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how do i set up a travel blog

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How to create a successful travel blog?

Spend time researching media outlets that sometimes publish travel features. Especially those featuring bloggers. …Connect with the authors on Twitter or LinkedIn. Follow them. …Put together a polished project/article/idea with mass appeal. …Finally,pitch them your great idea a few months later. …

How to start a profitable travel blog?

How do you make money as a travel blogger?Participate in affiliate marketing programs. Looking for a simple monetization method? …Partner with related brands. Another way to get paid as a travel blogger is by partnering with complementary brands. …Use paid ads and sponsored posts. …Sell digital products online. …

How to get started as a travel blogger?

Setting Up Your WordPress SiteHosting Your Travel Blog. First,your website needs somewhere to store all its content,and a web hosting service provides you with the server space needed to do that.Registering Your Domain. …Installing a WordPress Theme. …Moving Your Old Content Over. …Claim Social Media Profiles. …

How to make money writing for travel blogs?

The most successful travel writers hustle to make it happen by doing the following:Find a specialty that you can own and even dominate. In the long-tail-keyword-niche world we’re in,being the go-to expert on Cartagena travel or wine in British Colombia can be …Learn to do more than write. …Pitch non-traditional outlets for work. …Add more self-directed income streams to your mix. …

How often should I publish a travel blog?

Now it’s time to begin creating content for your travel blog. When you first start out, I recommend publishing new articles at least 1-2 times per week. But remember, quality is more important than quantity!

Is WordPress a third party app?

You can think of WordPress plugins as third-party apps for your travel website. They give your blog additional features. Most plugins are free, some you have to pay for.

How to build a successful travel blog?

If you want to build a successful and profitable travel blog, posting regularly to social media is important.

What is hosting a website?

Most websites need to “rent” space on the internet. A place to store all your blog’s data, files, and photos so that people around the world can easily access it when they type in your domain name.

Why do you avoid hyphens in domain names?

This can be difficult to do these days, but it helps to avoid using hyphens or numbers in your domain name because otherwise you’ll be forced to explain it to someone. For example:

Is hosting a travel blog cheap?

Hosting can actually be pretty cheap. I recommend new travel blogs get hosting with BlueHost. There are many different hosting companies out there, but BlueHost is very affordable & makes setting up a new travel blog crazy easy.

Is WordPress the industry standard?

Because it’s the industry standard when it comes to blogging platforms, and has been for years, there are TONS of useful tutorials online that will teach you about anything you need.

Why Start a Travel Blog?

If you’re on this article, chances are, you already WANT to start a blog. However, if you need more motivation, we put together this video taken from our free Blogging Bootcamp course taking you through 5 reasons why you should start a blog.

How to install plugins on WordPress?

Tip: To install a plugin, go into your WordPress dashboard, look on the side panel and click “Plugins” then click “Add New” on the page that opens up.

What is the best hosting network for beginners?

Bluehost is the #1 most used and trusted hosting network on the internet and with our discount, it’s also cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else so it is perfect for beginner bloggers.

Why is a logo important for a blog?

A good logo will help people recognize your blog and brand. While we don’t recommend spending loads of money initially to get one professionally made, there are tons of cheap options out there. You can either create one on your own using free platforms like Canva or outsource a quick logo job on Fiverr.

How to get logo ideas?

To get logo ideas, you can just go on Pinterest and type various keywords like minimalistic logo, retro logo, nature logo, etc. to help you come up with ideas for when you create one.

What happens after you create a password for Bluehost?

After you create your password and sign in, you will be prompted to select a theme so you can start designing your new travel blog.

How much does it cost to start a travel blog?

As mentioned, just for our readers, we’ve negotiated a special deal through Bluehost. You can start a travel blog for only $2.95 a month (instead of $7.99), giving you a massive 63% discount!

What is the best platform to blog on?

There are many free blogging platforms out there, like Blogger, WordPress.com, and Tumblr. Any of these options is fine for a personal blog, but if you plan on monetizing your site, a self-hosted WordPress blog is your best bet.

