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how do i add travel pass to my verizon phone

how do i add travel pass to my verizon phone插图

How do I Activate my Verizon travel pass?

TravelPass is simple to activate. To add it to your line, simply text TRAVEL to 4004 or My Verizon. You will then receive an SMS explaining the daily charges after you arrive at your TravelPass destination. The first time you use your phone to make a call, text, or use data, the daily rate starts. Does it cost more to text Verizon internationally?

How do I avoid roaming charges on Verizon travel pass?

You can use airplane mode to avoid roaming charges when traveling. You won’t be able to send or receive text messages or phone calls, or use data services, but you can connect to a Wi-Fi network to check email or browse the Internet. Do I need to enable roaming to use the Verizon Travel Pass? Activate TravelPass on your line.

What devices can I use the my Verizon app on?

The My Verizon app is only available for Android ? devices running 5.0 or higher and Apple iOS devices running 11.0 or higher. For all other devices, visit the Verizon website to sign in and manage your account. Ensure your app is up to date as the following steps apply to the current version.

Will Verizon charge me if I use my phone abroad?

With TravelPass, Verizon only charges a daily access fee of $10 for customers visiting countries outside of the United States, or $2 per day when walking around Mexico or Canada. Verizon will only charge the daily fee when customers use their phone in one of the 65 TravelPass countries. Will I be charged if I use Wi-Fi in another country?