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have gun will travel full episodes online free

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Where can I watch Have Gun Will Travel Online?

Watch Have Gun, Will Travel Online – Watch online anytime anywhere: Buy, Rent. Have Gun, Will Travel is currently available to watch and stream on CBS. You can also buy, rent Have Gun, Will Travel on demand at online.

When did have a Gun Will Travel start and end?

Have Gun – Will Travel is an American Western television series that aired on CBS from 1957 through 1963. It was rated number three or number four in the Nielsen ratings every year of its first four seasons. It was one of the few television shows to spawn a successful radio version. The radio series debuted November 23, 1958.

What is the movie Have Gun Will Travel about?

Have Gun, Will Travel is a 30-minute American western drama about a well-to-do San Francisco man who hires himself out to assist in situations that might require gun-play. The gunman calls himself Paladin and dresses entirely in black when he is working for a client.

How many episodes of Have Gun Will Travel are there?

Have Gun – Will Travel was created by Sam Rolfe and Herb Meadow and produced by Frank Pierson, Don Ingalls, Robert Sparks, and Julian Claman. There were 225 episodes of the TV series, 24 written by Gene Roddenberry. Other contributors included Bruce Geller, Harry Julian Fink, Don Brinkley and Irving Wallace.

Saturdays at 3 PM

A Western series with an unusual twist, ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’ follows the adventures of gentleman gun-for-hire Paladin (Richard Boone), a man of refined tastes and rich education. Former Army officer, West Point graduate and scholar of history, literature and law, Paladin possesses a keen intellect as well as formidable combat skills.

Ep 1: Three Bells to Perdido

New Mexico rancher Jesse Reade hires Paladin for $1,000 to bring back outlaw Dave Enderby, who has run off to Perdido, Mexico, with Reade’s daughter. Remind Me

Ep 2: The Outlaw

Manfred Holt breaks out of jail, killing two deputies. Is he on his way to kill the banker who testified against him, or to see his family for the last time? The banker hires Paladin. Remind Me

Ep 3: The Great Mojave Chase

A sportsman sponsors a contest, betting that no one can elude his posse in the Mojave Desert. When Paladin shows up riding a camel, the man decides that the only way he can still win is to get rid of Paladin. Remind Me

Ep 4: Winchester Quarantine

At a stagecoach stop, Paladin sees a peaceful Cherokee rancher being beaten by white men who think his cattle are spreading a sickness. Paladin offers his help. Remind Me

Ep 5: A Matter of Ethics

An accused murderer who fears that he will be lynched before he can be returned to Bender, Wyoming, for trial, hires Paladin to make sure he gets there alive. Remind Me

Ep 6: The Bride

When a mail-order bride from Philadelphia gets off the stagecoach in the middle of nowhere, Paladin decides to stay with her to make sure that she is safe. Remind Me

What mission hires Paladin to retrieve a statue that was stolen from their premises?

A Catholic mission hires Paladin to retrieve a statue that was stolen from their premises.

What is the story of the Paladin?

Paladin has a most unusual task. A rancher hires him to stop, by any means necessary, his upcoming wedding to his bitchy housekeeper. 1. Genesis. September 15, 1962. Paladin relates, via flashbacks, how he became a gun for hire. Description. Have Gun, Will Travel is a 30-minute American western drama about a well-to-do San Francisco man who hires …

What happened to the money in the movie Paladin?

A bank hires Paladin to meet a rancher and pick up $10,000 but before the black clad one arrives the man is murdered and the money is stolen.

What happened on October 6, 1962?

October 6, 1962. Paladin arrives in a town for a job only to find that his prospective client was just shot dead. 3. The Fifth Bullet. September 29, 1962. Paladin escorts a released prisoner home to his family but five hired killers have other ideas. 2.

What does Paladin do to help a barbed wire salesman?

Paladin helps a barbed wire salesman transport his cargo knowing full well that its delivery could start a range war between cattlemen and sod busters.

How does Paladin work?

Paladin is usually contacted by someone who believes his problems will best be handled by someone with a gun. Boone’s character then usually travels to the area that is the site of the trouble. He gets to know the people involved in the situation and comes to understand the problem itself. He does his best to avoid using his gun as he tries to reason with everyone involved and find a peaceful solution. When a gun may be needed, he often shows people the firearm he carries and explains it is perfectly designed to match his shooting style. He does this to discourage a gunfight. If he needs to shoot, he is very fast and deadly accurate.

Why did Paladin use his gun?

It was a gambling debt that led him to use his gun skills to back the wrong side and started him on his mission to help the truly needy. His Paladin persona comes from his view of himself as a knight fighting for people who cannot successfully defend themselves.

How many rifles did Paladin win?

Paladin just won 50 rifles in a poker game and they come in very handy in a range war. Bernard: Vic Perrin. Carlos Valdez: Rodolfo Acosta.

What is the calling card for the gun paladin?

One of TV’s most successful Westerns told of the hired gun Paladin, who plied his trade in 19th-century San Francisco with a calling card (‘Have Gun, Will Travel…’) that belied the compelling loner’s cultured manner.

Who intercedes when his houseboy is jailed for trying to avenge his brother’s death?

Paladin intercedes when his houseboy is jailed for trying to avenge his brother’s death. Paladin: Richard Boone.

Who plays the English man in the movie Paladin?

Paladin escorts an English man and woman to a new Montana ranch, where an angered trader plots against them. James Brunswick: Tom Helmore. N.G. Smith: Murvyn Vye. Show more

Who is the Paladin in Angela?

Paladin, probing the murder of a friend, learns that the man’s heirs are being systematically robbed. Angela: Susan Cabot. Paladin: Richard Boone.

Who plays Ella West in Pygmalion?

In this sagebrush version of "Pygmalion," Paladin struggles to make a lady out of raucous Ella West (Norma Crane ). Carter: Earle Hodgins.

Who is the doctor in Paladin?

Paladin finds a woman and baby abandoned by a wagon master who claimed the baby had typhoid. Doctor: June Lockhart. Mulrooney: Grant Withers. Mrs. Jonas: Peg Hillias. Show more