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how much does it cost to winterize a travel trailer

how much does it cost to winterize a travel trailer插图

$130 to $170

What is the best way to winterize a RV?

Tips for Keeping Warm in Your RVInsulate Windows. Insulated curtains can help,but covering windows with reflectix or other insulating material is extremely helpful in regulating heat,even if it is only in the evenings or …Insulate Roof Vents. There are special foam inserts made to fit your rooftop vents. …If Stationary,Consider Skirting Your RV. …Lots of Blankets and Warm Clothes. …

How to winterize your RV for extended life and use?

Winterizing Steps for MotorcoachesCheck for any fluid leaks; if you find one,get it repaired at your nearest RV service department.Top off your engine oil,transmission,steering,brake,and windshield fluids to prevent moisture build-up in the offseason. …Add fuel stabilizer and pull into the engine and generator before storing.More items…

How to winterize a Class B RV?

Winter Camping Tips for Your Class B RVSpace Heaters. If you did not spring for the Arctic Package in your RV then there are few things you can do to keep both you and your pipes warm.RV Skirts. No,an RV skirt is not something to help make your Class B RV look more high class! …Command Strips. …Use a Dehumidifier. …

How do you winterize a park model RV?

To winterize an RV you’ll need the following:RV antifreeze – you MUST buy the non-toxic RV antifreeze. …A partner – While not a total requirement,winterizing an RV will go much more smoothly if you have someone to help you as you fill your water lines with …Water Pump Converter/Winterizing Kit – You’ll use your RV water pump to run antifreeze through your pipes and winterize your RV. …More items…

What is bypass water heater?

A water heater bypass is an extra piece of plumbing (hoses, fittings and valves) that allows you to bypass the water heater when adding antifreeze to your water system during the RV winterization process. This can save yo a bit of money since a water heater can hold 6 or more gallons.

What is the drain plug on a suburban water heater?

On Suburban brands of hot water heaters the drain plug is also an anodized rod, remove it and the water inside the tank will start to run out.

What is the best way to clean sediment from an RV water heater?

Holding Tank Cleaning Wand: To clean sediments out from your RV water heater, a cleaning wand is recommended. Camco’s cleaning wand is one of the best and most affordable available.

How much antifreeze should I use for my RV?

Non-Toxic RV Anti-Freeze: The amount you will need depends on the layout of your RV’s plumbing. Plan on needing about 4-6 gallons of anti freeze, give or take a few quarts. I recommend the RecPro RV Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze, available in a 4 gallon (ca. 15 liters) pack on Amazon. DO NOT USE AUTOMOTIVE ANTIFREEZE.

What to use to lubricate black water tank?

Both your black water tank and gray water tank terminate at a valve. Lubricate the termination valves with WD-40.

Where is the water heater drain plug on a RV?

Next find the water heater drain plug which is typically located near the bottom of the tank. Loosen the drain plug using an adjustable wrench and remove it.

How to clean a travel trailer?

Clean out your refrigerator and pantry and remove anything that can spoil will not attract rodents. Perform a thorough cleaning on the interior of your travel trailer. Perform an exterior inspection and check for areas that might need caulking or repair. Your sewer hose will probably need cleaning before you start it.

When Should I Winterize My RV?

If you will be in temperatures at or below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s extremely important that you have your RV winterized before storage to prevent future RV repairs. If, for example, the water in your water heater freezes, the ice can cause cracks in the tank, which can lead to costly repairs.

What is the Lazydays winterization package?

At Lazydays RV, our Winterize + DeWinterize Package includes both RV winterization and dewinterization, which means we’ll help you get your RV ready for storage and help you get it ready to hit the road once spring arrives. Until 1/31/18, we’re offering this service package for $300 for Class A Motorhomes and $200 for travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class B and Class C motorhomes.

How much does it cost to winterize a motorhome?

For Class A Motorhomes, you’ll pay $159 to have your RV professionally winterized, while travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class B and Class C motorhome owners will pay only $129.

When does winterization start at lazydays?

Bring your RV to Lazydays for great deals on winterization! Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, but you can still beat the rush and take advantage of our featured RV service specials —our Basic Winterize Package or our Winterize + DeWinterize Package.

Why is it important to catch a leak early?

Catching a leak early can help prevent further damage to the system, and can help keep your RV running smoothly for years to come. Because our RV service experts average 14 years of experience working on RVs, you know you’re in good hands.

Where are lazy days RV repair centers?

Our Lazydays RV Service and Repair Centers in Florida, Arizona and Colorado are staffed by more than 130 expert RV mechanics. We invest over $1 million a year in new RV technology, top-of-the-line equipment and service facilities, and our team has repaired more than 2,000 RV models. Schedule an appointment today for Winterization and DeWinterization, preventative maintenance, or whatever RV repairs you might need, including Collision Repair, Roof Repair, Chassis Maintenance and more!

