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how to become a travel nurse in california

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There are six easy steps to becoming a travel nurse:Find a travel nursing companyWork with a travel nursing companyCheck out all your optionsHave the proper state licensePick an assignmentLand a job and find housing

How do I become a travel nurse?

Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse Step 1: Earn your degree. Step 2: Gain some real-world experience. Step 3: Find an agency. Step 4: Brush off your interview skills. Step 5. Away you go!

Is travel nursing a good career option?

Travel nursing can be a great career option for nurses who have some experience in the field but want to explore new cities. While the standards of nursing care are the same across the country, the people and experiences can vary. If you’re interested in learning how to be a travel nurse, check out our guide for travel nurse requirements.

Is California a good state for travel nurses?

It also has among the lowest number of nurses per capita in the nation. As a result, the state tends to have a high demand for travel nurses. If you’re interested in travel nursing, then there is a strong chance you’ll find yourself in California for a stint.

How do travel nurses get paid in California?

As mentioned above, travel nursing pay packages are based on “bill rates” which are the hourly rates that travel nursing companies are able to charge for an hour of the travel nurse’s time. These rates vary from hospital to hospital. In most states, bill rates tend to hover within a decent range. In California, the bill rates can vary dramatically.

What is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses are professionals who fill short-term staffing gaps in hospitals and medical facilities around the country. These contracts normally last between eight and 22 weeks, though sometimes travel nurses are offered extensions.

How Much do Traveling Nurses Make?

Travel nurse salaries can vary depending on education, region, and contracts. For example, many hospitals prefer an advanced nursing degree, such as a Bachelor of Science in Nursing; others may accept an Associate in Nursing or Registered Nurse. Hospitals in major cities also tend to pay more than hospitals in rural counties, because of cost-of-living expenses are higher. And, some travel nurse contracts allow for bonuses or extensions, which would increase base pay. In addition to salary, many travel nurse contracts include a housing allowance, meal stipend, and travel reimbursements.

How to find a travel nurse?

After you have some experience as a nurse, you can begin your search for a travel nurse staffing agency. You’ll complete an application and be paired with a recruiter. This person will get in touch with you to talk about your skills and experience, expectations for the job, and your preference of cities. Then, you’ll be matched with the hospitals that are looking to hire travel nurses.

How long does a travel nurse stay in a hospital?

However, they are hired by contract on a temporary basis to fill a staff shortage. The average travel nurse assignment is 13 weeks in one hospital.

How to get real world experience in nursing?

Another way to ensure that you gain real-world experience is to make sure that you’re enrolled in an accredited nursing program. Two popular accreditation agencies are the ACEN, or Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, and the CCNE, or Commission on Collegiate of Nursing Education. Accredited nursing programs will guarentee a specific standard of education within their program so that employers can trust that they are hiring a highly skilled and knowledgable nurse.

What to do after nursing degree?

After you earn your degree, you should take some time to work in a hospital setting to get used to the feel of it. Working in a clinical setting during your education will start your first hands-on experience within the nursing field.

How long does it take to become a travel nurse?

However, if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field and are interested in how to become a travel nurse, you can earn a degree such as GMercyU’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, which is an intensive full-time 15-month program.

What is a travel nurse pay package?

As mentioned above, travel nursing pay packages are based on “bill rates” which are the hourly rates that travel nursing companies are able to charge for an hour of the travel nurse’s time. These rates vary from hospital to hospital. In most states, bill rates tend to hover within a decent range. In California, the bill rates can vary dramatically.

How many hospitals does Tenet Healthcare have?

The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) operates five hospitals. Tenet Healthcare operates 11, and Cottage Health System operates all the hospitals in the Santa Barbara region, which is a really nice travel destination to target thanks to its coastal location and beautiful scenery.

How to get a California RN license?

The quickest way to get your California RN license at this time is to make a trip to Sacramento with all the required paperwork in hand. This way, you can turn the documentation into the Board of Registered Nursing in person and complete the fingerprinting process with LiveScan. Your license should be issued within two weeks if you choose this route.

How many hospitals does Kaiser Permanente have?

