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how to find jobs that require travel

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What are some jobs that require traveling?

Travel BloggerDigital NomadFlight AttendantESL TeacherAu PairSports Instructor (Ski,Scuba,Surf,etc)Travel NurseProperty CaretakerCruise Line WorkerFreelancerMore items…

What careers involve traveling?

What jobs involve Travelling a lot? Airline customer service agent. Airline passenger service agent, air travel assistant. … Airline pilot. Aircraft pilot, co-pilot, first officer, captain. … Airport information assistant. … Cabin crew. … Cruise ship steward. …

What jobs require international travel?

Jobs with required international travel include sales positions, consulting roles, and any positions that travel internationally for training or meetings. International travel can be mandatory at a variety of levels in companies that operate internationally, ranging from inspecting and auditing local offices to participating in global summits …

What is the highest paying job in tourism?

50 High Paying Career Ideas in the Travel Tourism Industry. Table of Content [ show] Become a Ski Repair Technician. Become a Bartender Consultant. Become a Concierge. Become an Adventure Tour Guide. Become a Technical Writer or Editor. Cook. 7.

How many hours do travel nurses work?

They work under contracts that may last anywhere between eight weeks and two years. Travel nurses typically work 40 hours per week in four 10-hour shifts. 8. Blogger.

How much does a travel nurse make?

Travel nurse. National average salary: $1,669 per week. Primary duties: Travel nurses perform all duties regular nurses perform, including observing patients’ vitals, administering medication and maintaining patient records. Travel nurses work temporarily in hospitals and clinics that have a shortage of staff.

What is the primary job of a business consultant?

Primary duties: Many business consultants may travel to new or underperforming businesses to provide their professional advice and services. Professional consultants will locate any challenges in a business and strategize a plan to find solutions. This can include developing a new financial plan, building a marketing campaign, and hiring new staff members to increase employee retention. Consultants typically stay with a business until the strategy has been fully executed before moving on to assist a new business.

How much does a cruise ship chef make?

1. Cruise ship chef. National average salary: $13.00 per hour. Primary duties: Cruise ship chefs perform many of the same duties as any chef, including prepping and cooking meals and assisting with the cleanup after mealtime. Cruise ship chefs may work long shifts in which they prepare all guest and crew meals.

What do travel bloggers write about?

Primary duties: Bloggers write about a wide variety of subjects—anything from parenting to cooking to fashion to cars. Most of a blogger’s income comes from marketing, advertising and products. A freelance travel blogger travels regionally or internationally and writes about their experience in unique and practical way for an intended audience. They will share tips regarding each destination to inform aspiring travelers about a location.

What is an OTR driver?

Primary duties: Over-the-road (OTR) drivers haul goods over long distances. They may transport raw materials and finished products between manufacturers and distribution centers. They work for private companies or can be owner-operators of their rig. Typical OTR drivers work for three weeks on and one week off per month.

What is a travel technician?

Primary duties: Also referred to as a field service technician or field service engineer, a traveling technician provides on-site installation, service and maintenance for their employer’s clients. Travel technicians typically work a normal 40-hour work week, though it can depend on the client. 7.

Why do people not take nannies seriously?

I’ve heard some people saying that only uneducated and unambitious individuals work as nannies because there is nothing else they can do with their lives . Ouch, hearing that hurts. Because in reality, working as a Nanny is very demanding, rewarding, and joyful at the same time. This job requires a patient, knowledgeable, and loving heart.

How many days a year are hotels open?

There is a wide range of jobs within the hospitality industry. Since hotels are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, you can choose for yourself which shift to work. Choose your own schedule and enjoy diversity.

How to monetize a blog?

To be able to monetize a blog, you need first to learn how to optimize your posts and make them rank on Google, so people notice and click to your site. Next, you have to learn how to market, run social media campaigns, produce valuable content, talk to your readers, and more.

What would happen if both of us were not fainting at the sight of blood?

If both of us were not fainting at the sight of blood, we would definitely go back to school to get our nursing degree.

How much does a truck driver make?

According to the Bureau of Labor, the salary in America varies from $30,000 to $120,000 a year . It depends on qualifications, experience, the state, and the company you work for.

What is digital content creator?

A digital content creator is a person who helps small and medium businesses to create and elaborate digital content with a goal to increase sales and get profit. Digital content creators produce articles, photos, videos, movies, and can work in any field.

How many countries have voluntary organic farms?

Voluntary Organic Farm Workers is a trend that getting more and more popular each year. Organic farms exist in at least 50 countries and you can go to any place you feel like.

How much does a scuba instructor make?

Scuba diving instructor. National average salary: $17.40 per hour. Job duties: If you enjoy adventure and teaching concepts to others, becoming a scuba diving instructor could be a good option. Scuba instructor jobs are available on all six livable continents, allowing you to show both locals and tourists how to dive.

What is the job of a travel agent?

As a travel agent, you will work with individuals, couples or large groups of people to plan vacations or professional travel. You should have reasonably extensive knowledge about popular travel destinations and schedule planning.

What are some jobs that allow you to travel?

