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how to clean luggage after travel

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In the event your luggage does reveal a stain when you’ve returned home from your travels,follow these steps:Combine water with a small amount of mild/gentle soap.Dip a soft cloth into the mixture and then use it to gently rub the affected area until it’s clean.Let the spot air dry completely before storing it.

How to properly clean and store luggage?

How To Properly Clean And Store LuggageVacuum. This first step may be not be necessary for hard sided luggage,but on many occasions a suitcase may need to be vacuumed both inside and out …Cleaning Solution. Just a few household products are needed to make a simple cleaning solution for soft sided luggage materials,such as ballistic nylon or polyester.Cleaning. …Drying. …Storing. …

How to avoid losing your luggage?

How to avoid losing your luggageStick to a carry-on. By not giving the airline a chance to lose your luggage,you give yourself the best odds of avoiding the headaches that come with misplaced suitcases.Make your bag easily identifiable. …Give the airline enough time to get your bag where it needs to go. …Double check the airport code. …Book a direct flight. …Be mindful of your luggage. …

How to clean your luggage from bed bugs?

How to protect luggage from bed bugs??Use a bed bug spray. Before and after you pack your things,spray your luggage with a permethrin-based product to repel the bugs.??Consider using a special liner. If chemical sprays aren’t your thing,you can use a bed bug liner for your luggage. …??Use the right luggage. …??Vacuum it first. …??Don’t unpack in bed. …??Watch out for hotel bed bugs. …

How to prevent lost luggage?

Summary – How to protect luggage from damageBuy bag protectors. This is one of the simplest…as well as one of the cheapest things you can do. …Send your stuff ahead. …Minimal travelling. …Choose the right bag. …Buy the same luggage. …Wrap it up in plastic. …Decorate your bag. …Keep it simple and generic. …Take a photo. …Zip up toiletries. …More items…

How Do You Clean It?

Whether you choose to do it yourself or seek out a specialty dry cleaning service , there are plenty of options.

Why is my luggage squeaky clean?

Your luggage can pick up a lot of grime and germs while traveling. As a result, getting it squeaky clean after a trip is a great idea.

How to clean a nylon bag?

If the internal portion of your bag is canvas or nylon, you can use a toothbrush and some liquid laundry detergent to get the inside clean. If there are odors, some Febreze can’t hurt either.

What is a specialty service?

While it may come with a cost, it’s a truly reliable way to get the job done in a satisfactory way. In most cases, you can find a dry cleaner who is able to handle the task. Just make sure to check with them before taking it in.

Can bed bugs be on your luggage?

One larger concern that people can sometimes have is in regard to bugs that may choose to join you on your travels. Bed bugs can be notoriously annoying pests, and it’s important to make sure that you protect your luggage from them hitching a ride.

Can you use Lysol wipes on luggage?

For the most part , you’ll be able to simply wipe down the entirety of external portion with a Lysol wipe. This will help to kill any germs on the luggage as well as get it looking nice.

Is it a good idea to clean luggage?

Luggage can go through many hands and end up on many unclean surfaces during a trip. As a result, it’s a good idea to clean and disinfect it once the trip is over. Otherwise, things like bed bugs, E.coli and other unwanted things can take refuge on or in it.

What is the best product to use to clean a carpet?

Prepare your cleaning product. Any fabric and textile cleaner that foams up when applied will fit this technique. Sofa cleaners, car seat cleaners, and some foaming carpet cleaners will all work just fine.

How to clean inside of a suitcase?

Part 1: How to Clean the Inside of a Suitcase (Lining) Start by taking out all removable items, like attachable pockets, laundry bags, and everything else. You can wash those separately in a bowl full of water and laundry detergent or just throw them in the washing machine.

How to clean a suitcase without soap?

Open all of the zippers and give your luggage a good shake. Then vacuum your suitcase. This gets rid of all of the larger particles. Using a wet cloth, wipe down all parts of the interior lining without any soap. Using too much soap makes a mess, so instead, use a simple wet cloth.

What to do if your luggage is black?

