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how much does it cost to travel to denmark

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How much does it cost to go to Denmark on vacation?

Live it up in Denmark from just $1,193. Choose from a wonderful selection of flights, hotels and rental cars to suit your budget. You can score even more discounts when you add some sightseeing activities to your vacation package. If I’m not able to travel, can I cancel my Denmark vacation package?

How much does a trip to Copenhagen cost?

So, a trip to Copenhagen for two people for one week costs on average kr16,708 ($2,543). All of these average travel prices have been collected from other travelers to help you plan your own travel budget. This data comes from the travel budgets of real travelers – How it works.

How do I get to Denmark?

Air Travel – Denmark is a small country so domestic flights are unnecessary. You can travel by train from Copenhagen to Aarhus in 3 hours. A flight will be just 35 minutes, however, once you add on getting to and from the airport it doesn’t save any time (and a flight will cost you over 1,200 DKK — four times more expensive than the train!).

How much do people spend on transportation in Denmark?

The cost of a taxi ride in Denmark is significantly more than public transportation. On average, past travelers have spent kr198 per person, per day, on local transportation in Denmark. What did other people spend on Transportation? Typical prices for Transportation in Denmark are listed below.

Why do we love VRBO?

We love VRBO because of their commitment to small businesses. VRBO is part of the Expedia family, one of the biggest names in travel.

What is a Frikadeller?

Frikadeller – Danish meatballs made of ground beef and pan-fried. While these can be found in many other countries, it has been said that the Danes can do it best. The meat is mixed with onions, eggs, milk, and breadcrumbs and seasoned with salt and pepper. Many restaurants and food stands serve this specialty.

What is the name of the hot dog stand in Copenhagen?

Usually, this consists of a piece of rye bread with a piece of meat, cheese, and various vegetables. Polsevogn - this is the name of the popular hot dog stand that you can find in Copenhagen.

What is the statue of the Little Mermaid?

The Little Mermaid – This statue depicts a mermaid based on the fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. This sculpture is a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen and symbolizes the city. Think of how the Statue of Liberty symbolizes New York City or how Christ the Redeemer symbolizes Rio de Janeiro.

What is Hans Christian Andersen Museum?

Hans Christian Andersen Museum – This author’s stories and tales are a crucial piece of the Danish puzzle as a whole. People know his fairy tales across the globe including The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, and Thumbelina. See displays of the writer’s life including his own sketches and art dating back to 1908.

What is the inspiration behind Disney’s theme parks?

Tivoli Gardens - The inspiration behind some of the most world-famous Disney theme parks. This recreation space has been around since 1843 and has been featured in multiple movies. Tivoli is a symbol of Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen.

What is a smorrebrod sandwich?

Smorrebrod – the English translation of this word is "bread and butter". This is the name of the popular open-faced sandwiches that are popular throughout the country. Usually, this consists of a piece of rye bread with a piece of meat, cheese, and various vegetables.

How much would a budget trip to Denmark cost?

If you are looking for a cheap vacation, Denmark is not the best country in Europe for that. Although, the budget traveler can ride out in this country as well!

Which country offers free activities?

The accommodation, entertainment and food prices will be higher than usual in Europe, but Denmark is the country which can offer a lot of free activities as well. If the cost of the trip is too high, you can always cook more at home, stay at simpler apartments or choose bikes over cars or public transportation, …

Is Denmark the same as Denmark?

All the expenses are quite similar in most of the cities in Denmark, so to make it convenient, let’s take an example of prices in Copenhagen. Although, keep in mind that even if the prices and cost of living are almost the same in the capital of the country it is comparably the highest. You can expect slightly lower prices in smaller cities in Denmark.

How long is the train ride from Copenhagen to Aarhus?

A train ride from Copenhagen to Aarhus starts at 375 DKK and takes 3 hours and 15 minutes, while a ride from Aarhus to Alborg starts at 500 DKK and takes about 2 hours. From Copenhagen to Berlin, the 7-hour ride starts at around 1,000 DKK.