What attracts many users to WordPress?

What attracts many users to WordPress is the customizability it offers thanks to plugins, which are codes you can install to add functionality to your site. Since you’re just getting started, defer to the experts. Blogging Wizard shares some of the must-have plugins that can help with SEO, analytics, backups, safety, and speeding up your blog.

Why is my blog loading so slow?

The downside is, your blog may load slower because you’re sharing resources with other websites. Also, you might have to spend more time fiddling with your site. Managed WordPress hosting through a company like Kinsta has its advantages for those interested in how to start a travel blog.

Why is it important to name your blog?

Your blog name is important because it’s also what your blog is known as (your brand). While you’ll be able to change many things about your blog over time, your name is something you should stick with. Give it a fair amount of thought before deciding on it.

Why are Instagram and Pinterest so successful?

People are visual creatures, which is why platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are so successful and growing at a rapid pace.

How to make a blog look better?

To help with the process of choosing the blog’s overall look easier, you can make a branding board. A branding board includes: Color palette: Have a set of 2 to 3 complementing colors (anything more would be distracting). Fonts: 3 at most. Think one for your logo, one for headings, one for body copy.

How much does a web host cost?

The web host is where you store your website’s files. Hosting plans can be as cheap as $4/month and can be upgraded to give you more storage space and bandwidth for visitors as your blog grows.

How to start a blog post?

Write your first post: After you’ve got your about page sorted, make your first blog post about you. Tell people why you started the blog, what it’s going to be about, where you’re going, and where you’ve been. Your introduction is how people will get to know you and it helps kick your blog off with a bang. Once you’ve written it, start sharing it on social media — Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are where you’re going to want to start publicising your wonderful content.

How much does Bluehost cost?

You’ll cover the basics with a Bluehost hosting plan for three years ($100), and then splurge on a ThemeForest theme for around $50.

How long does it take to set up a Bluehost website?

Setting it up should take you less than ten minutes, and I promise it’s super-easy.

How to upload a zip file to WordPress?

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you can log into WordPress , click on Appearance – Themes – Upload, upload the zip file you’ve just downloaded from Themeforest, and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful site.

How long does it take to make money from a travel blog?

You’ll also likely start making money within your first year of blogging, if not sooner.

How to track traffic on my website?

Install Google Analytics: You’ll want to be able to record how many people visit your site each day, so Google Analytics is a must. This will allow you to track your traffic and find out more about your readers. Don’t get obsessive over it though! It’s far too easy to waste an entire day staring at your live analytics. Check every couple of days to see which posts are receiving traffic and whether it’s increasing or decreasing over time.

Is Yoast SEO the best plugin?

Yoast SEO: If you install only one plugin, make it this. Yoast SEO makes it so easy to improve your rankings in Google and is the absolute best plugin out there. It comes with hundreds of features and options so I won’t list them out there, but needless to say: you need this.

Can a blog truly make money?

Finally, let me talk about how a blog can be revenue-generating. Many people actually find it hard to believe that a blog that’s free can make any money at all.

How to monetize your blog?

Another good way to monetize your blog can be through products that you’ve created yourself. Maybe you could write a book, create a course, or design custom merchandising that you can sell directly to your readers. (Need examples? Jodi at Legal Nomads sells beautiful bags and posters. Matt of Expert Vagabond sells prints of his photography. And many Instagrammers sell their Adobe Lightroom presets enabling others to achieve a similar look.) If you just want to sell one or two products then Gumroad is a pretty awesome payment processor and hosting platform.

What can blogging teach you?

Blogging can teach you about writing, social media management, photography, marketing, entrepreneurship, and a billion other things. I learned more than I could have ever dreamed of with Indie Traveller and a previous blog I had (which was about video games).

How long does it take for a blog to get traffic?

The longer your blog and domain name exist, the better it is for the algorithms. Most blogs don’t get much traffic in their first year , but then start gaining traffic once they’re released from Google’s so-called ‘sandbox’. This is a period when Google is watching your site but not yet ranking it.