If your plastic parts are black, you can find a black plastic trim restorer in most auto stores. It’s a thick, black paste that needs to be rubbed on your plastic parts with a soft cloth. However, be careful not to get it on other parts of your case. This paste makes your black luggage parts pop and hides all of the smaller scratches. I used this technique in the picture above.

How to get dirt out of foam?

Rub in the foam with a brush, paying the most attention to visible dirt patches. After 5-15 minutes ( depending on your product ), vacuum off all of the foam with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Repeat the process for the patches that didn’t come out.

What to do if you can’t get a spot out of plastic?

If some spots don’t come out with dish soap, try cleaning them with either baking soda mixed with toothpaste or nail polish remover. Test on a less visible spot first to see if the baking soda/nail polish remover doesn’t ruin the plastic.

How to get brown stains out of clothes?

If you still have some dirty patches after wiping everything down, like the brown stain in the picture above, mix some laundry detergent with water (1:5 ratio) and apply it to the dirty areas using an old toothbrush. Finally, wipe down everything with a soft cloth and warm water until all of the soap is out.

What disinfectant sprays are approved by the EPA?

Products on the EPA’s approved list of disinfectants include Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol Deodorizing Disinfectant Cleaner , both with quaternary ammonium; CleanWell’s Botanical Daily Cleaner Disinfectant Spray with thymol; and Purell Professional Surface Disinfectant Wipes with ethanol.

What to use on checked luggage?

While you’re on the road and are touching a surface that has been out of your care, like checked luggage, Jones suggests rubbing your suitcase down with disinfecting wipes and then immediately washing your hands. (It’s even more sanitary to wear gloves during this step, she says.) One compact choice you can use while still at the luggage carousel is the TSA-friendly Olika Birdie hand sanitizer, since it serves dual purposes with 350 sprays for the hand, as well as 10 dry wipes in the bottom storage unit, which can be used on surfaces (like your suitcase).

How to get Clorox stain out of shell?

Laundry, says to use a wipe or a bleach-and-water solution by combining half a cup of bleach (like Clorox regular bleach) per gallon of water. Then use a sponge or spray to put the solution on the surface, ensuring it stays wet for five minutes (if it dries, keep reapplying). Then rinse the surface with clean water.

What to put in a suitcase to keep things separated?

If you’re concerned about what you’re putting inside your suitcase, use a set of washable packing cubes to keep items separated from each other and the suitcase’s interior lining; this has the added benefit of making unpacking and staying organized easier when you are traveling.

How to clean a suitcase with germs?

For purely cosmetic stains, spot cleaning with soap and water should work—if a deeper dose is needed, try a Spray ‘n Wash or Shout stain remover. Cover the entire area and then rub it in. Let it sit for up to five minutes and then use warm water to clean out. If smell is an issue, try putting some activated charcoal, like Mainstays Closet Odor Remover, inside for a few days to let it absorb the odors.

What is the best hand soap for rags?

A liquid hand soap like Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap or Dial Gold Antibacterial Hand Soap provides easy application onto a rag. Another option to use is dishwashing liquid, like Method Dish Soap or Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena Dish Soap.

What to do with dust bags when not in use?

For added protection, keep these kinds of bags inside a dust bag (and be sure to throw that in the wash when not in use) or garbage bag when you’re not traveling.

How do you get an odor out of a suitcase?

Baking soda is a fantastic deodorizer for your luggage. Just sprinkle baking soda inside the suitcase and let it sit for several hours. The baking soda will neutralize the smell. Then, vacuum the baking soda in the suitcase. Vinegar is also an effective odor neutralizer. Dip a towel in some vinegar, wring it out, and wipe your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh.

How to get rid of a smelly suitcase?

The baking soda will neutralize the smell. Then, vacuum the baking soda in the suitcase. Vinegar is also an effective odor neutralizer. Dip a towel in some vinegar, wring it out , and wipe your suitcase to keep it smelling fresh.

How to get soap residue out of luggage?

Now you’ll have some soap residue inside your luggage. But that’s not hard to deal with. Just take a damp cloth and wipe it down thoroughly. Be sure that the towel is rung out completely. You don’t want sitting water inside any of your luggage compartments. It may ruin the fabric.

How long does it take for luggage to dry?