How to be Danish by Patrick Kingsley?

How to Be Danish, by Patrick Kingsley#N#This book is part travelogue, part overview of Danish society. It offers a fascinating look at life in Denmark and how their culture has changed and evolved. As their cultural staple hygge sweeps the world, Kingsley sheds light on how the Danes are different and what we can learn from these almost-perfect people and the society they’ve created.#N#The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking#N#Why are Danes the happiest people in the world? The answer is hygge. This book dives into what hygge is, how it developed in Denmark, and how you can embrace and implement it in your life. Not only is it an eye-opening read that sheds light on Danish culture but it’s a practical guide to creating a more calm, enjoyable life.#N#We, the Drowned, by Carsten Jensen#N#In 1848 a motley crew of Danish sailors set sail to fight the Germans. Not everyone returns, launching a generational saga of epic proportions. War, shipwrecks, adventure, and a look at the fragility of life at sea are all swept up in this massive 700-page adventure. If you’re looking for a novel to read about life in Denmark before the turn of the century, this is it.#N#The Songlines , by Bruce Chatwin A Year of Living Danishly, by Helen Russell#N#When her husband gets a job at the Lego offices in Jutland, Helen Russell decides to head to Denmark with him, freelance write, and try to figure out why the Danes are so happy. From childcare, education, food, and interior design to taxes, sexism, and everything in between (turns out the Danes love to burn witches), Helen’s funny, poignant story kept me enthralled from start to finish. It’s informative, hilarious, self-deprecating, and tells a great story of someone trying to fit in.

What are the best trails to hike in Denmark?

Whether you want a short day hike from the city or something more challenging, Denmark has it all. Some beautiful trails to hike are the Camønoen Trial (174km) and the Gendarmstien Trial (84km).

What is the biggest artificial rainforest in Europe?

The main tourist attraction here is the Randers Rainforest Zoo (the largest artificial rainforest in Northern Europe), which houses native plants and free-roaming animals from the rainforests of South America, Asia, and Africa. Admission to the zoo is 195 DKK. 5.

What is the capital of Denmark?

Roskilde was Denmark’s capital from 960 to 1536. It hosts Europe’s largest music festival every June. This is an amazing city to view the country’s history, whether it be at the various churches, brick building lined streets, or the Viking-influenced museums. The cathedral is the most famous in the country.

What is Denmark known for?

Denmark’s second largest city is known for its art and culture. Beyond the many museums and galleries are unique amusement parks, such as Legoland and the Tivoli Friheden. This is a major college town and has an active nightlife and good budget restaurants too.

Where to visit in North Zealand?

Don’t miss Tisvildeleje, Dronningmølle, and Gudmindrup beach if you’re looking to lounge and enjoy the sunshine. If you are looking to get away from the city for a day or maybe more, this is an awesome place to head to and one not often visited by tourists. Visit the 17th-century Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, which is considered Denmark’s Versailles. The Maritime Museum of Denmark and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art can be found in North Zealand as well. Helsingør and Hillerød make for good bases in the region if you plan on exploring.

What is the cheapest month to visit Denmark?

The cheapest month to score a fantastic deal to Denmark is February, whereas prices are higher in December. Give this month a miss if you’re on a tight budget.

How to take food on a plane?

If you’re taking food on board, place it in a clear plastic bag and then into a screening bin. This lessens the likelihood that a TSA agent will need to touch your carry-on bag or food container for closer inspection.

What to put in carry-on to minimize handling?

To minimize handling during screening, put items such as your phone, wallet and keys into your carry-on instead of into the bins.

Do you have to wear a mask at airport screening?

Keep your face mask on even during airport screening. A TSA officer will require you to temporarily lower your mask for identification purposes.

Do you have to hand your boarding pass to TSA?

You’re no longer required to hand your boarding pass (electronic or paper) directly to a TSA officer. Rather, you should position the pass on the scanner and then hold it up for inspection.

