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how do people travel in madagascar

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What are the best places to visit in Madagascar?

Where to go in MadagascarAntananarivo. (Tananarive to the French,“Tana” colloquially to everyone). …Central Madagascar. While there’s very little indigenous natural forest left,the human landscape is captivatingly beautiful.Southern Madagascar. …Western Madagascar. …Northeastern Madagascar. …Nosy Be. …Morondava. …Ambatolampy. …Antsirabe. …Ambalavao. …More items…

When and where to travel in Madagascar?

Madagascar. The best time to visit Madagascar is from April to October. This dry season brings fewer rain showers, meaning optimal conditions for observing animals, hiking and participating in …

What to pack for a trip to Madagascar?

Pack lightweight loose clothes in natural fabrics such as linen, bamboo, merino and cotton that will keep you cooler and are easy to wash and dry. Avoid synthetic fabrics they are really uncomfortable in the heat. Although the weather is quite warm all year round in Madagascar, it can drop down to 50 degrees F (10C) in some months (June, July …

Is it safe to travel to Madagascar?

Whilst most people who do visit have a trouble-free trip, Madagascar isn’t as safe as the Disney film would have you think. It isn’t a dream paradise – in fact, many people would recommend that you only travel the island with an organised tour company or hire a guide to take you around.

What is the currency of Madagascar?

The currency in Madagascar is called Ariary (MGA)

How much do Malagasy people make a month?

To offer you a perspective, Malagasy people who are fortunate enough to be employed typically don’t make more than Ar 200,000 (~$56 USD) a month. If you want to keep your tips within the average range of other tourists, roughly follow the guide below. However, you are welcome to give more.

What does "salama" mean in Malagasy?

Try learning simple Malagasy phrases. The locals sincerely appreciate when you invest time and interest in their native language. For starters, “ Salama ” means hello. “ Veloma ” means goodbye!

How long does it take to get a Madagascar visa?

Otherwise, it’s easy to purchase a tourist VISA upon arrival at the airport for 30, 60, or 90 days. I prefer to have paper photocopies of my passport and tourist Visa.

What to bring for a rainforest hike?

Be sure to bring shorts, T-shirts, and durable sandals. If you plan on hiking, you should pack quick-drying field pants, sturdy hiking boots, wool socks, a baseball cap, and a rain jacket. While hiking in rainforests, I advise tucking your pants into your socks and your shirt into your pants to minimize leech bites.

How to exchange currency in ariary?

To exchange your currency into Ariary, bring relatively large and new bills. They shouldn’t be older than 2010. It will be easiest for you to exchange your currency right at the airport. That way you’ll avoid the long lines and limited hours of banks. I find this to be the easiest way to access money.

What to do if you have a bacterial infection in Madagascar?

First Aid and Medications While Travelling in Madagascar. You should have antibiotics, such as Ciprofloxacin. It will be useful in the event that you get a bacterial infection. If your burps begin smelling like sulphur and rotten eggs, you likely contracted Giardia parasites.

Is Madagascar Safe?

When I was wandering around, I never once felt unsafe. I was more of a curiosity than anything else since they see so few tourists, especially those not ensconced in a bus. There are a lot of beggars, especially kids, and you have to just keep saying no and walking away. The taxi drivers here take no for an answer and no one really bugs you.

What is the food in Madagascar?

In regular, local restaurants, they are half that price. Madagascar food is mostly chicken, zebu (a type of cattle), pork, stews, and rice. LOTS OF RICE.

How much does a 14 day tour of Madagascar cost?

But let’s change that and talk about how to visit the country. Organized Tours. A 14-day tour will cost $2,400–4,400 USD.

What is the most common way to visit a country?

Organized tours are the most common way to visit the country. One guide told me that about 80% of visitors come on organized tours and the other 20% hire a private driver to get around. (Most tourists are older and heavily European.)

Where is Madagascar 2020?

Updated: 8/31/20 | August 31st, 2020. Madagascar. It’s more than an inaccurate (but fun) DreamWorks movie. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, this island, nearly the size of France and the third-largest in the world, has a population over 26 million but sees less than 300,000 tourists a year. I spent two weeks there with Intrepid Travel …

Is Madagascar a good place to visit?