What is the most popular software for managing a blog?

WordPress is the most commonly used software for managing a blog. The HUGE advantage of using this industry standard is that pretty much any other service or plug-in can work with it. There are also thousands of visual themes, tutorials, and other resources available for it.

How to change the look of a WordPress blog?

You might want to go to Appearance > Themes though if you want to change the visual look of your blog. There are lots of nice free themes to choose from. Don’t worry, you can still easily change the theme in the future. With WordPress, you can seamlessly switch between themes.

What is affiliate link?

These are special links that give you a commission if someone makes a purchase. I use these a lot. For example, if you link to your favorite hotel on Booking.com with an affiliate link and someone decides to book there, you get a little kickback. It’s the same with many other products and services. I once wrote an article for Travelbloggersguide.com about how to monetize with affiliate links .

What is the most popular blogging platform?

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform and I use it for this site. I have used other blogging platforms for other sites and WP is by far the most user friendly. WordPress is free to download and can be done within your hosting account.

What is Akismet filter?

Akismet – Filters out the avalanche of spam comments that WordPress blogs attract.

How popular is WordPress?

It is estimated that WordPress is operated by 25 to 33% of all websites on the internet, so that gives you an idea of how popular it is.

What is information travel blog?

Information Travel Blog. A travel blog doesn’t just have to be about you and your travels. There are so many subjects (niches) you could possibly blog about, the options are endless. It could be a destination guide, a travel gear review site, or an air travel news blog.

How much does a domain cost with Bluehost?

With Bluehost you also get a free domain with your hosting (otherwise a domain name normally costs about $10-15 a year to register).

How much does it cost to host a blog?

Most hosts provide a half price first year rate, so expect to pay about $100 per year after that. From this domain and hosting base other optional expenses will accumulate as you craft a blog to your own taste and needs.

Why should I start a blog?

You should especially start a blog if you want to write for traditional media outlets. I’m still amazed when I meet traditional writers who don’t have a home on the web. A blog is like an online business card. You can promote your writing services here and list your catalog of published works. You can also use the blog for articles you have written that don’t end up finding a place to be published.

1. Choose a name

Your blog name is really important but I also think it’s important to not dwell on it for too long. Some people never start a blog because they can’t pick a name. You need something memorable but interesting and unique without being obscure.

2. What platform?

Most people begin blogging on sites like Blogger, tumblr or hosted WordPress. I started on Blogger and it was really simple. These websites are easy and free to use and they’re a great introduction for your first few months/year of blogging.

3. Which host?

There are lots of different hosts out there to choose from. Bluehost is a great one as it’s affordable and reliable.

4. Choosing a theme

A blog theme is basically the design of your site. You can pay a designer hundreds and hundreds of pounds to design you a unique theme or you could pay about $25 for a pre-designed theme.

5. Logo and banner design

If you’d like a professional looking logo and you’re unable to do it yourself then you’ll want to get one designed.

6. Plugins

Plugins are all the little extras you need for your blog. You begin with a base package but you need to add plugins to help it function properly.

7. Make it easy to follow

If you want readers to keep coming back to your blog then add follow buttons in an easy to find place (don’t hide them at the bottom!)

What is Jetpack plugin?

Jetpack – Jetpack is a plugin that allows you to add a spell-checker, contact forms, extra widgets, etc. Posts – You can view all your blog posts here, as well as set up new ones and add categories and tags. Media – Here’s where you can view your media library and add new media content, like photos and videos.

What is cache enabler?

Cache Enabler – This plugin creates saved copies of your site, making loading your web pages much faster.

How long does it take to start a travel blog?

Whether as a hobby or profession, starting a travel blog is pretty easy. You can set it up in under 30 minutes. It’s a lot easier than when I started my blog in 2008. Back then, I didn’t know the first thing about making a website. Luckily, on my adventures around the world, I met Matt and Kat, a British couple who also happened to be web designers.

What is code canyon?

Code Canyon – This interactive map is a cool way to highlight your travels and share them with your readers.