Is it easy to travel to Denmark?

Traveling to Denmark is nice and easy. All you need to do is book a seat with one of these popular airlines:

What is the most popular destination in Denmark?

What are the most popular destinations in Denmark? Based on KAYAK flight searches, the most popular destination is Copenhagen (91% of total searches to Denmark). The next most popular destinations are Billund (5%) and Aalborg (2%). Searches for flights to Aarhus (2%), to Esbjerg (0%) and to Karup (0%) are also popular.

When is the cheapest time to fly to Denmark?

High season is considered to be June, July and August. The cheapest month to fly to Denmark is January.

Where does SAS fly from?

SAS flies the most frequently from the United States to Denmark.

Does SAS waive change fees?

SAS has waived its change and cancellation fees on flights to Denmark. Confirm policy on booking site.

What is the capital of Denmark?

Nyhavn Harbour, Old Town Copenhagan. Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It has a small town vibe but is still a cosmopolitan city with lots of shopping, culture, and nightlife.

Why do we love VRBO?

We love VRBO because of their commitment to small businesses. VRBO is part of the Expedia family, one of the biggest names in travel.

What are the most popular events in Copenhagen?

There are many yearly events in Copenhagen. Some of the most popular include the Crafts Fair in August, Copenhagen Fashion Week in February, International Workers Day in May, CPH Distortion, Zulu Sommerbio, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Gron Koncert, and many, many more.

What is the center of Copenhagen?

Indre By is the Medieval City or Centrum. This part of town is called many different things, but it is the historical center of Copenhagen. There you will find many of the most notable churches, historic buildings, and some great shopping.

What is the weather like in Danes?

The days are short and the temperature drops. By winter, it is very cold, but there are Christmas decorations that light up the city. Christmas markets are spread throughout the city and there is a lot to see and do.

When is the best time to visit Copenhagen?

Copenhagen, like much of the region, has four separate seasons. Most people prefer to visit between May and late August when the weather is warm. Temperatures average around 20 degrees Celsius and the daylight hours are long. If you get too warm, there are several free pools in the harbour waters near the center of town. There are also a lot of festivals during the months of June and July, so this is a great time to be in town.

Is Copenhagen a city?

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. It has a small town vibe but is still a cosmopolitan city with lots of shopping, culture, and nightlife. It’s a very safe and comfortable city that is easy to explore on foot. Copenhagen is the birthplace of many old fairytales, but also has modern, world class architecture and a liberal vibe. The people of Copenhagen are diverse and international. Most residents are Danes, but some come from Germany and Sweden and there are also many Middle Eastern immigrants.

What are the crimes in Denmark?

Crime: Violent confrontations involving organized crime groups operating in Denmark occasionally take place. Travelers should be aware of their surroundings and immediately leave the area if they feel threatened. Pickpocketers and purse-snatchers operate aggressively in areas frequented by tourists, as well as on crowded trains and buses, and at train stations – Copenhagen Central Station in particular. More sophisticated thieves also target the Copenhagen Airport and cruise ship quays. Do not place any bags containing valuables, such as your passport or credit cards, on the ground or on the back of a chair. Watch your computer bag, which is particularly desirable to thieves. U.S. citizens are encouraged to review the OSAC Crime and Safety Report for more information on Crime in Denmark.

Why was the advisory level for Denmark changed?

The advisory level for Denmark was changed because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) changed its underlying methodology for its science-based Travel Health Notices (THNs) that outline current issues affecting

How long is a passport valid for?

Passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your stay. For additional details about travel into and within Schengen countries, please see our Schengen fact sheet.

How are the Faroe Islands connected?

The majority of the Faroe Islands are interconnected by roads and tunnels, and boats. On the large islands even small hamlets are generally accessible by road. Travel on the smaller islands is mostly done on foot.

What are the penalties for using illegal drugs?

Penalties for possessing, using, or trafficking in illegal drugs are strict, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.

How to get into an emergency room in Denmark?