Yet Madagascar is a raw and beautiful destination that blew me away in so many ways. It’s cheap once you get there, your tourist dollars can create a really positive impact, and there are few crowds and many cute lemurs and majestic landscapes, which you get virtually to yourself!

Is Madagascar a country?

Madagascar was a beautiful, raw, and enchanting country. There’s no place like it on earth.

How many lemurs are there in Madagascar?

A total of 13 lemur species live in the park, as well as over 100 bird species, many of them endemic (including the Madagascar yellowbrow and the Madagascar serpent eagle).

What is Madagascar known for?

An island nation surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean, it’s most famous for its incredible flora and fauna – from its charismatic lemurs to its towering baobab trees. Much of the country’s wildlife is found nowhere else on Earth, and as such eco-tourism is one of Madagascar’s key attractions.

What religion do Madagascans practice?

The majority of Madagascans practice either Christian or indigenous beliefs, while a small minority of the population (around 7%) are Muslim.

What is the name of the park in the northwest?

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park. Located in the remote northwest, Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park is famous for its astonishing karstic plateaus. These petrified forests are crafted from razor-sharp spires of limestone and can be explored via a series of suspension bridges.

What airline does Madagascar fly to?

The airport is home to Madagascar’s national airline, Air Madagascar. From the United States, most flights connect via Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo Airport or Paris, France. Non-nationals need a tourist visa to enter Madagascar; however, these can be purchased upon arrival at all international airports or harbors.

How big is Madagascar?

Madagascar has a total area of 226,660 square miles/587,041 square kilometers. To put that into perspective, it’s just less than twice the size of Arizona and similar in size to France.

What is the official language of Madagascar?

Language: French and Malagasy are the official languages of Madagascar, with various different dialects of Malagasy spoken throughout the island. French is generally spoken only by the educated classes.

Where do you fly into for Madagascar?

Antananarivo, or Tana as it’s widely known, is the main point of arrival and departure for flights to Madagascar, if you’re not using a charter plane to Nosy Be. Charmingly adrift and unfamiliar, Tana is a city worth spending a few days exploring, to visit the Rova palace compound and the old royal capital of Ambohimanga. Tana lies towards the northern end of the Central Highlands, and is something of a central hub for the island’s road network, from which the routes nationales radiate north, east, south and west.

What airlines fly to Ivato?

The main airlines that fly to Ivato International Airport in Antananarivo are Air Madagascar from Paris, Johannesburg and Bangkok; Air France from Paris; South African Airways and Airlink from Johannesburg; and Kenya Airways from Nairobi. Regional carriers Air Austral (Réunion), Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles and Comoros Aviation are useful for wider Indian Ocean travels. In addition, French and Italian charter companies sometimes offer seasonal flights from Paris and Milan to Nosy Be.

What airlines fly to Madagascar?

A handful of airlines offer direct flights to Madagascar from Johannesburg: South African Airways, Airlink and Air Madagascar fly daily to Antananarivo (3hr). Fares start at around ZAR8000 return. With no direct flights, there are various options of getting to Madagascar from Australia and New Zealand, notably flying via Johannesburg or Nairobi, …

Where is Ivato airport?

For those getting around Madagascar by car, the airport is located in the northern suburb of Ivato, 5km north of the RN4 road to northwest Madagascar. This main highway enters the suburbs in the northwest and bypasses the city centre on the west side to join with the RN7 in the south of the city. There’s a similar bypass around the southeast side of the city linking the RN7 with the RN2.

How to get to Madagascar from Australia?

With no direct flights, there are various options of getting to Madagascar from Australia and New Zealand, notably flying via Johannesburg or Nairobi, or hubbing through Bangkok. However, the best-value route is via Mauritius and/or Réunion; several flights a week are run by Air Mauritius and Air Austral, with tickets starting at around Aus$1600 return from Perth.

Where are the taxi stations in Brousse?

There are three main national taxi brousse stations ( gares routières ), each in different parts of the city. Gare routière d’Ambodivona is located about 2km northeast of the city centre, for the RN2 and RN4, with frequent departures to Tamatave and Majunga. Gare routière d’Ampasampito, around 2km east of the city centre, is for the RN2, with frequent departures to Moramanga. Southwest of the city centre, Gare routière de Fasan’ny Karana is for the RN7 and destinations in southern and western Madagascar. From here, you can catch frequent taxis to Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa, Morondava and Tuléar.