1. Cruise ship employee. National average salary: Varies by position. Job duties: With three, six, nine, and year-long contracts available, cruise ship workers can travel as much as they choose. Numerous types of positions are available on cruise …

What are some examples of travel jobs?

For example, you can teach English or work in hospitality, become a camp counselor or join the Peace Corps. Many popular travel jobs also only require a high school diploma or GED.

What are the requirements to become a bartender?

It is likely easier to find bartender jobs in mid to large-sized cities. Requirements: A knowledge or love of beer, wine and cocktails is recommended . Licensing laws vary by country, state and region. 3. Tour guide.

How much does a flight attendant make?

Flight attendant. National average salary: $18.65 per hour. Job duties: Flight attendants enjoy the stability of a steady paycheck while also being able to travel nearly full time. With hundreds of airlines across the globe, you can find a company that aligns with your core values and geographic interests.

What is the most popular job for traveling?

Job duties: One of the most popular traveling jobs is blogging . It allows you to write about your interests while traveling anywhere in the world. It takes time to build enough traffic to make a solid living, but once you acquire a decent audience, it can be a full-time option or a side hustle.

How do you find a job that requires traveling for work?

There are many myths surrounding jobs that require travel, and one of them is that you need to be self-employed in order to be able to travel and work. This isn’t true! While self-employed and creative jobs give you the flexibility to determine your own travel schedule, there are still many salaried jobs out there that require you to travel.

What is an anti-money laundering consultant?

An anti-money laundering consultant will help make sure processes are in place to prevent money laundering from happening.

What is an internal auditor?

Internal Auditor // Similar to a public accountant, an internal auditor helps to make sure finances in a company look good before external auditors come in to check it. Many companies outsource internal auditors, so consider an internal auditing consulting position.

What is system implementation consultant?

System Implementation Consultant // Companies of all sizes are purchasing technology to make their processes more efficient. System implementation consultants are hired to make sure the technology is working and set up effectively.

How much travel is required for a 5 day work week?

Consider a five day work week when trying to figure out how much the travel requirement is. A job with 80% travel means that you will typically travel Monday through Thursday. A job with 25% travel may mean you travel one week per month.

How to find a job that travels?

To find a job that travels, envision jobs where your employer may need to send you to another office or branch. You should also consider jobs that involve working with clients, who you may need to travel to see.

What is an automotive test engineer?

Automotive Test Engineer // An engineer needs to make sure that your vehicle is safe and can withstand all sorts of conditions. Automotive test engineers will travel to different climates and cities to test cars in various conditions.

What are the duties of a professional diver?

Primary duties: Professional divers are responsible for performing various jobs underwater including photographing sea life, acting as part of scientific research teams and repairing underwater structures. Divers may also work for dive companies and take groups of people on dive tours. Divers often travel to where they are needed, …

What are some good jobs for people who like to travel?

There are several great job opportunities available for people who like to travel, including careers as travel bloggers, travel agents and flight attendants. Jobs that allow you to work remotely also provide the chance to travel as you can take your work with you wherever you go.

How much do stagehands make?

National average salary: $31,949 per year. Primary duties: Stagehands work backstage in the music, film and television industries. They may assist in the scenery, props, rigging, sound and lighting as well as any additional duties that are performed backstage.

What is the job of an event coordinator?

Common duties of event coordinators include managing budgets for events, arranging various event services and communicating with clients to ensure their expectations are met.

What is a freelance travel writer?

Primary duties: Freelance travel writers explore around their state, country or the world to write about various topics, such as local cuisine, culture or events. They may write for websites, magazines or other publications, and may even film their experiences with a videographer or photographer.

What is the job of a chef?

Primary duties: Chefs oversee kitchen staff and how the kitchen is managed. They prepare food, create menus and manage customer relations. They may also train kitchen staff and manage kitchen inventory. As a chef, you have the opportunity to travel, especially if you work on a cruise ship or for an organization that regularly relocates you.

What is the primary job of a musician?

Primary duties: Musicians often play a musical instrument or sing as part of a band. Many bands travel from venue to venue to perform for audiences, giving musicians the opportunity to travel on a regular basis.

What are the disadvantages of traveling?

Here is a list of the disadvantages of doing travel jobs: 1 You may get a lack of sleep from early flights or overnight flights. 2 You may not enjoy the locations you travel to. 3 Expenses provided by the company might not cover the best methods of travel. 4 Staying healthy, with regular exercise and the right diet will be very difficult. 5 Flexibility may be a factor you’ll have to gain. You may miss a Christmas or two from traveling.

What is housekeeping job?

Housekeeping will involve an understanding of cleaning, maintenance, and a sharp eye. You’ll be paid to keep the house in check, but may also incur additional roles such as nannying or grocery shopping. You’ll find that this role is perfect for a graduate or someone looking to travel to a specific country.

Why is it important to travel with others?

Travelling with others, or working with other travelers, brings you closer together in a working relationship. Meeting new people, making connections with foreigners, can widen your prospects and make you aware of other country’s economic landscapes.

What is layer culture?

Helping thousands of people worldwide with backpacking in Latin America. Layer Culture means to dig deeper into the ideas, customs, and behavior of a group of people.