In Denmark, you must call in advance to be admitted to an emergency room for immediate treatment for non-life threatening emergencies. If you show up at an emergency room unannounced you may be turned away. Dial 1-8-1-3 to speak to the national medical helpline, staffed by physicians and nurses, who will determine which emergency room or clinic you should go to for care and coordinate an appointment for you.

What happens if you violate local laws?

If you violate local laws, even unknowingly, you may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned. Furthermore, some laws are also prosecutable in the U.S., regardless of local law. For examples, see our website on crimes against minors abroad and the Department of Justice website.

What Currency is used in Denmark?

In Denmark, the currency used is the Danish Krone. The Danish Krone is abbreviated as DKK. Most local price tags in Denmark will display the Kr or DKR for the pricing on individual items. Denmark is also known to have no universal currency.

How much does stuff cost in Denmark?

A pint in Denmark will depend on where you are located within Denmark. In Copenhagen, everything from alcohol to other goods and services is pricier. An average pint at a Copenhagen bar will run you around 50 DKK.

Is it Safe to Travel in Denmark?

Denmark is a costly country. Also, an extremely safe country! Funny how this works in the world. We pay for what we get is how I like to look at this. Denmark is currently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.

Why is Denmark so expensive?

Denmark is expensive for several reasons. First Denmark is known to have one of the highest minimum wages worldwide. In comparison to a country such as the United States, the minimum wage would translate into 19.00 USD. That’s nearly double the minimum wage in the US.

Why are cars so expensive in Denmark?

Cars in Denmark are much more expensive than in other parts of the world. Part of this is due to a 100-150% tax that’s levied on vehicles when purchased. This 100-150% was introduced initially to discourage vehicles and individuals from driving.

What is the most famous place to visit in Copenhagen?

Many tourists believe this is a must do outing for the family. It’s one of the most renowned and famous places to visit in Copenhagen. Nyhavn walk is filled with beautiful colorful houses lining the harbor.

What are Danish people fans of?

Danish individuals are fans of creating beautiful projects from recycled material such as plastic. Most neighborhoods will have flea markets that you can take the family to for an afternoon walking the town.

What are the best places to visit in Denmark?

Skagen also draws in many globetrotters eager to check out some of the best attractions in Denmark. They include Grenen and Skagens Museum.

How much can you save on a Denmark vacation?

You can save as much as $583* if you bundle your hotels, flights and car rentals into a Denmark vacation package. Sometimes cheap packages mean fewer choices. But that’s not the case with Expedia. We offer over 550 air carriers and 1,000,000 properties across the world, so you’ll always have plenty of options to choose from. Like to save even more? Add some interesting activities to your package deal and unlock even more bargains! After all, travel is about far more than just getting to your destination.

What to do in Copenhagen on Day 2?

Day 2: Take a two-wheeled guided tour of Copenhagen. With twice the number of bicycles as cars, this environmentally friendly city offers plenty of fantastic facilities for exploring under your own steam. Stop by LEGO House, Copenhagen Zoo and finish off the day with a harbor and canal cruise.

How many airlines are there in the world?

Yes, and with more than 550 airlines to choose from globally, it’s all about choice. Scroll through the available options and find out which airline suits your budget and needs.

Where to stay in Copenhagen?

Look up Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport and Copenhagen Admiral Hotel. They’re the first choice for lots of travelers to Copenhagen. If Vejle is next stop on your itinerary, Zleep Hotel Kolding and Munkebjerg Hotel are cozy options.

When to book a flight on Expedia?

Reserving your flight early with Expedia means one less thing to worry about. Most air carriers display prices up to 12 months prior to departure dates. This is usually the cheapest time to book. If circumstances have left you booking late, fantastic last-minute deals to Denmark are still known to appear a few weeks before departure.

Does Expedia have a book now pay later option?

Having joined forces with online lender Affirm, we have a Book Now, Pay Later solution for all vacation packages. It’s easy to set up a payment arrangement for your trip that works for you.