How to get to Madagascar?

The only practical way of getting to Madagascar is by air, as there are no passenger ferries from South Africa, Mozambique or Tanzania. There aren’t even any boats running from Madagascar’s nearest neighbours, the Comoros Islands and Mauritius.

How to get around Madagascar?

The best way to get around Madagascar is to hire a car with a driver or join an organized tour. Car rentals commonly come with a driver as part of their rates and give you the most flexibility with your itinerary. Tours, however, generally cover the cost of accommodations and some or all meals, but you’ll have to stick to a set schedule and travel with other visitors. Limited public transportation options are also available, but these affordable services are slow and often uncomfortable and unsafe. For longer trips between select towns, traveling by plane can be arranged. Getting to the island will require flying into Ivato International Airport (TNR) in Antananarivo or arriving by cruise ship to various Malagasy locales, including Antsiranana, Nosy Be and Tamatave, via cruise operators like Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises.

When is the best time to visit Madagascar?

Best Months to Visit. The best time to visit Madagascar is from April to October. This dry season brings fewer rain showers, meaning optimal conditions for observing animals, hiking and participating in water sports activities.

What is the currency of Madagascar?

The official currency in Madagascar is the Malagasy ariary (MGA). One Malagasy ariary equals approximately $0.0003, or less than one American penny, but you’ll want to check the latest exchange rate before visiting. Euros are easiest to convert to Malagasy ariary in-country, but some currency exchange vendors will take dollars. Credit cards are not accepted at most Malagasy locales, so plan on using cash; if you need additional currency, ATMs are available in most major towns.

What are the main languages spoken in Madagascar?

Home to 18 main ethnic groups, Madagascar is a diverse island nation. Malagasy and French are the country’s official languages, the latter of which was introduced when the French colonized the region from 1896 to 1960. You may also find a few Malagasy people who speak English, but it is best to use Malagasy or French when possible. Of the two primary languages, Malagasy is more commonly used. Some key Malagasy and French terms and phrases to use while traveling in Madagascar include "manao ahoana e" and "bonjour" (hello), "Manao ahoana ny fahasalamanao?" and "Comment allez-vous?" (How are you?), "Tsy azoko" and "Je ne comprend pas" (I don’t understand), "Mahay miteny angisy ve ianao?" and "Parlez-vous anglais?" (Do you speak English?), and "veloma" and "au revoir" (goodbye).

What is the most popular music in Madagascar?

Western musical styles like rock, jazz and hip-hop can also be heard here, but one of Madagascar’s most popular genres is salegy, an energetic style that features electric guitars, accordions, drums and call-and-response vocals. Salegy and other genres are played at various bars and clubs throughout Antananarivo, including the Hotel Glacier, Pandora Station and Espace Dera, but prostitution – which is illegal in Madagascar – occasionally takes place in entertainment venues, so exercise caution when enjoying Malagasy nightlife.

What do people in Madagascar wear?

Men and women who live in the countryside, for example, mainly wear locally made garments like dresses with gathered skirts and oversized shirts with long pants, while wealthier individuals and those living in cities often wear a mix of Western attire and traditional items like lambas (shawls) and raffia hats. Many Malagasy people will also celebrate family-focused ceremonies, such as Famadihana (a sacred ritual that involves removing the bones of loved ones from an ancestral crypt to rewrap with fresh garments).

Where to snorkel in Madagascar?

Travelers can head offshore to snorkel around Nosy Sakatia or swim at The Three Bays, and photography enthusiasts can snap …

What is the most visited park in Madagascar?

After an amazing visit to the Isalo National Park, our next destination was Andasibe National Park. This is the most visited park in all of Madagascar, likely because of its proximity to the capital (3-4 hours drive). It is home to the Indri lemur, the largest species of lemur that is famous for its loud and distinctive howl.

What was the day 13 of the Isalo National Park?

Day 13 was another transit day as we drove along the RN7 from Ranomafana National Park to Isalo National Park. The landscape changed yet again to rugged landscapes that reminded me of the American southwest, but with palm trees dotting the horizon. We made the full day drive and stopped at various locations like the base of the Andringitra Moutnains and the Anja Nature reserve, home to numerous ring tailed lemurs.

