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how to activate starhub travel sim card

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STEP 1: Log-in to My Account using your Hub iD. STEP 2: Click on “More Activities.” STEP 3: Click on “Activate SIM”STEP 4: Follow the screens to activate your SIM card. IMPORTANT NOTE:. How do I know my StarHub number? How do I check the number of Prepaid SIM cards that I have purchased/registered?

How do I use StarHub prepaid SIM?

StarHub Prepaid SIM is the perfect travel buddy for all your data needs and is available for everyone! Simply pre-order a prepaid SIM and collect it at Changi Airport before you fly. Download StarHub Prepaid App to activate the data plan and manage your account.

How do I Activate my TravelSim data plan?

Your SIM is ready to use! All TravelSim data plans need to be activated beforehand, which you can do with just a few simple clicks on our website. Once purchased, enter the phone number which is on your SIM card here and click ‘Activate SIM’. It’s done, and you can start to use your data plan.

How do I Register my sim card with my passport?

Simply register your prepaid SIM card with your passport during purchase. Registration is quick and easy. 2. Once you have your SIM, insert it into your phone and you’re ready to go! 3. Ensure that your APN (Access Point Name) setting is set to “ shppd ” to enable data connection. Click here for a step-by-step guide. 4.

Why does StarHub mobile use cookies on my site?

Activate and use Prepaid Mobile services rewards | StarHub Mobile We bake cookies into our site to show you content we think you’ll be interested in, and do things like remember what you’ve added to your shopping cart. By continuing your visit on the site, you agree to our use of cookies on this and other sites.

Join the Singapore Travel Planning Facebook Group

You are also welcome to join our Singapore Travel Planning Facebook Group – it is a great resource to enable you to be inspired and to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Singapore!

Why Should You Buy a Sim Card for Your Visit to Singapore?

While there are many options to access free wifi in Singapore, we have found that buying a local sim card or renting a pocket wifi an essential item while travelling, to enable us to easily access information on the go, as well as to stay in touch with friends and family using social media.

Why Buy a Tourist Sim Card for Singapore?

Purchasing a Singapore sim card for tourists is a great option to be connected at an affordable price during your visit to Singapore.

What is Included in the Starhub Singapore Tourist Sim Card?

StarHub is one of the best Singapore tourist sim card options available and includes the following features over a 7 day period:

How to Buy a Starhub Travel Sim Card for Singapore

We ordered the Starhub tourist sim card through Klook for collection at Changi Airport in Singapore. The ordering process was very easy, we regularly personally use Klook to order travel tickets, tours, sim cards and pocket wifi rental for Asian countries, and they had a great range of options when we were planning our visit to Singapore.

Our Experience with the Starhub Prepaid Tourist Sim Card

We used our Starhub travel sim card throughout our recent 3.5 day visit to Singapore and found it worked really well and enabled us to stay connected while on the go.

Changi Airport Sim Card Collection Options

A great advantage of the Starhub tourist sim card Singapore is that it can be easily collected in all four Changi Airport terminals (Terminals 1, 2, 3 and 4). In each terminal the Starhub Singapore tourist sim card can be collected from the UOB Currency Exchange counter.

How much is data roaming?

Data roam with plans from as low as $5 for 1GB for use in Singapore and in all 17 destinations: Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States of America

Does Starhub take lost vouchers?

StarHub will not be responsible for the loss or damage of the redemption voucher. Any alteration(s) on this redemption voucher will not be accepted. The SIM Card must be collected within Two(2) months from the order date at any of the following locations:

Can you use a redemption voucher for more than one transaction?

The redemption voucher cannot be used for more than one transaction.

Can you refund a SIM card?

Strictly no refund or exchange for cash once payment is successful and/or uncollected SIM within the stipulated collection period.