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how to keep your laptop safe when travelling

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How do I protect my laptop when traveling?

Your delicate hardware needs a purpose-built enclosure to keep it safe. Find a nice, cushioned bag without obvious laptop markings and logos. Traveling is full of shoving bags into tight spots, jostling them about, and stuffing in just one more thing. Push a little too hard, and you may hear an investment-shattering crack.

Is it safe to leave your laptop in a hotel?

Be Safe at the Hotel You can’t take your laptop with you everywhere. If you leave it at the hotel when you go sightseeing, place it in the safe and hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. You won’t come back to a clean room, but you’ll be more likely to find your laptop where you left it. (See also: Hotel Safety Tips) 3.

How do I choose the best laptop for travel?

If you travel a lot, you may want to look for laptops that are lightweight and durable. Purchase something on the smaller side that is easy to pack. If you are traveling by plane, do not check your laptop with other luggage. Carry it onto the plane with you.

How to transport a laptop?

2. Use a reliable and padded case to transport your laptop. Regardless of your method of travel, you will need something to protect the laptop from movement and harm during transport. Use a case that can be carried as you would carry a briefcase, or a shoulder bag that is made well and provides padding and cushion.

Why is it important to have a laptop when traveling?

One of the benefits to using a laptop computer is its portability. Professionals who travel for business rely on being able to bring their laptops. Even people traveling for pleasure may elect to take a laptop with them in order to check emails and stay connected to friends and family back home. It is important to keep laptops safe …

How to keep laptop safe while traveling?

It is important to keep laptops safe while traveling by taking protective measures. Protect your laptop when traveling by storing it properly and paying attention to basic software security measures.

What to do if your laptop is stolen?

Use passwords on your system and all of your files to protect your data if your laptop is stolen or compromised. Choose passwords that you can easily remember, but are not obvious. Purchase insurance for your laptop. Retailers such as Dell, Staples and Office Depot offer coverage for laptops.

How long does laptop insurance cover?

Beware insurance for your laptop does not cover leaving your laptop unattended and is limited to 90 days and travel insurance although it covers more than 90 days usually has an item limit of around £300.

What to do if your laptop breaks?

Make sure it isn’t a hard, tough suitcase. And if you’re always breaking your screen, try finding a screen cover for your computer, or go for the more expensive options, like a Gorilla Glass.

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How to transport a laptop?

Use a reliable and padded case to transport your laptop. Regardless of your method of travel, you will need something to protect the laptop from movement and harm during transport. Use a case that can be carried as you would carry a briefcase, or a shoulder bag that is made well and provides padding and cushion.

Why is it important to travel with a laptop?

Traveling with a laptop opens you up to plenty of new risks that you would not encounter while working at home. Modern machines are stylish and desirable and there for a big attraction for thieves.

What to do when buying a laptop?

When you first buy your laptop, it is a great idea to take note of any registration or serial numbers. Having the laptop manufacturer, model number, or name, and the serial number will help you when you have to report a theft.

What to look for in a laptop bag?

Look for one with that has padding around the laptop sleeve in case you tend to drop your bag. Also consider a waterproof bag (especially if traveling to England, it always rains there). A few other points to look for in a secure laptop bag is slash-proof fabric and durable zippers.

What does a lock do when someone pulls your laptop from you?

So when someone pulls the laptop from you when you are not awake, the lock senses the movement and produces the alarm sound to alert you.

What to do if you are bad at remembering passwords?

If you are bad at remembering passwords, use the password management software.

What is a security cable lock?

A security cable lock is an anti-theft device that is cheap yet useful. It works like a bicycle lock. You can loop the cable around any object, connect it to your laptop and lock it with a password or key.

1. Use an Anti-Theft Bag

No matter where you go in the world, thieves will likely be a problem. Whether you’re visiting a cafe around the block or going to the airport, it’s vital to pay extra attention to your laptop’s safety.

2. Keep It in the Laptop Compartment

The laptop compartment is there for a reason—to protect your laptop; So, use it! Unlike other ordinary bags, a laptop bag or backpack will have a specific compartment with extra cushioning and padding. This added protection is there to prevent damage from unexpected bumps and bangs.

3. Get a Laptop Sleeve

Traveling with your laptop can be harmful and expose it to random beatings. Laptops are expensive devices, so you’ll need extra protection to avoid damaging them.

4. Use a Laptop Skin

A laptop sleeve will guard your laptop against damage while it’s inside your bag. However, a laptop skin is there to protect your device while you’re using it.

5. Keep Your Backpack Organized

Organize the items in your backpack to avoid any unnecessary scratches or marks on your laptop. Things like USB cables, chargers, and adapters need to be in a separate compartment at all times.

6. Shut Down Your Laptop and Close It Completely

Never keep your laptop running when you’re not using it, especially if you’re going to store it in your laptop bag. By simply closing it, your laptop could overheat, and this can cause damage to the internal components.