Kaiser Permanente is the largest with over 38 hospitals throughout the state. Dignity Health operates at least 32 hospitals, and Sutter Medical Foundation operates at least 19 hospitals. Outside of that, there are a few other organizations worth noting. The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) operates five hospitals.

How many hours a week is Central California?

On the flip side, many assignments in Central California are for 48 hours per week, which is higher than the standard 36 hours per week. Therefore, the gross pay rates may be higher, even though the hourly rates are lower.

Why is California so popular?

With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that California has something for everyone, which is one of the main reasons that it’s such a popular destination for travelers. It’s got major metropolitan areas, small rural communities, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley. It’s got big beach cities, quaint beach communities, surfing, and some of the best skiing and snow-boarding in the country, when there isn’t a drought, that is! No matter what you fancy, you will certainly find some enjoyment in California as a travel nurse.

Is travel nursing pay higher in California?

Travel Nursing Pay Tends To Be Higher In Northern California. With that in mind, travel nursing pay rates tend to be higher in Northern California than they are in Southern California. For example, the Kaiser, Dignity Health, and HCA hospitals in Northern California all have higher bill rates than their counterparts in Southern California.

What exactly is a travel nurse?

Being a travel nurse simply means that you are employed by an independent nursing staffing agency instead of a by a single hospital. This means you could travel as far as a different country, or you could work at your local hospital in need of temporary nurses. The choice is up to you on when and where you work, but travel nursing doesn’t necessarily mean faraway travel.

What is compact license?

If you obtained your original nursing license in a Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) state, such as Florida, Texas, or Arizona, and you will be working in a fellow NLC state, you have what’s called a compact license. This means your nurse license is good in all NLC states, so there is no need to seek additional licensure.

How many years of experience do you need to be a travel nurse?

Years of Experience You Need for Travel Nursing. In general, most nursing staffing agencies require nurses to have at least one year, but often two, of bedside experience before signing them; if you will be working a specialized unit, such as labor and delivery or ICU, the agency may require more time before you can work as a travel nurse in …

Why is travel nursing important?

Travel nursing holds a lot of appeal for many people interested in the healthcare field because it offers perks like the chance to visit new places, competitive pay, and career flexibility.

What is the requirement to be a travel nurse?

The very basic requirement to become a travel nurse is to have an active RN license. Nurses who have completed a diploma program, are a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and those who hold an Associates or Bachelor’s degree in nursing are all eligible to become a travel nurse. In general, travel nurses are usually RNs instead of LPNs, …

Can you travel as far as a nurse?

This means you could travel as far as a different country, or you could work at your local hospital in need of temporary nurses. The choice is up to you on when and where you work, but travel nursing doesn’t necessarily mean faraway travel.

How to apply for BRN?

Apply online or obtain an application packet and detailed instructions from the BRN website. Send your application to the BRN at least 6-8 weeks before graduation. Have your school send your transcripts to the BRN. Complete a fingerprint background check.

How to become a registered nurse in California?

Steps to Become a California Registered Nurse. 1. Take college prep classes in high school. 2. Choose the type of nursing school you want to attend. 3. Select a college and apply for admission. 4. Apply for financial aid.

How to become a nurse?

Obtain an RN license. 1. Take college prep classes in high school. Science – 2-4 years (including biology and chemistry; physics and computer science are recommended) Check out nursing prerequisites at colleges you are considering. Individual nursing schools vary in their nursing course prerequisites.

How long does it take to become a registered nurse?

Designed for adults who have a baccalaureate degree in another field and wish to become registered nurses. Takes 1-2 years depending on how many nursing course prerequisites you have already completed. Graduate receives a masters degree.

How long does it take to become a nurse in California?

In California, there are three types of pre-licensure nursing programs, and two alternative routes to become a registered nurse: Takes 2-3 years. Offered at many community colleges. Prepares you to provide registered nursing care in numerous settings. Takes 4 years.

Does California recognize LVN 30?

Most other states do not recognize California’s LVN 30 Unit Option and will not issue RN licenses to these LVNs. Some LVNs prefer to complete an ADN program in order to obtain a degree and to have the flexibility to get an RN license in other states.

