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how to attract business travellers

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How to attract business travelers to your hotel?

So, one most important factor to consider to attract business travelers at your hotel is to speed-up your arrivals and departures process. A paperless check-in/check-out to avoid unfavorable circumstances to save time can work wonders.

How to market to business travelers?

While being keen on various aspects of hospitality marketing is important, essential areas for marketing to business travelers include SEO, PPC, website design, email marketing, and social media marketing. Just like the leisure traveler, corporate travelers want to know in advance what their experience at your establishment will be like.

Is it the right time to attract business travelers?

And now with the global business travel spending forecasted to increase by 7% by 2020, it is the right time to grab this opportunity and find out ways to attract business travelers at your hotel. Today, there is no such thing as traditional business travelers anymore.

Why business travelers are better than leisure travelers?

Their business is reliable year-round and not dependent on the season or weather, as is the case with leisure travelers. Besides, business travelers are often the only business on weekdays. Once a business traveler gets used to a place, they will become loyal to that business.

Why put up gluten free meals for business?

Because staying healthy and fit while traveling is important to them. Therefore, put up gluten-free and vegan meals for the business guests. Take special care of their food allergies. The guests also appreciate the availability of healthy snacks for example; self-serve toast, cereal, yogurt, and fruits. 7.

Why is paperless check in important?

A paperless check-in/check-out to avoid unfavorable circumstances to save time can work wonders.

Why do people use social media?

They use social media to stay in touch with the business experts, to make themselves updated on current business trends, and to check what are their competitors up to.

How much of the business does Marriott get from corporate travelers?

Besides, the world’s top international hotels like Marriott and Hilton get 80% of their business from such corporate travelers. Most business travelers need to stay in a hotel for corporate and face-to-face meetings.

What is the most relevant service that you can ever provide to your business guests?

The first and the most relevant service that you can ever provide to your business guests is the Airport or Railway Station pickup facility.

Why do business people extend their stay?

Hence, they want to experience the best during their stay at your hotel. It also happens that entrepreneurs extend their stay because of few unplanned meetings, upcoming events, or due to any personal reasons.

How Does All of This Relate to Content Marketing?

While a full suite of hospitality marketing services is the best way to attract hotel guests, business travelers are generally a more direct bunch. Here’s the breakdown of hospitality marketing services as offered by Q4Launch, and which to focus on when targeting corporate travelers.

How to stay alternatively from chain hotels?

Business travelers looking for a fresh way to stay alternatively from chain hotels means more opportunities to get creative with your marketing strategy. Follow a strict social media strategy, create packages that even those with minimal time want to book, follow up with successful email marketing. You’ll be well on your way to attracting this massive demographic.

How many long distance business trips happen every year?

Are you ready to start effectively marketing to the 405 million long-distance business trips that happen every year? While not common to every bed and breakfast or vacation rental, business travelers can be the bread and butter of your business, if appropriately targeted. Many hospitality professionals feel marketing to business travelers is simply a matter of targeting them.

How many hours do business travelers work?

Business travelers work for more than 240 hours per year than the average American worker. 39% of business travelers work more hours when they travel than when they’re at the office. While 4-star dining is lovely, business travelers may be content with grab-and-go options.

What is non-traditional check-in?

A non-traditional check-in experience permits travelers to avoid interacting with anyone if they want, or vice versa. But the important thing is that it doesn’t force the guest to do so for basic things like getting into their room or basic information.

What is the most important thing to remember?

The most important thing to remember is not to dilute your message. Business travelers don’t want to hear about a romantic or family-friendly experience at your property any more than a couple looking for a romantic getaway wants to know that you’re a great place to conduct corporate meetings.

What is business travel?

Business travelers, to quote one bed and breakfast owner, are, “in late, out early, and don’t spend a lot of time in the room, which cuts-down on wear-and-tear and use of facilities.” Business travelers tend to overlook the fine-tuned details in exchange for a comfortable room with easily accessible amenities.

Make Sure You Have What They Need

Before you begin trying to attract more business professionals to your hotel, you have to make sure your hotel accommodates their needs.

Special Pricing for Business Travelers

Just as travelers look to find 2 for 1 business class flights to get a good deal on airline tickets, they’ll also be looking for hotels that have the most affordable packages for accommodations. You might offer a discounted rate for business travelers that increases the more nights they reserve.

Host Corporate Events

Hotels are a common venue for corporate events. This is especially true if you have a business center, conference rooms, or large ballroom areas. As you get more companies interested in hosting an event at your hotel, you’ll bring in new guests.

Showcase Your Town

Business travelers often need to do a lot of research to discern the best place to stay when out of town. This can take hours depending on what they’re looking for – something most business professionals don’t have to sacrifice.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

Depending on where your hotel is located, collaborating with other businesses can be an effective way to increase brand recognition and attract more business travelers.

Take Measures to Make Them Feel Safe

During these especially scary times, the safety and wellbeing of your guests must be top-priority. If you want to attract more business travelers to your hotel, do what you can to make them feel safe.