7. Take Extra Measures on Rainy Days

The weather can be unreliable at times. If you’re uncertain whether it will rain or not, and you need to travel somewhere with your laptop, you need to have the proper protection.

How to protect your laptop from unwanted attention?

For extra protection, choose a laptop bag with features like slash-proof fabric and tamper-resistant zippers.

How to protect your laptop from unauthorized access?

To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, you can encrypt your data and use strong passwords. Full-disk encryption protects all the data on your laptop, but it’s a little overkill unless you regularly work with a lot of sensitive information. For most people, it’s easier to pick and choose the files to encrypt.

How to remember passwords on laptop?

If you find it hard to remember these passwords, use a password management software or write the passwords down on a piece of paper stored separately from the laptop.

How does a security cable lock work?

A cheap anti-theft device, a security cable lock works like a bicycle lock. You loop it around a fixed object, connect it to the laptop and lock it with a combination or a key. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you can buy a high-tech cable lock that comes with a motion sensor system and an alarm.

What is VPN in travel?

This service protects your Internet connection by encrypting all the data you send and receive online. Another perk of using a VPN while traveling is being able to access online content that’s not available in certain geographic locations.

What is the best travel insurance policy?

A good travel insurance policy goes a long way. Get a policy that covers theft and loss of personal items. Make sure the amount of coverage will be enough to buy you a new laptop. A good travel rewards credit card may cover travel insurance — check the terms of your card issuer. (See also: Laptop-Buying Mistakes)

What information is stored on a laptop?

You probably have sensitive information stored on your laptop. Copies of your IDs, your home address, contact details of your associates, personal photos, banking details — all this information can be used for identify theft if it falls into the wrong hands.

What is the service tag on my HP laptop?

This service tag on the bottom of an HP laptop contains all the vital information you might need, including its serial number.

How to keep laptop hidden in car?

Keep it in the trunk, under the seat, or cover it with a jacket. And keep your car locked at all times.

What does Alex cover?

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What to record when you lost your laptop?

Finally, record your PC’s precise specifications, including the make, model, and serial or service number. Having this information on hand is crucial for reporting a lost or stolen laptop—and perhaps recovering it.

How to deter theft?

To deter theft, buy a nondescript bag, without logos that advertise to potential thieves that there’s valuable merchandise inside.

What is worse than losing a laptop?

What could be worse than losing your laptop? Losing the information you have stored on it. Follow a backup regimen, keeping a copy of your important data on a hard drive at the home or office or in the cloud, so you can pick up where you left off as soon as you can afford to replace the missing PC.

Is my laptop physically attached to my body?

Unlike an arm or leg, though, your laptop isn’t physically attached to your body. And there are all too many ways that it can come to harm—or even disappear with someone who covets it as much as you do. Follow these tips for laptop security, and you won’t have to ask Santa to bring you a new one.

Keep Your Laptop Safe – Physical Protection

The number of times I see laptops worth thousands in bags and cases that cost $5 is worrying. If your laptop is important to you, a padded bag that keeps your laptop securely in the right place is vital.

Keep Your Laptop Safe – Software Security

Travelling means using new networks that you haven’t before and this brings with it certain risks. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to attacks, having antivirus and even using a VPN can help eliminate a lot of the risks attached to public networks.


It is best to be prepared for the worst. If you are super worried about it, having everything backed up is the only way to know you won’t lose your data. Many of the methods we’ve mentioned are as much designed to put off potential thieves as they are to protect your laptop.

Where Do I Pack It?

The daypack I use to house the above items is a 20L backpack similar to this one that detaches from my Osprey Meridian wheel ed bag.

How Do I Pack It?

Because the laptop rests in between the day pack’s well padded back and the rest of my belongings it ensures adequate protection. Plus, I also use additional accessories to care for it on the road.

Why do I need a keyboard cover?

Keyboard Cover. For the same reasons as the screen cover, I also use a keyboard cover to avoid getting food, dirt, and dust inside the keys. The one I bought was cheap and I don’t recommend it if you can dish out for a nicer one but I still use it because it does the job.

Traveling for Work? Take these steps to ensure your laptop – and work – are safe

Roughly one million Americans travel every day for work. When you consider that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds and 86 percent of organizations have had an employee’s laptop stolen, keeping the computer safe and secure when traveling is a significant issue.

Laptop Security Practices: Your Physical Devices

If you’ve taken care of the preparation for your travel by limiting your data exposure, you’re still at risk for device theft or exposure of the data you take with you. Follow physical security best practices to make you less of a target and drastically reduce your risk of being on the road without any way to work.

Laptop Security Practices: Surfing Safely When Traveling

You should be particularly diligent when it comes to following safe networking habits. Cybercriminals can utilize a wide assortment of attacks, such as malware and man-in-the-middle tactics, to infiltrate your computer and steal data.

How robust are your device security practices?

If your organization needs to put more robust device security practices in place and educate employees on how best to protect assets and data while on the road, Contact Us.