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how to do keto while traveling

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Tips for staying keto while travelingEat before leaving If you have a long trip ahead of you,try to eat a large ketogenic meal right before you leave. …Try intermittent fasting Fasting in between meals is a great way to not only boost your ketone levels,but it’s also a great tool to hold you over during long trips. …Eat out smart …Bring snacks you can store …

How to eat low carb and keto when traveling?

Nuts and nut butters (Which nuts are best? …Peeled hard-boiled eggs – don’t forget some salt!Cheese of any type – packaged Babybel cheese is a popular option 1 1Jerky,dry salami and cooked baconLow-carb Sesame CrispbreadParmesan Cheese CrispsCelery filled with cream cheese or nut butterHam and cheese roll-upsCrudit with dipMore items…

How to travel while staying keto?

Tips for Staying in Ketosis While TravelingPreparing for Travel. …Eating Out While Staying in Ketosis. …Pre-Packaged Keto Foods. …Cheat Days while Staying in Ketosis. …Adjusting Your Body. …Tracking Ketosis. …Getting Past Plateaus. …Working Out While on the Keto Diet. …Keto Meal Plan. …Long-term Keto. …More items…

How to stick to your diet while traveling?

While traveling, stick to high protein, whole grains, natural sugars from fruit and healthy fats. Choose salads with grilled protein and vinegar-based dressing.” Start Your Day the Healthy Way. Try your best to stick to your normal routine as much as you can while traveling, especially in the morning.

What to eat and what to avoid during keto diet?

There are five types of carbs to avoid on keto:GrainsBeans and legumesMost fruitsStarchy vegetables (including sweet potatoes,potatoes,and most winter squash)Sugar (natural,calorie-free sweeteners like stevia and erythritol are OK)

Shop for Your Hotel

This is common practice now for most people. Finding the best deals for a hotel is becoming easier and easier on the internet. With many sites, you’re able to do in-depth searches when you’re looking to book your stay.

Preparing and Planning

Preparation always goes a long way, whether it’s your food intake on a day-to-day basis, or while traveling. It’s always good to be knowledgeable about the various places to eat when you’re visiting somewhere you’ve never been before.

Grocery Shopping

I know it’s pretty uncommon for you to stock up on groceries when you’re on vacation. But, a new way of eating means a new way of thinking. Take a look online to source out nearby places that sell food. While in Portland, I asked the front desk for recommendations on where they have heard are good.

Local Food

When you go somewhere new, you always want to dive into the local food and enjoy what they have to offer. You can definitely still do that while staying on a ketogenic diet!


If you’re on vacation or just traveling, chances are you’re going to eat out at a restaurant more than once. Although it’s not a big deal for most people, many do stress over the menu offerings of places and may not order because of dietary constraint.

Dining Out on the Go

If you’re lucky enough to have a Farmer’s Market in the city you’re visiting – give it a try! They usually have vendors there that really take pride in what they’re making. You can get some beautiful farm-to-table meat and freshly picked vegetables right from the farmer themselves.

Coming Home

Stock up on snacks and easy-to-bring items for you to eat on the plane. Although planes do usually serve peanuts as a snack, they do add up in carbs quite quickly for such a small serving.

Is It Possible To Eat Keto While Traveling or On Vacation?

It is absolutely possible to eat keto while traveling or on vacation. The most important thing to remember about a keto diet is that it is high in fats and proteins and very low in carbohydrates. So, the best way to maintain your keto diet while out of your usual routine is to make sure to avoid carbs.

How To Eat Keto On Vacation or on Road Trips

The best way to keep up your keto diet while traveling is to have several snacks throughout the day, as you would normally do at home. This keeps your hunger down and leaves you less likely to want to cheat if you have some delicious keto snacks.

Keto Travel Snacks

First, check the menu for keto-friendly meals, or they may be labeled low-carb options. The keto lifestyle is pretty popular right now, so it’s possible they already have some keto options such as a lettuce wrapped cheeseburger or lettuce wraps in place of buns and bread.