What is the best example of a traveler?

Working on a cruise ship is the perfect example of working as a traveler. You get to sail the high seas, breathing in the fresh sea air whilst working in all manner of chosen fields.

Why is being available to companies seeking a web designer or developer important?

Being available to companies seeking a web designer or developer is vital especially if they want to meet you in person.

What is the perfect job?

Everyone dreams of having the perfect job. The type of job in which you can use your experiences, your hopes, and sociability to your advantage. Ability, knowledge, and skills get you on the career ladder, but it’s personality that makes a job worth getting up at 7 am Monday morning.

What jobs can you get on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships employ thousands of people in a massive array of positions. You can apply for everything from entertainer, to cleaner, photographer, and waiter. Employees are also able to change jobs once on the ship and it is not uncommon to move up in the ranks and become a shop manager, gallery assistant, or entertainment coordinator after starting out in another position.

What does it mean to work at a language centre?

Working at a school will mean you get holidays and weekends off, working at a language centre means you double up on work over holidays and weekends but have lots of free time during the day.

What is required to be an au pair?

A good level of English, a driving license, a clean criminal record, and proven childcare experience .

How many years of experience do you need to be a nanny?

But to be a professional nanny you need at least 5 years of experience in the field of childcare with additional certifications such as first aid.

What is the most popular job that allows you to travel?

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular jobs that allow you to travel. Holders of university degrees can now visit exotic locations, make a decent living, and gain valuable working experience.

What is a guest writer?

Guest writers are lovely people who write for us from time to time. Play nice, show respect and read, read, read!

Can nurses work on yachts?

Other nurses take to international waters and become onboard nurses for cruise ships and luxury yachts. In this line of work, you will often be expected to fulfil other duties too as staff on yachts are limited. It is not uncommon for nurses on boats to act as stewardesses or hospitality staff.

What is a bartender’s job?

Primary duties: Bartenders can work in a variety of hospitality locations—including on cruise ships, in bars or as a part of the tourist industry—and typically manage the day-to-day operations of drinking establishments. These professionals are often responsible for working with guests, taking orders and serving beverages. In addition, bartenders may assume customer service or inventory duties, depending on their exact role.

What are the duties of a truck driver?

Primary duties: Truck drivers operate large vehicles that transport goods to different locations. These professionals often assume duties like loading and unloading vehicles, driving long distances, maintaining records of their travels and ensuring safe deliveries of goods. Truck drivers may also be responsible for coordinating their routes to ensure fuel and time efficiency.

What is the job of a chef?

Primary duties: Chefs work in the food and beverage industry and direct the preparation of meals for guests. These professionals may work at restaurants, on cruise ships or in private environments like clients’ homes. Chefs frequently assume duties like purchasing, preparing, seasoning and cooking ingredients for meals, planning and pricing menus and keeping inventory records.

What is the job of an event planner?

Primary duties: Event planners coordinate and manage different affairs like weddings, parties and fundraisers. These professionals may have to travel to many destinations depending on where events take place. From here, event planners typically work with clients to meet their needs, make arrangements with vendors and oversee the execution of events.

What is the job of a hotel manager?

Primary duties: Hotel managers oversee the operations and management of lodging facilities. These professionals may supervise employees, plan facility operations, market services and coordinate guest accommodations. Hotel managers can work within a network of hospitality locations and travel to different facilities as a part of their role.

What is the job of a musician?

These professionals frequently write, compose and arrange original musical pieces as a part of their role. In addition, some musicians work as recording artists and produce albums. From here, as a part of a group or as a solo artist, a musician may coordinate performances and oversee their execution.

What is a nanny?

Primary duties: Nannies are child care professionals who offer on-location, in-home services to families. These professionals commonly travel to various locations to work in their roles and may have a wide array of responsibilities, depending on their particular role. For instance, nannies may complete household duties, transport children to school or other activities, prepare meals, organize activities and provide support to parents.

1. Geologist

Primary duties: A geologist is an educated professional who specializes in studying all materials that make up the earth and how these materials have changed over the years.

2. Urban planner

Primary duties: An urban planner is a professional who develops and executes land development plans to create communities and encourages economic and societal expansion in the area.

3. Environmental planner

Primary duties: An environmental planner analyzes building, home and other real estate development to determine how this development impacts the surrounding environment. Environmental planners are urban and regional planners who determine how best to develop while impacting the natural environment as minimally as possible.

4. Wildlife biologist

Primary duties: A wildlife biologist is an educated professional who studies wildlife and how these animals interact within their ecosystems.

5. Climbing arborist

Primary duties: A climbing arborist, also known as a tree climber, is a professional who specializes in climbing and removing trees, limbs and ranches from different areas, typically using rigging systems, as well as maintaining tree populations.

6. Environmental health and safety officer

Primary duties: An environmental health and safety officer is a professional who promotes good and healthy working practices for employees of companies or organizations.

7. Water quality scientist

Primary duties: A water quality scientist is a trained professional who specializes in testing the quality of water in different types of bodies of water. In this role, professionals typically collect samples of water to test it for microbial and chemical parameters.