Can a military corpsman take the national exam?

California law permits military corpsmen to take the national exam for RN licensure if they have completed RN level education and clinical experience.

What Is a Travel Nurse?

Travel nurses are hired to fill positions around the country or even around the world, usually on a short-term basis. They can work in any type of healthcare setting, including hospitals, residential care settings, and private practices. Travel nurses might be generalists or specialists.

How long does it take to get a BSN in nursing?

Most travel nurse positions require a BSN, but some nurses start with an ADN, which takes two years rather than four years for a BSN. Many BSN programs have RN-to-BSN bridge programs.

How long does it take to pass the NCLEX?

Pass the NCLEX Exam. The National Council Licensure Exam for RNs (NCLEX-RN) is required for RN licensing. This computer adaptive test takes up to six hours and covers nursing practice, conditions and treatments, how the healthcare system works, legal and ethical issues, and patient communication and education. 3.

How long does it take to get a BSN?

Earn a BSN Degree. A BSN degree takes at least four years, though many schools have RN-to-BSN programs for nurses who already have an ADN. Students with a bachelor’s in a field other than nursing can usually transfer at least some credits for an accelerated BSN.

What is the curriculum for a BSN?

Program Curriculum: The BSN curriculum includes nursing practices, prevention and health promotion, following evidence-based practice, statistics/research methods, healthcare systems and management, community health, and how to communicate with and educate patients.

How long does it take to complete an ADN?

Time to Complete: Most students complete an ADN in two years. Students with Advanced Placement (AP) course credits or applicable college credits from another school may complete the course sooner, while students working full time may take longer.

What can you do with an ADN?

Skills Learned: Graduates of an ADN course can perform testing and monitoring, such as taking blood pressure and other vital signs; safely lift and move patients; communicate effectively with patients; understand the healthcare delivery system; and address legal and ethical aspects of nursing.

Why do people choose nursing in California?

Nursing attracts many qualified professionals because it pays well and enjoys high demand due to the nationwide shortage of nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of registered nurses (RNs) in the U.S. is projected to grow by 15% between 2016 and 2026 — more than twice the national average growth rate for all occupations. Many people choose to pursue careers in nursing in California because of the state’s strong employment and salary prospects. According to California’s Employment Development Department, the number of RNs in California will increase by 16.2% between 2016 and 2026 — faster than the national average.

How many credits are needed for a BSN in California?

The bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) program at CSULB comprises 120 credits to prepare students for careers as professional nurses. Learners can enter the program as basic or registered nurse students. Registered nurse student applicants must hold or be eligible for a current nursing license in California and have a minimum 2.75 GPA in previous nursing coursework.

How much does a nurse make in California?

According to the BLS, the state pays RNs the highest mean annual wage, exceeding $100,000. It is also home to the largest number of RNs in the nation. The following sections explore the advantages of a California-based nursing career, including especially lucrative pay for those in major metropolitan areas and the overall high demand and pay for specialized nurses, such as nurse anesthetists.

Where do nurses make the most money in California?

Those interested in becoming nurses in California should consider working in the state’s larger metropolitan areas, where nurses make the nation’s highest mean annual wages. According to the BLS, the highest-paying metropolitan area for nurses in California is the Redwood City/South San Francisco area, where more than 14,000 RNs earn a mean annual salary of almost $140,000. Most of the highest-paying areas concentrate around the Bay Area, where nurses earn annual wages exceeding $110,000.

What is a neonatal nurse?

Neonatal nurses address the needs of newborns suffering from birth defects, prematurity, and congenital cardiac issues and malformations. They may work in the neonatal intensive care units at hospitals.

How many trees are there in Sacramento State?

Commonly known as Sacramento State, the California State University – Sacramento campus boasts more than 3,500 trees to shade students as they traverse the urban setting. Sacramento State offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to more than 29,000 learners, with two bachelor’s in nursing programs.

What is the job of a nurse in an emergency room?

These nurses work in emergency rooms, using their advanced medical training to assess patients’ conditions. They stabilize and monitor patients before and after physicians see them.