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have paper will travel

have paper will travel插图

What is have degree will travel?

(redirected from Have will travel!) A phrase used when one has the ability or skill to do something and could do it anywhere. Once you get your degree, you can do anything you want with your life—have degree, will travel!

Why do we need to carry itinerary travel details?

The itinerary travel details can be in both digital and hard copies. The reason for carrying these documents is that many countries will be required as proof of travel intentions before entering a border. One should make sure their itineraries are well kept and close by to produce whenever asked to.

What documents should you always carry when traveling?

Air tickets are also essential documents that one should always carry when traveling. Although it might sound obvious, there are people who forget to carry their air tickets simply because they booked online. Irrespective of booking online, in most cases, one will be required to provide the ticket before boarding a plane.

What proved I was on the moon?

The only thing that proved I was on the Moon was my weight. High gravity can be managed anywhere, with centrifuges. Low gravity is another matter; on Earth the most you can squeeze out is a few seconds going off a high board, or by parachute delay, or stunts in a plane.

Does Afall hurt in one sixth gravity?

Afall doesn’t hurt much in one-sixth gravity but Peewee giggled. I sat up and said, “Go and laugh, smartie. You can afford to-you’ve got tennis shoes.” “I’m sorry. But you looked silly, hanging there like a slow-motion picture and grabbing air.”

Who were the flies coming at us from the other walls?

Coming at us from the other walls were two other flies; as they got closer I recognized them: the Neanderthal and the Legionary. The cave man was being dragged invisibly; the Roman covered ground in a long, slow, easy lope. We all arrived at the center at the same time and were stopped about twenty feet apart, Peewee and I at one point of a triangle, the Roman and the cave man each at another.

Is it illegal to be out at night in space suits?

She did. She put us down in a side street, sang good-bye and was gone. It’s not illegal to be out at night in space suits, even carrying a rag dolly. But it’s unusual-cops hauled us in. They phoned Peewee’s father and in twenty minutes we were in his study, drinking cocoa and talking and eating shredded wheat.

Does low gravity make your feet fly out?

Low gravity has its disconcerting tricks. Your feet have hardly any traction and they fly out from under you. I had to learn with muscles and reflexes what I had known only intellectually: that when weight goes down, mass and inertia do not. To change direction, even in walking, you have to lean the way you would to round a turn on a board track- and even then if you don’t have traction (which I didn’t in socks on a smooth floor) your feet go out from under you.

Is Aspace suit in one gravity a track suit?

I was too busy keeping from being squashed to worry about details. Aspace suit in one gravity is no track suit; it’s a good thing I had practiced. The ship sat down where I had just been, occupying more than its share of pasture, a big black shape.

What is a snowclone template?

As mentioned, the template is known as a snowclone … a series of idioms having the same form. These idioms are of the extragrammatical variety (and may be analysed as having double subject deletion). They don’t have standard grammar, but are acceptable by common usage.

What is the meaning of "have tux, will travel"?

The title was a variation on a catchphrase used in personal advertisements in newspapers like The Times, indicating that the advertiser was ready for anything . It was used this way from the early 20th century. A form common in theatrical advertising was "Have tux, will travel," and CBS claimed this was the inspiration for the writer Herb Meadow. The television show popularized the phrase in the 1960s, and many variations were used as titles for other works such as Have Space Suit—Will Travel by Robert Heinlein.

What is the meaning of "back up"?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

When was the phrase "have a gun will travel" first used?

Have Gun – Will Travel, 1959. The earliest known literary mention of the template "Have X, will travel" is the title of the book Have Tux, Will Travel, a 1954 memoir by comedian Bob Hope. Hope explained that "Have tuxedo, will travel" was a stock phrase used in short advertisements placed by actors in Variety, indicating …

Have X will travel Bob Hope?

There is perhaps an earlier source than the one referred to by Bob Hope in his 1954 biography, though it might not have the same form as the now well-known snowclone. From Wikipedia: Snowclones … Have X, will travel. Have Gun – Will Travel, 1959. The earliest known literary mention of the template "Have X, will travel" is the title …

Have tuxedo will travel?

Hope explained that "Have tuxedo, will travel" was a stock phrase used in short advertisements placed by actors in Variety, indicating that the actor was "ready to go any place any time" and to be "dressed classy" upon arrival. The use of variations of this template by job seekers goes back considerably earlier, dating to at least the 1920s, possibly around 1900, in The Times of London. [Partridge, Eric (1992). A Dictionary of Catch Phrases: British and American, from the Sixteenth Century to the Present Day. pp. 118–119]