This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to overnight depending on the material of your luggage. Depending on how wet it gets you can dry the surface of your luggage with a towel, but it won’t ever get fully dry unless you leave it out for a bit to air dry.

How to get scratches out of a sandpaper?

Dish soap and water will remove most small scratches and scuffs. Other mild abrasives like baking soda or a commercial cleaner will work great too. For larger scratches, you may need to use a magic eraser pad.

How to get dirt out of luggage?

To get the surface dust and dirt, it’s important to vacuum the luggage. You can use a regular attachment or an upholstery brush, whichever is most appropriate for your type of bag and fabric. Be sure to vacuum carefully, as you don’t want to damage the fabric.

What is the best way to clean luggage?

Dish soap and water is a great DIY cleaner to make sure your luggage is spotless. It helps remove any tough stains and gives pieces a fresh, clean scent.

How to get scratches off a leather suitcase?

For both fabric bags or hard-case luggage, Rosati uses a damp cloth paired with an all-purpose spray like Method ( $3.49, target.com ), a homemade white vinegar-based cleanser, or gentle dish soap to remove unwanted marks. For leather suitcases, Rosati suggests rubbing your suitcase with a bar of nourishing Bickmore Saddle Soap ( $7.99, amazon.com) to restore its appearance.

How to get rid of odors on a Rosati?

For lingering odors on the inside, Rosati advises sprinkling in a dash of baking soda and letting it sit overnight. In the morning, vacuum every nook and cranny of the interior. If you had a major spill of shampoo, body lotion, or sunscreen over the journey, suction it up with a dual-purpose wet/dry vacuum; you may have to blot the spill with a bit of water to loosen residue as you work. To remove stubborn stains, use a mild solution of dish detergent and water, then sponge the area lightly.

Can you spray a suitcase with Scotchgard?

As a proactive measure, you can spray the bag with a light coat of Scotchgard ( $5.38, amazon.com) for added protection. (Just remember to always test such products on an inconspicuous spot first.) And don’t forget this last tip from Rosati. "Whatever you do, don’t forget the most important rule when it comes to suitcase cleanliness: Never, ever put a suitcase on a bed," she says. "no matter how clean you think it is."

Who is Pavia Rosati?

Pavia Rosati, co-author of the newly released book Travel North America (And Avoid Being a Tourist) ( $24.24, amazon.com) and founder of travel site Fathom, has packed (and unpacked) a countless number of suitcases in her own travels. "A good suitcase is a workhorse," she says. "You’ll want to keep it tidy, but it will be a losing battle to try to keep it pristine. A well-worn suitcase is the sign of a well-traveled person, so carry the wear-and-tear as a badge of honor."

How to get rid of mold in a suitcase?

However, a good tactic is to spray the luggage with a white vinegar and water solution to kill the mold, and then wipe down with a damp cloth. Repeat the process as necessary, letting the suitcase or backpack air dry in a well-ventilated area. The vinegar smell will dissipate in a couple of weeks.

What to do after luggage has dried?

After it has dried thoroughly, try storing the luggage with some activated charcoal or kitty litter to absorb excess smells.

How to get rid of smells in luggage?

If the smells are on the outside of the luggage, put the luggage into a big storage container that is then filled with litter or charcoal, and then store! These products should absorb excess smells.

How long does it take for vinegar to dissipate from a suitcase?

Repeat the process as necessary, letting the suitcase or backpack air dry in a well-ventilated area. The vinegar smell will dissipate in a couple of weeks.

How to wash a bag that doesn’t have a bathtub?

If you don’t have a bathtub or sink to submerge your bag, a spot wash with a slightly soapy sponge with do the trick. Again, be sure to use a mild detergent.

Why does my backpack deteriorate?

Oils and dirt can cause some fabrics or special technical coatings of your backpack to deteriorate over time. Dirt and debris caught in a suitcase wheel could harden and cause issues down the road.

How to clean a suitcase?

Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris from around the wheels of the suitcase. If necessary, use a vacuum. Then, use a soft soapy rag to wipe down the lining. Never submerge a suitcase in a tub of water, and never use oil to lubricate the zips or wheels.