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have gun will travel pilot episode

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Who are the actors in Have Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun – Will Travel (TV Series 1957–1963) – IMDb Have Gun – Will Travel: Created by Herb Meadow, Sam Rolfe. With Richard Boone, Kam Tong, Hal Needham, Stewart East. The adventures of a gentlemanly gunfighter-for-hire.

When did the TV show Have Gun Will Travel end?

He’s quite a character.” Have Gun, Will Travel ran from 1957 to 1963, and was acclaimed for its more literary scripts than a lot of other shows.

What is Have Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun, Will Travel ran from 1957 to 1963, and was acclaimed for its more literary scripts than a lot of other shows. It was created by Sam Rolfe, who would go on to create The Man from U.N.C.L.E. as well; and had teleplays written by, among others, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, who provided 24 scripts over the course of the series.

What is the Paladin on Have Gun Will Travel?

What’s more impressive about this is that during this time, he signed on for the TV series Have Gun, Will Travel. In it, he plays a hero, usually dressed in black, named Paladin, which is a name taken from one of the primary knights from Charlemagne’s court.


Professional gunfighter Paladin was a West Point graduate who, after the Civil War, settled into San Francisco’s Hotel Carlton, where he awaited responses to his business card: over the picture of a chess knight is written "Have Gun, Will Travel…Wire Paladin, San Francisco." — Ed Stephan <[email protected]>

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While many television series are taken from radio shows, the radio show "Have Gun – Will Travel" with John Dehner as Paladin appeared after the television show.

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What is the Spanish language plot outline for Have Gun – Will Travel (1957)?

Why was Paladin hired?

Hired to prevent the construction of a dam that would imperil a town’s water supply, Paladin finds that he sympathizes more with the Irish engineer who’s trying to build it.

Why did Sid Morgan hire a Paladin?

Sid Morgan hires Paladin to protect him from someone who is trying to kill him. After killing the gunfighter who was following them, Paladin finds out the real reason Morgan hired him. He then hands out his own brand of justice.

What does Paladin find when he finds a woman and her apparently typhoid-afflic?

When Paladin finds a woman and her apparently typhoid-afflicted child abandoned by a wagonmaster, he enlists the aid of a female doctor from a nearby town, but a religious fanatic then tries to bar them from entry.

Why is Hey Boy’s brother killed?

When Hey Boy’s brother is killed for protesting the working conditions on a Chinese railroad gang in Utah, Paladin must get the boy out of jail and bring the killer to justice.

What does a sportsman do when a camel shows up in the Mojave Desert?

A sportsman sponsors a contest, betting that no one can elude his posse in the Mojave Desert. When Paladin shows up riding a camel, the man decides that the only way he can still win is to get rid of Paladin.

How long is Ben Harvey in jail?

When his five-year prison term for crimes committed during the Civil War is up, Ben Harvey is eager to return to his hometown of Gila. Harvey hires Paladin to keep him protected on the way to Gila.

Where did Paladin settle?

Professional gunfighter Paladin was a West Point graduate who, after the Civil War, settled into San Francisco’s Hotel Carlton were he awaited responses to his business card: over the picture of a chess knight "Have Gun – Will Travel … Wire Paladin San Francisco."

What episode does Paladin get robbed?

The other episode he points to is called “Maggie O’Bannion, ” in which Paladin is robbed, his clothes and horse taken. In desperation, he comes across a house and farm where a woman lives. She’s willing to help him, but he has to do chores around the house such as cook and clean. Notes Doug, “She falls in love with him, because he knows how to make amazing dishes and stuff like that. She is very smart, though. She takes his gun hand and goes, ‘How did you get a callus like this on your thumb?’ There’s this wonderful scene where he brings her food and she wants to have nothing to do with him. And he gets into a conversation about Shelley and Shakespeare and he picks up a book and quotes from it. It’s so wonderful.”

What movies did Richard Boone play?

Movies were next on his agenda, beginning in 1951 with The Halls of Montezuma, Call Me Mister and The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel, which were followed in 1952 with Red Skies of Montana, Return of the Texan, Kangaroo, Way of a Gaucho and Pony Soldier, and then with 1953’s Man on a Tightrope, Vicki, The Robe, City of Bad Men and Beneath the 12-Mile Reef. In 1954, he appeared in The Raid and, importantly, the movie version of Dragnet. In 1950, The Los Angeles Times said of Halls of Montezuma, “It contains some spectacular battle scenes and some excellent performances. Richard Widmark, in a sympathetic role, is especially good. And so is Richard Boone, 20 th Century-Fox’s new discovery. A Los Angeles boy, he’s a veteran of Broadway and 150 television shows. Eliza Kazan used Boone to support a girl in a film test. When Darryl Zanuck saw the test, he put Boone under contract.”

How many classic westerns were there in the 1950s?

Your Guide to 92 Classic TV Westerns of the 1950s. “There is no question that most television is a waste of time,” Boone opined to The Hanford Sentinel in 1960. “The people connected with it realize how bad programming is and go ahead with their shows as cynically as possible.

How does a TV show work?

Usually, a TV show is put together in script form and everybody on the set, from director to actor, conforms to the script. That process is a strangulation of creativity. What we propose to do is work over the story in our workshop the same way actors work to perfect their characterizations in acting classes.

What was the golden age of TV?

The 1950s are generally considered the Golden Age of Classic TV, and the fledgling medium did indeed produce some impressive pieces of drama and sitcoms in that period. But even then there were those making a living in TV who could already sense that its full potential was not being met.

Where did Richard Boone move to after the show was cancelled?

Although he would return to the mainland for film and TV projects, following the end of the series he relocated with his family to Hawaii.

Did Richard Boone cancel Petticoat Junction?

Sadly, flash forward a year later and The Richard Boone Show, unable to withstand the ratings pressure of CBS’ sitcom Petticoat Junction, found itself canceled by NBC. Of the course of events, the Pasadena Independent observed, “It doesn’t seem right that Boone and his talented company of performers are going off the air at the end of the current season. The group of players has been presenting interesting, provocative and humorous hour-long shows each week on NBC. Although Boone was the star and the show’s major selling point to sponsors, the talented actor occasionally cast himself in minor roles. He did not take the cancelation lightly.”