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how to keep a travel trailer from rocking

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How Do I Stop My Travel Trailer From Rocking?The best way to stop your travel trailer from rocking is to make sure that it is properly level.You can do this by using leveling blocks or jacks to raise the trailer up until it is level.Once the trailer is level,you can chock the wheels to keep it from rolling.More items

How do I Stop my travel trailer from rocking?

The best way to stop your travel trailer from rocking is through proper parking of your RV, as well as purchasing additional RV accessories such as stabilizers, wheel chocks, and leveling jacks. But what are all of these products, and how exactly do they work to help your rocking rig? Let’s go over them together and get you a more stable RV!

Do wheel chocks stop a travel trailer from rocking?

Wheel Chocks A necessary and commonly purchased accessory, wheel chocks can help stop your travel trailer from rocking. Wheel chocks are designed to be placed in between your travel trailer’s wheels or on the ground behind your tires so that your travel trailer doesn’t roll away.

Why does my travel trailer rock when parked?

Another reason why your travel trailer or fifth wheel might be rocking is because of the surface you are parked on. It doesn’t take much for an RV to rock around, and having your rig parked on anything other than flat, level asphalt or cement can leave much to be desired.

How to stabilize a travel trailer without a steering wheel?

Instead, use a set of quality leveling blocks to get the rig into the most stable position possible, then use the stabilizing jacks to keep the trailer from rocking when you move around inside it. If you’re in the market for a great set of stabilizers, look no further than the Stabilizing Scissor Jacks from Eaz-Lift.

Why Do Travel Trailers Rock In The First Place?

The suspension system of a travel trailer is outfitted with springs that keep the ride smooth when the vehicle is in motion. The camper is also supported by a set of tires that helps to evenly distribute the excess weight.

What to do if your trailer is wiggling?

If the wiggling comes from the middle of the trailer: Use X-chock tire stabilizers to keep the wheels in place.

What is a wheel chock?

As the name suggests, these devices are designed to keep the tires in place. When you place these behind the wheels, you’re creating the most stable environment you can hope for in a unit that was designed for motion. If you’ve ever been inside a travel trailer that moves when parked, you should be able to appreciate what wheel chocks have to offer.

What is a stabilizing jack?

Stabilizers/Jacks. Stabilizers (also known as stabilizing jacks) should prevent the trailer from swaying from side to side. When used in combination with leveling blocks, they can work wonders. Stabilizers On A Pop Up Camper.

What can you use to level a camper?

With the aid of leveling blocks, scissor jacks, and tire chocks, you can create a more comfortable environment for yourself and your fellow campers.

What is a leveling block?

Leveling blocks are designed to keep the travel trailer from bouncing up and down when you and your family climb aboard. They can also make sure the unit is level when parked on uneven terrain.

How to fix instability around the rear of a car?

If you notice the instability around the rear or the entrance: Add stabilizers beneath the door and rear bumper.

Why Is Your Travel Trailer Rocking?

The first step to stop your travel trailer from rocking is to identify the cause. You can’t mitigate the issue if you don’t know what it is, right? Much like your tow vehicle, your travel trailer was built with a suspension system for a smoother ride while it’s being towed. The suspension is made up of springs and, of course, tires. Could you imagine the rough ride you would have if not for these two things? It would be much like riding in a covered wagon of the old west. On top of that, if your camper’s suspension was that rigid, it would have devastating effects on the chassis, as well as the interior.

What is a stabilizer jack?

Stabilizer jacks/arms are meant to minimize or stop your travel trailer from rocking, and you will lower these only after your rig is level.

How to stop a camper from rocking?

Now that you have the wheels chocked and secure, the next step to stop your camper from rocking is to set the stabilizers. The stabilizers on your camper are located at each of the four corners. You will either have the scissor type stabilizer or the “C” type, which is an arm that swings down to meet the ground. If you have the type “C” stabilizers, make sure the arm isn’t extended past 45 degrees or so. You might have to add a few stabilizer pads or 6 X 6 wooden blocks to achieve this.

What is the first step in a RV camping trip?

The first part of every RV camping trip starts with a level travel trailer. Not only does this ensure proper operation of your refrigerator, but it also keep doors from swinging open or closed. You would think that once you are unhooked and level you are good to go. Not so fast. Leveling your rig is just the first step to stop your travel trailer from rocking. A level travel trailer is the foundation that you will start with. If you would like to read more on leveling, check out, “How To Level A Camper”.

What is better for a travel trailer: rubber or plastic?

Rubber wheel chocks will have better grip on your tires as well as the ground than their plastic counterparts. The result of the added grip will help keep your travel trailer from rocking.