Is Dirty Keto Okay While Traveling?

Dirty keto is referred to as a keto diet that only focuses on the low carb, high protein, and high-fat portions of the diet without paying any attention to the nutrient and overall essential health aspects of eating a keto diet. Dirty keto is a version of the diet that subsists off of processed and generally nutrient-lacking meals.

Is It Unhealthy to Go In and Out of Ketosis When Traveling?

Going in and out of ketosis is a fairly new aspect of the diet known as “ keto-cycling ”. This means your body will be in ketosis, and you’ll follow the keto diet for a certain period of time, and then for a shorter period, you will introduce healthy carbs and other nutrients.

21 Day Keto Meal Plan ONLY with Macros: 1500-1700 Calories

Use this complete keto meal plan to help get into ketosis for weight loss. Every meal planned out for you for 3 weeks. Rotate every 3 weeks as long as you need.

What Happens If I Stop Eating Keto on Vacation?

If you stop eating keto while you are on vacation, it’s not the end of the world. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about it but you should think and create a plan of action for getting back on the diet and the consequences that come with that.

1. Commit to eating keto on vacation

My number one asset to staying on track was my resolve. I made my mind up before we left that I would not give in when tempted; donuts, desserts, fries, and other favorite treats would not control me. I just kept reminding myself that I could enjoy those foods again, perhaps on our next weekend getaway or at the end of our vacation.

2. Stock up on keto snacks

I made sure to have a bag of keto/low carb friendly snacks in the car on the way to vacation and home. If I got hungry or was tempted to snack, I had plenty of options. We also went to the grocery store on our first day of vacation.

3. Eat breakfast in

I know this isn’t always possible, and it’s certainly not a deal-breaker, but we ate breakfast in most mornings. This started my day off on the right foot, and I could make my eggs exactly how I like them. I didn’t get tired of eating bacon and eggs all week, but if you do, there are so many keto breakfast options if you’d prefer a variety.

4. Stay hydrated when eating keto while traveling

This is a no-brainer and one of the most significant challenges for me. Staying hydrated while traveling is always important, but it’s even more crucial when you’re eating low carb while on vacation. I never drink enough water, but it was hot in Florida when we were at Disney, and I could tell such a difference in how I felt when I was hydrated.

5. Take your snacks everywhere with you

This was my snack stash for Disney World. I had Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts, Pecans, and low-carb bars. I made sure to chill the water bottles in the freezer beforehand so that as they thawed throughout the day, we had cold water. When hunger hit, instead of falling into temptation, I just grabbed my bag of snacks before I got HANGRY.

6. Take meal times in stride

Although I intended to plan keto/low carb meals by researching restaurants beforehand, especially at Disney, that never happened. Did I mention I have four kids? Yea, I don’t have a lot of downtimes. Even so, I never had any problem finding foods that worked with eating keto on the go.

Tips for staying keto while traveling

Preparation is key when it comes to sticking to a low-carb, high-fat diet. Think back to the last time you traveled. Whether it’s at a gas station or the hotel you stay in, most of the time the only foods available were processed carbs like chips, cookies, and soda.

Keto travel snacks available in stores

With the rise in popularity of the ketogenic lifestyle, there’s no shortage of low-carb foods available at your local food store!

Homemade keto travel snacks

Want to take it a step further and create your own keto travel snacks? We’ve got you covered!

Preparation is key while traveling on keto

There’s no denying the fact that staying on a low-carb ketogenic diet is much harder when you’re traveling. But, staying prepared is a great way to ensure that you don’t fall victim to eating carbs just for convenience.

Lorenz Macasadia

Lorenz Mac is full-time freelance health & wellness copywriter and content marketer devoted to spreading the knowledge of the ketogenic diet and proper nutrition protocols to the masses. He writes articles and marketing pieces like email copy for several companies who advocate similar values in the industry.