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how to manage travel at work

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How to manage travel requests in your company?

1. Create a procedure for travel requests At many companies (especially startups), there is no protocol for booking travel. Ask yourself a few quick questions: Do some employees ask you to book their trip over email while others ask you in person?

What does a travel management company do?

A travel management company is in charge of either taking over everything to do with travel management, or of giving your employees the tools they need to manage travel in a fraction of the time. This can include:

How to get business travel booking done smoothly and quickly?

No worries, we’ve got you covered with eight great tips to get business travel booking done smoothly and quickly. 1. Create a procedure for travel requests At many companies (especially startups), there is no protocol for booking travel. Ask yourself a few quick questions:

How do you ask employees to book a trip?

Create a procedure for travel requests At many companies (especially startups), there is no protocol for booking travel. Ask yourself a few quick questions: Do some employees ask you to book their trip over email while others ask you in person? Do some employees give you all the info you need while others give you just dates and locations?

What is corporate travel management?

Travel management is the process of controlling, tracking and reporting on a company’s travel-related expenses. Business travel can be managed by external corporate travel agencies, an in-house travel manager or by an admin professional, such as those charged with office management .

What does a travel buyer do?

A travel buyer is in charge of either purchasing or outsourcing the purchasing of corporate travel. This means partnering with vendors, negotiating rates, and/or choosing a corporate travel management company and overseeing or reviewing their work.

Why automate travel policy?

You increase travel policy compliance and maintain it around the clock. The administrative team saves time because they’re no longer booking all trips. Travelers get to experience the freedom of booking for themselves.

What happens when a company doesn’t design a travel process?

When your company is using a process that wasn’t designed for how you travel (the solution is either too robust, or non-existent), what ends up happening is that neither corporate travelers nor admins get their needs met.

What happens when a business is using consumer tools to book travel?

Guess what happens when a business is using consumer tools to book travel? The CFO lacks oversight, and so is forced to become the bad cop. Finance departments are forced to micromanage travel spend for every department, in a way that’s overly conservative and controlling.

What is the most important thing in modern travel management?

The most important thing in modern travel management is that it serves the whole entire company. We’ve talked about equipping travelers with stellar support. We’ve talked about saving time as an admin. So what about finance?

What is travel spend reporting?

Travel spend reporting – Easy access for all finance and administrative team members who need to track travel itinerary details and spend by cost centers, tags or labels

What is the biggest problem people who love traveling have?

Juggling work when you travel is the biggest problem people who love traveling have.

Why is it important to invest in the right equipment when traveling?

It is essential to invest in the right equipment if you want to work without any issues when traveling. There might be some unforeseen situations like having no internet connection or forgetting your laptop, etc. You can tackle these problems if you plan ahead and know precisely the conditions you have in your accommodation. Having a backup resource is always good to have so you can continue your work like having an extra laptop or having a data plan for your phone while traveling.

How to make your workcation more enjoyable?

I had a situation where I took double the workload on a holiday, but that was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Always have the least amount of work you can manage when you take a vacation. This can make your workcation more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Why is it important to plan things before time?

I am a huge fan of planning things before time. This helps to save your time, and it is very important if you want to take your business seriously and enjoy your vacations.

Is it a good idea to multitask when traveling?

This might not be a good idea when you are on a workcation. Multitasking might work in your usual setting, i.e., at home, but you might travel to some places where you might not have the resources available for work, so it’s not a good idea to multitask when you travel. Having more focused time on a single task gives you better results especially when you are traveling with family.

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Should I factor time difference when traveling?

I always make it a point to check the time difference before going on a holiday. You don’t want to be signing into a virtual meeting three hours late because you are on a different continent.

How can part time travel managers benefit from learning the basics of travel management?

Even the most time-squeezed part-time travel managers can benefit from learning the basics of travel management and taking steps to implement a basic travel policy for your company. This will help you streamline your travel-related work process, and could result in cost savings for your company and increased satisfaction for business travelers.

Why is it important to communicate your travel policy?

Once your travel policy is in place , it’s essential to clearly communicate it to your business travelers to ensure compliance, which in turn will support your future negotiations with travel suppliers.

How to manage business travel?

Here are five business travel management tips to help you get started. 1. Reset your perspective. Keep in mind that managing travel is not like other administrative responsibilities you might be handling. “These days travel is often handled by someone in the procurement department, but it’s a lot easier to source copy machines, office furniture, …

Why is it important to understand management’s business goals for the company?

It’s important to understand management’s business goals for the company as those will inform how you approach creating a basic corporate travel policy, said Michelle Moy, global strategy practice director for TCG Consulting, which advises companies on travel management issues.

Is travel management easy?

While mastering the art of travel management is not a fast or easy process, you can get a lot of help getting started from organizations such as GBTA and the Association for Corporate Travel Executives. Both provide education and resources for people at all levels of experience and conduct annual and regional events.

Is managing travel important?

That can be a daunting prospect, especially as managing travel has become an increasingly important job. Not only are companies grappling with budget restraints, rising travel costs, and limited availability in key business destinations, but traveler morale and safety are ever-increasing concerns as well.

1. You can be a volunteer and exchange skills for accommodation

It goes without saying that volunteering is one of the easier ways to work and travel at the same time. With endless volunteer opportunities, you can choose what type of work is right for you.

2. You can share your passion for tourism by working as a tour guide

A super fun and interactive way to get to know others – tour guiding is for those who have charm, charisma, and love to get out and about, sharing their passion for the place they live in.

3. You can share your fitness passion working while travelling

The fitness industry can be a tough gig – there are constant changes, pressures and can be time-consuming, but it can be so rewarding and also, really fun.

4. You can work with translation during your trips

Can you speak multiple languages? Then being a translator could be the ideal job for you! Translators help to communicate a message to an audience by deciphering between different languages, whether that be spoken or signed.

5. You can work and travel as a influencer or social media

Some companies may employ digital nomads such as social media marketers who can do all the work they need to at just the touch of a button. What’s great is that the majority of the work can all be done from a mobile phone, making it easier and more accessible.

6. You can become a freelancer and make your own schedules

If you have skills you can share such as editing or photography, you can easily work remotely and promote yourself online. A lot of people have taken this route, and though it can be a difficult one, it’s very rewarding.

7. You can be inspired by your trips and become a travel writer

Love travelling and sharing your experiences? Then being a travel writer could be the perfect job for you. There’s a lot of people who will pay you to write about your travels in return for an advertisement.

How long does it take to process a travel request?

Processing travel requests within 24 hours is the best way to stay under budget. In the vast majority of cases, the price of flights and hotels only increases as the trip gets nearer. So when you book quickly, you usually secure the best price. However, there is such a thing as booking too fast.

What is TravelPerk?

TravelPerk helps executive assistants and office managers save time booking and managing travel for their times with traveler profiles, corporate-approved hotel searches, and superior, custom support. Categories. Travel Management.

Can employees pay for their own trips?

Don’t make employees pay for trips and then request reimbursements later. Some employees will claim they’re okay paying upfront for their own trips, but this gets messy quickly. When business travelers go rogue and pay for themselves, you can’t be sure they’re booking within policy until after the fact.

Can you add a traveler to your TravelPerk account?

Each traveler can be added as a user to your company’s TravelPerk account, so when you enter their details once, you never have to add them again! This includes requisite info like birth dates and travel documents as well as helpful details like loyalty program numbers.