Do you need chocks for a travel trailer?

Now that you have a level travel trailer, you will want to make sure you chock the wheels. Chocks help keep the wheels from rocking front to back when you walk around inside, or if there are high winds. It is a good idea to purchase a quality set of wheel chocks. If you are camping in a lightweight camper or a small pop-up camper, the plastic chocks should be just fine. However, if you have a heavier travel trailer or fifth wheel, I recommend going with a solid rubber wheel chock.

Do you need a stabilizer pad for a camper?

While not completely necessary, it is a good idea to place a stabilizer pad under each of your jacks for added ground surface contact. These stabilizers pads, like your stabilizer arms, are not intended to bear the weight of your camper. They are there to reduce some of the rocking and bouncing by making a physical connection between your rig’s frame and the ground. Be sure to check the ground where you will be deploying your stabilizers to make sure the ground is solid.

What Tools Can I Use to Stop My Travel Trailer Rocking?

A rocking travel trailer or fifth wheel is not going to be an enjoyable time, no matter how long you are camping for. Here are some tools and RV accessories that you can purchase so that your travel trailer rocks a bit less!

Why is my fifth wheel rocking?

The main reason it is rocking is most likely because it is designed to do just that while it is in motion.

What is a wheel chock?

A necessary and commonly purchased accessory, wheel chocks can help stop your travel trailer from rocking. Wheel chocks are designed to be placed in between your travel trailer’s wheels or on the ground behind your tires so that your travel trailer doesn’t roll away.

How to avoid unlevel ground?

Investigate your campsite before you park. It may seem silly, but getting out of your car and physically walking around your parking spot can be key to avoiding any unlevel ground. Your body can tell when something isn’t level much easier than your naked eye can. Walk the campsite and angle your trailer based on any wobbly sections, such as potholes or sloping pavement.

What are X chocks for travel trailers?

Most travel trailers have tandem or side by side tires, meaning two on both sides of your rig. If you have tandem tires, I highly recommend purchasing X chocks, as these are designed to go in between your two tires so that they are stabilized and held in place.

What is a leveling block?

These take the most time and effort to master, but these leveling blocks can be lifesavers for your rig, especially if your campsite is sloping from left to right or vice versa. They are essentially blocks or sloped rubber pieces that you park on top of and adjust based on the incline of your parking spot.

What is a travel trailer?

A travel trailer is made to be mobile, and so mobile it will remain until it is made more stationary. Without RV stabilizers, chocks, and leveling jacks, your travel trailer is held up by its tires only, and these are simply bouncy rubber balloons filled with air.

Why do RVs shake when walking?

The reason is that you typically have a set of tires in the middle of the vehicle that carries a lot fo the weight of the trailer (the jack leg at the front of the trailer typically covers the other part of the weight) and everything that’s packed onto it (including us humans). Well, tires have air in them and they are flexible. As a result, they cause the trailer to shake when we walk in it. Also, the RVs use springs in their suspensions which, by definition, are flexible. So while the flexibility of both the tires and the springs is awesome when it comes to ensuring a smooth ride on our way to the campground or back home, it’s a recipe for a wiggly experience once we’re at the campground and walk (and sometimes jump) in our RVs.

What do you put on slide outs?

Put stabilizers for the slide outs in place.

What is the difference between 5th wheels and classic travel trailers?

One interesting fact about 5th wheels is that some consider those to have a bit of an “unfair” advantage over classic travel trailers as the former have both front corners supported by jack legs / stabilizers whereas the latter only have one leg on the ground in the front.

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What is soft ground for RV?

Alright, this should help with soft ground. And by soft ground, I mean some grassy or similar surface. If you park your RV on the beach or in the desert – well, that’s a different story and your support blocks would need to be larger.

What is the best way to get more air?

If you need more air, it’s best to use a portable air compressor.

Where to place a kingpin tripod?

If you have a 5th wheel, place a kingpin tripod under your jack leg at the front of the camper.

How to stabilize an RV?

We all hate living in RVs how much they shake and bounce in different directions. This unnecessary movement might end up giving you motion sickness. You might have kids and pets; moving around means lots of shaking and no sleep! This is why stabilizing your RV is of supreme importance.


To stop your camper from shaking while walking, you need to use some stabilizer. This can be either one of the options available at the market. It just needs to be the right fit for the kind of camper you own.


For decades living on an unlevelled surface, the trailer was just something RV lovers just dealt with. Now, with all these amazing stabilizing systems. All you need is the right direction and information, and you can live in your RV peacefully without all that rocking.