves can’t attach to, or steal, the hitch. There are a couple different options you could consider, or you may want to use a combination of them: Trailer Tongue Locks.

Why do people have travel trailers?

Protecting Your Home Away from Home. People have travel trailers for different reasons. Your travel trailer may be your way to have a blissful escape from the harried world. For some of you, though, it’s your full-time home and if you lost it, you’d lose nearly everything you own.

What locks do you need for a trailer?

Now that you know you have a unique set of keys for your trailer, make good use of those locks – especially the deadbolt on your door. Deadbolts are much more secure than the regular lock on the door’s handle.

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People are naturally curious and when they’re passing by a window, the instinctive reaction is to look inside. There’s a huge difference between a casual glance and nosiness. Most will only throw that casual, curious glance in the direction of a window. It’s those exceptions that you want to avoid.

Some Common Theft Tactics

This type of theft is common among inexperienced thieves. They are usually slackers, spending money profligately leading to running out of money and needing money by any means.

Some Ways on How to Secure a Trailer from Theft

A quality lock with a sturdy shackle will be the solution. We recommend investing in a combination lock because ordinary locks nowadays are easily picked up by professional thieves. What you need to do is lock the coupler and the box (if any). However, you should only use this method with small trailers.

Tips and Tricks to be a Master

Remove the trailers and place them in an area with high visibility and lighting. If possible, park your trailer in a place that is empty or without any shortcuts.


There are many convenient ways on how to secure a trailer from theft, ranging from low security to high security. My advice is to rely on the size and value to choose the best way to lock a trailer. Using a combination of tools will increase the security of the trailer, which can reduce the attention of thieves and keep your trailer safe.

What is a hitch pin lock?

We use a hitch pin lock with our hitch coupler lock which keeps the coupler locked so it would be impossible to fit the ball in making it unable to be connected. We also keep this lock on every time we tow just in case a pesky kid comes and flips the coupler up. This would not be the best thing to happen while you are towing down the road at 60 mph. It is always recommended to have a pin in the hitch coupler so it does not wiggle loose, and this device will take its place and keep it locked on to whatever it is hitched to.

How to lock a trailer so it can’t be stolen?

How to lock a trailer so it can’t be stolen? The best way to protect your trailer from theft is to leave it hitched up to your vehicle , someone would have to steal your vehicle or move it in order to steal your trailer. The next best way is a hitch coupler lock. Locking your coupler will ensure no one can hook up and be off with your trailer.

What is a coupler lock?

This coupler lock attaches to your coupler just like your trailer hitch ball does and locks into place. A thief would create quite a bit of noise if they had to grind or try to remove this from a hitch, so they should get caught before they are successful.

What is a wheel chock lock?

A wheel chock lock is another device that could be added to your travel trailer, rv, automobile, or anything on wheels to keep it from being stolen. This is similar to the boot, where it goes around your tire and wheel and locks it in place.

What is an upgraded electronic lock?

An upgraded electronic lock with pass code is wonderful as if you are hiking and misplace your keys, or go swimming and want to leave your keys in your trailer, this electronic lock allows you to do so. Our favorite keypad lock allows you to create your own combination and lock and unlock on the fly as well as has a key fob to lock and unlock remotely.

Why lock up propane tank?

By locking up your propane tank (s) you will prevent them from being stolen. They can be expensive to not only replace but if you have them full of propane, there is even more lost cost.

How much does a generator cost?

A generator can range from $500 to $1,000+ so taking the added security is cheap insurance. We use a cable bike lock as well as a lock to fasten our generator’s handle to our rear bumper. Now at the end of the day, someone could still steal this with minimal tools, but at least it makes it apparent you are protecting your items and makes it a little more difficult for someone to steal.

Best Way to Secure a Trailer from Theft, Introduction

When talking about trailer security there are a few things to consider.

High Security Trailer Hitch Pin

If you tow…anything. Then I would start by purchasing one of these High Security Hitch Pins.

Best Lock to Secure a Trailer from Theft, Coupler Lock

A coupler lock works by blocking the coupler from being hooked-up onto a truck hitch.

Best Way To Prevent Trailer Theft, Conclusion

Hopefully you found some of these items and tips useful as you work to secure your investment.

How to deter thieves from stealing my camper?

Instead, turn your camper around and put the hitch away from the standard access. This will deter potential thieves because they would have to physically turn the camper in order to steal it, which takes more time. You’ll need a jockey wheel or tongue jack to park this way.

Why do campers have boot covers?

The boot cover also prevents lugs from being stolen from the wheel. Thieves may try to change tires on the camper, even with a boot cover, so be sure to choose one that covers the lugs so tires can’t be changed.

What does "out of sight out of mind" mean?

The idea of “out of sight, out of mind” applies when you’re home as well as when you’re out camping. Eliminate any temptations around your camping spot by keeping valuables out of sight, locking doors and windows, and cleaning up your camping area. You may also want to:

How long does a motion detector light stay on?

When motion is detected, the light turns on and stays on for a preset time, usually about 20 seconds. The light shuts off when the motion is no longer detected.

What locks go over a trailer?

In this case, consider a lock that goes around the kingpin. There are a variety of options available, with the two most popular locks being a pad lock and a cylinder lock. Both go over the kingpin.

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What to bring on a trip with valuables?

If you are traveling with any valuables, consider bringing along a small safe to keep your cash, credit cards, or jewelry safe.