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have gun will travel christmas episode

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Who are the actors in Have Gun Will Travel?

Have Gun – Will Travel (TV Series 1957–1963) – IMDb Have Gun – Will Travel: Created by Herb Meadow, Sam Rolfe. With Richard Boone, Kam Tong, Hal Needham, Stewart East. The adventures of a gentlemanly gunfighter-for-hire.

Is “Have Gun Will Travel” a classic?

“Have Gun Will Travel” has surprised me several times by not lowering itself to standard western tropes. Paladin is not a one-dimensional hero, and he is not always the fastest gun, but he uses his brains as well as his head when his gun isn’t fast enough. A classic, but…

What is Paladin from Have Gun Will Travel real name?

Have Gun Will Travel stories revolved around gun-for-hire with principles, Paladin (his real name was never revealed). Though Paladin, played on the radio by John Dehner preferred to try to work out problems without violence if possible, he worked for people who he felt were wronged and could pay.

Have Gun – Will Travel

The man known as Paladin offers his services to all who are in need of a gunslinger, crime-fighter, detective, bodyguard – or simply a trusted friend.

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Richard Boone played the jack-of-all-trades protagonist, Paladin, a well-educated man who quotes philosophers, authors, poets and other great thinkers, wines and dines the ladies and enjoys a fine lifestyle. To pay for his way of living, Paladin hires out his gun, but the cost isn’t cheap, and he won’t use that gun except as a last resort.


Professional gunfighter Paladin was a West Point graduate who, after the Civil War, settled into San Francisco’s Hotel Carlton, where he awaited responses to his business card: over the picture of a chess knight is written "Have Gun, Will Travel…Wire Paladin, San Francisco." — Ed Stephan <[email protected]>

Did you know

While many television series are taken from radio shows, the radio show "Have Gun – Will Travel" with John Dehner as Paladin appeared after the television show.

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