What is the name of the park in Madagascar where lemurs live?

The next day, we drove south along the RN7, Madagascar’s main highway, to Ranomafana National Park. This park is known for their numerous species of lemurs, including the elusive golden bamboo lemur. The contrast in scenery is extraordinary as Ranomafana looks like a tropical rainforest, where the previous segment of our trip was some combination of desert and ocean.

How long did a bamboo lemur sit in front of us?

An awesome bamboo lemur not scared to get close to us. The guide gave it some bamboo bark and it stood there eating it in front of us for at least 10 minutes.

What is the name of the lodge where you can play with lemurs?

There are numerous luxury lodges here. One of these, the Vakona lodge, has a sanctuary for orphaned and domesticated lemurs of all species. You can play with them as well as they are completely unafraid of jumping on you. I’m not sure if there is some questionable ethics happening at this place, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

What is Serge’s email address?

My driver’s name was Serge, and his email is [email protected] Feel free to email him and see if he has availability for you!

How long should I stay in Madagascar?

I would recommend a minimum of 10 days in Madagascar (not including the flight to get here which can be very long), purely because the road conditions are awful and the sole airline, Air Madagascar, is suspect at best.

Is Madagascar Safe to Visit Right Now?

To be honest, currently, there are some parts of Madagascar that are perhaps not safe to travel to.

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What are the taxis called in Madagascar?

There are two main types: city taxis (which operate in cities and towns, obviously) and bush taxis, known as taxi-brousse.

What to do in Madagascar on Gadventures?

The trip offers a fairly equal share of hiking and downtime. You can choose to add activities such as thermal springs and massages, and the final two days include time to lounge on the beach.

How to stay on the straight and narrow in Madagascar?

One of the main things that will keep you on the straight and narrow in Madagascar is research. Do a lot of research, on where you’re staying, where you plan to go, tour companies and guides.

How many tourists visited Madagascar in 2008?

The following year saw a significant drop, with only 255,922 tourists making their way to Madagascar.

How to keep money safe?

The best way to keep your money safe is with an awesome security belt. However, it is possible to stop thieves in their tracks, and that is by simply wearing a money belt. Instead of keeping your stash of cash for the day in your pocket, you keep it hidden in a secure belt that no one can see.

How tall is the Tsingy de Bemaraha?

But the standout here is the park’s towering gray limestone pinnacles, which stand up to 328 feet tall.

How old is the Avenue of the Baobabs?

TIME TO SPEND. As its name suggests, the 853-foot-long Avenue of the Baobabs is a stretch of giant baobab trees believed to be up to 800 years old. Though the avenue is situated roughly 405 miles away from Antananarivo, it offers close proximity to Kirindy Mitea National Park, which sits along Madagascar’s west coast.

What tour operators visit Tsingy Rouge Park?

Tour operators that visit Tsingy Rouge Park include Soa Tours and Visit Mada Tours. Since the terrain is rough in this park, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. Although this attraction in northern Madagascar is a bit removed from the main roads, Tsingy Rouge Park’s dramatic landscape cannot be missed.

What is the name of the park in Madagascar that has red rocks?

Although this attraction in northern Madagascar is a bit removed from the main roads, Tsingy Rouge Park’s dramatic landscape cannot be missed. Featuring tall clay-like rock formations created by landslides and mudslides, this area’s red rocks are often compared to the larger ones found at Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park.

Where to see lemurs in Madagascar?

Situated on the southeastern tip of Nosy Be, an island off Madagascar’s west coast that’s known for its picturesque beaches and sunsets, Lokobe National Park is one of the Sambirano region’s only remaining forests. The park can only be accessed by motorized, canoe-like boats called pirogues, adding to its tranquil, unspoiled atmosphere.

What to do in Nosy Sakatia?

Past visitors loved scuba diving and snorkeling in Nosy Sakatia’s waters during half-day excursions. Many, in fact, saw sea turtles grazing in shallow areas. However, a few travelers were less than impressed with the island’s beaches and desired more things to do on shore.

What is the appeal of Madagascar?

Madagascar appeals to both animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. At national parks like Lokobe, Mantadia and Isalo, visitors can come face-to-face