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how to pack jewelry travel

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How to organize jewelry for travel?

Part 2 Part 2 of 3: Organizing Jewelry for Packing Download ArticleInvest in a good jewelry case or roll. Having a dedicated bag for your jewelry makes packing for trips much easier.Roll necklaces up in a microfiber cloth. The cloth is soft enough that it won’t scratch the jewelry,but rolling the necklaces up in it keeps them from getting …Thread thin necklaces through straws to prevent tangling. …More items…

How to store jewelry when traveling?

Travel Jewelry Organizers to BuyUse a Jewelry Roll Organizer. A jewelry roll organizer makes traveling with jewelry simple. …Travel with a Jewelry Box Organizer. A small jewelry box organizer is a smart purchase for traveling with jewelry,because it provides both organization and protection for your valuable items.Protect It in a Pouch Jewelry Holder. …Organize Jewelry in a Pill Case. …

What is the best way to pack jewelry?

Packing jewelry step-by-stepUse a jewelry roll for valuable pieces. …Organize small items with a pill case. …Thread necklaces through a straw or cardboard roll. …Keep items secure and separate with re-sealable kitchen wrap. …Hook earrings through buttons or foam. …Wrap pieces individually in packing paper or zip-top bags. …

How to pack art supplies for travel?

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How to store jewelry in pill organizer?

Store small jewelry items in a pill organizer. Pill organizers are broken down into small compartments, which makes them ideal for packing earrings, rings, and even delicate necklaces. You can pack multiple pairs of stud earrings or rings in the compartments if they’re large enough, but it’s best to only place one pair of dangling earrings or a single necklace in each compartment to avoid tangling.

How to keep necklaces from tangling?

3. Thread thin necklaces through straws to prevent tangling. Gather a straw for each delicate necklace that you’re bringing, and carefully pull them through the straw. Fasten the necklace’s clasp to secure it in place, and set it inside your bag.

How to pack jewelry for a trip?

1. Invest in a good jewelry case or roll. Having a dedicated bag for your jewelry makes packing for trips much easier. You can opt for a case style with a hard exterior if you’re concerned about damage or a soft roll style organizer that allows you to maximize space in your luggage. Jewelry organizers usually have compartments to separate your …

What is a jewelry organizer?

Jewelry organizers usually have compartments to separate your items so you don’t have to worry about items getting tangled together. You can use a bag that you already have as a jewelry organizer for your trip, such as an extra toiletry bag.

How to avoid throwing a bunch of jewelry in your bag?

To avoid throwing a bunch of jewelry that you won’t wind up wearing into your bag, it helps to coordinate the pieces with the clothing that you’ll be wearing. Put together the outfits that you plan to bring on your trip, and then choose only the jewelry items that complement those clothes.

How to organize earrings for travel?

Organize earrings with buttons. Because they have holes in the center, spare buttons that come with clothing are an ideal way to organize earrings for travel. Place the earrings through the holes and fasten them closed to keep them together, so you don’t lose any.

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Organize small items in a pillbox

The tiny compartments are the perfect size for storing your earrings, rings, pins, and other small items. As an added bonus, you can organize your jewelry to match your planned outfits for every day of your trip! (Though if your trip is more than seven days long, you’ll have to get creative.)

Keep necklaces in straws

If your necklaces are thin enough, you can secure them with a straw. Simply unhook your necklace, feed one end through the straw, and secure the clasp. It’ll never get tangled! You can even use a hair tie to secure your necklaces to the pillbox. Just be sure to use a reusable straw instead of a single-use plastic one.

Make a jewelry roll with a shirt or travel towel

Who needs to buy a jewelry roll when you’ve already got the materials for a DIY jewelry kit? Start by neatly laying out your jewelry on a shirt or travel towel. Roll up the soft fabric—making sure that no two items are touching one another—until it forms a neat bundle. Use hair ties or rubber bands to secure the ends, and you’re ready to travel!

Attach jewelry to a paper plate

Stick your earrings through the middle of the plate and make small holes for your necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry around the sides. Then store your paper plate in a reusable bag, like a canvas tote or packing cube.

Hook earrings through buttons

Stick your two earrings through a button’s two buttonholes. It’s a two-in-one trick: Your earrings stay together, and you have an extra button in case one pops off your clothing while you’re out and about on tour!

How to travel with jewelry depending on your destination

If you’re traveling to an area where locals don’t have the opportunity to own flashy, expensive jewelry, consider bringing subtle, inexpensive jewelry and leaving your most valuable items at home. You’ll be able to interact with locals in a more authentic, respectful way.

How to make a travel jewelry organizer?

A toilet paper roll can make a great DIY travel jewelry organizer! Put your bracelets around the roll, pin your earrings by the side, and insert your necklaces around and through the hole.

How to keep necklaces from tangling in box?

Vacuum Seal Your Jewelry. Another DIY option for organizing your jewelry is to use plastic seals, like these Glad Press N Seal wraps. This is a great solution for how to keep necklaces from tangling in a jewelry box as well, because it will keep everything in place.

What is a jewelry roll organizer?

A jewelry roll organizer makes traveling with jewelry simple. These organizers are affordable and will allow you to pack all of your items into separate compartments so that nothing gets tangled together.

Why is a small jewelry box organizer important?

A small jewelry box organizer is a smart purchase for traveling with jewelry, because it provides both organization and protection for your valuable items.

How to keep earrings organized?

Buttons are a great way to keep earrings organized. Insert the pair into a button and keep them together to prevent loss. This is one of my favorite tips for traveling with jewelry! You can combine this button trick with other organizers, such as the pill case, jewelry box, or jewelry roll.

What kind of case does the pill planner come in?

This one comes in a pretty zippered case, but you can get a plain plastic pill planner.

How to make jewelry low maintenance?

If your jewelry is low maintenance, use a soft pouch. This can be an easy DIY project: just get some fabric and tie it up with a bit of rope or even a shoelace.