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how to redeem your avion points for travel

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How can I redeem my RBC Avion points?

You can redeem RBC Avion points through RBC Rewards, an online shopping platform that lets you use Avion points to pay for flights, merchandise, gift cards and more. You can also use points to pay bills through online banking. Let’s walk through how the Avion program works and how to redeem points across various rewards categories. What is Avion?

What can I do with my Avion points?

You can also use the portal to make a donation to the charity of your choice. When paying bills online with RBC, select the “RBC Rewards” option on mobile or the “Pay with RBC Rewards Points” tab on desktop to redeem your Avion points. You’ll be able to redeem Avion Points to pay for a number of RBC’s financial products.

How much are Avion points worth?

Your Avion Points will be worth different amounts based on what you redeem them for. The average value you’ll get for each point sits somewhere around 1 cent per point. That said, your points might be worth more or less than this amount based on what rewards you’re redeeming them for.

How do I book a flight with my Avion card?

Select the Travel Reward Booking option when prompted by the RBC automated phone system. Choose the Avion Card Holder. Select the New Booking choice. Provide the customer service representative with your Avion Visa card number and its expiration date. Tell the representative when and where you wish to fly.

What is Avion?

Avion is a bank-specific frequent flyer program operated by the Royal Bank of Canada (one of Canada’s “Big Five” banks). With this program, you’ll be able to earn points whenever you spend money on your credit card.

How much are Avion points worth?

Your Avion Points will be worth an average of 1 cent per point. That said, your points may be worth more if you redeem them for flights. They may be worth less if you redeem them for merchandise, gift cards or bill payments.

What is Avion credit card?

Avion is a bank-specific frequent flyer program operated by the Royal Bank of Canada (one of Canada’s “Big Five” banks). With this program, you’ll be able to earn points whenever you spend money on your credit card.

Can you use Avion points to pay for RBC?

You’ll be able to redeem Avion Points to pay for a number of RBC’s financial products. You can use your points to pay off your credit card, contribute to your investment products, pay off your loans or pay your monthly bills. All you’ll have to do to redeem your points is sign into your RBC online banking account or the RBC Mobile banking app.

Can you redeem Avion points on RBC Rewards?

Once you’ve collected enough RBC Avion Points, you’ll be able to redeem them using your RBC Rewards account. This online portal lets you create a user profile and link this to your points balance so you can redeem Avion Points for rewards such as flights, merchandise, gift cards and cash redemptions.

Do Avion points expire?

Other features that make flight redemptions unique to Avion include no blackout dates or restrictions and no booking fees. Your points will also never expire and you’ll be able to use them to cover the taxes and fees on your flight.

Do RBC points get higher?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll usually get a much higher value if you cash your points in for flights and other travel-related purchases. Your points will typically be worth less when you redeem them for items such as merchandise, gift cards and RBC financial products.

What credit cards does RBC have?

And finally, don’t forget that each of the three best choices we’ve outlined here all have their own respective RBC co-branded credit cards as well: the WestJet World Elite, the British Airways Visa Infinite, and the Cathay Pacific Visa Platinum. Consider applying for or product-switching to these cards to further boost your balances.

What are Avion points?

Avion points are easy to collect in large quantities over a short period of time, and are unique among the Big 5 banks’ points programs for being transferrable to a wide range of airline partners.

What is RBC Avion?

RBC Avion is one of Canada’s most popular points programs and easily the most attractive program offered by a Big 5 bank, although the optimal strategies for redeeming Avion points for maximum value may not be so apparent at first glance.

What airlines have sweet spots?

Some of the most well-known sweet spots include Toronto–Dublin on Aer Lingus economy class for 13,000 Avios, Seattle–Hawaii on Alaska Airlines economy class for 13,000 Avios, or an Avios multi-carrier award visiting up to seven places around the world on a single trip. The challenge with Avios, however, is that the sweet spots tend …

What airline partners with Avion?

Avion’s fourth and final airline partner is American Airlines AAdvantage, and you can convert Avion points into AAdvantage miles at a 1:0.7 ratio. Occasionally, there are 20% conversion bonuses along this axis, which bring the transfer ratio to 1:0.84.

How many miles can you redeem for an Etihad apartment?

Aeroplan is now by far the easiest way to book the Etihad Apartments, and there’s very little reason to go via AAdvantage. With Aeroplan, you can redeem 110,000 miles for 27 hours of Apartments between New York and Sydney, via Abu Dhabi.

How many exclusive seats does WestJet have?

As a general rule, WestJet tends to release at least four Member Exclusive seats per flight, which is great news for those of you who often travel as a larger family.

How to book an Avion flight?

Tell the representative when and where you wish to fly. State your traveler information such as name, address, date of birth and gender to book the flight.

How many points do you need to transfer to American Express?

Indicate the number of points you want to transfer. American Express requires a transfer of a minimum of 1,600 points with increments of 800 additional points.

How many points can you exchange for economy?

You can exchange points for an economy class plane fare, beginning with 15,000 acquired points. The type of flight you can purchase varies depending on the amount of points accumulated.

Can you use American Express points for shopping?

Michele Norfleet, Leaf Group. American Express offers its cardholders the option of earning Membership Rewards points when they use their American Express card. You can use the points for shopping, dining or entertainment; in addition, you can convert reward points to Frequent Flyer miles on selected airlines.

Do frequent flyer points charge a fee?

You are charged a transfer fee when you transfer points to the Frequent Flyer program.

Who is Michele Norfleet?

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Do RBC Rewards points expire?

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about when RBC Rewards points expire. I have confirmed that RBC Rewards points don’t expire as long as you have an active account. If you cancel your card, you have 90 days to redeem them before losing them. The first-in, first-out rule you may have read about online is an old outdated article. RBC really needs to delete that page. If you’re still not sure about when your points expire, you could always call customer service to confirm.

How much is a RBC point?

Since it costs 1,000 points to redeem $10 in travel, the base value of one R BC point is 1 cent. That’s similar to other bank travel loyalty programs. That said, RBC Rewards has different redemption options available that could increase or decrease the value of your points. Here’s a quickl look at the value of the different redemption options available.

How much does RBC reward cost?

With RBC Rewards, you must book through their travel portal or via the phone, but RBC will charge you $30 for that privilege. While this will annoy many people since you may have specific travel sites you prefer, RBC Rewards is a full service travel agency and you can book any of the following:

How many RBC points to get $100?

It takes 12,000 RBC points to get $100 in financial products which gives you a value of .83 cents per point. At first glance that may seem like a lot, but think about the long term. With mortgage and line of credit payments, you’re basically paying off your loan earlier which you immediately save on the interest. If you’re adding to your investments, you can take advantage of compound interest which could make your redemption very valuable in the long run.

How to calculate gift card value?

To do that, you take the dollar value of the redemption and multiply it by 100. You then take that number and divide it by the points required. For example, with Food Basics, it would be $100 X 100 / 14,000 = .71 cents per point.

How much is a mile on an airline?

It’s hard to put an exact value on airline miles since there are so many variables, but generally speaking, their value is around a minimum of 1.5¢ per mile for economy tickets. Often you can get double the value if you’re booking in business class.

Can you redeem RBC points for gift cards?

How to redeem RBC Rewards points for gift cards. RBC Rewards has a wide variety of merchants where you can use your RBC points for gift cards . Unfortunately, there are different values depending on the gift card you redeem. Here are some of the redemptions and merchants available.