How many words should I use for "I will teach you to be rich"?

Keep it short – Use 3-4 words maximum. You want the name that rolls off the tongue. Even Ramit Sethi from “I Will Teach You to Be Rich” abbreviates his site to “I Will Teach” or “IWT.” The shorter, the better.

How to pick a domain name?

Pick a name that describes what you do as much as possible – I was a nomad, so “Nomadic Matt” was the best pick for me. If you’re into luxury, put words in your domain name that convey that. You want people to see the name and go, “I get what that website is about.”

What is dashboard in WordPress?

Dashboard – The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log in to WordPress, and it’s the main administrative area for your blog. Home – This will take you back to the main dashboard view. Updates – This area will tell you if WordPress, your plugins, or your theme need to be updated.

What is location independent?

Location Indie is a community of travel lovers who support each other to kick ass in both business and travel. The real secret to starting a successful travel blog or a location independent business is community.

What is Sumome?

It includes a social media sharing feature, analytics, a highlighter bar, and much, much more. I particularly like SumoMe’s welcome mat, which displays a full-screen call to action to new visitors. It’s great for getting a lot of email subscribers!

What does SEO mean for a travel blog?

Remember, SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It basically means making your website really easy for search engines like Google to understand, so that they’ll display your travel blog higher in their results. As you get serious about your travel blog, you’ll probably want to improve your SEO to get your blog to appear on the first page of Google for certain search terms.

What is premium theme?

Premium themes are those that you pay for. I’d recommend starting with a premium theme, because this will enable you to create a somewhat unique-looking travel blog without spending too much money.

What is location based blog?

Location-based – If you plan to explore a particular part of the world, or if you want to stress your identity (i.e. a Californian or a Frenchie), include a location in the title of your blog. Keep in mind, this may turn out to be quite limiting if you decide to venture outside of your chosen area.

What is the importance of choosing a blog name?

Choosing an appropriate name for your blog is critical. It needs to to both communicate what your blog is about and to give a sense of your style or personality.

What is an overarching theme?

An overarching theme is a thread that ties your many interests together in a way that makes sense to your readers. Your theme could be: A topical theme – “exploration,” “love,” or “character”.

What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

Yoast SEO: Yoast SEO makes it so easy to improve your blog post and page rankings in Google Search and is the go-to SEO plugin for WordPress. They also have tons of resources if you’re just learning about incorporating SEO throughout your blog. You can also verify your Pinterest account through the plugin.

How to create a new page in WordPress?

To create a new page (or post), go to the left sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard and click Pages > Add New. (Or, for a blog post, Posts > Add New.) The difference between a page and a post is that a page is a static piece of content that lives separate from the blog.

What is a WordPress theme?

The most exciting part, in my opinion, is picking out your website theme! A WordPress theme includes page layouts, colors, formatting, and even fonts. Keep in mind that some themes use “shortcode” and that switching themes after you’ve built out a lot of content can break your site. While you CAN change your theme again down the road, it may require you to go through and update code throughout your site (also meaning, you might need professional help).

What is a blog post?

Your blog posts are the articles that you share. About Me Page: One of the first things most users will click is your About page.

How much work does it take to start a blog?

While it’s easy to start a blog “physically,” it requires countless hours of (99% unpaid) work, creativity, and, above all, the determination to build and sustain a brand.

How to name a travel blog?

1. Come Up with a Name. Think about names that can grow with you. If you name your travel blog “A Month in India,” it might not be relevant in a year. Remember that your name is part of your brand, and you’ll likely stick with it for the lifetime of your blog. Aim for something that isn’t limiting and is memorable.

Is WordPress free forever?

While they’re easy to quickly set up, you end up paying a fee, and you’re very limited with design flexibility. WordPress is free forever and has countless themes and plugins for customization! I’ve known quite a few bloggers who started on one of these other platforms, and when they inevitably switched to WordPress, they had to convert their website over painstakingly. It’s not easy. And it’s not cheap to hire a professional to do it for you. So, I’d recommend starting with WordPress from the beginning.