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What Happens if I Don’t Winterize my Travel Trailer?

If you choose not to winterize your travel trailer, there are many damages that are likely to occur, such as.

Where Should I Store the Travel Trailer?

If your travel trailer is properly winterized, you can safely store it outside for the winter if you have the space to do so. It is important to keep in mind the appearance of your travel trailer exterior may diminish with prolonged exposure to extreme elements. Because of this many people opt to cover their travel trailer. Here is a guide to storing your RV at home.

How long does it take to winterize a travel trailer?

If you have the proper tools, the average time it takes to fully winterize a travel trailer is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Like anything, the more times you go through the process, the easier it becomes. Don’t be discouraged if you take well over 2 hours to winterize your travel trailer the first time. Remember there is a learning curve and efficiency will come with experience. The important thing is to complete the job properly and not to forget anything, such as your black water tank flush.

How to keep a travel trailer from freezing?

Add antifreeze to the travel trailer. This will help ensure no freezing occurs.

How much does a trailer cover cost?

The cost of the cover will vary depending on the size as well as the weight, but you can expect to pay between $60.00 and $700.00. If you are looking for a customized cover it will likely be more expensive. For more information about if you should cover your trailer, head over to our guide here.

When is the best time to winterize pipes?

As stated earlier, the best time to winterize is when the temperature is at or below freezing. For some locations, this temperature drop will occur in early fall, while other areas won’t see this temperature until closer to winter. To learn more about how long it takes for pipes to freeze, take a peak at our article on the subject here.

What happens if you don’t drain your water tank?

Drain the water from your tanks. Most tanks are black and gray. Neglecting to drain the water can result in nasty cracks to the tank , which will deem them unusable.

When Should You Winterize Your RV?

Anytime you plan to store your RV for the winter, you should plan to winterize it.

Should I Winterize My RV If It’s Plugged In All Winter?

Even if you plan to have your RV plugged in with heat running during the winter, it is still usually a good idea to winterize your RV because your holding tanks are often toward the outside of your RV, making them more prone to freezing.

Do I always have to winterize my RV in the winter?

Not necessarily. If you’re camping in RV, you may not have to winterize it. Here are some things to be aware of:

Why do you winterize a camper?

There are three main reasons to winterize your RV – to protect your pipes from freezing, to protect your tanks from freezing, and to protect your RV from winter (rodent) invaders if you plan to store your camper during cold months.

How long does it take to winterize a camper?

The entire process of winterizing can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours of time depending on the size of your RV and method you choose. Method #1 is the quickest way and simply involves using your RV water pump to push non-toxic antifreeze through your camper’s water lines.

How much water does an RV water heater hold?

Your RV water heater holds anywhere from 5-10 gallons of water in it.

What happens if you don’t protect your RV from mice?

If you don’t protect a winterized RV from rodent invaders, mice can get in and eat up your furniture, wiring, or other sensitive items.

Factors to Consider in De-winterizing Your RV

There are several factors one must consider in de-winterizing their RVs. Here are some of those.

The Additional Costs

De-winterizing an RV does not cost a lot. However, you must remember that there might be other additional costs that you might spend while de-winterizing your RV. They’re not usually that expensive, but it matters to be ready because it is better safe than sorry.

The Amount of Time

Of course, even though most people say that de-winterizing your RV is an easy task. Not everyone has the same level of capabilities in handling charges such as these. You must consider the amount of time you’re going to spend taking on this task. Consider the amount of time you pay when it comes to performing crucial steps.

The Cost of De-Winterizing Your RV

De-winterizing your RV costs the same as winterizing it. That means whatever amount you spent in winterizing your RV is the same amount you will pay in de-winterizing it. Simply put, it costs anywhere from $130 up to $170 for a basic winterizing package at an RV dealer. Hence, it costs the same for de-winterizing it.

Essential Steps on De-Winterizing Your RV

These are the steps that you should follow in de-winterizing your RV. Some might depend on the size of your RV and the amount of work needed to be done, but it basically just follows this pattern.

Check Your Tires

If you store your RV somewhere outside or somewhere cold, your tires might get even more deflated when you uncover them in spring. It can be potentially dangerous to drive an RV with underinflated tires. It may cause uneven wear, poor handling, a blowout, and it can even lead to a vehicular accident.

Check How Your Exterior is Doing

Take this time to inspect the exterior of your RV. Check the outside for any leaks, cracks, or damages that can be visually present. Also, examine the weatherstripping around the windows and doors, and replace any sealant you see that is already cracked or peeling.